In this day and age of materialism and extreme liberalism we have grown impervious to the news we hear everyday, suggesting that we are evolving into a world that precariously treads into one that might be devoid of religious rules and norms that once governed our lives and fostered societal harmony . Here’s one shocking news that surpasses your notion of weird and likely to raise your eyebrows – a man sues God in court  for the “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants.”   Huh? Is this for real ? In light of our freedom of expression in a so called democratic society such a preposterous lawsuit must be given equal consideration like any other so the judge aptly dismisses the case on one technicality – God has no address and can’t be given a subpoena to defend himself 🙂 The plaintiff retorted that since the courts recognize God’s existence asking people to take oath ending with the proverbial ” so help me God” phrase, God must be existing. The plaintiff is contemplating to appeal and waste taxpayers’ money in the process. I don’t know what this means folks but a couple of centuries from now there is a real possibility that this earth many no longer subscribe to the idea of a divine creator.



This is by no means a technical review but I did download the WIndows Vista beta version of Google Chrome, the new browser developed by no other than Google and found it short of spectacular but overall, quite alright. More efficient hence productive is perhaps a more apt description. It does appear to be faster and I dig its clean cut, minimalistic look minus the clutter of menu buttons on the top typical of Firefox and Internet Explorer. It looks refreshingly neat. The menu and toolbar are smartly hidden on the upper right hand corner, readily expandable. I also like idea of the thumbnail pages of your most visited sites being displayed the moment you open the browser. All you have to do is click on the thumbnails. Your recent bookmarks are likewise presented as hypertext links on the same page. Really great for lazy folks like me who could get to my favorite page in two mouse clicks, no dragging required. If you are terribly lazy, you can even cut a desktop shortcut for your favorite URL (link) and simply click on it. I mean how much more productive can you get with a one click operation?  The only problem with this feature is the shortcut opens the browser in a truly specialized fashion. It disables browser menu and won’t allow you to navigate to other URL’s – no back and forward buttons, no URL address bar presented – that’s the catch. It is perfect for my daughter who now simply clicks on the desktop icons of her two favorite links – Webkinz or Family Channel. There are many more features too detailed to discuss in this post but I give Google Chrome a thumbs up for its practicality and ease of use.

SSL on WordPress Admin. This is probably a trivial issue to some but I like the idea of using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption option when having a session in Admin mode. SSL ensures no one can spoof into your session in cyberspace, especially those who use wireless to browse the net. It is a feature you can turn on quite easily.  Blogger has SSL but only when signing on, where your login ID and password are encrypted but defaults back to unsecure mode after sign on. You know if SSL is ON when you see https instead of http on the URL address bar.



I’ve met so many Pinoys who migrated to this country and everyone has his own version of the well acknowledged baptism of fire, the difficult challenges one has to overcome or adjust to as a newcomer. Nothing breaks my heart when a family’s plan to settle here is derailed by no other but their very own children. With this I mean couples who give up  because they can’t handle taking care of their kids and I don’t mean 6 or 8 rambunctious children but in the two instances I’ve seen – 2 children , all toddlers. Don’t you find this unbelievable ? The wife simply gives up and surrenders because taking care of her children minus the nannies is tantamount to prison labor 😦  We’re not talking of the super elite here, just ordinary folks who enjoy the comforts of middle class living back home. The real problem in my opinion is, the children had not been trained with any life skills whatsoever, totally dependent on their nannies for everything. A 2 year old literally behaves like an infant, crying for everything she needs. Too bad. The reason for migrating was precisely for the children’s future and now they are the very reason for backing out. The first case happened a few years ago and the family had gone home for good. The second case is still undecided , still in a very early stage and dependent on how the husband’s jobhunting goes.  If I was to say something constructive here, I say remove the blindfolds, shake off the hypocrisy and get real 😯




Listen to the mention of the word c**t…c**t..contributor.  Was this a blunder ? Sounds contrived to me. Maybe it was scripted. What do you think ? 🙂


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  2. Why entertain such a silly lawsuit?

    Safari forever ! I’m a Mac user 🙂

    Hahaha.. very funny. I think it is a booboo 🙂

  3. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Suing God? Nonetheless, it probably left the court in astonished quandry. Reminds me of what I’ve heard once: had there been no God, there wouldn’t be any atheist, either.

