Do you want to impress your date, or perhaps a potential client ? Well, how about a gourmet dinner in the sky? The famous dinner in the sky restaurant is now here in town, ready to take people to a different kind of dining atmosphere ( no pun intended) 🙂 Okay, it is nowhere close to the stratosphere but the fact that you are strapped on your seat like a fighter pilot minus the jacket, and the sight your feet about 50 meters off the ground, it elicits that feeling of floating in the air, literally speaking. To prove it, simply turn your head around some 180 deg, spit the chicken bone out of your mouth and watch gravity at work 🙂

The platform supposedly holds 22 seats and has room for 4 standing chefs in the middle aisle. Chefs cook with electric induction stoves to maximize heat and space. These glass topped stoves are great functionally and aesthetically but are a bitch to clean. I know because I have them at home 😉 Hmmm.. what about privacy? If everybody is within earshot distance, what kind of conversations can you have with your date? I am not too sure if I would enjoy eating gourmet food strapped in a seat like I was riding a roller-coaster but people nowadays love to try anything out of the ordinary. Heck, you’ll never get anything out of a bungee jump but bragging rights anyways so why not dinner in the sky? At least you get to enjoy gourmet food and fine wine 🙂

The lofty proposition doesn’t come easy on the pocket though. In fact, you have to pay a 10% premium for weather insurance 🙂 You have to because if it rains, you’re not going to get your money back. The website doesn’t show the price but a local paper says it costs $20,000 to rent the 22 seat platform for an exclusive catered party. Heck, at this price you can have your wedding reception in this baby, that is if you’re a person who relishes boredom 😆 Booking is strictly on reservation basis but they reserve a few seats for walk-in customers. I am told that customers are encouraged to prepare themselves for the 2 hour lift off to avoid the shuttle from landing back to earth if a patron wants to take a leak 🙂 I’d like to go downtown and check this out myself. It does look interesting and people can get goaded to spend top bucks for the experience and the bragging rights. This looks like a one stop deal though. I wonder if they have repeat customers 😯


My wife loves to dress up our daughter. She adorns her just like Paris Hilton does her pet chihuaua 🙂 Well, not quite – not to the point of looking trashy 😉 At a party the other day, a Pinay friend of ours tried to play Miss Tapia on my daughter. Do you notice that Pinoy habit of joking sternly with kids, almost to the point of crushing the child’s sense of pride, yet making the poor kid feel normal as if saying – “don’t bitch now- you gotta’ respect your elders”. My wife braided my daughter’s pig tails and put some colored bands near the tip and a nice looking boughs on the head. The pig tails looked quite cute. Our Pinay friend who is incidentally a close friend our ours, suddenly blurted out a harsh joke in a frowning manner on our daughter – “ hey, how come your hair is so long? You look so old with your pig tails”. Whereupon my 6 year old retorted ” well, just look at you – you’re more old (verbatim- and grammatically incorrect 🙂 )”. Our friend replied back, visibly irked ” aha? Do you want me to cut your hair?? Now, can someone give me a scissor. I’m really going to cut your hair”. My daughter turned her back and left to play with the other kids. We’re still good friends with Miss Tapia – nothing happened. Just a passing scene.

I remember the lyrics of a Whitney Houston song Greatest Love Of All ” – I believe the children are our future….teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier”…... Little kids have pride too don’t they? Trash them but if you get an equally nasty reply, don’t brand them as disrespectful. After all, respect they say has to be gained. Aye/Nay?


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  1. What kind of food to they offer for the dinner? It must be really good if its that expensive.

    The olds think that no matter what they say, we should respect them. That’s true in any Asian culture.

  2. hakhak

    aywis tu go der tu




  3. oops, sorry, i am afraid of the heights ha ha

    my daughter was as straightforward as your daughter when she was little (i think until now 🙂 ). she (me around) had many exchange of ‘blunt’ words with my mother-in-law. i admit that i did not do anything to stop her because i know she was just defending herself.

    my daughter’s experience might be different because it is with her lola but it’s the same context – elders who do not know how to respect younger people. and very true, respect has to be gained. i say Aye!

  4. crazy! I wouldn’t dare dine in that thing. I’m not suicidal hehehe

    sometimes the hurtful things uttered to a child will stay with them till they grow up. My grade 1 teacher once told me I’m ugly. That stayed with me till high school. I was already in college when I decided to forgive her. You know what they say, you might forget the words but you’ll never forget how it made you feel.

