Temporarily Yours

aphrodite_shoes1Now that we are at the onset of a recessionary environment,  the business news networks have grabbed a big slice of my nightly TV viewing hours. Lately I’ve been burning the midnight oil watching CNBC and BNN to catch up with ongoing developments in the world economy, wondering if I will still have a job after the holiday season. Last week I chanced upon CNCB’s one hour special called Dirty Money thinking that it had to do with money laundering or some sinister modus operandi involving the corrupt wheeler dealers of Wall Street and crooks in the government but I was wrong. It had to do with money earned from plying the oldest profession – prostitution at its most sophisticated, high end level.

Many years ago, I remember watching a TV show about a former Miss USA contestant talk about her allegedly regrettable experience working as a PR consultant with the Brunei government. She was contemplating filing a sexual harassment suit against the government officials for allegedly coaxing her to return the sexual advances of the dignitaries she was assigned to entertain. One of the panelists, a middle aged woman that looked to be in her fifties (her profile certainly suggested she’s been there, done that sort of thing 🙂 ) interjected with a jolting question  in a cynical manner “ What kind of work did you exactly expect with a $10,000 a week salary – a receptionist ?” oops 😳


When one thinks of the $250 billion reportedly wasted by Wall Street high flyers in 2007 on their personal acquisition rampage, one can’t help thinking of the ripple effect the almighty greenback might have on the adjunct economies which will be the outright beneficiaries of such a windfall. The entertainment industry which includes everything to satiate the personal whims and self-indulgences of the new yuppie rich is one that comes quick to my mind. The report says that the underground and recondite world of high end prostitution is flourishing. Charges as high as $25,000 for a weekend in escort fees is pretty common. This makes Eliot Spitzer’s $2,500 short time trysts with an escort pretty novice huh?  Call them cream of the crop – highly educated( most with post graduate degrees), sophisticated and beautiful – these women could easily rake in $500,000 a year on their illegal yet very lucrative trade.  Who would fork out that kind of money? The filthy rich of course, those who could waste a lot of dough and can pay their way for the ultimate Girlfriend Experience or the GFE. According to the report, “the definition varies but most agree that it involves some facsimile of real romance”.  Really. I guess there really is a difference between a MBenz 500 and a Bugatti eh?  Heck, a  punctured Bugatti tire can set you back some 22 grand, good enough to buy a spanking new Toyota Camry.  Who ever said that life is fair? 

When there is oversupply of money, excesses are in abundance. Why aren’t these women arrested and prosecuted? Well, first of all, technically speaking escort services do not by definition suggest sex in exchange for money. You can certainly hire an escort to accompany you to your company Christmas dance party if you don’t have a partner much like what an officemate in a previous job did 😉 The sexual part isn’t implied but could be claimed without much ado as long as the rules of engagement are satisfied. As well, these high end prostitutes operate independently on the internet without the services of agencies. They also pay taxes accordingly making it difficult for the authorities to make a case of an organized crime stakeout. Netting the big fish not the fry is the name of the game these days.

Lastly, where’s our moralizing, holier than thou rhetoric play in this game? Nowhere has it seems. This kind of business will continue to thrive as long as there are players who are willing to play the game and takers who can fork out the money. Our criteria for judging morality is more often dictated by political correctness or political gain rather than adherence the Judeao-Christian traditions that founded the fabric of morality of our society. Money talks and takes care of every thing and high priced lawyers are always around to make an ass out of the law.


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