beanI had a whale of a time with the recent Pacquiao vs. de la Hoya fight, not only with the fight itself but with the usual pre-fight hype and hooplas that characterize such a big event . In a nutshell, it was damn intertaining ! I particularly like HBO’s novel 24/7 show, which normally airs a few days before the fight. It features a calculated intrusion or mild invasion of privacy of the boxers’ lives as they train and prepare for the grand showdown. The show really brings you down into the ceiling level of the private homes of these people and you get a glimpse of their “ordinary-ness”, their daily routines, how they interact with family and the team and cope up with the stress of showing up fit and trim for the big day.

Here’s a few of those Pacquiao 24/7 Pinoy moments in LA :

  • Manny shares a condo with this wife while his Pinoy entourage, all 10 of them cramp up a 2 bedroom condo. One of them even converted a closet for his bedroom.
  • The boys cook strictly Pinoy food at the condo but 6 times a week, Manny and the boys frequent a local Thai restaurant where no dish costs more than 6 bucks .They feast on hefty servings of Asian dishes especially cooked for the team.
  • In an effort to keep the boys trim, Manny offers a $1,000 incentive to the ones who lose 10 lbs and $2,000 reward to those who lose 15 lbs.
  • Manny offers a $1,000 reward to the sparring partner who floors him in a sparring bout
  • Manny listens daily to the heatbeat of his unborn child through a special listening device that he places on his wife’s tummy
  • Manny gives aways free turkeys at the Filipinotown during Thanksgiving. He stands inside a big truck handing out frozen turkeys to Pinoys. Some Pinoys simply came to shake his hands and declined to accept the handout.
  • Manny drives a Lexus while the crew roams in what looked to be a Ford Explorer SUV
  • Manny jogs daily with his pet dog aptly named Pacman
  • Actors Mark Wahlberg and Mickey Rourke pay the Pacman a courtesy visit in the gym
  • Manny plans to go back to the US on Dec 17 where we will spend Christmas with the family. His wife is scheduled to give birth at a US hospital sometime this month.


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