Horse Talk


For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

This proverb has been around for centuries hence beaten back and blue by moral crusaders since time immemorial but hasn’t lost its wisdom. You can practically paste this proverb as post mortem to a failed endeavor be it a collective or personal one.  It amazingly fits the cause and effect scenario we dread to hear – troubles always start from the small things we chose to ignore.

We often make it a habit of changing the rider when the horse is unable to  run properly because of a malfunctioning shoe that is missing a nail. It has dawned on me that the recent bail outs of ailing companies, the changing the nation’s leaders with the hope of curing the country’s ills is  symbolic of a rider change and a grand makeover, of donning fancy suits to project resplendent optimism and to resuscitate the flagging spirit of a weary people.  But within the depths of our soul a question begs to be asked  – is this the real solution ?

We can’t avoid the feeling of frustration and despondency when we mull over on what had gone awry with our world. Could we still fix that missing nail? Oftentimes I entertain thoughts of our world akin to an ailing PC that had been running for too long , accumulating a whole pile of bugs and errors that cause applications to run erratically. At some point when the prevasive degradation appears irreparable you are faced with a decision – must I reboot this machine ? Alas, perhaps the world needs a reboot, with a clean slate to start over.  Maybe not in my lifetime. Just a thought.

The Ideal Shoe

0010948Last Tuesday night I accompanied my wife to buy a new pair of black shoes for her office Christmas party. She took a lot of time figuring out her choice as usual and within an hour or so,  after asking my “concurrence” or should I say “opinion” she finally decided to pack the pair. The following day she went to work in her semi-formal dress and new shoes  just like her officemates who came to work in their party attire that day. The party was after office hours, held at a large conference center at the city’s east end . At around lunch time she called me on my cell asking if I could accompany her to the shoe store (I took a day off that day) since she felt like her shoes didn’t really look that great. huh ? What was that hour of fitting and walking around at the shoe store for? Man, when I buy my shoes I make sure I make up my mind before I pay for them . The short end of the story is I told her she looked great with it and besides, she didn’t have one hour to waste. She agreed and boy did I avoid a stressful situation 😡

Interesting that men seem to be more resolute with decisions on simple things but become fickle minded when it comes to keeping their partners while women are fickle minded with simple things but generally seem resolute and intent on keep their partners, however lousy they are. Strange phenomenon indeed. Just a thought and hey, just to be clear, I am not talking about me OK ? 😆




40 Responses

  1. You’re right on buying shoes. I recently bought three pairs of shoes in one store. Did not anymore bother canvassing or going to other malls/stores. I had a brand in mind and it only took me a few minutes to decide. Hehe.

  2. I’m like that too when buying things. Once I get home, I think I could have selected something better .

    That’s a silly video 🙂

  3. women are fickle minded about just those simple things. men are fickle minded about relationships ha ha

    if the world had to undergo a reboot, many unwanted will be lost and many will not like the idea. 🙂

  4. Heh, same thing with my ex-wife who oftentimes end up not using the pair she bought because they suddenly “didn’t look good” on her. Thing is, men aren’t that fussy with clothes and accessories, unless one is a metrosexual.

    Re the economy, business people here are already having anxiety attacks just wondering what the next year will bring…

  5. basta ko pupunta lang ng mall pag alam ko na ang bibilhin ko tapos kung ano unang magustuhan ko yun na LOL nga pala inaasahan ko pacquiao ang post mo ngayon LOL hindi pala.

  6. Abaniko – don’t tell me you bought three pairs of the same model… looks like you went on a wholesale buying spree 😆

    Same here – it takes me literally minutes to make up my mind when buying a thing I really want.

  7. Irrealis – looks like you didn’t really make up your mind when you bought it . But no worries, you can always exchange it 🙂

    Did you like the video ? 😉

  8. Bing – indeed men and women are like Venus and Mars eh? 🙂

    We need another Noah’s ark it seems 😯

  9. Sngl – all what it takes for the ” it doesn’t look good” would be a not too good comment from someone or if she sees someone wearing a much better looking one hehe 🙂

    Unfortunately, it isn’t in our hands. A lot depends on Mr Obama’s makeover act, if his stimulus package alleviates the unemployment figures and kickstarts a recovery. A US recovery is what the world seems to be waiting for.

  10. Prinsesa – so paguwi mo you have bought more than what you planned to buy hehe 🙂

    Sobra na ang exposure ni Pacquiao so I decided to put an update comment on my previous Pacquiao post 🙂

    Interestingly, I was surprised to get about 200 hits on a Sunday, all because people were surfing on the fight result. My post “Pacquiao – Perfection Needed to Beat de la Hoya” looks like a post fight entry except that it was posted on Nov26th 🙂

  11. “The short end of the story is I told her she looked great with it and besides, she didn’t have one hour to waste. She agreed and boy did I avoid a stressful situation/” >>> you definitely did. that’s why when i go out with my mom, we just meet somewhere else after a certain time.

  12. That’s a very thought provoking post. When problems becomes so big and uncontrollable, people make moves out of desperation.

    Hilarious video. Seems that the blondie is wrestling on two fronts 😆

  13. Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets.
    -Mignon McLaughlin-

  14. haha!agree on this!haysstt!part of life na yata..i mean..part of being human?hehe!

    nice entry.:)

  15. My wife is not Imelda but damn! she’s getting there!
    I only have one pair: for walking, shopping, gardening and for party, I kid you not.

    Maybe Russian blondes are different from Americans.
    Think the pointed part of her shoe got the sensitive part of his huevos, hehe…ouuuuch!!