  5. I always try my best to treat kids as adults as far as talking to them. But all of that goes out the window when I’m faced with a real brat (The kind of kid that makes it hard to restrain yourself from strangling him/her ala Homer)…

    I’d try that dinner thing. I wonder how they keep the table horizontal to keep the glassware from tipping over.

  6. maybe that will work if you both are not afraid of heights. i can take it but not really enjoy it.

    kids are kids but they usually make a lot of sense. sometimes they ask the best yet simplest questions in the world.

  7. I don’t think I would be able to enjoy my meal because I think I would be spending a lot of my time enjoying the view and taking pictures. 😀 The whole thing will simply be too distracting for me. Plus, we still have the high winds to deal with. Hahaha

    I think one of the big negatives in Pinoy culture is how some of us treat kids. Some of us think that simply because they’re kids, that we can disregard their feelings and have our way with them. We treat them like toys to have fun with. I’m sorry to say this but I absolutely have zero tolerance for such behavior or attitude. Kids have rights too and they deserve to be treated with respect if we want them to grow up to be decent, intelligent, and considerate individuals.

  8. now that would be a different kind of dining experience! but man, the price to pay for a single chance in a lifetime! haha! 🙂

    with regard Miss Tapia, we’ve got many of them around. Too bad many of us from older generations often brand the young generation as disrespectful and misguided, when many of us supposedly learned adults never learn our lessons.

    Crucify Miss Tapia and those like her! 😉

  9. I have a feeling that if you take a client up there, the client will agree to whatever you’re selling. …. hmmm…. definitely a great place to take a date. hehe

  10. if i have the cash to burn, why not? question is, what type of food do they serve? and more importantly, masarap ba ang food?

  11. Irrealis – darn, they didn’t even put their menu in the website. It should be really good I hope 🙂

    I know. In the Asian culture, elders are always listened to even if they’re wrong. You can see this at work with who they want their children to marry, duh 😦

  12. Rimwire – sure, may your wish come true ! 🙂 Thanks for the visit 🙂

  13. Bing – afraid of heights ? No worries, you’ve got safety straps all over your body hehe 🙂

    I say aye too. Young people wish to honor their elders at all times but when they disrespect and abuse their young ones, where is the sense ?

  14. Verns – glad you’re back girl. Hope you’ve been reinvigorated 🙂

    All you need to do is shriek – the shuttle with be forced to touch down hehe 🙂

    Good that you managed to forgive your heartless teacher. Also good that it didn’t traumatize you so hard . Some people can lose their self esteem at such a young age which is tragic 😦

  15. Alternati – I know what you mean. There are those you wish to strangle hehe 🙂 We had a family friend whose daughter was a super brat. She disses her parents in full view of people – ouch 😦 She’s finished school and working now and mellowed down a bit. In the end, it was how the parents brought her up that caused the problem 😦

    “I wonder how they keep the table horizontal to keep the glassware from tipping over.”

    Spoken like a true architect 😉 As long as Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold NOT sit side by side, there should be no problems hehe 🙂

  16. Dong – i also share your concern. I don’t think i’d enjoy it because it is in the sky, other than if it was night and the glitter of downtown and the cool evening breeze gives dining a different experience.

    You’ll be surprised at what comes out from the mouths of the babes 🙂

  17. Panaderos – high winds can ruin the experience in my opinion. It can be nauseating if the whole platform rocks back and forth 😯

    Agree with you bro. Our culture has this attitude of suppressing and dismissing opinions of young people. I grew up in that culture too. Honestly, I think we can raise children better in Pinas if we show them respect. In this way, when they grow up they develop a strong sense of self esteem and confidence 🙂

  18. Barry – it’s quite a different experience which appeals to the adventurous types 😐

    I’d like to crucify Miss Tapia believe me but she’s actually not that bad looking … so I changed my mind hahaha 🙂

  19. Wil – yes, if you threaten to eject his seat if he doesn’t sign the contract hehe 🙂 I think it is awesome for a date, provided the shuttle isn’t too full and you’re in a nice corner without much disturbance 🙂

  20. Mari – dang, I have to check the place and find out how much the darn dinner costs and what’s on the menu. I hope it’s real gourmet with the caviars and truffles and aged wine 🙂

  21. Oh wow! That dinner in the sky is C-R-A-Z-Y! 🙂 I would love to watch gravity at work when I throw up. 🙂

  22. Toe – it’s a little wacky but as long as there’s no wind to rock the shuttle like a Viking ship, no need to test gravity hehe 🙂

  23. I don’t have lofty aspirations, seriously, so this new fangled dining idea is totally not my cup of tea. I am curious to see if this idea catch on.

