Pacquiao – Perfection Needed To Beat De La Hoya

tale_of_the_tape_bgI always thought this fight is a mismatch, sort of a David and Goliath duel. A 5’6” awesome boxer has no business fighting a 5’10” equally awesome boxer in a heavier weight class. This bout is pegged to weight down to the last ounce that if de la Hoya shows up heavier than 147 lbs he will have to pay Pacquiao $3M for every excess pound, maxed at 150 lbs. If he exceeds 150, the fight is canceled. The sole reason why I entertained the idea of this fight was when trainer Freddie Roach, who had trained both Pacquaio and de la Hoya, declared that Pacquiao can win this damn fight. He believes that Pacquiao can wear down “aging” dela Hoya and take him out in the later rounds.

Pacquiao gives 4” in height and 4 “ in reach to de la Hoya That’s too much concession methinks. Has he fought a 5’ 10 ½” hall of fame fighter before? No. I still put my bet on Pacquiao because I have a lot of respect for Roach…. until I watched this fight on TV.

Undefeated IBF Canadian super-featherweight champ  Steve Molitor 5’7” (28-0, 11 KO) fought Panamanian WBA super-featherweight champ Caballero 5’11” ( 30-2, 21 KO) in a title unification fight last Friday night. The tale of the tape reminded me of Pacquiao – de la Hoya, with the smaller guy giving up 4“ in both height and reach. Molitor who is a smart and slick counter puncher found Caballero’s arms like forklifts shielding his face. I thought the only way for Molitor to deliver damage to Caballero’s head which seemed to perch on a tower was with a slingshot. The fight woefully ended in a TKO with Molitor hitting the canvas in the 4th round. It was a mismatch.

Okay, okay… Molitor isn’t Pacquiao. He doesn’t punch as hard and doesn’t overwhelm his opponents like the Pacman . In fact, Molitor had to go the distance with Indonesian Fahsan 3K Battery who Pacquiao dispatched in 4 rounds. Pacquiao looked like big George Foreman when he hit the Battery Man with punches that lifted him off his feet.

The point I am making here is 4 inches in height and reach is a huge disadvantage, especially fighting a smart, best in class and strong-chinned fighter like de la Hoya. When Roach says that the Pacman can systematically punish de la Hoya to weaken him for the takedown in the later rounds, it is theory and whether Pacquiao can execute the plan remains to be seen. Moreover, Pacquiao’s execution must be perfect because de la Hoya is a maestro himself. Remember, aging de la Hoya isn’t 45 but 35. Will de la Hoya knock  Pacquiao out in the 1st round? Never. Even if he can. Remember, he is also the promoter 😉








In this recessionary environment, this Chrysler car dealer came up with an incredible incentive which is totally unheard of – buy a brand new 2008 Chrysler Pacifica (SUV/minivan crossover) and you get a brand new 2008 PT Cruiser for 1 dollar 😆 The Pacifica isn’t exactly cheap, about $38K but when you throw in a new PT Cruiser for a buck, it’s like killing 2 birds with one stone. Hmmm… I wonder what the catch is. Would you have to buy it cash ? And, do you have to sign an agreement that you cannot sell the PT Cruiser ? The dealer already sold 5 Pacificas and claims he is losing about $3.6K with every deal. One heck of a promotion indeed 😉


40 Responses

  1. I don’t see it the way “meron” see it. I see it more on the sacks of money the two will bring home after the fight. Who ever wins, everybody wins. It is a known fact that the “golden boy” is going to retire after this fight. Me think his looks at this as his “pension fund” fight. The same with pacman, naghahanap lang ng perang pangtustos sa kanyang eleksyon. He mentioned 2 or 3 more fights and he’ll also retire and run for congressman (bwahahaha). If there is someone who’ll lose in this fight, it will be those who shell out for a pay-per-view seat. Parang pinagsabong mo ang texas at pato sa laban nato. IMO, niioloko lang tayo.