    As for the immigrant with children woes, I’ve seen many similar recalcitrant toddlers here in Manila who almost always get their own way. Now, transplant them and the parents abroad and you’ve got one major family problem. Fast forward 30-40 years: the parents are ready to retire back home, but the children with their own children have lost connection with the old country and would never even think of moving back with their ageing parents back to the Philippines. So, the ageing parents, since they’ve somewhat lost connection as well — with old friends and relatives back home having passed away — will have no other option but to live their remaining years not in the old country as they had hoped through the years. And as a salve to a broken dream, they fill their consciousness with the images of the Philippines’ ills. I’ve seen this recurring heartbreaking scenario within my own circle of relatives.

  4. We (or at least the Americans) are already witnessing the beginnings of this extreme form of liberalism. First, by doing away prayers in school and banning the use of Christmas greetings in public for fear of offending the non-Chirstians… hay.

    Problem with growing up with yayas is that the children have become too reliant on them. How can one learn to be independent when help is at your beck and call 24/7?

  5. Downside to these lawsuits are that, the ones filing are those in authority. Like that Judge who filed for $54 million against a Korean owned laundry. Why 54, why not a different figure? Believed this was dismissed also.

    It wasn’t a booboo, it was deliberate. Host must have been annoyed waiting for her, thought she was late so why not “sting” her, hehe…….Cheers and goodhealth!

  6. I think they’re still working out as to where to mail the summons to make God appear in court. 😀

    I’m fine with leaving kids at a day care center while both parents are at work. However, I am of the opinion that parents ought to spend time with their kids once they come home from work. Back to your two examples, I’m not sure though if I would blame the kids. I would place the blame squarely on the parents’ shoulders for by giving in to the kids, they also showed the weakness of their character.

    As for the CNN anchor, I believe that that was a Freudian slip since she was addressing a Republican guest. We all know that CNN’s pretty much in the tank for Obama. 😀

  7. Irrealis – frankly, I am not sure why people can come up with such moronic ideas duh 😦

    Well, wait for the Google Chrome Mac version to be finished and check it out. Perhaps you will find it more productive 🙂

    You think it’s a booboo? A bad case of stuttering maybe ?

  8. Eric – what boggles me is the person who file this nonsensical lawsuit is of all people, a respectable govt official 😦

    It’s truly tragic when you think about those who can’t retire back home coz they can’t be with their children and grandchildren any longer. If I were to be asked, I would respect my children’s situation and couldn’t possibly ask them to abandon their land of birth and the culture they have identified with all their lives. I’d go and retire in Pinas by myself and see them every 6 months. If the wifey doesn’t like to come with me, so be it 🙂 I’ll be having a whale of a time by myself hehe 😉

  9. TrueBlue – I remembered that case of a judge who filed a $54M lawsuit claim for a suit LOL 🙂 Now that judge was a real asshole. I hope they stripped him with his license 😦

    You think Kyra Phillips was pissed by her lateness ? Hmmmm… possible. I like your conspiracy theory 😉

  10. Snglguy – you bet. Too much political correctness these days.

    I also happen to think that other than the yaya’s taking care of the children, the parents consciously don’t want their children to do anything “dahil ayaw mahirapan ang bata”. It’s really tragic to think of a family going back because the mother can’t take care of her two kids. People here will ask ” WTF ??” You can’t take care of your own kids?

  11. Panaderos – on top of finding God’s address, the court can’t figure out who God would hire a defense lawyer or act as his own counsel 🙂

    Actually bro, I find that daycare other than training the child with social skills, it provides the child some sense of responsibility. I really do. I could understand those super rich people who have no clue how to change a baby’s diaper but man, if you’re not living in Forbes back in Pinas and you waste your immigrant visa because you can’t take care of your toddlers it just tells people how lame your character is – both physically and emotionally 😦

    You think it was a Republican diss masked in a Freudian slip ? hehe 🙂 I also like your consipracy theory of CNN being on the wagon with the Obama camp 😉 Frankly, I have lost opinion on this matter already haha 🙂

  12. speaking of yayas, I’m lucky to experience and learn the so-called “life skills” growing up.

    however, speaking from my experience, having a full time job and cleaning the house, cooking dinner etc., when you go home afterwards can quite stressful…

  13. I understand that in the US you sue everybody for whatever reason… so why not God. Next we can sue the Devil… 😉

    Life of an immigrant is tough… I am not surprised that some people back out.

