Walking the Talk

Al Gore had alarmed the world with his apocalyptic message in the movie documentary ” An Inconvenient Truth”. The impending destruction of our earth due to global warming supposedly caused by man’s wanton emission of carbon had caused a renewed and intense vigilance in the battle for a clean environment. The panic is real as the fight for the environment had spilled over to the political arena, with politicians capitalizing on the people’s zeal for a cleaner environment, shackling and imposing fines on polluters, imposing carbon taxes and making the environment a high priority in their governance and election agendas.

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While Mr. Gore had reveled in his new stature as messiah ,  garnering a Nobel Prize in the process, it is not all joyride for the man. At the last climate change conference, the founder of  The Weather Channel was encouraging the public to sue Al Gore and companies engaged in the sale and  marketing of carbon credits, referring to Gore’s global warming hype as the ” greatest scam in history”. The carbon offset business, the carbon credits, carbon taxes are being referred to as ” global warning fraud” . Clearly they are unpleasant implications of the potential doom that Gore instilled in people’s minds.

Recently Gore had been criticized for using gas guzzling limos and SUV’s for his entourage at a DC conference. Likewise he had been criticized for setting up a company that buys carbon offsets to make up for the emissions for his frequent use of private jets. Nothing wrong with buying carbon offsets, except that he does a  tax write off of such expense. In the end, he avoids dipping from his pocket to pay for the offsets.

Is Gore guilty of not walking his talk ?  Whether Gore likes it or not, he will be subject to intense scrutiny and questioning as long as the global warming fear hovers overs people’s heads. Create a panic situation and people will nail you for every shade of inconsistency they see in you.

Talking about walking the talk in our day to day life, we won’t have to go far. The office scenario is one place where such two-facedness is rampant.  A buddy of mine told me that when he wanted to avail of the employment mobility policy strongly encouraged in his company , it ended in a career setback for him.  He applied to relocate to another city and didn’t get the job but the boss took his action as if it was an act of betrayal. Sooner than later my buddy was relieved of his responsibility and was assigned to another project where he had less responsibility and visibility.  He felt that the boss no longer trusted his loyalty. Managers simply find it difficult to detach emotions from their decisions. Staff get extremely frustrated when management fails to walk the talk and promises end up being plain rhetoric.


This weekend was the start of my daughter’s dance lessons. We bought her all the gear – leotards, tights and shoes and she was pretty excited. Since the wifey has work on Saturdays, I had the task of taking her to the dance school. When we arrived, I was kinda shocked to find that I was the only male – everyone else was female – moms, aunts, young girls and the staffers too.  I felt a little uneasy.  Do these folks think I’m gay ? LOL 🙂 So when I asked the staffer about my daughter’s room, I preceded my statement ( rather loudly)… “well, you see my wife already paid and set this up for our daughter”.  I thought everyone heard. It gave me a little bit of relief 🙂 Darn, when I picked her up after 2 hours, there were even more people, and I was still the only male !  Where the hell are the guys ??  Are dads not supposed to be there ? Now I’m thinking of asking the wifey to change her schedule so she can take my daughter to the dance school.  Silly me  😆   We’ll see next Saturday  🙂


22 Responses

  1. I’m really surprised at the reaction of the Weather Channel. I guess they know a lot more about the weather than we do and know if this global warming business is hype or truth.

  2. Welcome to fatherhood BW Hehe 🙂

  3. At least you’re not a dad who accompanies his son to a ballet school. 😀

  4. Al Gore may or may not be capitalizing on the issue of global warming, but one thing’s for sure, the weather pattern has gone awry and man’s over dependence on fossil fuel is partly to be blamed.

    Hmm, all females and not a man in sight? Bro, a lot of guys would love to be in your shoes that day, hehehe. 😀

  5. Natez1 – the Weather Channel does only one thing and that is broadcast weather so they have more info than us on what’s really going on. If it was some other organization that wanted to sue Gore et al, fine but for a respected organization such as TWC, it made me think too.

