Reflections On The New Year

2009The new year story can elicit mixed feelings , be it a mixture of some sense of boredom, thankfulness, anxiety and optimism. The celebration matters not, for whether you participated in the revelry, the fireworks, the familiar hugs with auld lang syne playing in the background or worked out a graveyard shift at your workplace during the eve, none of us can proclaim 2009 to be the year of boom or bust. One thing we know though – a forgettable 2008 is certainly way behind us.

A mere digit change on the year doesn’t automatically alter the destiny of our world. It does however startlingly resets the earthling’s psyche with some degree of synchronicity, that we may not be playing a new game but at least we have changed venue. Same players, same game but a new playing field makes one heck of a difference, psychologically speaking.

When thinking of 2009, I am reminded of a previous post which highlighted this short snippet – from a materialist’s point of view :


“Creative response to challenges is good; evil is stagnation. Unlimited power or unlimited knowledge is not good. If perfection were obtained, it would be boring. Only where there are limitations and challenges is there a game. Things that seem evil, such as dark ages and barbarism, often clear the way for a greater good. What appears to be progress, such as technological growth and natural science, often destroy things more valuable than itself. Good and evil are real enough from one point of view, but from a higher point of view, it takes both together to produce growth. Good may be bad if it leads to stagnation. Destruction can be as creative as construction. Graceful acceptance or retreat is often more creative than strength, initiative and bravery. Forgetting can be as useful as learning. Life is beautiful, in its evil and terrifying aspects as well as its good and gentle. Indeed, one requires the other to complete it. Stagnation is the only ultimate evil, and because of the devil in mankind, stagnation is always temporary. ”


piggy_bankBad can be good and good can be bad. This time around the evidence is so compelling. Man’s propensity for greed and the sophisticated tools he developed to amass tremendous wealth had triggered the button of self-destruction. Perhaps it is nature’s way of bringing equilibrium to an overly stressed system but severe damage had been done. The resultant financial crisis had led to the retrogression of the collective wealth of this world. The comforting news is we recognized our actions of self-destruction. We might be in a state of decline but not stagnation in my opinion. My hope for 2009 is man will use his superior knowledge, indefatigable drive and unflagging fortitute to subvert the evil of stagnation. In short, I am optimisic of a healthy economic rebound in 2009. If good and bad work together to produce growth there is reason to be optimistic. My part in this would not be cheering in the bleachers but doing my job to the best of my abilities, paying my taxes and supporting my government in every way I could. 2009 is one unique year where it appears that my success no longer entirely depends on my individual efforts but on a societal scale to a greater degree.


A view from my driveway on New Year’s day taken with my new toy, a Panasonic Lumix DMC FX35 acquired during last day of Boxing week sale 🙂 The price drop was simply irresistible, although I craved for its bigger brother, the pricier TZ5 with its 10X optical zoom which didn’t go down much in price, dang 👿  When you shop on Boxing day it better be a knockout, and I feel like I did score on this one, yeah 🙂 Suffice to say I now have a dandy camera I can hide in the palm of my hand and slide out from my breast pocket ever so handily to capture those photo moments. But other than size it has to be special and this baby with it’s 25mm wide angle LEICA lens, HD quality video, 10.1 megapixels, 4x optical zoom and proprietary AI ( Advanced Intelligent) auto mode are all I can wish for in a “buddy” camera 😎 Stuff it with a 4GB Class 6 SDHC memory card and I’m ready to go 😆

Well, the white stuff will be around for another 3 months and I can’t play my favorite game but that doesn’t give me enough reason to be grumpy and bitchy eh ? 😆 Hey, for an optimist like me, let’s just said it’s a nuisance hehe 🙂

I had a blast celebrating new year’s and I hope you did too. Wish you all the best for 2009 !