    Well if Fox is Mc Cain… CNN can be Obama.. 🙂

  14. suing God? grabe ha! lahat na lang. and hindi din ba nya fault yung mga misfortunes sa kanya?

    google chrome.. umm.. next time. hehe

    immigration – siguro siya din nung maliit siya sanay sya sa yaya.

    cnn – feeling ko sadya siya

  15. That’s a ludicrous lawsuit. I wonder how far the law can be toyed by these idiots 😦

    I like Google Chrome but not sure if it is secure?

    I think Kyra Philips intended that joke. She’s one who doesn’t normally stammer but why now? Just a guess 🙂

  16. The link to the Man Sues God story is broken so I did an internet search for it. Here’s the link:

    According to the story, the guy (a Nebraska state senator) was just trying to make a point about everyone should have access to the courts.

    I primarily use Safari browser and Firefox sometimes so I probably won’t be downloading Chrome. 🙂

  17. Jeff – good for you ! I also learned a lot about life skills here where I do everything in the house – you name it and I do it. The good thing is I have been doing it a long time and I don’t bitch about it 🙂

  18. Sidney – LOL… yeah why not – next time sue the Devil and you will get a lot of sympathy votes hehe 🙂

    Immigrating to another country requires that you make a drastic change to your life and some people just can’t take it .

  19. Tin – I guess the guy had gone so despondent about things that he is now taking it against God. Some people have nothing more productive to do in life I guess 😦

    Sadya ba? Baka nga. Mataray kung ganoon hehe 🙂

  20. Natez1 – it’s ludcirous indeed and you and I know it. I think the govt official who did this simply made an ass of himself 😦

    Yes, there had been security holes discovered with Google Chrome and they are working on it .

    Hmm… suddenly stammering eh? I like your hunch actually 🙂

  21. Wil – thanks. I repaired the broken link.

    Know what, the state senator did something so moronic that whatever genuine intentions he had, doing what he did and suing God it court did more harm than good to his intellect. Methinks this guy is one fucked up, deranged SOB 😦

    I’ve used Safari and Firefox myself but off the bat I can say that Chrome’s look and feel is a departure from the browser look and feel we normally know. The reason why I donwloaded Chrome was for pure curiosity because the least we need in the cyberspace today is a new browser ! I was interested to know if Google wasted their time designing a new browser and methinks they didn’t. I actually like Chrome because it is very different than all of the browsers we had in the past .

  22. Obviously, the suer is just trying to be cute but he’s just way too overboard. He should realize that God could countersue for malicious imputation and that’ll be lots of damages to pay, especially that everything here that is ugly is purely of man’s own folly and imperfection….or mostly at least.

    By the way, i liked google Chrome the first time i tried it only that the oversimplification turned me off somehow as any new user wouldn’t actually know how to surf about it, where’s the “home page”, how do i get to Yahoo search, such and such thing.

    But overall, it’s really cool.

  23. Major Tom – it’s gone to the point of lunacy Major Tom and that’s what pissed me off. It is not so much of the sacrilegious nature of his actions but the sheer idiocy of it, wasting people’s time is my main beef 😦

    Hahaha… you’re looking for the home page eh? Well, the moment I open the browser, I see 9 mini-page thumbnails of my last visited sites ! I just click on my favorite page which is evidently my blog 😆 Home page is now a thing of the past hehe. Besides at the bottom of the page just click on SHOW FULL HISTORY hypertext link and it will give you a listing of the sites you visited for the last weeks. 🙂

    I also like clicking on the + icon to open a new page.

    Dunno but when I loaded Chrome, I got the Yahoo toolbar just below the URL address space. Couldn’t recall how I got it 🙂

  24. never knew there’s google chrome already. thanks for a brief background. i might as well try it first.

  25. Dong – try it out and let us know what you think 😐

  26. I could have sworn I have commented on this post earlier. Maybe not, am probably having a senior moment.

    Anyway, it really is hard to adjust to not having helpers around the house. Although, I grew up without one in our household. I can see how it could mess up kiddies behaviours. But all depend on the parents.

    Suing God? What would they think of next?

  27. Ewok – senior moments happens to me too !

    You bet it entirely depends on the parents on how they train their kids. You know how it is here. When local folks hear about Pinoys giving up and go back coz they can’t handle their kids they just couldn’t believe it 😦

    If people are suing God today, the future looks pretty scary doesn’t it?

