Blogging Overdose

bloggingLast Feb was probably my busiest blogging month ever as I churned out a post every 3 days or so. Well, lately I have been infected with blog laziness. It’s probably the weather as spring whispers its arrival as the days last longer. The anticipation of  roaming the outdoors again is pretty exciting. Or perhaps it is just a case of  me wanting to get a bit more TV time and sleeping a little early these days and that means getting under  the blanket by 11pm.  I feel a bit more relaxed with the increased leisure and sleeping time. True, there’s  a bit more work at the office these days and my office blogging time had likewise reduced.  As actress Lily Tomlin said,  ” for fast acting relief, try slowing down”.  This is not to say that I have run out of blogging ideas. I still want to stick to the “ speaking up and getting out of your comfort zone “ theme but won’t want to be overly negative. I was mulling on writing about the notion of Pinas being the primary supplier of care givers / nannies  to the world, whether it uplifts the image of the country or not but my wife strongly urged me to hold on to my horses because it is a very controversial subject if not emotional  for some people.  Comment well taken so my horns are locked, for now 🙂


catholic-drivingMy wife is a relatively new driver in this country and still intimidated up to now by the freeway,  and prefers to take the regular roads if she can. Her female officemate suggests that she stay on the slower right lane of the freeway to be safe, whereupon another male office mate who hails from a Southeast Asian country interjects in the casual conversation and says “stay in the middle lane, that’s the slow lane. My relatives told me so when I came to this country – that’s where you should stay to be safe”. “Oh common now” retorted the two women. “That’s not what the driving rules say. If you possess our provincial driver’s license you should know the rules.”  An argument ensued and very timely, a customer came in, a truck/rig driver by profession,  to deposit a check, which prompted my wife’s female officemate to propose “ well, this gentlemen is a professional driver. Let us see what he says”. The customer’s verdict – “ whoever told you that the middle lane is the slow lane was bullshitting. There is only one official driving rule in this province and they better know that”. Case closed. I just hope the moron officemate got the gist of the exchange.

Here’s my point. I don’t care which country you come from. I left Pinas for a long time where everybody breaks the driving rules left and right. I’m quite sure it is still the case today. It is even worse in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries. You can’t import your frigging driving rules to this country, where driving is considered a privilege, not a right, where every applicant goes through a stringent graduated  licensing process.  Driving rules were created to establish order and safety and I wonder why I see chaos in the highway because we have no shortage of idiots who either bring their crappy habit or institute their own moronic rules for their own convenience. If I was in that conversation, my horns would go stiff and I would have gored the guy 🙂


I was watching jazz trumpeter Chris Botti’s PBS special on TV and enjoyed his duet with Sting. By the way, don’t you think Sting and Botti have a stunning semblance ? Okay, Sting is on the the receding hairline trip but Botti looks like the younger version him in his early rocking years. I googled to find out gigs they have done in the past and while checking out their duet of  Moon Over Bourbon Street, a cool and jazzy Sting hit that I dig a lot, I chanced upon this amateur crooning the song with his acoustic guitar. This dude goes with the moniker Malvasio. I have no clue who he is but this guy can sing, at least with the kind of personality he portrays – blue collar, beer drinking dude who probably likes to chill out in his basement whipping up blues and country tunes. His folksy, serenade version of Bourbon Street is soothing.  Man, isn’t YouTube just wonderful? While there a million of pathetic wanabees you could come across some genuinely good amateurs like this guy 🙂


48 Responses

  1. Nothing wrong in writing something controversial, bro, after all, everyone has his or her own say on certain issues.

    As for driving, funny how Pinoys who drive like maniacs in their home country end up being the most obedient of motorists in other countries, particularly in N. America. Wala kasing lagay-lagay diyan eh, hehehe.

    • Sngl – I actually plan to write about my personal experience so I guess it will be my own say 🙂

      It’s a bit tough to get a driving license here because you have to take a written test then an actual road test. Since the licensing is graduated, you will get G2 license first which restricts you from travellling the freeway if you are not accompanied by someone with a G license – marami pang conditions like 0 level ang alcohol. You can go for the G license after 1 year I think and you have to get it within 3 years or else it expires.

  2. Blogging pressure? Not if I’m not being paid to blog 🙂

    I can tell you that those locally born people are even worse and drive like crazy maniacs.

    Sting is a very underrated singer but he is very good. This amateur guy has a good voice.

    • Natez1 – right on man. I’ll take your advise not to pressure myself 😉

      I totally agree about your point on those maniacs who drive 50 kmh over the speed limit ! I also detest those idiots who concoct their own rules 😦

      Sting is a good singer. I remember he had a duet with Pavarroti . You must be one serious singer if you are on the same stage with a legend. Yep, Malvasio rocks 🙂

  3. Philippine drivers like their counterparts in Mexico converts a two-lanes street into four or five lanes which is just amazing. But accidents are not as fatalistic compared to the US, to me the reason is less city speed in our home country.

    Cartoon above strike me as funny yet , could bring out genre of people who would come out with: Muslim Driving School, Baptist Driving School, Canuck Driving School, and so on, hehe…..

