Blog Lazy; Bummer

I’ve over-extended my vacation – mentally speaking that is, as evidenced by the slowdown in my blogging activity. I’ve accidentally gotten a sudden surge of indolence with blogging lately which to my surprise made my life less miserable hehe 🙂 I’ve managed to catch up on my work backlogs ( yes – I did not blog at the office for a week! ) and more importantly, that much needed sleep. I’ve renewed my nightly ritual with beer, nuts and TV, getting hefty doses of the WILD (hunting/fishing) and the FIGHT ( boxing/UFC) channel episodes and falling asleep on the couch 🙂 I also find a lot of time taking care of my backyard – the grass, flowers , the pool . Man, all of a sudden I feel like a carefree buck bouncing around and I’m loving it. I didn’t realize blogging could be quite stressful 🙂 I’m now enjoying the idea of not thinking about what to blog although I admit I did blog hop on a couple of sites commenting on mundane and schizophrenic topics such as naturalistic vs. transcendental temptation, duh. That was about the only brain exercise I got this week, aside from of course, work 😆 I have a major vacation coming up before the month ends so maybe I’ll idle up a bit with blogging until I get bored 🙂

The other day as I was rushing to the train station to catch my regular 852am (late) 😉 train. I found that someone had parked at my paid parking space. Bummer 😡 I hated the idea of being late in catching my already late train. Slowly but surely, smoke was almost coming out of my ears, my horns ready to exit out of my temples as I temporarily parked at the waiting lanes, heading for the ticket office to bang the table in disgust and frustration when a dude when came out from the station door asked me “ are you the owner of number 7 ( parking space) ?” You bet I am” I replied. “Sorry , I had to use your parking space “…… and I interjected. “ Well, you just nearly caused me to miss my damn train”. He replied “ take it easy, I just needed space to park for a bit ”. And I said “ you can park at the waiting lanes – this is a PAID parking space if you read the sign !” whereupon he quickly replied “ OK sorry man”.

Man, what a bummer. I am quite a patient guy by nature but this time I was adversarial, quite incensed with the needless aggravation believe me. 👿 A couple of months a go, a big Ford F-150 pick up truck squatted on my spot for a full day. The train station gave me another spot and issued the intruder a $50 parking ticket. The indignation was still fresh in my memory. I don’t know why people like my spot – maybe it is the number 7 🙂

Do you get that feeling that this world will never run out of weird people? I mean even at the office you get to rub shoulders with folks who have bizarre behaviors. I have an officemate who has a habit of shutting down his PC and disconnecting his phone before he goes home, despite countless instructions from people that he doesn’t have to. Software updates for anti-virus and Windows are loaded by automatic scripts at night. I can’t figure out how a technical person like him could miss the point. I really do. I think it is mental – like he’s scared shit of his PC being hacked which is quite senseless since he is in a protected environment. A a paranoid guy like him wouldn’t be storing personal stuff in his office PC I’m sure so I don’t know what he’s worried about.

It is true that sometimes people’s perceptions overpower their understanding of truth. For them, perception is reality. Much like a person who denies the result of a DNA test or someone who insists that he is sick, despite test results proving otherwise. I’ve also seen people who lose their sense of logic and believe only what people tell them. It is tragic. I think people who possess this weird behavior better get their mental health checked. If there’s some paranoia brewing, it could escalate into something serious in the future. And unfounded fear of something happening, be it unfounded jealousy or feeling of being betrayed are telltale signs. Tsk..tsk. 😦


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  1. One good thing abot personal blog is you don’t have dealdine to catch. yes you are right about people nowadays..different folks..different strokes. 🙂

  2. It seems that A-holes, especially those who don’t respect other people’s space, are found everywhere… even in Canada, hehe. 😀

    About that weird guy in you office, maybe he’s one of those hard-core environmentalists who thinks that by unplugging all electrical equipment after work will help reduce power consumption… or maybe he’s just that obsessed with security, hehe.

  3. Maybe that dude thinks your parking space was vacant because you weren’t going to work. I bet no one would dare take your spot at 7am 🙂

  4. They installed new blocking software at work so I can’t visit any blogs at all. Oh, well. Guess I’ll have to do some work. hehe

  5. it is great to take some hiatus on just about anything but admit it… blogging is kinda addictive and you missed us. hehehe.

  6. “I’ve also seen people who lose their sense of logic and believe only what people tell them.”

    It is really weird, BW but I have noticed people like this too. Would you think they have a case of low self esteem?

  7. sometimes, no matter how pasiensiyoso you are, umaabot rin sa sukdulan.

    i think the people who parked at your own private space have very low E.Q., sige na nga pati I.Q. 🙂

  8. so what i was thinking was right after all. you were being a laay, lazy man. lol. the break was good for you anyway. and about that officemate, i can’t explain his behavior. maybe he’s just whacked out! lol.

  9. Awww more of such provocations and yout temper is in danger of fouling up. But It is healthy to speak out and ventilate rather than just keep the peevishness inside.

    Yeah, this world is full of different types. Some of them we call weird. Others aberrant. Thank God you and I are only warped. haha Joke! but you get my drift.

