beanI had a whale of a time with the recent Pacquiao vs. de la Hoya fight, not only with the fight itself but with the usual pre-fight hype and hooplas that characterize such a big event . In a nutshell, it was damn intertaining ! I particularly like HBO’s novel 24/7 show, which normally airs a few days before the fight. It features a calculated intrusion or mild invasion of privacy of the boxers’ lives as they train and prepare for the grand showdown. The show really brings you down into the ceiling level of the private homes of these people and you get a glimpse of their “ordinary-ness”, their daily routines, how they interact with family and the team and cope up with the stress of showing up fit and trim for the big day.

Here’s a few of those Pacquiao 24/7 Pinoy moments in LA :

  • Manny shares a condo with this wife while his Pinoy entourage, all 10 of them cramp up a 2 bedroom condo. One of them even converted a closet for his bedroom.
  • The boys cook strictly Pinoy food at the condo but 6 times a week, Manny and the boys frequent a local Thai restaurant where no dish costs more than 6 bucks .They feast on hefty servings of Asian dishes especially cooked for the team.
  • In an effort to keep the boys trim, Manny offers a $1,000 incentive to the ones who lose 10 lbs and $2,000 reward to those who lose 15 lbs.
  • Manny offers a $1,000 reward to the sparring partner who floors him in a sparring bout
  • Manny listens daily to the heatbeat of his unborn child through a special listening device that he places on his wife’s tummy
  • Manny gives aways free turkeys at the Filipinotown during Thanksgiving. He stands inside a big truck handing out frozen turkeys to Pinoys. Some Pinoys simply came to shake his hands and declined to accept the handout.
  • Manny drives a Lexus while the crew roams in what looked to be a Ford Explorer SUV
  • Manny jogs daily with his pet dog aptly named Pacman
  • Actors Mark Wahlberg and Mickey Rourke pay the Pacman a courtesy visit in the gym
  • Manny plans to go back to the US on Dec 17 where we will spend Christmas with the family. His wife is scheduled to give birth at a US hospital sometime this month.



pacquiao5pesos-300x249Manny does inspire and lift the entire nation with his victory but I am a bit concerned with his self-imposed burden of carrying the entire nation on his shoulders. I would certainly like to see him carry on with his admirable and legit philanthropic endeavors but I cringe when I see him handing cash for a long line of people asking for “balato” at the gate of his house. It is rather ungracious if not abusive for people to expect him to be a modern day Robin Hood who would dole out part of his earnings to his people.

Sure, Manny needs to be praised for his achievement but he doesn’t need to be spoiled with fancy appointments and concessions for future public service positions, like the Quezon city congresswoman proposing for Pacquiao to run in her riding vacated by her plan to run for the city mayorship. Worse , some of these offerings have political strings attached to them. Manny doesn’t all this crap. His achievement is redemptive and symbolic, a inspiration to a country that is in desperate need of role models and leaders worthy to be emulated. Recognize and cheer him. He had been handsomely rewarded by his prize earnings. Let him finish his fight with Hatton and Mayweather minus the stupid and unnecessary distractions. When he is over and done with boxing , Manny will be a wealthy man and God bless him. Let him work his way through his political ambitions fair and square like everyone else.

I’ve always wondered why after a Pacquiao victory, hordes of Pinoy politicians flock the ring like half-crazed teens wrestling their way to get an autograph of their showbiz idol. I mean what business does Chavit Singson and Noli de Castro have inside the frigging ring acting as they were Manny’s bodyguards or do they want to be interviewed by Larry Mechant too? These monkeys sure want their faces to be beamed in the four corners of the world via satellite. Duh. 😦

pacquiaolotr-201x300How about a new Pacquiao religious sect – anyone? Heck, I can say with certainty that the man is much more famous than Rizal. Now, if Rizal can create a religion… let’s not get into that.  🙂 Well, Pacquiao’s Davidic victory certainly aroused the Quiapo herbal and spiritual society to shuffle the tarot cards and invoke the gnomes and the goblins to find out where Pacquiao’s amazing power comes from. The oracle from the Quiapo middle-earth purports Pacquiao’s legendary power to be coming from his possession of an amulet that weilds the amazing strength of the carabao. Yes, Virginia not the bison nor the wildebeest but the mighty carabao which is indigenous to Manny’s land of birth.  You think I am making this up? Well, check this out 😆


Sorry 😆


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  2. the videos in youtube are funny hehe sorry Big Bro but don’t really care about Manny.