    • TrueBlue – converting 2 lanes into a five lane street ? hehehe.. sounds familiar. In some Middle Eastern countries, people actually drive in the middle of the LINE separating the lanes so they can keep the car straight 😆

  4. It’s good to be prolific as a blogger but time really comes that we need to slow down, for some reasons. And yes, driving here is worse. Since there’s no much traffic, people drive like hell.

    • WitsandNuts – I plan to limit my posting to once a week. I think that will relieve a bit of pressure 😉

      People drive like hell ? lol.. I remember when I took a taxi in Cairo, Egypt I thought I would not make it alive to my hotel hehe 🙂

  5. Blogging for me is like a hobby. I do it when nothing else is worth doing.

    Here, I always take the middle road to be safe. The maniacs here are the locals and the stupid ones are from South Asia.

    That cool dude… that’s me, twenty or so years ago. 🙂

    • Blogusvox – ” Blogging for me is like a hobby. I do it when nothing else is worth doing.”

      That’s a very good advice bro. In our range of daily priorities, blogging should be last hehe 🙂

      I’ve heard a lot of driving horror stories in the sandbox and I believe you 🙂

      20 years ago – you mean voice-wise ? 😉

  6. There are times when I hit a wall too when it comes to blogging. I have drafts that have been in such state for about a year now because I still can’t quite organize my thoughts on them.

    In NYC, South Asian and Latino drivers are the worst in my humble opinion. You would get to see them “in action” once you drive out to the boroughs, specifically Queens and Brooklyn. The only difference between driving in NYC and Manila is that the former has better traffic enforcement.

    • Panaderos – it comes and goes I guess. I love blogging believe me. It’s therapuetic but there’s a fine line between pressure and enjoyment. It does matter when you want to come up with a sensible post that people can appreciate 😯

      Man, I’ve seen some driving in NYC and I agree with you 😯

  7. Laziness struck me also for almost 2 moths I didn’t post a blog. nangyayari yata talaga yan sa mga bloggers pero babalik din ang sigla mo, sabi nga nila ” A blogger is always been a blogger.”

    • Ysrael – that was a long pause man. But I see your point that sometimes we lose the passion to blog and it will come back.

  8. Yeah, I missed you! I hope you have a very good time now that your weather up there’s improvng.

    I took a blogging break for the entire month of December last year because there were simply too many more fun things to do than type, type, type. It was October, I guess, when I gave myself a one-post-week rule that I only break when there’s something I really have to share. Sometimes you write and write, and sometimes it’s just nakakatamad.

    I live and work in Makati and I can say that the motorists here are pretty much disciplined because of strict law enforcement. I can only wish the whole Metro Manila would be the same.

    • Kat – yes, the weather is in the plus side nowadays and we see the snow melt about 90% but there’s no guarantee winter man has gone for good. I’ve seen snowstorms in March in the past 🙂

      I can’t blame you for taking a blogging time out in December ! That’s the holidays and I’m pretty sure you had many other things to do !

      Makati traffic control is high in the list of the government because it is the center of business. But you we know that there’s also a lot of traffic cops in the area plying their business 😉

  9. BW!
    hey I think I’m the laziest blogger in the world! haha anyway, here in the Philippines the heat of summer is frying! So most of my time is spent inside the bathroom taking my 30minute bath than blogging. but I promised to have time writing again after the hell weeks of f\my final exams! 🙂

    • Piapot – inggit ako sa iyo when you say that summer is frying 🙂 I’m dying to take my jacket off my back for months now hehe 🙂

      Take your time and don’t blog until you ace thise exams 😉

  10. Don’t speak me about the driving conditions in the Philippines…it is just insane… 😦

  11. uso nga hiatus ngayon..i notice, that included me lately.

    • NYL – I think we all need a break, even of it is a short one. Problem is in the dead of winter, taking a break could be fatal hehe 🙂 Now that the weather has improved, it’s a much better proposition 😉

  12. You? Infected with “blog laziness”? C’mon. Kung lazy pala yung recent blog break mo, parang blog comatose yung nangyari sa XF blog ko…until it died a natural death, LOL.

    Do blog about RP being a supplier of caregivers, nannies, au pairs, etc., hehe. (naku, baka nagbabasa si Misis, LOL). Actually I was thinking of blogging something along those lines, pero focusing more on mail-order brides. Maybe someday. 🙂

    I don’t drive here in CH just because I might break the rules and be charged dearly for it. 🙂 I was trained to drive like a male Filipino. 🙂 At home ako driving in Metro Manila, but not here (lagot ako sa police radars).
    But I drove in Israel and Morocco just because I know I won’t be caught for my speed driving. 🙂

    It’s good you were not part of that conversation in your wife’s workplace.

    • Jayred – well, you did manage XF well to transition into your new blog 😉

      I thought about it and if I do it, it will be my first post in Tagalog 🙂 It would be based on my personal experience.

