Funtastique Summer

I’m off this week and this time, I’m going nowhere ! Yep, I’ll be staying put – clean my garage, do small paint jobs here and there, watch TV, blog with my laptop at the backyard table under the tree, vacuum the pool, play a little golf, bond with my daughter for a week and go places in the city and , more importantly, avoid phone calls from the office at all cost 🙂 I pulled out my daughter from day care for a week. My wife will be working this time so that helps me make decisions faster 😉

What are those buses doing in the lake ? They’re called HIPPOS, or amphibious buses that can run both on land and water. These buses are real cool because you can take a tour of the city and the lake in one vehicle ! It’s certified water safe as well so no need to panic. No it won’t accidentally gulp water and drown 🙂


There’s a new thrill at Canada’s Wonderland this season – the Behemoth roller coaster, a wicked $26 million steel demon, the lastest addition to the 14 thrilling coaster rides at the park. I’ve always wondered why a coaster this magnitude would ever come close to the cost of a small passenger jet plane. Then I realized that it is built by a Swiss company. When you translate the precision and timing the Swiss are known for their time pieces into a coaster, you’re talking precise turns, synchronized loops, optimal weight distribution. I fancy looking at this whole contraption as a clock functioning flawlessly, and with superior material construction riders feel Mercedes- Benz like comfort while being hurled around in extreme G forces enough to give them the high minus the seat belts, yet keeping their eyeballs in their sockets 🙂

I don’t think I’ll have the guts to take the 70 meter fall at a 75 degree angle, without a seat belt at that. No thanks. I got better ideas for seeking thrill 🙂



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  1. good luck to your week long vacation! i guess sometimes its more fun to stay put than go places, plus its less stressful!

  2. wow, cute little buses. I luv the Behemoth. It looks awesome !

    I don’t know who these guys are but I like the song.

    Have lots of fun 🙂

  3. wow! nice name for those amphibious buses and i like the name. and that roller coaster is crazy!

  4. I’m sure you have heard of the latest word to be coined during this economic-challenged time. STAYCATION, taking days off staying at home and going places within 100 miles of your home, saves gas, saves money. I am doing a lot of staycation too.

    Call me killjoy, but I never developed a liking to rollercoaster. Get me as far away from them as possible 😀

  5. Try vomiting while on a roller coaster. Dont forget to hold your chin up.

  6. wow. lots of things to do. good luck.

    ang galing ng hippo. i once seen an amphibouos(?) ride in singapore but i have not actually rode on it. dito sa pinas para na ring amphibians ang mga kotse kasi madalas sila malubog sa baha.

  7. Prinsesa – thanks. I need the break likewise to catch up on my house work back log 🙂

  8. Irrealis – I’m having fun right now watching the Canadian Open Golf and the Rogers Tennis Tourney on TV. Dang, Federer just lost – so early into the tourney 😦 I plan to watch him and Nadal in the finals on Sunday- but I guess the excitement will be lessened.

    Thanks . I like the song too. Goes to show you don’t have to possess a stellar voice to cut a good song ( personal opinion hehe 🙂 )

  9. i think this is funny – you are also on line at this time right? because as i was about to submit my comment to richmond’s post, your comment appeared at his page, jolting me. lol
    anyway, did you see his header? he is making fun of me, he copied mine! lol

  10. Dong – very apt name ain’t it? There’s a few of them parked over at the downtown core. My boss actually rode the Behemoth. He also thought having no seat belt was crazy 🙂

  11. Richmond – definitely not a good idea to ride the sucker when you have a hangover 🙂

  12. Ewok – the good news is gas prices have gone down a bit. Hope it goes down further and oil goes back to 10 bucks a barrel 🙂

    Not a fan of coasters either. I can ride the less intimidating ones though, the ones for kiddies hehe 🙂

  13. Lawstude – time to have amphibious buses in Pinas, plying the Pasig river, getting to the city areas – what do you think?

  14. Prinsesa – I always check my blog when I wake up, after my usual morning pit stop 🙂

    I noticed that too. He used the same header as you !

  15. Those buses are so cool that I wonder why they aren’t found everywhere in the world especially in Manila where we can use that along Pasig to go from point to point in the metropolis. Some businessman here should import some and test run it here; it’ll be a hit here I am for certain.

  16. hahaha cool! i love the swimming buses unless it won’t drown!=) and good luck with your trip and have fun! just right to have a break from work! and the roller coaster thing? hahaha i would love to stare at it not ride it! lol

  17. Ysrael – :mrgreen:

  18. Major Tom – yes, why not use them in Pinas? The price tag might not be feasible for a commuter type operation though. As a tourist bus, operators can charge a premium any way they want. I guess one sure way is to conduct a feasibility study.

  19. Piapot – i’m quite sure the Hippo won’t drown hehe 🙂 I’d be staring at the Behemoth too as I do with others 🙂 I don’t think I can take the idea of being banged around at 125 kmph speeds without a seat belt:)

  20. The Behemoth is cool. Nice work of art. Would really love to try it 🙂

  21. Nate – I heard the Behemoth is “really smooth”. Go ahead and try it and let us know. Tks for the visit 🙂

  22. hahaha that’s a good thing! and the princess said it was copied by richmond exactly at her page and not used the same as you said! haha
    and about the behemoth, i don’t like the idea of being banged too! and puking is not so

  23. I agree we all need a day off to refresh our energy. Have a nice holiday.

  24. That’s also what I did when I had my one-week vacation. Just stayed home, cleaned the house, did some organizing and watch a lot of movies. 🙂

    Those hippos remind me of what we called amphibians in the Philippines. I don’t know if they still have that there. I remember when I was still small and we were coming home from Manila to Cavite. There was a flood and there were these amphibians that transported us through the waters to get home.