  2. Re the Pacquiao Dela Joya fight: Someone, or rather ,some folks will make a TON of moolah come December 6… 😀

    I’m pretty sure the big three car makers will come up with some crazy and unheard of deals just to entice prospective buyers who are holding on tho their cash during these hard times…

  3. Manny might be at a size disadvantage, but he certainly is a fighter….But it has to be between equals…..4 inches of height and reach are too much…They’ll prove to be very decisive…..I’ve started a debate on this topic….Make yourself heard on and write your views

  4. I wish for Manny to win so he’d give more money to charity. For all we know, this is all a show. 😀

  5. I really doubt if people will spend 50 bucks to watch the PayPerView for this fight in this hard times. Hope Oscar will not lose his marbles in this fight.

    I think there’s a catch with the 1 dollar PT Cruiser 😉

  6. Blogusvox – the fight not being a title fight is pure show as you said. de la Hoya is just being a savvy enterpreneur picking on the best guy who can draw the crowd 😉

  7. Snglguy – there’s talks that their expectations when they announced the fight might be different now with the sagging economy.

    I think he’s unloading inventory and luring people to come and check his showroom. desperate times it seems eh? 😦

  8. Avy – thanks for dropping by. I’ll sure visit your site. 🙂

  9. Abaniko – guaranteed money for Pacauiao win or loss so all he has to do is really show up 😉

  10. Natez1- I’m sure there’s lots of Latino and Pinoy fans who will fork out the 50 bucks to watch the PPV fight 🙂

    THere’s definitely a catch with the 1 dollar PT Cruiser. Maybe it restricts you to get insurance from the dealer’s prefered insurer – who knows 😯

  11. Boxing is an ugly sport… and money makes people do crazy things…
    Even if Pacquiao looses… his bank account will not…

  12. im excited about this fight. i know this might be the greatest challenge that pacquiao will be facing but i still know he’ll give him some big punches.

  13. mismatch nga kaya? i agree with abaniko on this one, may manny have more money to give to charity.

    go pacman.

  14. Hey, that seems to be a great car deal! Sounds too good to be true.


    I’m not so much into boxing. I somewhat consider boxers and wrestlers as modern-day gladiators. 🙂

  15. Sidney – very true. Former boxing announcer Howard Cosell spearheaded the move to ban boxing after witnessing deaths in the ring in the 80’s and many reforms were done since then. Title fights have now been scaled down from 15 to 12 rounds and refs can stop the fight if they deem the fighter is hurt. Knocked out fighters have to spend a few months on the sidelines before being allowed to fight again. The sport makes so much money that it is impossible to ban it outright.

  16. Dong – I guess you will be paying to watch the fight ? Where do you plan to watch? I’ll be at my buddy’s place . He works for the cable company 🙂

  17. Jayred – I’m sure there’s a silly catch to the offer. I’m thinking of buying the 2008 Pacifica – give me $5K for the down payment and I will give you the 2008 PT Cruiser hahaha 🙂

  18. Lawstude – mukhang mismatch nga but then it can also be lutong makaw since both sides are guaranteed the money whatever the outcome is at walang title on the line 😉

  19. Quarterback Vick had been indicted for JUST DOG fighting. MMA or UFC is no different to the dogs but freely sanctioned by people with brains.
    Ditto to boxing – they’re all brutal sports, death is always imminent.

    My three scenarios on the Pacyaw/DelaJoya fight:
    1. Oscar will beat the crap out of Manny to avenge simply the embarrassing loses of his bruised countrymen

    2. Pacman will win on split, prompting him to bring out Floyd Mayweather from retirement for a megafight

    3. Fight ends in a draw, the fight was a sideshow – wonder if many will even watch a rematch

    My assessment is a joke, but hey, it might happen.
    From a non-boxing fan like me, I honestly don’t see Manny winning any round – if Oscar is in stellar condition. Both fighters are aggressors, no backing down, meaning they’ll be at each other’s throat in every round – advantage DelaJoya.

  20. Trublue – very true…. I would tend to lean more on the business side of things here 😉 Of course, the savvy enterpreneur like de la Hoya is entertaining thoughts of promoting a potential mega fight between Pacquao and Ricky Hatton so he better make this fight interresting 😉

  21. hey bw! i’m back! LOL tapos suntukan agad ang makikita ko dito. LOL i am actually pretty interested kung ano ang turn out ng fight na to kahit malaki si oscar di mo pa din masabi talaga eh.

