Speak English Please

The LPGA ( Ladies Professional Golf of America) recently announced a policy that requires LPGA players to speak conversational English by 2009. This policy was clearly directed towards foreign players of which a big number hail from South Korea.   Failure to meet the requirement will result in player suspension. The LPGA commissioner claims that the organization is a business based in America and LPGA professionals must be able to meet the interest of the sponsors by making speeches and mingling with the crowd in pro-am tournaments. 

Why, in the words of LPGA superstar Lorena Ochoa, who is a Mexican herself , the drastic change ? First of all the 45 South Korean players in the roll are darn good and many of them  had been winning a lot lately, and they seem to be just taking the trophy and the check and go home. The interviews were pretty perfunctory, with no more than English speaking Korean caddies caddies making the rush translation.

The LPGA commissioner  was harshly criticized by many calling her policy discriminatory. After all, people watch these players because they are good, best in class and no one really cares what language they speak. In fact, there are many foreign boxers who had been fighting in America for many decades like the great, hall of famer Roberto Duran who always spoke Spanish.  No one dared asked him to speak English. His interviews even up to now are always conducted in Spanish.  Likewise, American golfers aren’t required to speak the local language when they play in Asia, so what’s the big deal?

 Well, the latest news is the good commissioner finally gave in to the pressure and revoked the penalty proposal. In other words, players are still encouraged to speak English by 2009 but will not be suspended if they fail to do so. Good for her. I think she finally got it right. It’s for the player’s advantage to know how to speak English and not the tour. For those who want to make a living playing almost every other week in the LPGA tour, no one must coerce them to learn the language. They will have to do it if they want to succeed and survive well in the American society.

Speaking about English, I have a table calendar with 365 pages – a page for every day at my home office desk. Every day contains a new English word to learn.

Here’s a few of them :

Sept. 1 – lopeholt ; Sept. 2 – singerie ;  Sept. 3 – battologist ; Sept. 4 – imberb ; Sept 5. – naufragate  ; Sept 6. – uliginous ; Sept 7 – equivoque

Ugh,  I have no clue of what they meant until I read the pages. Perhaps the good commissioner does 😎



At the Las Vegas Bld. sidewalk – pay a buck and shoot the human golden statues.


I put together a slide show of some pics I took at the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. This is my second time to the dam and my first to the Canyon. I thought the Canyon was quite awesome and the best way to visit it is to camp or rent a cottage in the vicinity and make a trek 8,500 ft down. Just be very careful of the heat though because it can literally kill you. There are safe hiking trails so you don’t lose your way. It’s odd, a reverse of mountain climbing where here you have to go down first then climb up 🙂 A great way of viewing it is by a plane or helicopter ride. The irony is, when the plane takes off from the ground, it will find its altitude change to 8,500 ft once it goes over the canyon without even climbing !

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  1. such a marvelous engineering feat that is. i’d love to see it. don’t know if i can visit it someday since i prefer the old world if i’m gonna travel using my own money 😛

  2. Athletes will speak English like Pacman who can now conduct press interviews. It’s a matter of time.

    Great pics. Grand Canyon is an awesome place.

  3. Wala naman siguro silang problema kay Dorothy Delasin at Jennifer Rosales dahil magaling pa itong mag-english sa kanila. Medyo descriminatory nga ito dahil sa dami ng lady Golfers sa Korea but Korean must take it positively maganda rin naman na marunong silang mag-english para nakakatuwa kapag interview time. My worry is Filipinos are the best English speaking people in Asia pero hindi tayo manalo sa Scrabble sa Malaysia, Singapore at Thailand.

  4. It’s not quite easy to find Emglish in Korea so I guess the feeling is mutual 🙂 First time I hear those words too.

    The golden people look like real statues !

  5. magpaturo sila kay manny mag-english 🙂

    pero kelangan ba mag-english pag maglalaro ng golf? 🙂

  6. Dorothy is Lone Star State born and Ms Rosales attended USC although Manila so she can articulate herself.
    It’s so obvious parents of these whiny white kids kiss up all the way to the LPGA authorities coz they’re not winning and most of the koreans are. Se Ri Pak learned english in no time so all these “english crap” is just sour grapes.
    Being able to express yourself though is a big plus in the world commercialism. That’s why I always lament those few filipinos who dominate the world of Billards who can’t speak a “squat” of english. Bata Reyes after a win for example, no interviews. These cult of filipino pool players would make huge dollars in endorsements in the US alone if they could only present themselves. Wish I was in their shoes!
    Si Manny nga as Tin Tin said can at least wow himself and ready na siyang maging tongressman or VP na lang, hehe….
    The Grand Canyon, hmmmmm, why no pics of the now famous “Skywalk”. That horseshoe skywalk opened in March, did you missed it?

