It’s Just A Game

federer-_479059aThose of us who witnessed the 5 set victory of Rafael Nadal over Roger Federer at the recent Australian Tennis Open tourney could only say one thing – it was an awesome match. If you paid money to get to the stadium to watch the game, you definitely got your money’s worth. Behind the thrill of victory for Nadal, came the agony of defeat for Federer who was unable to deliver the customary runner-up speech but was instead wanting of Kleenex to wipe tears of defeat oozing from his eyes while the crowd was cheering him on in total admiration and respect. We can only watch the sullen and apologetic face of Nadal as if saying to himself – “what did I do to this guy” ? I had never heard a champion’s victory speech start with the word “sorry for today“, as Nadal so graciously impressed upon Roger that he only did what he was supposed to do – win the match. Perhaps we can never feel Roger’s pain, how devastating it is to lose a game that could have equalled Pete Sampras’ record of the most grand slam wins in men’s tennis. Or perhaps there was some pent up emotions lurking within Roger’s soul that simply had to be released in such moment of grief so that acceptance and peace can quickly follow. Who knows? Maybe it was the $2 Million that slipped from his hands. Roger’s vulnerability isn’t a case of de-masculinization as some of us heartless souls so rudely contend.

We men have different ways of battling frustration and grief and having big emotions doesn’t necessarily denigrate one’s character. In fact my wife said Federer was so cute when he cried. Ouch. Never did I know that crying adds up to one’s “pogi” points 🙂 I’m always a Nadal fan and my wife roots for Federer all the time.  All I can say to Roger is take it easy – no one got killed, you got the runner up trophy and a cool 1 million bucks that goes with it. Best of luck next time and cross your fingers that you meet someone other than Nadal in the finals 🙂

Federer’s reaction typifies how we easily get overwhelmed with things that don’t cause us indignity, embarrasment nor material loss except for a deflated ego. How easily we get despondent over things that don’t mean much except for competetive pride. Tell that to a refugee in an African refugee camp who barely gets 4 cups of rice to feed himself in a given day. He will gladly lose every game he plays until his dying day if you just grant him refuge in your city. Life is unfair. Sympathy for someone crying over a million dollars I have none.



 I took this picture as the snow was falling on the street where I live. It is only February 2 and we already have all the snow we had for the entire winter last year. With snow piled up like WWI bunkers along our driveways, we’re not eager to see more snow with 2 months more to go.  I’m beginning to think Al Gore’s global warming pitch is a bunch of crap. When the snow melts in spring, I’m darn sure our rivers and lakes will get water like they never did for some 30 years. You may have perceived  that I’m not sold on these environmental crusaders and their so called carbon taxes which is in truth  another word for tax grab 😦 



I feel totally at home at this oriental mall. Predominantly Chinese but has a huge Pinoy presence. Not large and quite unpretentious. No big ticket, Swiss quality items here and you can stretch the almighty buck on travel, clothes, cell phones, beauty salons, DVD’s of all languages, etc. Actually I shouldn’t say that because you can buy a luxury car direct from the States here 😉 Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Pinoy food are available at the fast food section.  I got The Reader, Max Payne and Gran Torino DVD’s for 9 bucks  after having mami and siopao. I’m a happy camper 😆


35 Responses

  1. I don’t think he was crying because of the money… but those guys just want to be the best. And when you are one of the best and someone is even better than you it is hard to accept.
    I think Federer knows he found his master in Nadal… and that must be very painful.

    • Sidney – boy, these guys take it seriously do’t they ? it follows then that the 1 million is pretty much a consolation for the immense frustration 😉

  2. “Maybe it was the $2 Million that slipped from his hands.”

    Many people would kill for a million bucks. I think tying the all time grand slam victory record of Sampras hurt him more than the money. All he needs is 2 more grand slam wins and he breaks Sampra’s record. Tsk, tsk but with Nadal in front of him, it will be real tough.

    Snazzy song BW 🙂

    • Natez1 – breaking the record is definitely an achievement although I think Nadal will also get there. Man, he’s only 22 and on fire 🙂

      Thanks – Chad Kroger ( Nickelback) and Santana together rocks 🙂

  3. I like sensitive men 🙂

    Have you heard it also snowed in UAE?

    I also like Asian malls because their clothes sizes are smaller. and of course the food is superb.

    • Irrealis – so you think Federer is sensitive eh? 😉 Yes, it snowed in UAE for heaven’s sake. That was climate aberration hehe 🙂

      Most if not all of the clothes come from Asia at these oriental malls. Im surprised – shouldn’t they be North American sizes ? Food is awesome and cheap for sure.