    More Money for Money Pakyaw, congrats. That’s a washed out Delahoya in the ring. 80 punches out of almost 400, and his RIGHTHAND was rarely used. The Nevada Boxing Authority should get his righthand be MRI’d. Withhold his purse money if he fought with a bad hand.

  16. you are still very patient. my late husband would have grumbled. i always go shopping alone especially personal things. 🙂

  17. LOL – on the smart blonde commercial. =)

  18. Natez1 – true but I do believe we often ignore the root cause of the problem and focus on those that are easy to solve. Sometimes throwing away money on a problem doesn’t always work 😎

    That’s some blonde power 🙂

  19. Cliffnotes – definitely, it’s part of our flaws as human beings. Sooner our later we will self-destruct 😯

  20. TruBlue – I’m not a shoe addict myself except that we have 4 seasons here and you got to equip yourself with the right shoes 🙂 I have a few pairs for golf and tennis 😉

    Now don’t tell me de la Hoya has an excuse – a broken hand 😦 It was time for Oscar to exit from boxing. He just didn’t have the ammo to counter the Pacman. I’ve seen boxing experts say that even if he was in his prime, he could not have won the fight hehe 😉

  21. Ipanema – if you look at my post I had a mad emoticon after the word “stressul situation” hehe. I just made sure she understood that she could’t get the best pair she wants with her short lunch break time which she agreed 😎

  22. Jeff – I’m glad you surf with broadband and can view YouTube:)

  23. lesson: control your wants…”great” things start form small beginnings

  24. i tend to agree on this: “while women are fickle minded with simple things but generally seem resolute and intent on keep their partners”.

    btw, have you heard about gerald celente of trends research institute? the “panic 2008” that he spoke about sometime in oct/nov 2007 has happened and is happening now in the U.S.

    his other forecast, “by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches,..” is very alarming considering that most of what he spoke about came true.

    all these bail-outs according to him will cause hyper inflation simply because the U.S. govt is printing billions of money without any backing.

  25. Dong – hehe.. that’s one way of avoiding stress 🙂

  26. Sidney – that’s very true, but are you sure it applies to women only? 😉

  27. Backpacker – works both ways eh? great things start from small things we nurture and big troubles start from small things we ignore 😎

  28. Myepinoy – speaking from experience? 😆

    I’ve got to check that Gerald Celente guy man. True that the bailout money was manufactured and the financial health of the govt rests upon these bailed out companies turning themselves around and somehow “repaying their debts” . We can only assume that they succeed but what if they don’t then the govt is saddled with huge deficits.

  29. Oh so true BW, that women have a tendency to nitpick when it comes to small matters, but are resolute and sometimes single minded to the choices of mates or lovers and the opposite is true with the males. Why is that????

    I wouldn’t ask my husband to go with me to buy shoes (he goes anyway) because our tastes are poles apart. But let me say this, he has taste and I’m admitting it here, where he wont find out.

  30. Ewok – I guess the man’s fickle-mindedness has got to do with the testosterone nature has given him. Part of his mission in life seems to be to sow his seeds in the propagation of the specie 😉

    No worries, I guess your hubby doesn’t read my blog hehe 🙂

  31. Three pairs of the same brand but different “designs” naman: 1) Black leather shoes (formal) 2) Black leather shoes (casual) and 3) White rubber shoes (casual). Hehe.

  32. Abaniko – it’s better to buy them all in one shot eh? saves the hassle of going back and forth 😆

  33. “…women are fickle minded with simple things but generally seem resolute and intent on keep their partners, however lousy they are.”

    — Of course, that’s the stereotypal view. 🙂 I’m not at all fickle-minded when it comes to shopping decisions (shoes, bags, books, what-have-you). Almost always, I know what I want. My husband says he’s thankful for that (LOL). Funny, he’s the one who takes forever in making ‘wise decisions’ when choosing, say, the right pair of boots, reference book, or sweater! Ako yung naiinip (LOL).

    — BTW, I didn’t know that men are generally fickle-minded when it comes to keeping their partners, hehe. Has this something to do with the Jessica Alba thing? Oops, you did say you were not talking about yourself. 🙂


    It does seem like the world needs a reboot. Hay.

    Every time I watch the news on CNN, I can’t help but shake my head or sigh.


    That blonde gal in the video may be extraordinarily strong. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not dumb (LOL).

  34. Jayred – remember that statement contained the word generally so there are always exceptions 🙂 Suffice to say I am also an exception hehe 😉

    Well, looks like you didn’t finish the video… coz you didn’t see where her left leg was during the arm wrestling LOL 😆

  35. “Well, looks like you didn’t finish the video… coz you didn’t see where her left leg was during the arm wrestling LOL”

    — Actually I finished viewing the video. But my eyes were not quick enough to see where her left leg was all that time. After viewing the video for the second time, I now know what you mean. She’s not dumb nga. She knows how the male anatomy works (LOL).

  36. Jayred – I just couldn’t figure out if the victory was the result of pain or pleasure though haha 😆

  37. thats the balance of the male and the female. martians and venusians. hehe

  38. Men still have to battle their past(?) propensity to propagate their seed. Some succeed but many others don’t.

    Whenever I go to a store, I immediately head for the section that has what I want. Once I find what I like, I immediately grab it, pay for it, and head out of the store. Thus, it’s a rarity for me to go to a mall and shop at more than two stores. I’m often done after one. 😀

  39. Tina – it is a wonder how martians and venusians who are from different worlds can get along well… sometimes 🙂

  40. Panaderos – on sowing seeds wantonly …some people and cultures are still living in the medieval age I think 😦

    Same with me – I might window shop first and sleep over it and if go back, it’s a buy decision. I really only return things if they are broken, not because of the color or it doesn’t look good.

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