Pacquiao – Flirting With Disaster ?

Oscar de la Hoya should make his money in acting rather than boxing. After all the Golden Boy has the looks men would envy – athletic, handsome , charming and a consummate mac, counting former Miss USA Shanna Moakler as one of his prized conquests. It is ironic if not surreal that a great boxer like de la Hoya, who sports an unbelievably unscathed face despite the ring wars he had been through,  would be whoring it up at the boxing arena, fighting anyone even up to Godzilla, just to make the quick buck. But you see Oscar is unique.  He isn’t just a great boxer – he is also a savvy boxing promoter.  In short, Oscar wants the biggest piece of the pie at all times, being the highly paid protagonist and fight promoter at the same time. Can you imagine Don King dressing down to fight Iron Mike Tyson in a fight that he promotes ? Yay. Not with Oscar. It had become his bread and butter trademark – fighter cum promoter.

The enterprising de la Hoya fights only the elite, best in class fighters and even forayed into the heavier weight class in search of the gold. Oscar is a mercenary. He works hard and puts his life on the line to earn the money. In his middleweight bought with a much heavier and stronger Bernard Hopkins, a viscious liver shot saw him crumble to the canvas, writhing in obvious pain. The pain was temporary though as de la Hoya claimed a handsome paycheck after the fight, notwitstanding the millions he reaped with the Pay Per View subscriptions.

It isn’t surprising that de la Hoya craves for Manny Pacquiao, the reigning best pound for pound boxer in the world today. In a bout with a hot and exciting fighter like Pacquiao, de la Hoya anticipates a world class spectacle, with a guaranteed windfall at the cash register. But is this a fair fight or simply a David vs Goliath circus act ? Pacquao’s trainer Freddie Roach who also trains de la Hoya might be the kicker card in this deal. Roach contends that much heavier de la Hoya will lose power if he drastically goes down to 140 lbs while Pacquiao won’t. Moreover, Roach feels that de la Hoya is past his prime, that in his latest fight with welterweight Steve Forbes which he won rather unconvincingly, he showed signs of aging. Roach also said that Pacquiao’s punches are much harder than Forbes’ and his speed, accuracy and non-stop aggression would give de la Hoya a lot to worry about.

Hmmm… interesting . What can you say about a boxing bout which is being promoted by one of the protagonists, with both boxers also employing the same trainer (obviously de la Hoya would acquire the services of another trainer in this fight ) ? Any conspiracy theories folks ? But at the end of the day Pacquiao would net a cool $15M, enough to set him up of the rest of his life, win or lose. Pacquiao has indicated retirement in 2009 and I’m not surprised. In 2006, Bernard Hopkins, flanked by his mom, grandma and aunt in the ring, announced his retirement after defeating light-heavyweight champ Antonio Tarver in an unexpectedly convicing fashion. When asked by the announcer if he would entertain a rematch with Tarver for a hefty $20M, he replied “with that kind of money, I will rise from my grave“. I can’t really blame Pacquiao for accepting this fight. Do I make sense ?


A duel was fought between Alexander Shott and John Nott in June 1849. Nott was shot and Shott was not.  In this case, it is better to be Shott than Nott. Some said that Nott was not shot. But Shott says he shot Nott. It may be that the shot Shott shot, shot Nott,  or it may be possible that the shot Shott shot, shot Shott himself. We think, however, that the shot Shott shot, shot not Shott but Nott. Anyway it is hard to tell which was shot and which was not. 


With the proliferation of fighting shows on TV these days – boxing as well as mixed martial arts – everyone gets a chance to tune in to the fight channels , accidental or by choice.  When I say everyone I mean you and me, priests and pastors included 🙂 Here’s a couple of video clips of a priest and a pastor showing their pugilistic skills in a rather unchivalrous manner. I am thinking of promoting a fight to pit these two bulls against each other , register them with the So You Wanna Fight channel so they can showcase their talent to the fight fans.

Fighting Priest ( Father 1, Opponent 0)


Fighting Pastor ( Pastor 0, Opponent 1)


41 Responses

  1. wala yungsecond video.
    mahilig ka sa boxing noh? i like the new lay-out ha.
    at ang tongue twister 🙂

  2. I think this will be a good fight. Maybe Oscar will control his fists so he doesn’t knock Manny out in the first round 🙂 He wants people to enjoy the fight 😉

    LOL on Father almost scoring a knockout hehe 🙂

  3. yes, i am very sure it is the money why Pacquiao decides to fight. perhaps it is even the thought that his family will never die a pauper that drove him to such a decision even if it will cost his dear life or make a veggie out of him.

    but personally, i fear for him. just look at the picture of that greedy smile of de la Hoya telling everybody that he will pound him to pieces. i can only hope and pray that the damage it will cause Pacquiao when he looses will not entirely devastate his person. there is no way i can tell that Pacquiao will win.

