VGCC Boots Out Troublesome Members

golf-hazardMy initial reaction to this brouhaha is that of shock. Golf being my hobby, never had it occurred to me that golfers could get mauled to death by fellow humans over a scheduling argument. A bear perhaps, in my case as I make a habit of playing in golf courses situated in the woodlands a few hours away from the city 🙂 Why kill or get killed for mere 10 minutes of inconvenience? Senseless ! In such as sport that breathes and lives on stringent and exacting rules that often befuddle logic, what the heck was that infraction that couldn’t be covered by golf’s almost encyclopedic rule book on rules, etiquette and conduct of play ? How could the course marshal muff it? What was he doing?


In a busy fairway, with players of different skills and age groups, regulating the flow of the players is essential. For instance, faster players in carts are asked to get their flight in front of slower players who are walking. Sure enough – in this world you can always refuse if the matter is within your discretion, but hello, remember golf is a gentleman’s sport and there are always compelling reasons when people make such requests! There is also such thing as compliance to the marshal’s instructions, when golfers arrive late for their booked tee time and they require to join their flight mates who might already be playing ahead of you. Such was the case of the rest of Pangandaman players who arrived late, trying to catch up with their flight ahead of de la Paz.


From the public’s perception, largely fed by the personal blog of de la Paz daughter Bambee who was with the group, people concluded the Pangandamans to be the party guilty of flat out bullying. But that wasn’t to be the case, at least in the way the golf club exacted its discipline on the erring members. If the weight of the suspension reflects on the degree of responsibility for the brouhaha, de la Paz got an equally stiff penalty as the Pangandamans. De la Paz was handed an expulsion from the club , the young Pangadamans banned for life and the DAR secretary suspended for 2 years. I know, I know, don’t get in to that conspiracy theory yet, this was the result of the investigation of the clubhouse incident as witnessed by the marshal, caddies and golf club staff. Of course, the club’s decision can be appealed within a year 😉 Moreover, a criminal case is still pending and methinks the Pangandamans might be on the hot seat on the mauling charge, on the grounds of excessive use of force.

 On this issue, here’s an excerpt of my post from another blog :

Barbaric actions are never justified in any manner whatsoever and this is what makes it shameful.

The Pangandamans have to suffer the consequences of their barbaric actions. If the court says they each deserve a belly putter plunged into their butts from tip to toe, so be it. But that doesn’t mean that de la Paz can trot around with his tongue out celebrating victory. The courts must likewise smash his balls with a wedge ( a driver will be a bit too much methinks ) for acting like a prick and for stupidly causing misery to himself and to his poor son.

In truth, this case isn’t about injustice or oppression, of David vs Goliath or the facist against the proletarian. This was just a case of an arrogant dude who didn’t think twice before picking a fight and an equally arrogant politician who thought maybe it was the right time for his bodyguards to brush up on their boxing skills. I can’t friggin’ believe some people actually blamed GMA for this stupid brouhaha. Man, that’s freakin’ creative. Totally 😆
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