  6. Irrealis – I know… now I have to get used to be involved in “girlie” things lol 🙂

  7. Abaniko – bwahaha.. now THAT’s really obvious 😆

  8. Sngl – it’s getting too costly to live in this world and worse, certain people get richer capitalizing on the hype !

    LOL, you’re right. I’d be the center of attraction hehe:)

  9. I think Al Gore has lost it and his Nobel Prize, questionable since you and I know that a lot of these people belong to the same social circles.

    I have some serious problems with the hypocrisy of the environmental groups. If we let those guys dictate what should and should not be done, pretty soon we will certainly see the return of mass starvation, high food and energy prices, and very crowded towns and cities.

  10. Hi there BW. This is my second comment (the first bombed-out on me). I got to know you from Major Tom.

    Al Gore did raise a lot of concerns for the environment, supported by statistics and what not. I do think his passion is genuine, but as you say it, “You must walk the talk!” That’s the price of advocacy. My humble opinion: Carbon tax is a step in the right direction to hold Multinationals accountable for the environment.

    Kahit nga dito sa Pinas bro, umiba na ang weather patterns natin, madalas na ang tag-ulan sa tag-init at tumindi na rin ang lakas ng bagyo tuwing tag-ulan.

    At the Dance School: That’s fatherhood bro!

  11. Panaderos – that’s pretty much the concern of many, that the environment becomes the hottest issue in this planet and politicans and enterprising businessmen will do their darnest best to milk the people with their money and at the same time making them believe they’re protecting the environment 😦

  12. Soulshiek – you’re welcome. Gore’s passion maybe genuine but he still commands a respectable fee when he goes around making speeches about global warming 😉

    You know one time, a couple of years ago, as I was going back to the office after having lunch with a colleague, a local TV reporter stopped us and asked the question – are you in favor of imposing an environment tax to cars that drive into downtown Toronto as a way to encourage people to take public transit ? This is the kind of money grab that really irks me. It’s done under the pretext of environment protection but in reality, it the politican’s ploy to increase taxes without getting lambasted at the polls. I’ll do anything for the enviroment seems to be the motto nowadays.

    I was nearly sold with Gore’s global warming pitch, except that this last winter whe had the most snow in 30 years and it was the first time since I lived in this country that I tought of buying a snow plow. Likewise, our summer is
    almost ending and this is one of the wettest summer on record and we can count with our fingers the time when the temp got to the 30’s ! I think the earth knows best how to deal with the climate and it’s been doing it for billions of years already.

    Yep – that’s the price of fatherhood I guess. I also need to learn how to tie her pigtails and braid her hair hehe 🙂

    Thanks for the visit 🙂

  13. Try the OBward where we teach the new moms how to breastfeed (in front of their ultra tattooed husbands) hahaha!

  14. Richmond – you mean, you do a “hands on” orientation in front of the husband ? hehe 🙂

  15. you were asking where all the dads in toronto had gone on that saturday?

    in the golf course, man! 😀

  16. Mari – hahaha poor me 🙂 I should ask the wifey to take Sat off instead of Monday 🙂

  17. I also enrolled my daughter in a dance class although her time is during the week, and its after work. Me and my hubs took her there on the first day. And there were other dads who were there as well. Maybe, it just so happened there weren’t any dads at that time in the classes becoz it was the first day. I’m pretty sure you’ll run into one soon enough.

  18. Maybe I should move her to the weekday sked but she’s doing 2 lessons and it’s 2 hours. I bet some dad would should up to keep me company 🙂

  19. Hey, don’t ever think of asking the wifey to change schedule just so you can bail out of this fatherhood thing. 🙂

    If it will make you less uncomfortable, why don’t you join your daughter and take dance lessons as well? Para you can do the “Fame” dance number together someday. LOL


    Heard that Al Gore is indeed not walking the talk. It’s all hype, apparently.

  20. Jayred – my daughter is doing an hour each of theatre and jazz… which should I join ? LOL 🙂 Maybe figure skating is better hahaha 🙂

  21. Do both — LOL. Then after you’re done with theater and jazz, move on to figure skating. It pays to be a Renaissance Man ha. LOL

  22. Jayred – let me see.. me in skates and tights with my horns sticking at my temples… definitely not a pretty sight hehe 🙂

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