  4. speaking of pacquiao bouts, I miss organizing ppv event of his fights for the employees with free pop corn and drinks in the office cafeteria and employee lounge back when I was a corporate events organizer.

  5. of course you make perfect sense. money talks. and i can’t blame pacquiao either, i believe he still have lots of political ambitions and he could sure use the money.

  6. Manny ought to do what Oscar did when he fought Hopkins. Somewhere in the early round, second or third (if Manny doesn’t get ko’d in the first), any punch he gets in the body whether weak or strong, Manny should just hit the floor and be counted out. Staying toe to toe with a bigger opponent and proven puglist is a disaster. That is, if Pakyaw has the brains.
    Oscar is a rapist! He’s only living the good life since he has his fortune to work miracles. He would have been in Folsom or San Quentin without his dough.

    First video, that’s one of the teachings in Seminary, don’t take crap from anyone…

    Second video, come on Mr Pastor! attacking a woman is lame. Makes me wonder what kind of sermon he dishes in his congregation.


  7. correction: fourth line “puglist” should read “pugilist”

  8. Tin – the video is there. Siempre backgrounder muna ang pinagusapan. Maiksi yata ang pasensya mo ngayong araw hehe 🙂

    Thanks for liking my new layout and the tongue twister 🙂

  9. Natez1 – you seem to be suggesting a conspiracy theory eh ? 🙂 Father was cheating because he emptied the entire holy water on the woman first before fighting her hehehe 🙂

  10. Bing – well even at his current stature, Pacquaio won’t be a pauper again if he just manages his money wisely and not giving money to anyone who shows at his gate 😦

    Although de la Hoya might pull his punches to prolong the fight as Natez1 suggested, these elite fighters have tremendous egos and might just give everything in their arsenals for the win. Since de la Hoya is the much bigger guy, it’s a little scary for Pacquiao.

  11. Jeff – now that kind of job certainly made you popular in the office, didn’t it ? 🙂

  12. Lawstude – hard to refuse money that can set you up for life 😉 It can certainly help in his political campaign. We can just hope Pacquiao isn’t one of those crooks who get into politics to enrich themselves when their money runs out 😯

  13. TrueBlue – since de la Hoya is a major promoter of the fight, I don’t think he wants to be embarrased for beating up on a smaller guy, badly at that. That’s my conspiracy theory hehe 🙂

    You are right. All that Pacquaio needs is to have one of this knees to touch the canvas for a 10 count. No sense in continuing if you think the other guy’s power will knock your brains out 😯

    I guess the good father was true to the teachings of the seminary hehehe 🙂

    The pastor didn’t turn his other cheek and I’m surprised too 🙂

  14. What’s with de la Hoya posing with bra and panty hose ? OMG This guy is crazy.

    Mr. Shott and Nott are funny 🙂

    I can’t believe the videos. It is very weird and it depresses me 😦

  15. I thought it would be good for Manny to fight as long as he retires afterwards. Boxing is such a dangerous profession. With the pay he’ll get it will set him up for life as you pointed out.

    Does it show I am not a boxing fan?

  16. I love Shott and Nott . Hilarious! 😀

    I hope Manny Pacquiao does retire next year. However, something tells me that he would fall for the same mistakes other fighters before him had committed. I worry that there is a very good chance that this guy may not be able to hold on to his millions given all the crocodiles around him.

    The priest’s fighting style seemed soft and gay. As for that black pastor, his move against the lady was uncalled for. He probably really had something to hide.

  17. Irrealis – would you believe de la Hoya claims that that panty hose photo was doctored and it is not him ? 😯

    Yes, the videos are an embarrasment indeed. Watch out for those cell phone cameras – they’re everywhere !

  18. Ewok – you’re absolutely right. Manny had been through wicked ring wars and he needs to rest his brain which had been rocked for more than 10 years… and what a great place to do that in the Congress , along with the brain dead politicians LOL 🙂

  19. Panaderos – right on. It’s been rumored that he’s like the Pied Piper and a Robin Hood combined. Yay.. He better distance himself from vultures and opportunists who hound him all day 😦

    Hahaha.. Father certainly looked like he is swatting a fly with his punches. Did you hear what the pastor told the woman ? He got a smack right after talking to her 🙂

  20. i love your new look bw! it’s neater. good job! and i agree with you oscar should have gone showbiz. sa pinas para sikat agad. foreign bred eh.