  3. de la Hoya’s new trainer isn’t good at all and what was the use for an old dog like Angelo Dundee?

    No sense for Manny to be having another career other than boxing today. He is at his prime so he should focus on what he does best.

    LOL on the video. That was a quick one hahaha 🙂

  4. His wife giving birth in the States? I thought preggy women aren’t allowed to fly.

    The Pacquiao LOTR is funny hehe. I can’t stop laughing at that video. Sorry I know it is mean. I hope the girl didn’t get hurt haha 🙂

  5. I enjoyed the fight and I also enjoyed HBO’s 24/7 series on De La Hoya and Pacquiao. What struck me though was the amount of money he gives away even to his “merry band of followers”. I don’t know if you heard but he ended up giving away $74,000 to those who participated in his weight loss challenge. I think the smallest amount he gives away is about $1,000.

    I wasn’t too crazy about the handing out of turkeys to Fil-Ams. For crying out loud, those people can surely afford one when compared to the starving people back home. Maybe it’s me but I know it was his way of thanking his fans but handing out 500 turkeys to people who can afford them doesn’t come across as money justly spent. I would have preferred that he give the money to a local Fil-Am charity for example.

  6. Verns – I remember back in PI you had problems viewing YouTube. Glad to know you are on broadband now 🙂

  7. Natez1 – Angelo Dundee, Mohammad Ali’s ex trainer is just for show. The guy’s predictions were totally wrong anyway 🙂

    I think Manny just needs two more big mega fights with Hatton and Mayweather and he should retire. No sense in fighting guys like Juan Manuel Marquez who hasn’t beat him in two fights granting that the first one was a draw. Besides Marquez is a pathetic crowd draw 😦

  8. Irrealis – what I know is women who are 7 months pregnant aren’t allowed to travel by air. Maybe his wife came to the US earlier.

    No worries – I don’t think the woman was hurt in that video 😉

  9. Panaderos – he spent 74 grand ? I missed that one. Pacman also seems to pay cash all the time 😎

    Well he probably spent at least 15 grand on those fat turkeys. It was just probably his show of thanks to his supporters. Of course, you can’t help thinking that he is promoting the fight 😯

  10. Noy,

    Tulad mo nasira yung kasiyahan ko nuong makita ko ang mukha ng mga lintek na parang mga unggoy na politiko na nakasabit sa braso ni Pacman pagkatapos ng laban! Yung mukha ni Noli Castro, peke’ng -peke ang itsura kunwari sa saya, pero panay ang dikit niya sa mukha ni Pacman para makita siya sa TV! Siguro na-overdose sa Cortal itong mga politiko na ito dahil utak manok na rin sila!

    Folk hero na ngayon talaga si Pacman sa Pilipinas!
    Pasensiya na lang talag yung mga hindi nakaka-intindi ng Pinoy kultura sa mga dole out na pera ni Pacman. Alam naman natin lahat na ganyan talaga ang sistema sa atin, pa-asa-asa lang sa meron.

    Maraming absent sa eskuwelahan nuong itinuro at ipinaliwanag ang kasabihan na, “Kapag namimigay ka ng libreng isda, aasa lamang parati yung mga walang makain sa biyaya mo, pero kapag tinuruan mo silang mangisda, di na lang sila naka-nga-nga at naghihintay na umulan ng biyaya galing sa pinaghirapan mo mag-isa!” wala gid tayong magawa dahil baka magtampo sa kanya ang bayan pag di niya binigyan ng pera!

    Kawawa naman yung newscaster na nabagsakan ng studio lights, sana walang permanenteng sira sa kalusugan niya yung nangyari!

    Magkano kaya ang sitolmint ng telibisyon nitwork sa kanya duon sa pagka-bagsak ng ilaw sa ulo niya?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Now go and take out the snowblower and work on your driveway!