  25. u want a good vacation and adventure well go to the icey yet beutiful hill side southern country state the ozarck its about the most beutiful place ull ever go to its as close as ull get to heven hahahaha

  26. hey nice hert good idiea hahah

  27. grabe, that behemoth thing looks super scary! hahaha! and i haven’t even tried the one in enchanted 😉

  28. Piapot – it looks like Richmond copied Prinsesa’s header.. well, they say imitation is a form of flattery 🙂

    They say the Behemoth is really smooth like a MBenz. I guess some people would rather be banged around in a Benz 🙂

  29. Niceheart – same here. House cleaning and tidying up my front and back yards is in the to do list 🙂

    Yes, I bet the Phil military would have some of these amphibious vehicles around. Civilian versions, buses at that are rare though and we still haven’t seen the commuter versions of them.

  30. Crimzomblogger – yep, the Ozarks is a wonderful place to visit. It is driveable from where I am so I will visit it the near future 🙂

  31. Caryn – not sure how the one in Enchanted Kingdom looks like but the Behemoth is a major leaguer so yep, it is scary 🙂 Thanks for the visit.

  32. Wow, this will be the first time you’re staying put instead of hieing off somewhere, as you always do whenever you get a break. Buti na rin yan, tipid na wala pang pagod, hehehe. 😀

    Have a great vacation, bro.

  33. Wow, that rollercoaster looks nuts! Have a blast.

  34. I’d love to be on one of those amphibious buses. 🙂

    I’ve always believed that the best vacation is the one spent at home. I’m the type who can be content sitting at home watching tv or reading the papers or a good book. 🙂

  35. wow, those buses look so cool! When will we ever have those here in Pasig River? LOL. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your self-imposed house arrest. Hahaha.

  36. hope you relaxed well….those amphibians looked awesome…

    good to be here again bro….

  37. bw! if hippos can travel from one island to another, then that’s what we exactly need in the Philippines. Plus the fact that its rainy season here, then it can definitely be the vehicle for MetroManila – perfect solution to floodings galore!

    you should have your vacation here….

  38. Hope you’re having a fantastic time right now with your family. Sometimes it pays to just stay home as well aside from going out on far places.

  39. haven’t ridden a real roller coaster for quite some time now. which reminds me, the space mountain ride in disney was chicken to me. it was like riding a roller coaster in the dark with the sharp turns and high altitude drops.

  40. wow! vacation galore siya. saya!

    ganda naman ng bus na yan. gusto ko matry 🙂

  41. i remember my dad telling us kiddies about amphibian trucks used by the g.i.’s during the war… i wonder why pinoy’s (clever as we are) didn’t try to convert them as public transpo just like like what happened to the jeeps. i would imagine they’d be pretty useful to cross from one small island to the next. the yanks make a lot of money with them as ‘duck tours’ everywhere in america. i’ve seen some in nyc and boston.

    i took the ‘cup and saucer’ ride in wonderland and that too made me sick.

  42. ‘Just want to wish you a fine week ahead!

  43. Sngl – thanks bro. We are also celebrating our daughter’s bday on the same week so the tipid factor might not be there 🙂

  44. 7MilesDown – it’s really nuts – minus the seat belt !

  45. Panaderos – spending vacation at home is good too. I’m only taking a week though but heck I can tell you I could play golf everyday hehe 🙂

  46. Barry – it would be nice to have one plying the Pasig isn’t it – provided the river is clean ! If the river is filthy, the passengers might smell it ! The clearance from the window isn’t too high enough 😐

  47. Curacha – glad to know you’re back blogging sis ! Yes – it did have too much of relaxation 🙂

  48. Rheiboy – unfortunately, the waves might render these amphibious buses unfit for inter island commute ! THey’re great for commuting during flood ! Yes, I’ll take my vacation in Manila soon 🙂

  49. Ferdz – I had a fantastic time at home plus my daughter had her bday celebration twice – one with her classmates and one with friends and family 🙂

  50. Mari – hahaha.. I remember Space Mountain at Disney – what a weird feeling to go on a coaster inside a dark building ! I love it but with the Behemoth, I’m a little chicken hehe 🙂

  51. Tin – I enjoyed my short time off and I have a big one coming ! Sure – if you come over I’ll take you on the Hippo 🙂

  52. Howling – I think due to the nature of the apmhibious vehicle that needs to types of operation – land and water, it becomes quite expensive to maintain but you’re right – it’s a great vehicle for commuting across short body of water like rivers !

    My daughter can ride the cup and saucer the whole day. Dang – I get too dizzy on that too !

  53. Thess – hey, thanks sis. Hope you had a swell weekend too 🙂

  54. Wow, those hippos are amazing! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your week with your daughter BW! 🙂

  55. Toe – I did enjoy me time off going about town.

    My daughter had two celebrations on her bday on my vacation week – one with 20 of her classmates at a fun place and the other a backyard party with our Pinoy friends and their kids, replete with a rented jumping castle and rented tables and chairs and of course lots of food which we bought coz me nor my wife had time to cook. My wife wanted a big party one for our daughter’s 7th 🙂

    That probably explains why I got distracted from blogging hahaha 🙂

  56. Love those HIPPOS! Sana they have them here or in RP.

    Would love to try the Behemoth. Which brings me to this topic: I’ve not seen any roller coasters in Switzerland. Will google it up.

  57. Jayred – sure, come over and I will treat you to the Behemoth and the HIPPOS 🙂

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