  7. >>Ms Rosales attended USC although Manila born>>


  8. Backpacker – I agree with you bro. The old world has just so many beautiful and historical sites to shoot for an avid photoblogger like yourself 🙂

  9. Nate – although there is a lot to be desired with Pacquiao’s conversational Egnlish, give credit to the guy for trying 🙂 Thanks… don’t get me into photo-blogging now. ..I’m thinking of a buying new DLSR ouch 😯

  10. Ysrael – no question with Dorothy who’s born and bred in the US and Jenny who had a golf scholarship in the States. The biggest issue are the non-English Korean girls who have won 7 out of the 24 tournaments this year. Many people are saying – dang, if you wanna make a living out of our tournaments, at least speak English 🙂

    Really – Pinoys can’t run with the scrabble trophy? For bragging to be the best Englishing speaking nation in Asia, that’s quite ironic 😦

  11. Irrealis – true, you’d be knocking your brains if you get lost with your tour group in Korea ! Yep, those are humans trying to make a living 🙂

  12. Tin- hmmm, I guess Manny is also justifying his political ambition by showing folks that he can speak English 🙂 Nope, no need to speak English in the professional tournaments if you have a caddy who is conversant with the language.

  13. TruBlue – i know coz I am also amazed at how Se Ri Pak, hall of famer LPGA golfer speaks English nowadays. Even Grace Park and KJ Choi in the men’s tour have learned to speak English well. The message goes to Japanese players as well, most of whom still use translators, like Japanese superstar lady golfer Ai Miyazato who has the entire Japanese press following her around.. I also agree that the recent victories of Korean players made people quite uncomfortable with their presence.

    The LPGA commissioner doesn’t appreciate the fact that the game is big in Korea and Japan. It is poor judgment for the commissioner coz it only sabotages the global business by having Koreans and Japanese snub Nike, Callaway, TaylorMade and all these US companies that sell their products in Asia. Let it be said that the most expensive golf clubs are made in Japan and not the US and that’s a barometer of how nuts these people are. HONMA and MARUMAN makes gold plated clubs that sell up to $32,000 a set and that’s absolutely crazy. The commissioner is hurting the future of the game, the booming equipment sales and TV broadcast rights to Asia by the arrogant policy.

  14. TruBlue – as for the Skywalk, nope we didn’t go there as it is in a different area of the canyon. It’s closer to Vegas and heard it’s quite amazing but for me who feels like needles are poking the soles of my feet when looking down from a high elevation, I’m not really that excited hehe 🙂 But since it is only 2 hrs from Vegas, that would be in my list for my future trip to Arizona or even LA 🙂

  15. Lucky for you that you got to visit the Grand Canyon. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a must for incipient geologists such as myself. HOpefully I can visit it soon.

  16. Wil – you should go sometime. I guess it’s drivable from where you are. Yosemite is another interesting place I’d love to visit.

  17. That’s clearly politically incorrect although I can see the difficulty of so many foreign players speaking foreign languages in one area, it could be so disconcerting.

  18. It’s a silly policy. If these Koreans can play golf, that should be enough. Buti kung trabaho nila ay journalists or translators…you know, anything language-related.

  19. Koreans have a hard time with this lingo, tigas kasi ng mga dila eh… naalala ko tuloy yung nagtutor ako sa korean, dumugo ang ilong ko sa kanya, tapos tamad pa mag aral! ang gusto lagi kami gumala! ahehehe

    ang ganda ng pics! and how did you get the shot of the colorado river? you didn’t just fly did you? hahaha 🙂 yey super bw!

  20. Major Tom – true, political correctness is paramount when you are running a business that depends on public support.

  21. Jayred – In fact some of the big companies who sponsor the tour didn’t quite support the good commissioner’s policy which probably woke her up. In the end the sponsors who are running an advertising campaign for themselves, didn’t want the public to feel that they are part of the controversial policy 😯

  22. Piapot – sinabi mo.. masyadong malagkit ang dila nila hehe 🙂

    Thanks.. I took the pic from the viewing area of the dam. It’s pretty deep as you can see 🙂

  23. what does speaking english has to do with golf??? anybody can use an interpreter. so what’s up with that policy?

  24. Great pictures, Bro!

    That was a very offensive and unimaginative policy. The commissioner could have saved herself all the trouble had she looked to other sports such as boxing and baseball for guidance. She had the resources to do it and it amazes me as to why she went the route she did.

  25. Mari – people suspect that because the Korean girls have been winning tournaments lately, this is one way to prevent them from playing and the give the Americans more chances to win 🙂

  26. Panaderos – thanks 🙂

    It could be arrogance for one and I do agree she wasn’t well advised with the decision 😯

  27. I think that’s discriminatory against people who don’t speak English.

    Grand Canyon is beyond words, isn’t it, and Hoover Dam is one engineering marvel.

