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As I was intently watching Discovery Channel’s documentary – Journey to the Edge of the Universe – a stunning science special that featured actual images of our universe captured by powerful telescopes and spacecraft combined with computer graphics and superb commentary, my 7 year old daughter quipped – “ is that where heaven is Daddy?” I replied ” no, that’s the heavens. Not quite heaven sweetie”. (Note: if you want to do justice to this documentary, it is an absolute must to view it on HDTV). The breathtaking voyage across the vast expanse of our universe had once again challenged my brain with the thought-provoking subject of an expanding universe.  The incomprehensible notions of infinity and eternity hovered in my mind as the interstellar journey penetrated the nebulous depths of our very own galaxy, the Milky Way, continuing to probe  “other distant galaxies”.   The dimensions and distances mentioned are truly colossal.  What if our earth is as large as Jupiter which is 11 times larger in diameter, how long will a day last ?   When the narrator mentions  – ” the glow of a powerful newborn star from this part of the universe will take some 25,000 years to reach planet earth” or ” our very own sun with extinguish itself in about 6 billion years from now”, I have come to realize the triviality and insignificance of my existence in the overall scheme of things in this extremely humongous and seemingly boundless and unfathomable universe.  The magnificence of the cosmos makes us entertain the mind-boggling and disturbing question – how was the universe created? Disturbing in a sense because it makes us take off our religious blinders if we were to engage in a candid and healthy discussion of such a controversial subject. It is always nice to know what lies on the other side of the coin so to speak. Moreover, there is a quote that says, “ if we speak from authority in a discussion, we are merely quoting from memory”. 

There are two contrasting logical views on the birth of our universe. It was either magically created from absolute non-existence, an utterly paradoxical proposal that defies logic and therefore naturally brings forth the second view, a more humanly plausible and comprehensible alternative,  that the universe had always existed. In short, a timeless universe that had no beginning and no conceivable end. 

Contrary to what most people think, the Big Bang theory postulated by science , as the “spark” that created universe that we know today does not preclude its non-existence. Prior to the big bang, a universe was assumed to have existed but with totally different form and physical properties, one that exists in theory and never experienced by earthlings but its properties manifested in some way in the cosmological phenomenon of the enigmatic black hole –  that of a singularity. The big bang event supposedly ushered in or transformed the state of such singularity to the material world or universe that we know today, where physical properties such as time, space and matter began to exist for the first time.  For a non-scientist, ordinary minded folk like myself, the previous and the next link are in my opinion the most comprehensible literature on timeless universe and singularity I discovered in cyberspace.  The author calls the pre big bang universe state of singularity the White World to give it a physical dimension for illustration purposes. Give it a read if you have the time.



stairwaytoheaven-d-4dA 2005 poll conducted by the ABC TV network showed that 9 out of 10 Americans believe that there is a heaven. What was surprising was, though many people believed that there is a heaven, most of them had no clue how to get to it. Scientists also believe that humans have what they call a God gene, something that intrinsically causes us to entertain theistic notions of a deity, a creator or supreme being, without being told. The belief in a deity ultimately brings about the urge for an eventual reunion with the creator at some point, normally when human life ceases, when our soul, supposedly a higher form of ourselves is given the reward for fulfilling the creator’s wishes. 

Let’s take off our religious eyeglasses for a moment , step out of your comfort zone and let me play the devil’s advocate here.  Heaven in the afterlife is the ultimate reward but – where is it? Does it exist in our universe?   Is it out of scope of our physical universe? If we make it to heaven, what would we be doing there? If we will be in spirit form as our soul should be, what are we supposed to do – sit idle the whole day and occasionally play hide and seek with Casper? Does heavenly bliss mean flying like a bird, playing golf and tennis the whole day, living in a castle by the clouds?  Are we even allowed to tell and laugh at dirty jokes in heaven? What then is the real purpose of the eternal bliss and heavenly existence?  Because we’d rather not be in hell?  If there’s no hell, could there a reason for a heaven? Or can it some sort of a compensation our failed lives here on earth, that there is another one up there that really counts? Wouldn’t you at some point, be frightened with the boredom and monotony of living eternally, much like the notion of a timeless, ever existing universe? 