      Think about this :

      “Merong isang babae sa opisina na balak mag-asawa subalit nakikita nyang mahirap magpalaki ng anak dito. So nagsimulang magbiruan ang group at nagtatawanan – mabuti pa huwag ka ng mag-anak or anong ginagawa ng biyenan mo or tumigil ka na sa trabaho. Sa bandang huli, sinabi niya, mabuti pa siguro mag anak na lang ako ng sunod-sunod at kumuha ako ng Pinoy na yaya dahil mas mura di hamak kay sa day care ” Tanong ko, anong mararamdaman mo sa sinabi niya, na para bagang nilalait nya ang lahi mo? ” Baka naman hindi tama yung inis naramdaman ko ? Isang experience lang ito – meron pang iba.

      LOL on avoiding the stiff fines in CH. As for not being caught overspeeding in the Middle East, hindi yata kasama sa rules nila yan hehe 🙂

  13. i think it’s normal to have those feelings. let’s call it blogging dryness. hehehe…

    • Dong – i’ll take that from the experience of a prolific photo-blogger like yourself who moves around the country non-stop hehe 😉

  14. Yeah bro. Back then, I’m a beer-gurgling, guitar-strumming, baritone-voiced dude. Now adays I’m just a soda-drinking, stiff-fingered, hoarse-voiced daddy.

    Haay buhay… those were the good ol’ days. 🙂

    • Blogusvox – same here. My bar hopping days are over and I’ve morphed into a wimp. I may have a six pack and red wine bottles in my pantry but I consume them with caution hehe 🙂 I still have my guitar though 😉

  15. blogger’s block or writer’s block? have fun, take a break. it will help the creative juices to flow freely. but do you run out of posting fuel? i don’t think so. i admire the vastness of your ideas and you truly can knock off anything that comes in your mind. 🙂

    • Bing – thanks. Laziness ocassionally grips you in whatever endeavor you do. I’ve been terribly lazy at blogging these days – maybe because I paused too long after my mini-vacation last Valentines 🙂 Perhaps I should just do one post a week and go with a flow I’m comfortable with 😉

  16. I have been through that blogging dilemma many times…
    then i rise up & type again…. give yourself a break, wala namang bayad ‘to eh… hehehe!!

    I think here in Germany can be considered as driver’s paradise… not that one can drive in a manic manner, the traffic enforcers here are very strict… but many freeways here have no speed limit… so fly if you can… brrrmmm!!

    • Curacha – i know you took quite a long break and I almost deleted you from my blogroll hehe 🙂

      I admire Germany’s concept of the autobahn, where you can drive up to your heart’s content ! I’ve been on it and it’s awesome but then it assumes that the people are responsible citizens and they are. Likewise they say it compels the country to produce quality cars. I bet all of it is true 😉

  17. Are cats lazy? Well, more power to them if they are. Which one of us has not entertained the dream of doing just as he likes, when and how he likes, and as much as he likes?
    A man is getting along on the road to wisdom when he begins to realize that his opinion is just an opinion.

    • Zingtrial –

      “Which one of us has not entertained the dream of doing just as he likes, when and how he likes, and as much as he likes?”

      A man is getting along the road to wisdom when he begins to realize the consequences of what he has to say.

  18. Interesting take on Moon Over Bourbon Street. It needs the soprano sax and bass though. hehe. That song is inspired by Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire, if I’m not mistaken.

  19. Wil – you are right, it was inspired by Anne Rice’s novel
    Interview with a Vampire. The slower acoustic guitar version definitely took the blues flavor out of it for a change 🙂

  20. blogging can really takes its toll pero i find na para siyang lalaki – kahit na ayaw mo na you can’t help it LOL masaya naman diba? minsan masipag din akong magblog tapos minsan hindi, pero pag busy lang. siguro kasi one year pa lang akong nagbblog kaya parang bago-bago pa din siya. pero ikaw naman, okey lang na masipag ka at maging busy ka kasi madami namang nagbabasa sayo, madami namang naaliw sa mga post mo!

    • Prinsesa –

      “blogging can really takes its toll pero i find na para siyang lalaki – kahit na ayaw mo na you can’t help it LOL masaya naman diba? ” hahaha… meron akong naisip na word for it – bittersweet 😉

      I was away for a few days for a much needed breather. Gumaganda na kasi ang weather dito 🙂

  21. yeah.sometimes, you really have to find your momentum in order to post an entry.

    but there’s no pressure as usual. blog whenever you want. no rules. :p

    • Flamindevil – true, parang depende sa panahaon yata… sometimes you have an adrenalin rush to blog, sometimes you feel like you’ve ingested something that gave you blogging flu hehe 🙂

  22. limpbwizit is the best example of a controversial blogger. he’s a great writer as well. too bad he stopped blogging almost a year ago. 😦

  23. your blog laziness happened for weeks… mine.. for months. thanks for your comment last december. just got around to blogging. hehe. 🙂

    • Tina – hahaha… that comment was last year’s ! 🙂 Thanks for remembering me. I will drop by your site soon 😉

  24. My blog mini-hiatus is not caused by anything except of so much busy scheds at work. But the summer vacation would offer me lots of time to blog.

    • Major Tom – being a teacher at a university I can understand your constraints. I’m glad that you still find the odd time to update your blog !

  25. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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