I’ll be taking time off but this time I’ll be on the road – again. I’ll not be blogging for a while but will take my personal laptop with me on the trip and check my blog every now and then. Hopefully there will be free internet access to the places we will go to 🙂 BTW, have you seen those HD quality videocams floating around ? The prices seem to have dropped. Dang, I’m infatuated with those babies, man 🙂

It’s been a rather rainy summer this year – so far. The past winter was the worst in terms of snow for the last 30 years. Screw Al Gore’s global warming hype ! 👿 Oil prices have skyrocketed because of the global warming paranoia. Maybe he owns tons of stocks of Exxon and Mobil 😉 If there is any consolation at all with the not-so-humid summer we had been experiencing , it’s my front and backyard grass. They’re healthy, fairway looking , sparkling green and I haven’t watered them in a month ! The days are long and the sun sets at around 830pm which is great but I kinda’ miss that humidity and the sweat, the trademark of summer. I have to search for that humidity somewhere 😎

Here’s a song to celebrate summer – wish it never ends !



24 Responses

  1. Have a safe vacation and lots of fun. Show us some pics 🙂

  2. seems like you are so in love with your back yard’s grass! and do take care on that trip.

  3. Have a safe and fun vacation! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Like you, I also dream of an endless summer. 🙂

  4. hey, i hope you have a relaxing vacation, wherever you’re headed 😉

  5. Have fun.. stay sober 🙂

  6. Have fun on the road bro. Hey here’s an idea, since you’d probably be lugging your digicam with you, why not take some pictures of the sights and upload them when you get a wi-fi connection? That way, you’ll be keeping a visual journal of your trip… 🙂

  7. enjoy your trip! dont forget to share those stories and the photos.

  8. Yes, hate this wet summer. We try to enjoy the sun whenever we can by going to the beach. Have fun in your vacation.

  9. have a safe trip, bw.

    and about that hd videocam, may share akong secret sayo (which won’t be a sacret after this). i bought one from costco earlier this year cause of documentary project for school. and ang ganda nga ng video output, it’s so freaking clear. even got an A from my professor for this mini docu film i did. pero dahil wala sa budget, i returned it after a week of using it. hahahah! cheap ko noh 😉

  10. i love summers too!!! though i love the rain on the contrary as well… hahaha take care BW!:-)

  11. You bet it’s true; the oil prices is caused by the paranoia felt by oil producing countries, to which the greenhouse movement is so determined to find ways and methods to alternative energy, those that are safe to the environment.

    They might have not much customers in the future.

    But I am thinking that they shouldn’t jeopardize the global economy just to satiate their fears, they should be more compassionate. If in the future, some other energy form is inventde, I am very sure they could still sell oil, and would still be a profitable enterprise.

    BTW, have a nice vacation.

  12. Summer has been generally pleasant and cool where I am, which is typical for these parts. Despite that, I can’t wait for sweater weather.

    Enjoy your trip, be safe.

  13. Oh, here in the Philippines, we can definitely feel the humidity. Hindi na nga ako makahinga e. 🙂 Hey, looks like you’re going to have an exciting vacation and writing about it in your laptop and taking great videos in your videocam. 🙂

  14. safe journey. seems like you’ve been travellin alot lately. if you miss the sweat and humidity, drop by the beautiful islands Philippines! mas mura gasolina dito compared dyan (pero mahal pa rin)

  15. Be back soon. Meantime, enjoy your “journey”.

  16. I’ll see you in September when Summer is Gone.

  17. Bro,

    Have a safe and happy vacation.

  18. wow, summer vacation. sana dito rin

  19. halong big bro!

  20. bakasyon ka na naman? ang saya! enjoy! 🙂

  21. passing by bw. missing your posts already!

  22. enjoy! and ingat po..

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