  4. It’s pure give and take. RF is a world class champ and whoever has symphathy on him only needs to look back at those countless pitiful players he kicked out of his way. As Slick Willy famously said, I too feel their pains and sufferings, hehe…..

    When “winter” is no longer part of the season, global warming is indeed a reality.

    Rarely go to these enclosed malls, lots of airborne pathogens swirling around…

    • TrueBlue – very true, you can’t win ’em all and he had made a lot of players cry too 😯

      Winter is here to stay and reports say that some glaciers in the Artic are actually advancing. As for airborne pathogens, I totall agree hehe 🙂

  5. I’m reminded of basketball player Derek Fisher crying when the Lakers were eliminated a few years ago. He was crying b/c they couldn’t win a 4th consecutive NBA title? LOL. Three’s not enough? hehe. As for Roger? Only 13 grand slam titles? huhu. 😀 Memo to Mr. Fisher and Mr. Federer: get a grip. hehe

  6. Tears are also a way of release. It may not be due to anything in particular, simply the end to an undertaking regardless of the result of said undertaking.

    Wow, that would be an Asian mall is welcome around here. We have Asian supermarket but not a mall. I remember on more than one occasion while shopping for groceries, the sound of Yoyoy Villame asking everyone to exercise every morning was filling the entire place. And I felt so at home 🙂 Apparently, that supermaket owns a CD because they kept playing all his songs. It was a Chinese-owned place 🙂

    • Ewok – well said – tears of joy or tears of defeat – both can release the emotions from undue tension 😯

      LOL on Yoyoy Villame 🙂 I feel at home in this mall in the sense that Pinoys are welcome to make it their own. Unlike LA and Vegas where there’s exclusively Pinoy supermarkets and malls, here we don’t so even if it is part-time, ok na 🙂

  7. c’mon bw. to us it may be just a game but to the one who lost, it is more than that. competitive pride is not “just” competitive pride after all.

    as for that environmental thing, some say we should worry about global cooling, not global warming. since the climate on Earth has fluctuated from ice ages one after the other. since we are on the peak of heat, guess what’s next? and oh, that photo outside your house is just gorgeous. i don’t know but it seems like you’ve captured some life with it.

    • Prinsesa – I gather then you also think Federer is cute 😉 I guess win or lose, crying is a must to relieve the tension that grips the emotions until the game is over. At the end of the day, it’s a bit ironic to be grieving that hard when you have a million dollar check in your hand. Perhaps Federer realized a little too late that oooppps… I got me self a million dollars… not bad hehe 🙂

      Thanks.. that’s the fence of my house on the left. One night I just took to the street and took a shot. I actually feared the snow might damage my camera 🙂

  8. Hey, BW, I was planning to blog about that Australian Open thing, too — on Friday (my husband and I watched it last Sunday, and was quite shocked with Federer’s reaction….). Glad to read your take on this one (halos pareho tayo…hehe). I’m a Nadal convert. I’ve always liked that guy, anyway.

    Love, love, love that Oriental mall! That’s what we don’t have here! Not even a Pinoy store in my small town. Oh well.

    Just like you, I’m not that sold out to the propaganda of some hardcore ‘champions of the environment.’

    • Jayred – actually there’s a lot of blogs that dissed Federer because he didn’t control his emotions but I don’t look at it that way. I thought the emotions came hard when the announcer said that “he is one player Australia would like to adopt” and butterflies filled his stomach after that statement. Oh well, he as a million bucks to compensate for his grief hehe 😎

      Perhaps your city doesn’t have a big population of Pinoys. Here we have a Pinoy stores and eateries scattered all over the city but as far as Pinoy malls, not yet – maybe in the future 🙂

  9. I have great admiration for men who cry unabashedly in public. 🙂 Crying in public can be interpreted in many ways, but for me it’s as honest as any human feeling can be. But I guess it could be irritating to a man to see another guy crying in front of people, eh?

    That oriental mall is huge! Maybe not for Canadian standards, but if there were anything like that in Japan (or in the UK for that matter), I’d be a regular customer! 😀

    • Kathy – you’re just like my wife. She admires men who cry except me coz I have 2 horns hahaha 🙂 True, crying speaks a lot about honest emotions. I would probably cry too if I won a golf tournament coz I’d be questioning myself in disbelief – ” how the hell did I get here?” 😆 Crying is fine but sobbing uncontrollably…ouch.. it’s a little bit too much – you know what I mean 😉

      Considering that we have the Pacific Mall , the largest Asian indoor mall in North America in this city, this mall is still relatively small – 3 storeys only but I feel like I’m back home with a lot of kabayans around and the fact that our Chinese friends have been so accommodating. I feel like they’re sharing the mall with us ( we have Pinoy stores too), making us feel at home 🙂

  10. “Jayred – actually there’s a lot of blogs that dissed Federer because he didn’t control his emotions but I don’t look at it that way.”