  28. lol@ other to blame? 🙂

    Ah, I guess that’s a very sensible advice to new migrants. Sometimes people can’t get off their comfort zone. I was like that when we first went overseas. I thought about priorities, got over it, learned how to keep house again and was very happy about it. I hope they will think about it over and over again.

  29. Suing God? That’s unbelievable! To think that a senator no less had the gall to do this (call it wasting people’s precious time and money when there are more pressing matters to attend to).


    I don’t want to pass quick judgment on those Pinoy migrants you mentioned. For all we know, there might have had other reasons — other than the nanny issue or the job factor — why they returned to the Philippines or are planning to go back home for good. It’s not easy to be an immigrant, especially when you don’t have the support system in your adopted country.

    But I’d like to say this: it’s a lot easier to be an immigrant in English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, Australia, or NZ (as far as Pinoys are concerned, that is). There’s no need to learn another language — like in my case here in Switzerland — because we Pinoys, more or less, can speak English. So, there’s no language barrier to deal with.


    That was scripted, all right. The news presenter is not a good actress. 🙂

  30. P.S. I’m still in the middle of exploring the features of Google Chrome. I somehow find the thumbnail feature great. It’s something for parents, who’d like to monitor the sites their children have visited or frequently visit.

  31. Suing God? This world is getting crowded with more demented people. Hay!

  32. Ipanema – you’re absolutely right. People have run out of someone to blame 😦

    Talking from voice of experience eh ? Wow, you’ve been a nomad for a very long time. Maybe these confused people should ask you for advice 🙂 I’m sure they will learn if they can muster enough patience 😯

  33. Jayred – no surprise – the senator was a known bigot anyways 😦

    Agree that English speaking countries are easier to adjust. I’ve seen people who give up only after being here for two months because the wife can’t handle her toddlers. I mean they should have given their visas to other people. Sayang.

    You think it was scripted? hmm.. Maybe her poor acting skills made it look harder for people to know it was scripted 🙂

  34. Abaniko – now we worry if there are many of them around !

  35. this is the bad thing about man claiming to be too intelligent to have weighed things in his own little human mind..because he already lose touched with who God really is. I don’t think it is fair to blame God about our own dilemma in life. We are free to decide with what to do in our life–now how can you blame God when things go wrong? All the crimes and destructions going on around us are I believe, man-made. If I were god, i will no longer bring plague to destroy the earth because man has already volunteered to do it both consciously and unconsciously.

  36. NYL – it is truly comical because in the first place here goes a man suing God who he does not believe in the first place 👿

    If he really wanted to play the blame game maybe he should have sued his parents for bringing him into this world. At least, the courts have an address to send the summons to 🙂

  37. Jayred – those thumbnail pages are your most visited sites. I have 9 pages showing on mine. It is a departure from the traditional concept of a homepage. I think it is neat 🙂

  38. Who else can we blame when all things fail, usually God di ba? But to sue God in court is quite preposterous.

    As for the migrants here who cant take it. It only shows how much we think of “abroad” as the land of milk and honey. Oh, if only we knew then. It all goes with time and experience.

  39. Leah – if he really wanted to get back at someone for the world’s misfortunes, maybe he should have sued his parents for creating him 🙂

    “It all goes with time and experience.” Best answer so far 😯

    And if I may add, people who come here need to change their value system because things that seem important back home may not be that important here and vice-versa.

  40. “I’ve seen people who give up only after being here for two months because the wife can’t handle her toddlers. I mean they should have given their visas to other people. Sayang.”

    — I agree that’s it’s sayang. Saka two months is not enough to test the waters, so to speak. They should have counted the costs before taking that drastic step to migrate to Canada.

  41. Jayred – that’s what happens when people don’t take the right steps when settling in the new country. The family can still return and settle for good but I doubt if they will come back.

  42. But I wonder, why didn’t they just hire a nanny or avail the services of a daycare center? (Probably because of the high childcare rates there?)

  43. These folks who migrate as independent immigrants without family sponsorship bring some money with them so they can support themselves for 6 months to 1 year until they can find a job. The govt requires proof of funds.

    I always tell these people not to camp too long with friends and get their own place immediately, even if its a small apartment or even a basement apartment ( legal here) so they can live a normal life. People who live by themselves are more inclined to live with less of a distraction in my opinion. Living with others sometimes causes a lot of frustration.

  44. I see. They were living with their friends. Mahirap nga. You gave them a sound piece of advice (i.e., getting their own place), BW.

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