Sunrise at Niagara Falls


View From the Hotel Suite


Sunrise Over The Falls


A View Through The Bedroom Glass Window – One Beautiful Morning



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  1. when I was a little girl, I thought heaven was beyond the clouds, somewhere over the rainbow 🙂

    All I know is we have to do good so we don’t rot in hell so I’d rather be in heaven. I don’t mind playing hide and seek with Casper too 🙂

    • Irrealis – when I was a young lad, I feared hell so terribly and it wasn’t a good feeling. The unnecessary threat to young minds isn’t productive at all. There ought to be a better way of spreading God’s love instead of fear mongering 😦

      Playing hide and seek with a ghost sounds like fun 😆

  2. very interesting post BW. I would love to watch the documentary.

    I also think heaven gives us hope to reunite with our loved ones who went ahead before us. That’s why it is important for some people.

    • Natez1 – watch the documentary bro and you won’t regret it. As for me, my only concern was I keep on going to the fridge and answering phone while the 2 hour show was running. I need to get hold of the DVD of this amazing documentary 😎

      True, the prospect of reuniting in the afterlife with loved ones who passed makes heaven so attractive to ordinary mortals.

  3. Alam mo Carl, Hawkins proposed two models of the universe. One that is expanding forever and the other one that will eventually collapse after expanding for some times. The latter theory is atune to the “big bang” since after “collapsing” to the point of “singularity” it has no where to go but explode, thus creating another new universe. An oscillating universe, if you may, which for me, is more logical since every matter I see around us is going through a cycle.

    And yes! We should be ashamed of our arrogance, because “we are insignificant compared to the vastness of the universe” – C.Sagan

    As for “life-after-death”, I can’t say. I’m agnostic.

  4. I too would love to see that documentary. My husband is more into the all of this than me. I’m still trying to wrap my brain cells on some other theories.

    Anyway, your photos are so wonderful. That first photo reminds me of a Thomas Kincade painting because of the lighting. Soooo stunning.

    • Ewok – I have no doubt that if you watch it with your hubs, you will like it too 🙂

      Thanks so much for commenting on my Flickr post. Sunrise at the Niagara Falls is amazing if you book a hotel that’s right at the falls view area. I had to wake up to catch the sunrise and went down to the viewing area to take the shots 😉

  5. Must be nice to have an HDTV. 🙂

    Great shots of the Niagara Falls! Galing.

    Will be back to discuss the heaven thing. It does take time kasi to write related Bible verses, etc., hehe. One thing, though: I do believe in heaven.

    P.S. Thanks for all your blog comments. Di na ako makarespond like I used to due to tendinitis.

    • Jayred – it’s nice to have HDTV only if your cable/satellite provider broadcasts in HD !

      Thanks for your comments on the pics. Don’t worry too much about my post on heaven. Sometimes my horns make smoke come out of my ears when I write my post hehe 🙂

      Hopefully you are doing something about your tendinitis? I had tennis elbow some years back and it was a big drag. I had to quit playing for a year to heal it 😯

  6. when i was younger (di naman ganoon katagal yun) i wanted to be a scientist because i was fascinated by stars and planets and milky way and the big bang theory. i even studied in a science high school with plans of pursuing a field in chemistry and physics, but then, i just don’t know what had happened why i ended up with numbers and laws. but old fave die hard so whenever space are featured in DC, i would definitely pause and give it a second look.

    thanks for the reminder bw. have a nice day.

    • Lawstude – I’m sure that science fire in you is still there 🙂 The documentary was first aired on March 1. I’m sure there will be future replays. You gotta watch it – truly awesome 🙂

  7. The topic of the origins of our universe has always fascinated me. Whenever there’s a documentary about it on cable tv, I watch it. Can’t say that I’ve achieved any level of expertise though but what it’s done is made me ask whether God truly exists.

    Lovely photos, Pards especially of the sun. 🙂

    • Panaderos – the discoveries of science on understanding our universe is always fascinating. As for me , appreciating such discoveries does not necessarily negate the concept of a creator and therefore reducing me to an atheist. It does however questions the method of the different ways in how we believe and revere a creator, the validity of our human made rules that resulted in the destruction and retrogression of our world as the result of such beliefs.