  11. Noypetes – hahaha…Nauna pa sa mga handlers ni Pacman sa photo shoot e salin pusa lang naman sila. Halatang personal PR campaign LOL 🙂

    I like better when he sends hundreds of deserving kids to get their education. Sure magbigay ng balato isn’t bad but not to the whole town methinks hehe 🙂

    Mukhang hoax lang yung video clip. I don’t think anyone got hurt 😉

    Merry Xmas to you too 🙂

  12. Giving away turkey to Pinoys who seriously would rather have something else other than turkey is not well spent. I agree with Mr. Baker, Pinoys can afford them. Hand them out to those people in need, really.

    I was happy he won. Have not followed him nor seen any of his fights before. But I remember one January day in 2006 I was in Baja and he was fighting some Mexican and all the stores have the fight or prefight on tv. Of course he won that fight.

    I will watch the fight tonight, I know too late, my coworker made copies for us Pinoys who werent crazy with boxing. I’ll see what the fuss is about. I also have another disc of a Manny fight I was given before and have never seen it. People think I care about boxing 🙂

  13. Huuwhaaat??? Chavit Singson and Noli de Castro were there in the ring??? Haaaayyy.

    This makes me think twice if I should proceed with our plan to go back to Pinas.

  14. did not get to watch the fight but im happy he won. 🙂

    i like the fast facts. hehe.

  15. Ewok – true, a charity would have worked too but I think Manny’s gesture is really that of giving thanks to his Pinoy supporters 🙂

    Pacquiao is very famous and respected in Mexico. I even read articles that they favor Pacquiao more than de la Hoya because MP fights like a true warrior and doesn’t trash talk other boxers 😎

  16. Jayred – hahaha… don’t let these asungots ruin your plan sis 🙂

  17. Tina – I’m sure you’d get to watch the replays. Yeah, I didn’t really want to blog about the fight…so many people have beaten the subject black and blue 🙂 i just wanted to talk about Pacquiaomania in general.

  18. Next time I am in Quiapo I will look for a similar amulet… imagine… maybe I will be the next Belgian boxing sensation… 🙂

    Wish you an advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  19. “Manny gives aways free turkeys at the Filipinotown during Thanksgiving”

    Dyan mo makikita ang “rustic” mentality ni Pacman. I would like to see him enjoy his millions when he retire rather than run for any government position. Kung artista nga walang ginagawa ano pa kaya ang boksingero. Gagawin lang syang “stamping pad” by those who are shrewder and smarter than him.

  20. How I wish I’m part of Pacquiao’s entourage. Working out will be more encouraging then. I feel I’ll definitely get USD2,000. Hehe.

  21. haaay, it was indeed another crimeless hours as the whole country watched manny’s triumphant victory. yun nga lang, nakakainis talaga na may mga pulitikong nakikisawsaw. pumunta pa dyan ha! bwiset. sana hindi na pumasok sa pulitika si manny.

  22. Let me add this: Manny made a tempting offer of $200 prize to his staff-the one who can eat a lot of turkey that his cook prepared for the thanksgiving wins. Sya mismo ang naglagay sa plato. The staff, who by then decided to lose weight and win the thousand dollars shied away.

    ang nanalo, si boboy fernandez, pinoy trainer ni pacman and on weigh-in as expected, ay lalo bumigat. lol

  23. Blogusvox – true… while he is hot, he should capitalize on the situation. Mega fights with Hatton and Mayweather are on the plate. If I were him, I’d finish the two fights, take on a lucrative endorsement contracts from US based sports companies and call it quits.

    People on the pinnacle of sports success also have thoughts of “self actualization”, that Pacquiao perhaps wants to translate his achievement into something more meaningful to his people. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what he is thinking is right for him.

  24. Abaniko – hehe… and if my logic works, you got to get to 10lbs loss first so thats 1 grand and then 2 grand more if you get to 15lbs. Now, the real balato after the win is something else 😉

  25. Rheiboy – you know what it is – the purity of a triumphant victory is tainted by the presence of darkness, the corrupt politicians who desire to part of the victory that they are never a part of. The sight of these pathetic jerks along with the victor reminds people of their displeasure with tyrants and leaves that sour taste in one’s mouth 👿

  26. Myepinoy – yep, I saw that part of the eating contest and thought it was all in jest 🙂

    At the end of the day, Manny seems to be parting with his dollars like he has the central bank to back him up tsk.tsk… I hope he doesn’t turn out like M C Hammer who was once worth 250 million and is now penniless. MC used to travel with a 40 man entourage wherever he went. Yikes, at some point you have to act sensibly and take care of your money 😯

  27. Sidney – I’m sure you could get more than carabao power at the Quiapo middle earth hehe 🙂

    Merry Xmas and Happy NY to you too 🙂

  28. It was great that Manny won, but would he have been able to beat de la Hoya if de la Hoya was in his prime? I guess we’ll never know.

