santasee022ea12a2When I think of Christmas, pictures of happy and giggling children inevitably comes to mind because frankly there are no happier human beings than children during the yuletide season. It isn’t hard to draw this conclusion because once upon a time I was a kid myself. Christmas time was like living in Disneyland – carols, food, gifts and abundance of good things made the atmosphere so. It was almost like a time warp, where time pauses and a Shangrila-like world rushes in .

santa3aThere was a time when I questioned the existence of Santa Claus and my parents punished me for being such a brat, for trying to convince my siblings that the fat man and his reindeers were a hoax. When we woke up early one Christmas morning , I couldn’t find my gifts ! Looked like Santa was upset, ignored my letter inside the stocking and totally passed up on me. My world crumbled. 😦 My aunt then told me ” maybe you should look around more. Santa may have placed your gifts somewhere , not by the Christmas tree”. I ventured into the kitchen area and lo and behold, the gifts were there just beside the garbage bin. Such was my lesson for being an imp and I stopped berating the fat guy after that. 🙂

candle21aAs we age, the meaning of Christmas transcends beyond the jovial celebrations, with a much deeper and symbolic meaning. Sometimes I just frown upon people trying to be too politically correct with the adamance to say Merry Christmas. I see no malice in wishing happiness on someone. I just hope people don’t go too far and start dropping the fat man from the list because SANTA could also be spelled SATAN 😯 These buffoons may celebrate Christmas eve at the laundromat washing their dirty linens but that won’t stop me from wishing them Merry Christmas. 🙂



We all look forward to a jolly holiday and sometimes get too rambunctious celebrating the season. Be careful – don’t drink and drive. It is fine to go to the pub and have a pint or two but get a designated driver. More importantly, be wary of picking up a stranger ! 😆

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