      When you take your darling to the falls one day, make sure you check in at a hotel at the falls view area to get a spectacular view of the sunrise over the falls 🙂

  8. I’d like to watch that documentary. Would you believe that until now I still buy sort of science-ency stuff and still get thrilled? When I was a kid I also thought heavens are physically within reach, as in after the clouds lang. But after getting through the clouds (while on plane of course) that made me hopelessly think how to get there without necessarily being dead yet (assuming someone’s going to heaven). When I try to think of so many possibilities and impossibilities, I keep resorting to my faith that the One created all these.

    On a spiritual perspective, I’m amazed how faithful the Arabs are to the idea of existence of heaven and hell (they don’t believe in purgatory but there is a sub-level before going to heaven). And anything that science can’t explain, they always resolve to Allah.

    This is a very interesting post. I’d like to re-read this several times. =)

    • Witsandnuts – Carl Sagan’s COSMOS is one documentary I could recommend. It was a TV series but you can view almost all of the episodes on YouTube nowadays. 😎

      The emergence of many religions in this planet confirms that the god gene exists. Science is one that can universally speak the language of the creator without resulting in conflict. The real problem is one can shove his holy book into someone’s face but that someone who believes in a different religion will never believe any word from it.

  9. i;ve always wondered if there other beings out there…how the world came to be…and also to explore beyond our world

    to infinity and beyond! 😛

  10. Tutubi – there is a probability that amidst the hundreds of billions of stars and planets in the universe, there could be planets with properties and attributes that could nurture life forms. Our current civilization’s timeline of existence is a mere flick in the cosmic calendar.

    “To infinity and beyond’ ! Familiar line indeed. Was it Buzz Lightyear, the wannabe space voyager toy ( from the movie Toy Story 1) who said this ? 😉 I remember fellow toy Woody tell him off ” quit that spaceman crap on me ” or something to that effect 🙂 One heck of a movie it was.

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  12. I am more interested in knowing if there are other life forms in the vast expanse of the universe. Because if there are, then the church has a lot of explaining to do, hehe.

    Man, those are great pics. Hard to believe those were taken using a point and shoot digicam. I especially like the first one, it’s very, err… moody. :-D.

    • Sngl – hahaha.. that would be what I’ll call the ultimate rebuke 🙂 or some might even call it a release from bondage 😉

      The Panasonic Lumix Fx35 has AI ( Auto Intelligent) mode setting – scenery, night, macro, portrait, etc.. and it makes the necessary adjustments automatically. It’s a neat feature and with the Leica 25mm wide angle lens which is uncommon for a compact, it helps. But you know what, I’m still looking for a full fledged DSLR for a much stronger powerhouse and probably use my fx35 for those odd movie camera moments coz it has a nice HD capability. Prices of DSLR had dropped like a brick these days 😎 but again, it is a major buy so I will sleep nights over the decision 🙂

  13. Great articles here bro and great pics too. The universe is such a formless form and yet it’s the most formidable existence of all, one that escapes every explanation and reminds even the brightest scientists how we are just merely humans, inspite of everything.

    • Major Tom – as far as we humans are concerned, the evolution of our minds is quite phenomenal, from the lowly caveman to one who is trying to unravel the equation of the universe. I doubt if we will look the same 5 billion years from now 🙂 This is one topic I might blog about 😎

  14. My husband has always liked to have an HDTV. (We do have an HDTV box.) Pero since we plan to move out of CH, parang di practical.

    Well, I know I have to do something with my tendinitis. That would mean less computer use for at least six months. No more blogging, e-mailing, or You Tube-ing. Hay. If only I had an active social life here, di sana problema.

    I know naman your stand on the heaven thing. Wanted sana to contribute something insightful, pero I’m tired as I write this comment. 🙂

    • Jayred – depending on the size you’d be buying, lugging a 50 in. HDTV all over the place isn’t fun. Moreover, depending on where you’re planning to go, it might be cheaper there 😉 Minus the HD box, it is still great for watching DVD’s.