    — I know. Besides, there was no need to diss Federer. Will blog about it on Friday in a balanced way (I hope), God willing. Of course, all the Swiss here are behind him.


    Yeah, I live in a small town alright. Lots of Pinoy stores in Zurich, Basel and Geneva, though.

    But that Oriental Mall there just blew me away. (It’s not common to have malls here at all. The one that opened in Bern (Westside mall) just last year was hit. Imagine my joy when it was opened.)

  11. Jayred – I’m sure all the Swiss were cheering Federer as the Spaniards were for Nadal 🙂 Yeah, please blog about it from the Swiss perspective 😆

    I think the mall is an American invention so I’m not surprised why it doesn’t seem to be a hit in that part of the world 🙂

  12. The defeat might be too much for him. These guys earn lots from their tournaments and product endorsements. So, I think it’s just plain crushed ego… crushed to smithereens.

    • Mari – ego crushed to smithereens… ouch.. for extremely proud athletes that magnifies the old saying “winning is everything ” 😯

  13. Ooh,I’ve heard about this Federer guy crying, although I’m not so into sports whether playing or watching. Usually when a guy cries—especially one with a macho image—we women go “Oooh, he’s so cute.”

    It’s a little bit cool in the Philippines today, but was hot as summer the past two. Because our weather changes like crazy that much, we (or maybe just I and a couple others) seem to take the global warming issue seriously.

    I love that song you posted, thanks!

    And just sharing, I’m starting tennis lessons come March (really!) and I hope I don’t cry like Federer. Hehe.

    • Kat – hahaha… I guess women like vulnerable guys 😉 good luck on your tennis lessons 🙂

      Yeah, I hear Manila is getting much cooler these days ! Hope the summers will not be as humid and hot as they were in the previous years 🙂

      As for the song and from a Nickelback fan – you’re welcome. I have a couple more of Nickelback videos to post in the next few weeks 🙂

  14. it was so sad for federer as he was really planning to beat the record. but it was indeed a very good match knowing that both players has been fighting for quite sometime.

    • Dong – right on. It is always a toss up when these two guys play- you’ll never know who’s going to win although Nadal seems to have the better mental game these days 😉

  15. aww. i missed a lot. i haven’t watched the aussie open bacause of work and the little free time i had i spent blogging.

    men do cry. it is all about built-up emotions.

    • Lawstude – isn’t it nice that blogs can give us a quick update once in a while ? 😉 With your traveling sked, I can understand 🙂

      If it was me, I’d wait until I get to the locker room and release those nasty built up emotions hehe ..

  16. Oo naman, suportado talaga si Federer ng mga kababayan nya…pwera na lang siguro si Mister. 🙂 Na-turn off sya kay Federer…parang naging greedy daw. Sabi ko naman to cut him some slack at matindi din ang pressure naman kasi sa kanya dito…every time nananalo sya at umuuwi, parati na lang may presentation ng baka (cow).

    Tinagalog ko na at baka tirahin na naman ako ng mga Swiss blog readers. Hirap pala (LOL).


    Yeah, malls are an American concept. Bakit ba ako napadpad kasi dito. 🙂

    • Jayred – “every time nananalo sya at umuuwi, parati na lang may presentation ng baka (cow). ”

      That’s unique 🙂 Buti na lang hindi siya pinagpipilahan ng mga humihingi ng balato kagaya ni Pacquiao hehe..

      …punta ka na kasi dito sa North America. Masagana ang malls dito 😆 Hintayin mo munang matapos ang recession 😎

  17. I think a pat on the back for Nadal is in order, because instead of gloating, he humbly apologized for the humiiation he brought upon his adversary. Now that’s the mark of a true sportsman…

    • Sngl – definitely agree with you. Some people felt that Nadal’s victory was somehow diminished by Federer’s show of emotions, although I don’t quite agree totally but somewhat 😯

  18. “Or perhaps there was some pent up emotions lurking within Roger’s soul that simply had to be released in such moment of grief so that acceptance and peace can quickly follow.”

    – damn i needed that. At least i know somebody understands my way of thinking. haha

  19. just stumbled on your blog today cos i googled’ a virtuous woman’. i pray this blesses my life. keep up the good work. loving you all the way from Nigeria

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