  21. Prinsesa – thanks. I guess he can start to learn acting in Pinas but he will wreck havoc on the Pinay women there hehe 🙂

    His former live in partner Miss USA Shoanna Moakler alleged that she saw Oscar in a Grammy Awards ceremony on TV escorting another woman.. LOL 🙂 She was at home baby sitting their daughter while hubs was escorting celebs, never mind seeing it on TV ,ugh.

  22. LOL! That fighting priest went medieval on that lady. What a way to use holy water. hehe. So much for turning the other cheek. hehe.

    As I’ve said in another blog, de la Hoya is at the end of his career while Pacquiao it at his prime. This fight is only worth watching if they were both in their prime.

  23. good analysis. i hope that it’ll really b a clean and fair fight.

  24. My golly, I didn’t know that holy water can be used as a weapon (LOL). That sharp-tongued priest is really something, huh. Talk about fighting spirit. (The line “But they did have to send for more holy water” was hilarious. Sorry, I’m so much into black humor.)

    The slapping pastor showed to the people around him that turning the other cheek is not the way to go in this fallen world.

  25. Wil – some people still live in the medieval times hehe 🙂

    Well, the story goes that if de la Hoya is in his prime, this fight would not have happened. But again, prime or not, a bigger man’s punch is always dangerous.

  26. Dong – clean fight it should be but fair? That’s still a 64 dollar question put on the back bench by the $15M paycheck for Pacquiao 😯

  27. Jayred – Father looked to me like a fighting labandera warring at the river bank hehe 🙂 Goes to show the human-ness of people, that no matter how decent and proper we claim to be, we can lose our senses when pushed to the wall 😯

    I’d also like to show a video of a pastor who was punched by a church member ( maybe next time) but did not retaliate and instead forgave the guy in his sermon. The bruise in his face showed the evidence. Now that to me is an example of a more enlightened person, which I am probably not because of my horns 🙂

  28. Hmm, obvious ba? It’s a money fight more than anything else. With that amount being dangled in front of you, who wouldn’t be tempted? 15M? I bet those vultures around Pacquiao are now salivating… 😀

  29. sorry if this comment is not related to this post, but due to your request, i was able to take a shot of new bacolod silay airport on my way back to manila. im posting it soon. maybe by third or fourth week of october.

  30. Snglguy – first and foremost would be his trainer Freddie Roach, who seem to be as enterprising as de la Hoya when selecting opponents for his fighter. The name of the game today is when you’re on top, pick fights that make the most bucks coz, the ride won’t be that long.

  31. Dong – thanks very much bro. Isn’t blogging just great ? Now I can get a better glimpse of the new airport from a blogger than a newspaper ! Awesome 🙂

  32. my guess is this will be Pacquaio’s most boring fight from a viewer point of view. this is no longer real-deal boxing; this is about conspiring to earn big bucks.

    i still hope he wins, though, for the sake of many Pinoys who have lost all hope and trust in other institutions–from a corrupt government to a backward religion.

  33. Barry – absolutely. Manny isn’t risking his crown in this fight coz as you said, this is more like a freak show 🙂 and not a title defense, except of course the blemish on his record if he loses.

    The promoters are also planning to announce the fight at the Status of Liberty in NY , the Sears Towers in Chicago and a couple of other places. This is the first time this kind of glitz and glamor is being cast upon a boxing fight ! Good that they scheduled this after the elections when the economic fears would have receded ( hopefully) and folks will have the 59 bucks to fork in for the Pay Per View fight 🙂

  34. true, money pulls all the strings here. i just hope ole manny’s head is still firmly screwed on.

  35. Caryn – we simply don’t know. Perhaps de la Hoya’s punches might loosen the screws 🙂

  36. You make sense. Everybody makes sense. Oscar,Manny,the common trainer that they have. Dollars always make a lot of sense.

    I haven’t watched a Pacquiao fight since he ran for political office. But I will now. Ty for tickling my interest.

  37. Annamanila – IMO Pacquiao’s failed excursion with politics was a real downer and waste of precious money 😦

    Pacquiao perhaps fails to realize that people like him because of his boxing skills and want to see him box because he is still in his prime. Whether people will continue to adore him after he is gone from boxing is a 64 dollar question 😯

  38. for some reason, this fight doesn’t feel right for me. laki kaya ni dela hoya!

  39. Nell – right. As the promoter and bigger fighter, de la Hoya has very much the control of this fight as to how it has to end hehe.. This is my conspiracy theory 😉

  40. kahit na pera pera lan toh, i think it would be the most exciting boxing event to happen..David vs. goliath..Ü

  41. and finally…. Pacquiao got the money and the crown

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