      I hope I won’t develop tendinitis playing golf. Darn, I’m only waiting for the grass to turn green again 🙂

      Going on a hiatus sometimes gives me the opportunity to blog about something out of my comfort zone. I guess that’s wht blogging is such a great thing. I just hope people aren’t thinking that I’m endorsing atheism 😯

  15. When I first heard in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos that the sun will eventually be extinguished in 6 billion years, I didn’t know what to make of it. Well, I guess nothing is permanent, as they say.

    Is there a heaven and what is it like? Medium John Edward supposedly knows. hehe

    • Wil – Journey to the Edge of the Universe also depicts the death and birth of stars, some of which are hundreds of times bigger than our own sun. No star will last forever and sooner or later or sun which is also a star will extinguish its power and collapse into a dwarf star or a neutron star. Nothing is permanent in the universe – absolutely true.

  16. basta me naniniwala ako na walang bigbang theory, walang blackhole kung walang may mataas na humawa.. no other than our GOD.. 🙂

    • Jennifer – your comments well respected… subalit merong black holes.. panoorin mo ang documentary, makikita mo ang actual photos of black holes in our solar system. Salamat sa pagdaan mo 🙂

  17. your photos are amazing. they are bursting with life and i feel compelled to rejoice in the life they show.

    about your heaven thing, people would like to believe it because we are all scaredy cats when it comes to death and dying and believing, hoping, that there is heaven, something to go to after all this gives us a sense of control over the things that we obviously cannot control, or even comprehend totally.

    ahh… i sound like a philosophical nut.

    • Prinsesa – as for the photos, thanks. I’m not yet prepared to start a photo blog 🙂

      When you can’t control things, the natural consequence is to hope for someone to do it for you. Hey, nothing wrong with sounding like a philosophical nut 😉

  18. What fascinates me most is this: why are certain people are in such places, i.e. Italians there, Scandinavians there, Chinese are over there, how’d India and Philippines account for so many dialects, Arabs are in the middle east, and why did blacks got to be in such forsaken places. To me, the early, early years are so mysterious, hehe…

    Baptized a catholic but embraced the Anglican Church at age 10 on father’s side. Now, I’m a practicing atheist, just don’t know what to believe anymore. All these talks about God’s plan – millions are dying of hungersickness and babies, people are killing one another, and it’s inconceivable if that is the big plan? What for? There must be gazillions of souls in heaven and hell all these times, hehehe…..cheers!

    • TrueBlue – what is even more fascinating is the notion that we are going global, that all of us are within reach of one another these days. Wouldn’t we see a unified world in the future ? There rate of how we are becoming more intelligent as a specie is even more astonishing and even getter better everyday – where does all these amazing intelligence come from?

  19. Ayokong mag comment about heaven and religion. I’ll rant. =)

    (But I did make a comment. Enough of that crap. LOL.)

  20. “Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”
    – Mark Twain-

  21. that first pic of sunset in Niagara Falls is just utterly beautiful! it’s so calming.

    talking about the universe, i could imagine how breathtaking it would be to fly to space and see the vastness. If the rock formations in Coron humbled me, I would imagine the experience in space would probably make me feel positively insignificant.

    • Barry – where have you been ! Man, I thought you went on a world cruise hehe 😉 Welcome back to cyberspace bro 🙂

      Man hasn’t really gone beyond the moon but for an inter stellar voyage to be possible, we have to harness a kind of energy that would travel at a much faster speed if not close to the speed of light, or else we would spend half of our lifetime on a return trip to planet Neptune 🙂 But I do agree with you that such a trip would be truly breathtaking.

  22. as i was reading your post, i suddenly remembered ‘angels and demons’ by dan brown.

    there was this scientist who wanted to prove that God ans science could co-exist.

    yun lang po.hehe

    • Flamindevil – I like Dan Brown’s books 🙂

      I have no problem believing that God and science could co-exist. I have a problem however with the way humans concoct the profile of a god who relishes in seeing someone suffer or deprive himself so he can gain entry to his kingdom. My 2 cents.

  23. Astronomy piqued my interest when I was younger, and our set of encyclopedias at home made me marvel at how vast the universe is. I wondered about the purpose of creating such a huge place for only the humans, if our planet is indeed the only one with life. And yes, I mentioned the word ‘creating’ because I was raised to believe the easiest way to explain how the universe came to being, as is said in the bible. Although I have quit my religion, there are some things and beliefs that I can’t get out of my system.

