The Simple Pleasures of Life

They say things that give us more meaningful and lasting happiness are the simple pleasures of life. It appears that simple and healthy living can provide more contentment, compared to the glitz and glamor of a rich but hedonistic lifestyle, let alone the baggage the comes with it – the vanity and self-indulgence that often destroy relationships and even one’s sanity. Yes, we occasionally blow our pockets to feed our whims but in truth, happiness is like a chameleon and has many faces. In the end, we embark on a search for a kind of happiness that is honest, pristine, uncomplicated. At this point in my life, contentment would be a simple house near a golf course, a lake and the woodlands where I can hunt and fish. A 15 ft. bass boat, broadband internet access and HDTV cable would be real dandy. And of course my dear genie, I also must not need to work 🙂

Well, in these cold days what makes me incredibly happy is watching a real nice DVD or movie on cable TV a couple of hours before bedtime and snacking on glorious fish balls. Not the dirty looking fish balls from the street hawkers but the clean and healthy variety made from squid and cuttlefish that we often see at the frozen section of Asian supermarkets. Deep fry them in peanut or canola oil until they brown and bloat a bit. My favorite dip would be a combination of malt and white vinegar with lots of chopped garlic. Man, they’re heavenly taken with tea on the sides. Take these babies on a single toothpick until you finish your plate. Don’t forget to ask your partner to get her own toothpick – just in case she forgets that the toothpick is meant for the fish ball 😆 For some reason these babies don’t taste good if eaten by hand methinks 😉 And never take these balls with rice – you can’t stop and you’d be having your second dinner for the night :mrgreen:

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