You Cannot Always Win

Here’s one rule from the book Rules of Wealth that seems apt with the times, with the unprecedented global financial crisis hovering over our heads as we speak, like a hungry vulture trying to snatch the golden eggs from our treasure chests.

Rule 42 : Don’t Believe You Can Always Win

 quote   There is a whole list of things and people you can’t beat, so it might be best to be cautious around them. They include the bookies (and anyone else trying to take money off you for gambling – casino owners, card sharps, race courses, online gambling websites, etc.), the tax authorities, speed cameras, the government, your mother, planning authorities, the police, kids and death. Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code, was sued by the authors of another book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, as they believe he had plagiarized their work. They lost. They lost big time. They lost somewhere in the region of 1.75 million pound sterling including costs. They probably believed quite sincerely in the merits of their case, but did anybody tell them they were unlikely to win? It’d be fascinating to know whether anybody advised them or not to proceed as they would probably lose.

The reason to be cautious in your dealings with bookies, barristers, accountants and the like is that they have knowledge you don’t. They are holders of secrets that can enable them ( if they choose) to make money out of you purely because of your ignorance. And don’t go moralistic on me trying to change the system. These are facts of life. Live with them. Work with them. You won’t get rid of them. You can’t beat the bookies – or the odds – so don’t go trying attempting to get rid of them on the grounds that they are making money out of the poor, innocent and gullible public. Trouble is , the poor, innocent, gullible public walk in there with their wallets open crying, “Help Yourself”. And then complain they are broke, no one gives them a chance, life isn’t fair, no one likes me, it’s not my fault, there ought to be a law against it, etc… Remember that there are sharks out there. So don’t bleed.      unquote

I bought the author’s argument hands down two months ago.  When I read rule 42 again last night, it had a twist that did not exist before. Yes, the predatorial shark and the ubiquituous and gullible prey are still very much around but both are bleeding profusely. An intangible force much more dangerous and lethal than a blood smelling predator had invaded and indiscriminately wrought financial havoc to everyone, protagonists and non-protagonists alike.  Worse, the evil force isn’t alien but the making of the very people who created the game that is meant to reward the astute and the audacious and smother the dupable and the torpid. Again, man has created a monster it can’t control, much like the mythical Frankenstein and the atomic bomb, an affirmation of humanity’s intrinsic blueprint for self-destruction.


7 seconds to $13.5 million

How can you not have 10 seconds ? It’s not even a minute  – it’s ten ticks of your watch ! Well, a Quebec man arrived a little too late to purchase his lotto tickets, 7 seconds to be exact and missed an oppportunity that he will likely never have again in his lifetime , and  that is winning the Lotto jackpot. Ugh, Ouch, yikes 😦 It hurts big time. He bet on a bunch of numbers near closing time and got 2 tickets for them – one ticket dated May 23 and the other dated May 30. Clearly, the second ticket passed the deadline of 8pm and was consequently dated for the next Friday draw. Problem is,  the bloody ticket for the May 30 draw  had the winning numbers for the jackpot of $27 million ! If it had been included in the May 23 ticket, he could have gotten half of the jackpot prize of $13.5M (there was another winning ticket). Ouuuch. Blame the ticket collector for being slow. Blame the lottery terminal for being slow. What else ? Blame yourself for scratching your balls too long before you headed to the lotto station ?

The man is now suing the Quebec lottery, thanks to some enterprising lawyers and I don’t how much cut they would get ( methinks at least 30%), insisting that the delay at the lotto terminal was responsible for missing the cut off time. Best of luck to him. I hope he gets something although the winner of the $27M could be growling in anger, like a dog who would kill anyone who dares come close to his food. The moral of this story ? It may suck alright, but it pays to cultivate an attitude of punctuality 😯

SPACEPORT – Calgary Airport

Here’s some photos I took at the Calgary International Airport.


33 Responses

  1. I believe in rule 42. Just like the saying, you win some, you lose some and if you are gullible, you’ll lose everything… Money talks, money walks, money changes almost everything.

  2. We cannot win all the time. Actually, most of the time we lose.

    The game of luck is a game hard to get away from. We just simply need to learn the art of knowing when to stop.

    Goodluck to that guy! I hope he gets a few millions in his pocket once the ordeal is over.

  3. Everybody is scared that their investments would fizzle in thin air. Pretty scary times. How did this problem happen?

    Too bad for the guy. I don’t think he has a case. It’s no one’s fault if he missed the cut off but his.

  4. good writers will always have a way to make us believe about things the way they imagine them. that’s why great books are very influential.