  22. Prinsesa – glad you’re back ! I just joined the fray with the debate on the outcome of this fight hehe 🙂 YOu’re right, there’s no assurance for Oscar’s cakewalk dahil matindi ring sumuntok si Pacquiao 😎 My next post will be very interesting I hope 😉

  23. He’s losing $3.6K per car? I don’t know if I should believe a car salesman. hehe. but at least he’s gotten publicity out of it (and thus more potential customers) and I’m sure that’s one reason why he did it.

  24. Wil – he says he’s losing 3.6k for the pair but you’re right – never trust a car salesman 🙂

  25. Kinakabahan ako actually for pacman. parang hindi naman sila matched, pinilit lang magmatch for them money. haaay.

  26. Rheiboy – they are not matched so it more of a spectacle not a title fight so para kay Manny pera pera lang ang fight na ito but pride is still on the line however you look at it 😯

  27. sorry, but i’m not really a fan of boxing, nor of manny.

    and re the car, i still can’t see the catch/deal. he said this is to gain back the confidence of the consumers. hindi pa din.. di ko talaga gets

  28. seeing Manny Pacquiao’s fight posters at SM make me miss the events I used to organize for the employees at that multinational computer company back when I was a corporate events organizer.

  29. 4 inches disadvantage in both height and reach? Man, that’s a whole lotta difference and I’ve never seen anything like that in boxing before.

    Good thing, the two boxers are to gain handsomely from this fight; otherwise, it is purely farce.

  30. Tin – not everyone is carried away by the Pacquiaomania. It’s big even here and I’m looking forward to bringing a 6 pack at my buddy’s house this Sat. 🙂

    Hindi ko rin gets but if the car is being financed throught the dealership, I would imagine some of the cost can be recovered by the interest payment.

  31. Jeff – with the BPO’s on a 40% growth path today, such perks are just part of the package. Dang, it’s great to be engaged in the BPO business these days 😯

  32. Major Tom – it’s not the first time this happened. The Ali ( 6’3″) – Frazier ( 5’11”) trilogy is one that comes to mind. Frazier was victorious in the first meeting. THe 2nd fight was a decision for Ali and the 3rd fight in Manila was a stoppage for Ali.

    Pacquaio is said to be sparring with tall opponents as part of his training. He needs to ge inside to be effective and with Roach who knows de la Hoya on the sidelines, I figure out he would be very well prepared 😉

  33. Pacquiao also needs to get inside Dela Hoya’s head prior and during the match. Psychological warfare is also a key weapon during such fights.

    It’s going to be a tough fight but I still hope that Manny wins.

  34. I never followed nor watched any of Pacman’s fights, though I participated in office betting and won, but this one with De La Hoya is making me nervous. Did Manny make an ill-advised decision to fight? REally nervous about this, hope his luck continues.

    Is Manny really that good?

  35. Panaderos – no doubt it will be one of Manny’s toughest fights but since he is fast and packs a real good punch, it makes the fight very interesting 🙂

  36. Ewok – you mean you’ve got lots of Mexican officemates? hehe 😆

    I do hope his luck continues. Oh well, since this isn’t a title bout, Manny can still get a title fight with some legit boxers in his weight class out there who can bring in a lot of audience 🙂

  37. pacman will lose i bet all my money all and all 20000 vs 14000

  38. Good luck to you..

  39. An excerpt from a sports website after Pacquiao’s victory :

    “In a fight reminiscent of a night in November 2003 when he destroyed Marco Antonio Barrera at the Alamodome, Pacquiao dominated De La Hoya with straight lefts and a swarming style that is unmatched in the sport ”

    Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for an impressive win. He was PERFECT tonight 😉

  40. […] the year.  After Manny’s win over de la Hoya last December 6,  I was surprised that my post PACQUIAO – PERFECTION NEEDED TO BEAT DE LA HOYA had lots of hits, only for people to find out that the post was dated November 26 !  People thought […]

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