  28. Hi bw! sige na, buy a DSLR na, you wont regret it 🙂
    Wonderful shots you got there. Great Canyon is on my list of places to visit, ayan nainggit tuloy ako- konti lang ha ha!
    re: speak english, makikiraan lang po pero in a way I can see the commissionerś point. Advantage to both parties nga naman din to both parties if they can communicate directly w/ each other. Kasi this reminds me of the many turkish and moroccans living in our country (holland), a big % of them have been living in the country for decades, receiving money from the government monthly and yet they refuse to learn the language. parang panay kabig na lang, sila pa pinakikisamahan. o ayan, na off topic na, pero kuya bw, di ba same banana? he he!

    regards from Holland!

  29. oops! I meant to say, Regards from Thailand because I still here

    standard line na kasi yung nauna ha ha! :p

  30. Ewok – considering that the policy is handed over to professional sport players, it does sound discriminatory.

    Yep, Grand Canyon is awesome but my visit is not complete until I make a trek down the Canyon and visit the Skywalk 🙂

  31. “The LPGA commissioner claims that the organization is a business based in America and LPGA professionals must be able to meet the interest of the sponsors by making speeches and mingling with the crowd in pro-am tournaments…” – That is total BS if you ask me. It’s obviously sour gaping on the commissioner’s part, or maybe them white folks can’t stand seeing non-whites rule the greens. Akala nila sila lang ang magaling.

    Re the Grand Canyon, my cousins all have this certificate as proof that they’ve flown over the Grand Canyon, and in a in a chopper no less. Pinagtawanan ko nga eh hehe kala mo naman kasi naghirap silang mag-hiking dun sa trail… 😀

  32. Thess – hahaha.. mapapasubo ako sa new DSLR na yan.. I’m salivating pa naman sa Nikon D200 na ubod ng bigat 🙂

    Well, those folks migrating need to learn the language no question – that’s a given but the professional athletes are only playing for the season. The bottom line is, they need to learn the language but the penalty to disallow them to play is a bit drastic – yun lang ang issue. 😯

    You should visit the Grand Canyon and you’ll have a great time shooting for your photo calendar 🙂 Ako nga my wife is complaining why I’m taking more pics of the place than her and my daughter hehe 🙂

    Hey – I know you’re having a swell time in Thailand after visiting Pinas 🙂 Well have fun, enjoy and shoot great pics over there !

  33. Sngl – that policy was a bit rush and the commissioner had to bear some embarrassment after she rescinded it.

    For those who follow the game closely, the fact that 7 Koreans won in the 24 events so far, you can sense the sour taste in the mouths of those who fear that they will dominate the game in the near future. So in my view, this phenomenon may have something to do with it hehe 🙂

    The helicopter or plane ride is really cool but kinda pricey and scary too hehe 🙂 I’d love to hike the trails though, at least half way down. The place had been inhabited by the native indians so there’s many trails that have been made and documented and it’s quite safe. I will be back for the awesome Skywalk though 🙂

  34. you have a point here. lucky for the philippines, we at least generally understand english.

  35. battologist- parang may iba akong naiisip dun hehe

  36. english and athletes. manny pacquiao is top-of-mind. haha. but good thing, indeed, that the commissioner realized her poor judgment soon enough before it invited international criticism.

    and view of Grand Canyon is spectacular. although i can almost feel the oppresive heat from here. hehe.

  37. Dong – true, in fact many foreigners are surprised not knowing that English is an official language and the medium of instruction in Pinas 🙂

  38. Richmond – what were you thinking ? Yung taong bumato ? hehe 🙂

  39. Barry – the commissioner rescinded the policy just in time coz the heat was on and good for her at least she salvaged her position 🙂

    Yes, the heat at this time of year was excruciating but the lower area becomes cooler at night. THere’s a notice to hikers to bring enough water coz people have died due to heat stroke and dehydration while hiking the trails.

  40. such highfalutin words naman yung nasa calendar mo.. kakasakit ng ulo LOL

  41. Bing – if I was to be asked to spell every word in the 365 day calendar, I’d probably get zilch hahaha 🙂 Now here’s a good tip for the spelling bee contest LOL 🙂

  42. I dare you to use your new words learned from Sept 1 to 7 in a coherent 150-word blog post. Aber? Haha.

  43. unfair nga naman yung order na yun. does that mean athletes have to learn speaking the language of every place they decide to play in? magiging linguist na siguro sila nyan.

    ang bibigat naman ng mga english na pinagaaralan mo bro. nosebleed ako dun.

  44. Abaniko – let me give it a shot 🙂

    ” I was wading through the rainforest for weeks and my uliginous body needed a lopeholt from the mosquito bites and the leeches that were draining my blood. I suddenly saw a church from a distance. I came in and was greeted by a monk who led me to an eerie room, with its singerie look unmistakably reminding me I was still in the jungle.

    The imberb, bald monk spoke to me in incessant, repetetive and jerky phrases I barely understood. The battologist was the first human being I spoke to in a month. I was ecstatic. I then found out that all the 6 monks in the church were all named Bro. Stephen. The equivoque was quite startling – where did these people come from? A naufrage that washed them ashore and took them to this god forsaken place? ”


  45. Lawstude – right on attorney. Basta sinabi mo eh 🙂

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