I Missed Ya

imagesImagine a scenario where you spotted someone so attractive and she made you go nuts but you either froze gutless or lost her in the crowd. She raised your testosterone level so high that you morphed into a buck on a rut, jumping all over, trailing the scent of that wandering doe in heat. In this day and age of cyber technology despair not because there is a glimmer of hope in finding that lost inamorata and consummate that overwhelming desire to connect and hopefully, win her over.  Craigslist’s Missed Connections is one website that rekindles that hope of connection, however faint. It contains ad-like entries of hopeless romantics desperately trying to hook up with a lost crush 😉 If you saw someone who caused your heart to thump wild, just plug in to Craigslists’s MC, throw in a bit of details on the who, where and when of the missed opportunity scenario and presto, you’ve broadcast that message to the world !  Now you have to pray that he/she drops by the site and reads and responds to your exhortation 🙂  The odds of an entry being reciprocated is probably akin to the daily Pick 4 lottery, for it requires that person to browse the Missed Connections entries and figure out if he/she is on someone’s radar ! That’s like finding a needle in a haystack man. I mean, would I scour Craigslist’s Missed Connections and check if some soul had fancied me yesterday ? LOL 🙂 Like – Darn, that might be for me. I was standing at that street corner that day, that hour and I was wearing a gray jacket mwehehe :mrgreen:

Here’s a sample published in a free daily paper today :

I didn’t ride the bus to Toronto with you, but was in the station in Detroit and sadly watched you leave. I believe you were there with your parents. I was sitting by your mother for a time. You had a green Palm Beach hoodie, olive skin, dark blonde highlighted hair and jeans. You were walking around a lot, and I caught you staring at me a few times. Maybe there was some interest?

I’m wondering what the connection success stats are – pretty low in my opinion. I’m pretty sure there are false respondents, with people faking their way to say “that’s me” when they’re not, with the hope that they will connect nonetheless hehe 😆 If we could have a website that reunites lost gloves, I’m not surprised at this one 🙂 Cyberspace does seem boundless, don’t you think? 😎

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