  29. The way Manny gives away money haphazardly just shows how immature he is when it comes to finances. Does he even have an accountant?? I cringed at the sight of Manny giving away Turkeys to the Fil-Ams during Thanksgiving, and I thought… “WTF??” at P2,500 a pop (that’s how much a whole turkey costs here), that’s a cool P1.25M he just gave away (more like wasted) to people who obviously could afford ten turkeys for Thanksgiving! Think how many indigent kids he could have sent through vocational school with that amount…

    As for those vultures, este… politicians who hover around him, may their tribes go the way of the Dodo. 😀

  30. ang sosyalin ni manny.

    dapat sabihin niya sa mga nanghihingi ng balato, pabugbog din muna kayo. hehe.

    pero ang galing ni pacquiao. kse every time may fight siya, zero crime rate sa pilipinas sa mga oras na yon. and to think magpapasko ha.

    at tungkol sa video, mean. hehe ;p

  31. Wil – there’s many folks who believe that de la Hoya’s debacle was the way he trained for the fight and really not his age. Pacquiao even mentioned that Oscar’s radical acupuncture sessions to relax his muscles during training did more harm than good 😯

  32. Sngl – you got a point… seems that Manny needs to become a congressman to perpetuate his spending habits hehe 🙂

    Well, I would think the turkeys would be cheaper than P2,500 – on the average about $30-$35 so it will be a little more than half of the P1.25M. Perhaps its his way to give thanks to his Pinoy supporters.

    I watched the replay of the fight tonight at the local sports channel here. I was at a bday party at a friend’s house. Man, Noli de Castro was really trying to squeeze himself in the crowd and got some coverage and this guy Chavit Singson would you believe was almost abre-siete with Manny even beating Freddie Roach to the spot. Real glory hogs, duh 😡

  33. Tin – sosyalin ba 🙂 Hehe, ang hirap ding kumita ng pera ano? Pabugbug muna si Pacquiao para makapamalato.

    The video is a hoax.. hehe.. sobrang bigat naman ng knockout na yan 🙂

  34. LOL i really like the back of that P5. sana meron ako niyan.

  35. Kakatuwa naman yan Pacquio money and poster. Talagang living the rich life si Manny ha! I guess, he deserve it naman. Madami siguro entourage nya. At sosi, gusto pang magka-anak na US citizen agad. pwede ba yun?

  36. Two more megafights and he is really set for life. If he’s not careful like “Iron Mike Tyson” – who lost more than 300 million dollars in his brief career, PakYaw could be the most stupid person we’ve seen, should he become destitute. Would he have the same friends now if he is wallowing on the streets of Manila or GenSan? Even the blind man knows the answer.

  37. Prinsesa – funny… a currency that has boxing on it 🙂

  38. Leah – I guess he deserves to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Ang alam ko, if a child is born with foreign parents, the child can claim citizenship at the age of 18. That’s the rule here in Canada coz I know of someone who claimed her citizenship when she turned 18.

  39. TruBlue – it would be tragic if he turns pauper again just like many boxers we know. He should be smart and plan his finances properly or engage in a business venture so he can have income when the boxing career is over. I guess that’s one of the reasons why he can’t wait to be a congressman but he should know it is not a guaranteed job. He has to be ELECTED first 🙂

  40. pacman should drop his hopes of becoming a politician. it’s not his fighting arena. and these hungry photo-ops politicians of ours are so pathetic. 😦

  41. Mari – totally agree with you. I bet the people would decide that for him hehe 🙂

    Pathetic glory hogs they are indeed, insisting to be identified with the most famous Pinoy of the time duh 😦

  42. pacquiao already announced he’s running. dun siya mauubos. politics if ever he wins is just a feather on his cap. the problem is how he will deliver. somebody must tell him that he can help in other ways.

  43. Bing – maybe it’s his expression of his desire to make a difference to his people. Although I am skeptical about it, let the man pursue his dream. After all, we live in a democracy. He has failed once and I hope he learned a lesson from that.

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