    I love talking to kids. Just listen to them and talk to them like adults and you’ll be surprised what intelligent miniature people these are.

  24. Hmm, that’s a novel place to take someone you’re planning on proposing to. I bet she’ll instantly say YES! hehehe. 😀

    Hay, there will always be people like that Miss Tapia in our lives. Good thing your little girl knows how to fight back. 😀

  25. i’m not sure i can eat there.
    it’s too… high. haha
    i like your daughter.
    looks like she’d manage well on her own in school.
    no bullies.

  26. Ewok – so you don’t have loft aspirations eh? hehe 🙂 I kinda wonder why people would like to subject to such stress when all they want is a nice dinner 😯

    Yes, kids say the most suprising and true things once in a while. In their very limited way of thinking they can pull out surprises 🙂

  27. Sngl – it would be wicked for a date, wouldn’t it ? Esp if it is pricey hehe 🙂

    We all have our experiences with Miss Tapia – sometimes many Miss Tapias lol 🙂

  28. Prinsesamusang – they can also raise another platform , a smaller one adjacent to the dining platform for a small group to play music if needed. It comes with lots of bells and whistles – for a price hehe 🙂

    My daughter is the quiet, shy type and is never known to be rambunctious. I was surprised why Miss Tapia was kinda mean to her. Well, she did what she needed to do – stand her ground. Good for her 🙂

  29. The dinner in the sky resto is not for me and my sister. We suffer from UTI (LOL).

  30. Jayred – it’s OK, you can always ask for the shuttle to land on emergency 🙂 They may also offer free adult diapers for those who are bladder-challenged hehe 🙂

  31. floating restaurant? why not! i am scared of height and i love to do things that scare me.

    ’bout miss tapia? patulan ba ang bata. pikon ah.

  32. Those comments do not help your child.

    PS Mis Tapia pala ha… hmmm… hulaan ko yung age mo… uhm 37-42 siguro. hehe

  33. Adult diapers??? No way, Jose! I changed my Dad’s diapers when I was in Manila last December-January. I will definitely not show “my goods” in public…up there in the sky (LOL).


    I should not mess with your daughter then lest she tells me, “Shut up, you fat cow!” Mahirap na.

  34. i would love to try that flying resto 😛

  35. Lawstude – anything that pumps your adrenalin is cool eh? That’s why bungee jumping and roller coasters are such a hit 🙂

    Napikon nga yata LOL 🙂

  36. Richmond – it certainly didn’t help 😦

    Are you guessing because Miss Tapia was in the long defunct Iskul Bukol show? Hehehe.. 🙂

  37. Jayred – I think they have discreet versions of the diaper 🙂

    LOL, my daughter although a bit philosophical is a sweetie hehe 🙂

  38. Paetechie – I’d love too but dang, I still haven’t gone to see it myself and ask for prices 🙂

  39. Aakyat na lang ako ng puno at magbibitbit ng adobo at sinangag, mas masarap pa! hah! *yan ang Ms. Tapia he he he*

    your friend Ms. Tapia, me thinks she was jealous of your li’l girl’s pigtail ha ha! and what kind of remark was that: “hey, how come your hair is so long?” duh?

  40. Thess – yep, mas masarap pa ang adobo and sinigang sa taas ng punong kahoy, and pag na-ihi, wala pang hassle ( sa lalaki ha.. hehehe 🙂 ) basta walang tao sa ilalim 🙂

    Siguro nga, it’s a senseless remark. EWan ko ba, na-emotional yata si Miss Tapia at pating pobreng bata ay pinatulan 🙂 Sana ako na lang 😉 hehehe.

  41. the price tag is too steep for such novelty. what will they think of next?

  42. Estan – what’s next would probably be a dinner in a submarine, with glass windows 🙂

    Thanks for the visit 🙂

  43. Yeah. Is that what is known as innovation? Spare me , please. Sa tutuo lang, can’t afford it even if i dont feed my family for a year. So that’s sour grapes for you.

    Oo nga, some adults do not know how to talk to a child. Paano nga ba? hahaha

  44. Annamanila – people go with the lofty dinner and waste their hard earned bucks for the experience more than anything. 🙂

    I bet you there will be photographers making their take for the likewise pricey souvenir shots 🙂

    Giving the kid a chance to talk and listening to them I think is very important. As a kid I vividly recall that my opinions were considered hogwash. The song BATANG BATA by APO HIKING SOCIETY is a testament to this kind of thinking !

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