Pacquiao – Perfection Needed To Beat De La Hoya

tale_of_the_tape_bgI always thought this fight is a mismatch, sort of a David and Goliath duel. A 5’6” awesome boxer has no business fighting a 5’10” equally awesome boxer in a heavier weight class. This bout is pegged to weight down to the last ounce that if de la Hoya shows up heavier than 147 lbs he will have to pay Pacquiao $3M for every excess pound, maxed at 150 lbs. If he exceeds 150, the fight is canceled. The sole reason why I entertained the idea of this fight was when trainer Freddie Roach, who had trained both Pacquaio and de la Hoya, declared that Pacquiao can win this damn fight. He believes that Pacquiao can wear down “aging” dela Hoya and take him out in the later rounds.

Pacquiao gives 4” in height and 4 “ in reach to de la Hoya That’s too much concession methinks. Has he fought a 5’ 10 ½” hall of fame fighter before? No. I still put my bet on Pacquiao because I have a lot of respect for Roach…. until I watched this fight on TV.

Undefeated IBF Canadian super-featherweight champ  Steve Molitor 5’7” (28-0, 11 KO) fought Panamanian WBA super-featherweight champ Caballero 5’11” ( 30-2, 21 KO) in a title unification fight last Friday night. The tale of the tape reminded me of Pacquiao – de la Hoya, with the smaller guy giving up 4“ in both height and reach. Molitor who is a smart and slick counter puncher found Caballero’s arms like forklifts shielding his face. I thought the only way for Molitor to deliver damage to Caballero’s head which seemed to perch on a tower was with a slingshot. The fight woefully ended in a TKO with Molitor hitting the canvas in the 4th round. It was a mismatch.

Okay, okay… Molitor isn’t Pacquiao. He doesn’t punch as hard and doesn’t overwhelm his opponents like the Pacman . In fact, Molitor had to go the distance with Indonesian Fahsan 3K Battery who Pacquiao dispatched in 4 rounds. Pacquiao looked like big George Foreman when he hit the Battery Man with punches that lifted him off his feet.

The point I am making here is 4 inches in height and reach is a huge disadvantage, especially fighting a smart, best in class and strong-chinned fighter like de la Hoya. When Roach says that the Pacman can systematically punish de la Hoya to weaken him for the takedown in the later rounds, it is theory and whether Pacquiao can execute the plan remains to be seen. Moreover, Pacquiao’s execution must be perfect because de la Hoya is a maestro himself. Remember, aging de la Hoya isn’t 45 but 35. Will de la Hoya knock  Pacquiao out in the 1st round? Never. Even if he can. Remember, he is also the promoter 😉





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2004-06-17As I was queuing up for my regular haircut at the men’s barber shop last Saturday, the third barber became available and shouted “next”. It was my turn but I was waiting for my regular barber, the Russian girl with a heavy accent to finish and wasn’t too keen on being cut by the man so I motioned to the burly guy who barely came into the shop to say ” hey, you can go ahead”. The guy stared at me and came over and said ” how are you ? Remember me – your neighbor !” I was stunned and then exclaimed ” Larry ! How are you man. Long time no see”. I swear I totally failed to recognize the guy, granting that he almost doubled in size and his hair was all grey. How can I possibly forget this Portuguese speaking dude from Brazil who some 4 years ago or so helped me fix the screen on my kitchen exhaust which was inhabited by breeding birds ! Darn, but I did forget and it was embarrasing 😳

Last September I went into a Guess store and saw this young man smile at me and I thought – what’s this dude smiling at me for ? A few minutes later I saw my wife having a conversation with him. It turned out he was the son of one of our friends. He and his family attended my daughter’s backyard birthday party last July.  Dammit I felt sorry for the kid, for not even returning his smile. I just had to laugh it out and say my eyes failed me . It would have been more insensitive for me to say – sorry I didn’t recognize you. 😳

Has this ever happened to you ? I don’t think its dementia or the onset of Alzeihmers but its a real drag when you forget someone’s name or fail to recognize a persons face. I’m not that terribly forgetful except the instance where I was frantically looking for my socks for 15 minutes only to find out I had placed hanging on my right shoulder 🙂 The memory lapses may have to do with age or just an occasional blip on the grey matter’s cells. Since I often stumble with person’s faces perhaps I need to be more interested with people 😳 I might be filtering people’s faces by my affinity or close relationships with them and dismissing all the others easy. That’s probably while I scored low in the “too interested” test in my previous post.  I do the crossword in the train daily so I’m doing my due diligence with regard to exercising my brain. It still however doesn’t prevent me from losing my socks 😆

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The Bail Out Card

brokesamEver since the US Congress approved the manufacture of $700 billion dollars for the bailout of the ailing American economy people had been crying wolf over the government’s apparent preferential treatment of financial institutions. The $250 billion rescue package for 9 of the biggest Wall St. banks devised to assuage their pain and suffering was considered unfair by many. Why exculpate these institutions who brought havoc to the world as the result of their hoggish and gormandizing ways in the first place? Why not bail out the people instead? Good question. Methinks both need to be bailed out. Keep the rest of the money to bail out consumers who are in danger losing their homes to foreclosure. This keeps the equilibrium and alleviates the financial institutions of toxic mortgages.  There are talks about this plan and I hope it happens fast.

But how big is $700 billion? Before we can appreciate the size of this immense amount of money perhaps we must dimension how large a billion is. They say when you count a billion 1 dollar bills at a rate of 1 second per bill, it will take you 32 years. That’s continuous counting – without sleeping. Counting 700 billion will take you 22,400 years!