  5. A good analogy is: casinos doesn’t go to your doorstep, it’s the other way around, hehe….
    The worst in people’s attitude is: hey dude! am going to Vegas, got $500 to lose. F**k man, don’t say that!!
    Why not just say: am going to Vegas and rob the casinos, odds are 50/50 you might succeed.

    Any form of Lotto and Casinos have a ONE-WAY street rule. Hiring a lawyer will not provide positive result. Best thing is negotiate, hey, economy is bad – give them something to jump start their own economy.

    Cheers and goodhealth!

  6. Too bad for that man. But I guess his fate’s better than the one in the Alanis song “He won the lottery and dies the next day.”

  7. ooops, DIED the next day.

  8. I have no money to invest and I am scared of gambling. I also have no money to gamble anyway.

    That’s a bummer really. I hope the guy does not commit suicide 😦

    Nice pictures.

  9. MyePinoy – gullibility is sometimes relative, like when you put trust in your financial advisor and your investment goes down the drain ! Maybe then if you don’t know that much, stay simple with your plans 🙂

  10. Leah – you bet. Casinos won’t be in business if they don’t guarantee a winning strategy.

    Hope he gets something but I am quite pessimistic about his chances.

  11. Natez1 – the global crisis is a menace and everybody jumped in the bandwagon not knowing that if the tires blow up, it can’t hold the load even it they’re replaced with new ones.

    Agree, he has no one to blame but himself. Only if he arrived 10 seconds earlier he could be set up for life right now. What a tragedy.

  12. Cliffnotes – how true. I like to read short and essay type articles myself and this book fits my reading style.

  13. TrueBlue – it’s all about positive thinking eh? As well, some understanding of damage control can definitely help hehe 🙂

    Ouch, lottery companies are the stingiest SOB’s on planet earth. In this case, I don’t think the winner of the $27M would be willing to part with half of his awarded money that easy 😯

  14. Kat – yeah, I remember that Alanis song 🙂 In this case he almost won the lottery and almost died the next day hehe 🙂

  15. Irrealis – better safe than sorry my dear 🙂 Thanks, I just took the pics to minimize my boredom at the terminal 🙂

  16. #42 is right. Invest in only those things we understand. It increases our chances of beating the odds.

  17. In your lottery story, whatever happened to the cliche, “there’s a reason for everything?” Coud it be providential that he missed the lottery? For all you know, had he won, he could have collapsed in utter joy and die. Hehe.

  18. Panaderos – absolutely right but sometimes the system makes it overly complex for people to understand what they’re getting into ! At some point trust has to be bestowed and it boils down to the game of managing risk 😯

  19. Abaniko – yes, there was a reason why he didn’t win and that was because of his sloppiness 😦 Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that he did not win – maybe it postponed his heart attack hehe 🙂

  20. Ang ganda nung mga pictures.

  21. Mon – thanks 🙂

  22. i believe that it’s a healthy mind set. loosing doesn’t mean you gain nothing.

  23. Dong – that’s a swell reply bro 🙂 . As they say, we can only learn from our mistakes !

  24. so true. something has always got to give

  25. Caryn – you can’t win ’em all but this time around, with the financial crisis all over the world, not losing everything seems to be considered a somewhat of a win 😦

  26. The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money. ~Author Unknown

  27. Sidney – that’s a very clever quote and how true. Wealth isn’t all about money !

  28. That’s the problem with putting your hard-earned bucks in those exotic-sounding investments. You only have a vague idea of what goes on and you’re always at the mercy of your broker. Once he or the institution screws up, you’re screwed as well…

    As for that lotto guy, it only proves that the old saying is true, pag hindi talaga pra sa yo… 😀

  29. Snglguy – good times and bad times occur. These savvy investment bankers make a living you rich and making themselves rich at the same time but this time around, it is the entire system that went haywire 😦 I bet you a lot of the so called rich people today have lost at least 30% of their wealth, if not more and some were totally decimated.

    Yes, hindi talaga para sa kanya. Ouch, it is truly painful when you think that he only needed 7 seconds to 13.5 million 😦

  30. You cannot always win. But we can try to load the dice in our favor. Loading the dice … ah you can write a volume on how to that.

  31. Annamanila – you bet. It’s always safer to assume that we can’t always win in any game in life for that matter. With the present economic crisis though, it seems that there are no winners which is quite scary 😦

  32. yup, we can’t always win. and sabi nga nila, “Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.” dba 😉

  33. Nell – I like that quote. True, as long as we tried our best and gave it all, we can have our peace and fight again another day 🙂

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