  10. I was thinking that maybe you could make some good money on that parking spot, with the #7 distinctiveness in it; you know, some guys with lots of money might just desire it so badly.

  11. Ysrael – you said it bro 🙂 No pressure – no deadlines with blogging that’s why I love it 🙂

  12. Sngl – yes, there are is no shortage of AHOLES believe me. They are all over the world. They just differ in numbers depending on the place hahaha 🙂

    Methinks the weid guy at our office has teleleng in his brains. I seriously think so.

  13. Natez – perhaps. maybe he thought I wasn’t coming to the office coz it was rather late. Smart dude eh?

  14. Wil -same here but only Blogger comments are being banned at the office. It’s still business as usual with WordPress, that’s why I do my Blogger comments only at home and I’m a little late with them hehe 🙂

  15. Lawstude – yeah, I had one heck of a rest believe me and you’re right, I somehow missed my blog friends 🙂

  16. Irrealis – low self esteem? Perhaps, because if you don’t know yourself and totally rely on people’s opinions on you, it means you lack self confidence. It might be an ominious sign of depression too. tsk tsk

  17. Rheiboy – ang pasyensya merong hagganan – true. In my case, I was irate because the guy was very lazy to park in pick-up/waiting lane, designed for people who are picking up train passengers.

    Hindi sa racist ako or anything, yung guy ay isang “utol” – translated sa colloquial English kapatid na lalake – okay nuff with wordplay, isang egoy. ssshhh. atin-atin lang ito 🙂

  18. Prinsesa – yep, I need to idle out for a bit and it was quite refreshing . I have another 2 weeks coming shortly and need my brains to rest again hehe 🙂

    Maybe this weird office mate of mine is just whacked out or he’s a wacko 🙂

  19. Annamanila – it wasn’t a serious altercation – just a pissed off guy airing his beef out hehe 🙂 We have no shortage of weird people in this world don’t we?

    I had another guy working for me many years ago who was weird and one day his girlfriend called to say he can’t come to work coz he had a seizure. Turned out he was epilleptic. Now that kinda explained the reason for his weirdness. But this guy I’m talking about in my post I think has a slight dent on his brain. Hope he checks himself out 😯

  20. Major Tom – perhaps that guy with the the Ford F-150 pick up who took my spot for the whole day thought it would better to spend 50 bucks for the fine as long as he gets the number 7 for luck – maybe he had a job interview lol 🙂

    Nope, I can’t sell my parking spot to anyone. I’m paying 60 bucks a month preauthorized deduction on my checking account coz I don’t want to walk a kilometer to get to the train esp in winter 😎

  21. Some people huh? They think they can always get away with stuff like that. And impecable timing, right when you were running late. ITs expensive to commute and even to park. Nothing is cheap anymore.

    I agree, a blog hiatus get things done. I guess, summer does that. Come winter, you’ll be back at it.

  22. What a productive time off you had. That’s good. And another big vacay soon? Well, soak it up, summer will be over soon.

  23. Leah – you said it. You pay up so you can meet your tight deadlines and here comes someone trying to screw it up. Not a good feeling 😦

    Summer, though a bit rainy, is a great time to catch up on things. Come dreary winter, we’re back to big time blogging 🙂

  24. Ewok – yep, I’m soaking it up – literally speaking 🙂 Our summer is punctuated by rain everynow and then, which I don’t mind as long as it rains in the evening. This summer, it’s been the easiest on my grass maintenance 🙂

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to our trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon and a mini-reunion with my two sisters and their families 🙂

  25. I’ve managed to catch up on my work backlogs ( yes – I did not blog at the office for a week! ) and more importantly, that much needed sleep.>>>> wow! maybe i need some break too. hehehe…

  26. Glad you’re having fun with your summer break. Blogging could indeed be quite stressful at times. Maybe the worst deadline is the one that’s self-imposed. Hehehe

    I hate it too when people park or leave their cars on spots clearly reserved for others. It smacks of gross inconsideration.

  27. We need to take a break every now and then 🙂

    Perception is subjective; hence, reality, too. Makes me think of the Beatle tune “Fool On The Hill.”

    A Ford F150? He’s rich, eh? With the prices of gas these days … hehehe.

  28. Dong – I’ve always wondered – with all the travels that you do taking wonderful photos – what do you do for a living? Are you a full time photo blogger ? hehe 🙂

    Blog breaks are like little snack times if just to break the monotony and get you recharged again 🙂

  29. Panaderos – yep, self-imposed deadlines could stress you up to. It is one thing to maintain a fairly high standard of posts and another think to kill yourself doing it 🙂

    I’d say people like to play dumb and ignorant sometimes so they can find an excuse. I’d say the guy who parked his F-150 in my spot was probably having an appointment to ink a major sales deal hence he wasn’t too concerned of the 50 buck fine.. but then, I was the one who got pissed duh 😦

  30. Eric – taking it easy is a good policy with blogging for pleasure 🙂 Yes, I remember that song vividly. Kids nowadays will tell me – what? Is that a Beatle song? 🙂

    The F-150 price has gone down. With the price of gas nowadays, this V8 is a gas guzzler. It is a very decent truck though and one that Ford designed well that people kept buying, keeping Ford financially afloat for many years 😎

  31. I had previously thought that I’d never be able to leave blogging for more than a week. At first I had to force myself to “not” think about blogging for a while so I can concentrate on other things. But once I realized that I could just take off and get back to blogging without much fanfare, it became easy to put blogging at the bottom of my list whenever it suits me, so much unlike before.