What can you buy with $700 billion? Over the last week, I kept notes of what I read  and here’s a list I compiled :

  • Buy a country – Denmark, Peru, Nepal or Iceland
  • Write 301 million checks of $2,325 dollars to every American
  • 2.5 million Lambhorghinis
  • 2,000 apple pies for every American
  • A cup of Tim Horton’s coffee a day for every Canadian for the next 45 years
  • 210 high end hockey sticks for every Canadian
  • 700 million omelets with 10 ounces of sevruga caviar, a whole lobster, and six eggs
  • 100 years worth of continuous $2000/hr call girl services for 410 lucky people
  • 21 new Florida Marlin baseball stadiums
  • 2 cups of Starbucks every day for a year for every person in Brazil
  • You could literally buy the world a Coke. One 2-liter bottle per week for a year.
  • A brand new Hummer for each of the 11 million people on the island of Cuba
  • 2 mountain bikes for everyone in China
  • 10,000 dollars for every Pinoy
  • 438 lbs of rice for every person in Africa

 Remember, you are only 12 times richer than Bill Gates so in reality, $700B is really not that much 🙂

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imagesHere’s an interesting article I came across in my recent cyberspace troll. It made me stop and say – is this author really serious? I try my darnest best to be nice at all times, whenever I could and unequivocally at that. Being nice is sort of my requisite for good and decent living , a holistic principle that applies even to my alter ego. Now someone openly declares that being TOO nice is uncool, wimpy and can be a recipe for disaster to your relationship.

The article says that being too nice can be a liability more than an asset and here’s the barometer for measuring your crossing the threshold of being simply Nr. Nice to being Mr. Wimp :

  • You’re too respectful
  •  You’re too interested
  •  You’re too complimentary
  • You’re too understanding
  • You’re too cheerful

If every bullet point is worth 5 and you score 25, the article says you’ve just turned into PeeWee Herman with a heart of a puppy and the fortitude of a hamster. You’ve basically morphed into a robot, never saying no and always willing to acquiese to your partner when she throws a ” so what do you think” line at you. Fortunately, I think I scored poorly on all counts and failed to make the median of 12.5 hehehe 🙂  I can be too understanding and too cheerful but  handicapped in the area of too interested and too complimentary. In short, I am nice but probably not too nice 🙂 Am I safe then ? 😉


There is a saying that conflict in a relationship isn’t necessarily bad  because it fosters change. It simply means that if the going gets rough , both parties try to recognize their flaws and adjust to improve on the quality of the relationship. Recognizing one’s flaw is a tough act though. There are just stuck-up men and women out there who think that saying sorry is akin to self-condemnation, like accepting a death sentence.

I other words, methinks here’s what the author is trying to say – if you’re too respectful, too interested, too understanding, too complimentary, too cheerful – you’re not energizing the relationship, leaving no room for your partner to work on. It could also be a sign of a sacrificial relationship,  that you’re depriving yourself of a life you want to enjoy for the sake of your partner- sort one way street so to speak. Some people want to avoid conflict and confrontation at all cost. You’re a partner not a slave and you must feel good about the relationship.  So when you read the article don’t go gung ho and start beating the war drums and rattling the saber. Just be cool and do your best to fail the 5 point test 😆


  Aye, nay , amen ?

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The Race to The Sky

People are always awed by tall buildings because they are gigantic structures that symbolize wealth, power and technological achievement. It is but natural for these giant edifices to become popular tourist attractions for their sheer height, size and architectural beauty. My office is within “perilous” distance from the CN Tower, which for many years held the title of the world’s tallest free standing structure . After 911, when the Twin Towers in NYC fell from a terrorist attack, I can’t help thinking of the “what if” scenario, if for some unthinkable reason the tower crashes down and hits our building 😯 The CN Tower has been eclipsed height-wise by the ongoing construction of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Dubai in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates). The building is already at 2,230 feet and is expected to rise to 2,684 feet ( 160 storey) when completed in 2009. While construction workers are hammering away to meet the construction deadline, Nakheel, a state owned construction company announced its plans to construct in the same city a kilometer high (3,280 ft) building , to be called Nakheel Tower. The 200 storey building will house about 100,000 people, a combination of condo dwellers and office workers, and will take some 10 years to construct. Not to be outdone, the Saudis promptly announced their plan to build a kilometer high building in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia . The promoter of the plan is no other but the well known Saudi billionaire enterpreneur Prince Al Waleed bin Talal who plans to spend $40 billion to surpass the Nakheel Tower . Hmm.. what would be next ? A 2 kilometer high building ? Where? Would you love the idea of working at the 200th floor of a 200 storey building ? I suspect the insurance company would start jacking up the insurance premiums of folks working in such high elevation, high-risk work environments !

One may wonder – what is the motivation behind this rather senseless and infantile race? National pride ? Interestingly, an officemate of mine who hails from the Middle East told me that this event is prophesied in the Koran. Their holy book says that when the end of the world is nearing, powerful rulers will engage each other in a contest of constructing large edifices to boast of their tremendous wealth and power. The race to the sky is on and does this mean that the end of the world is nigh?

I took the captioned pic from the observation deck of the Calgary Tower  which at 525 feet is less than 1/3 of the height of the CN Tower (1,815 ft). It still gives you that “needles poking the sole of your feet” feeling 🙂

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