    Here in our institute, we are required to turn off PCs, printers, and other equipment before we leave the office/lab – EVERYDAY. Why? Government policy to save on electricity and prevent global warming. My colleagues dutifully follow this – but I’m the “weird” one who keeps her PC on 24/7. LOL. I prefer to keep my PC on so I can remote access it anytime, anywhere.

  32. hahaha so my sister was right! you were being lazy with blogging! hahaha i visited you a couple of times before and found no new posts… hahaha the feel of a break really lingers for a long time! ahahaha anyway, welcome back! and about your post, you bet ass holes linger everywhere! and sometimes even the people you least expect to be one are but one whole bigger piece of crap! haha

  33. Kathy –

    “it became easy to put blogging at the bottom of my list whenever it suits me, so much unlike before. ”

    I wish I could do this too 🙂

    I guess the research environment is a little different than technical support/applications development for a financial institution where changes occur rapidly like you won’t believe, not only for production but for compliance and control reasons as well. As well, our PC’s are under what we call a simplified operating environment, where applications don’t reside on the local hard drives, but on the network. It is neat because if I log in to one of our offices in Europe or Asia, the applications get downloaded to the PC. As you can imagine, our PC’s are “thin”, meaning they don’t contain any applications except the operating system 🙂

    Same with me – I can connect to my PC from home and work exactly like I am at the office so that’s why I don’t power it off 🙂

  34. Piapot – yeah, I had a bout of tamaritis 🙂

    As I said, there are always aholes all over the world, they just differ in numbers 🙂 I’m still not talking about the weird ones – there are quite a few of them too hehe 🙂

  35. Bloggging on your laptop under the tree! Wow! yan ang “hay tets” na Juan Tamad! Kickback ika nga! Minsan yang mga “anal orifices” a.k.a. assholes, get’s your blood going high speed inside your veins medyo nakakatulong sa erectile dysfunction….ey!

    I was just in your backyards, Ganda pa rin ng Canada!

    Ride 009
  36. Ditto… I’ve been such a lazy blogger for the past few months. I’m on vacation now and I thought that I’d do more blogging… pero tamad pa din. 🙂

  37. Toe – I kinda’ gave a glimpse of why I had tamaritis with blogging in my response to your comment in my previous post. I guess I was completely engulfed with bumming around and the two bday celebrations for my daughter’s 7th which took two full days of my time 🙂

  38. Noypetes – woooo ! I saw the pics . That was an awesome 12 day 4000 mile trek buddy. I bet you had to prepare yourself physically and mentally for that 2-wheeled journey hehe 🙂 Man, these bikes are really TOUGH 😎 and of course, the bikers too 😉 I wonder if that would be a good way to spend your honeymoon on – tents. Frankly I think it would be darn exciting 🙂

    Lol, yep my blood level rose and went to the big veins in my body hahaha 🙂

  39. believe me, blogging is stressful! 😀

    it pays to do what you love to do best at times. a break from all the routine and monotony can do a great job for us.

    oh, bw, there will never be a run out of those weirdos. i think they are conceived and delivered by the dozen in a frequency more often than before ha ha

  40. Bing – if there is joy in stress, I think blogging qualifies , even if we don’t get paid doing it 🙂

    There is no shortage of weirdos it seems. In fact I may ocassionally contribute to their population LOL 🙂

  41. — Well, there’s life beyond blogging. I enjoy moments spent inside a cinema and far, far away from my laptop. (I’m not so OC with my personal blog, so I don’t thik so much before I write and hit the “Publish” button. Hence, the sophomoric posts from time to time, LOL.)

    — Did the guy at the parking lot see your horns coming out? LOL

    — Maybe your officemate is…um, “going green”?

  42. Jayred – absolutely true – there’s lots of life beyond blogging… should I say then that blogging is a form of addiction ? 🙂

    My horns were about a quarter of an inch out when this happened hehe 🙂

    I wanted to say that my officemate was going green but the aggravation he caused by support folks “always” fixing his PC because the updates weren’t downloaded to his machine was going beyond tolerable limits. I think he’s got some virus in his brain albeit at this stage, probably benign 🙂

  43. i took some time off from blogging not too long ago and funny how i was able to accomplish (and overlook) a lot of house chores. laundry alone, i had four bags full. hehehe!

    as for that guy who took your parking space, pwede bang pakibatukan! that was totally inconvenient and unacceptable. maybe he should write himself a $50 ticket!

  44. Nell – taking time off really helps. I’m scheduled to take another time off soon !

    Yep, dapat pa nga sampal eh hahaha 🙂

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