    Another one of those things is the non-belief of the concept or heaven or hell. It is believed in my own religion that those who have lived righteously will inherit the earth as a paradise. I have asked myself some of the questions (or at least close to them) you have mentioned above. If I were to live in a paradise forever, wouldn’t I get tired prancing around the meadows like Snow White with the animals following me around? Wouldn’t it be boring to live an eternity eating crops and playing with lions? Those questions are quite blasphemous in my old religion since everyone anticipates eternal life in paradise. When I realized I didn’t want such a thing, that’s when the road to quitting started.

    I love all the pictures above, especially the second third one. Ang ganda ng sun, and the color of the sky.

    • Kat,

      “wouldn’t I get tired prancing around the meadows like Snow White with the animals following me around?”

      LOL.. some other faiths say that the more people you kill for their god, a river of wine with 72 doe eyed, olive skinned virgins await for them in their heaven 🙂

      Thanks for liking the pics. I have bought myself a new DSLR lately 🙂

  24. things that can’t be explained by science, religion can. it’s called faith. 🙂

    the beginning of life and the universe has always piqued my interest. it’s amazing when you put things in perspective and look at the universes on a larger scale. makes me wonder, are there other earths out there?

    i’d love to see the falls but according to panaderos, the NY side is not as spectacular. maybe next time.

    • Mari – very true. As they say, knowledge requires proof but faith doesn’t 🙂

      I personally belief that the with theory that we call came from the stars, the probability of life forms existing in other galaxies is very high.

      If you visit Niagara Falls try to cross the bridge to the Canadian side with your honey 🙂 I’d like to meet up with you both and buy you dinner at the Skylon Tower overlooking the falls 🙂

  25. What a very interesting, thought-provoking post, bw. I find it very comforting that your thoughts (in particular, your questions at the end of your post) echo some of my own thoughts. We may never find the answers to those questions, but it helps to put things in perspective.

    I’ve always been fascinated about the observation that when someone looks at the universe in all its expanse and beauty, one would either feel very religious or very agnostic (or atheistic even) in response. The universe naturally overwhelms us and makes us feel so special and insignificant at the same time.

    I find the concept of “born believers” equally fascinating. Have humans really evolved a brain that makes them “preprogrammed” to believe in a Creator? Or has the Creator put His stamp in our brains so that we would be inclined to believe in His existence? If so, then where do we put the concept of “free will”?

  26. Kathy – thanks for your comment.

    “when someone looks at the universe in all its expanse and beauty, one would either feel very religious or very agnostic (or atheistic even) in response”

    Very true indeed. Different responses from different people. After being overwhelmed by it all, we question ourself – I am that REALLY special, made in God’s image as they say? After witnessing the spectacle of the universe, some people find it difficult to say yes.

    It appears that Free will wasn’t too obvious with our ape ancestors and I’m quite amazed how the human brian had evolved over the years.

    Religion had made itself big when it started theology revolving on this issue alone and the free will debate may have also created the existence of the devil. I really have no answer except that when I ask myself the question – are we humans going to be the same 4 billion years from now, before our sun expires? With the universal outlawing of murder and slavery, does this mean that man had evolved into a better specie?? Nowadays we see our moral values being challenged by abortion, gay marriages, stem cell, etc.. and religion doesn’t seem capable in halting the tide of such “devilish” change. The other side of such “devilish” change is the fulfillment of man’s desire to satisfy his so called carnal desires. Good and bad had become a little fuzzier these days and it seems that the law of the land and not religion has the ultimate say about this in this day and age. Who really knows – perhaps 4 billion years from now, we will all have one religion , or maybe even none at all but we might be living in absolute harmony .

    One thing that had been proven though – those who believe in a God and live their lives with strong faith and reverence in their God, live longer than those who don’t !

  27. Well if there is somewhere in the universe an almighty creative being that can do everything right now. Then heaven is not far away in the future, and the access to it must be available right now. In honesty isn’t that the God and the heaven that we are really looking for? Right now and right here where we need it? That’s where he has to be.
    Now, that is something awesome!

  28. So many concepts I ponder on and off, and have over the years. I have arrived at or discovered some answers to satisfy myself for the moment, and they may change, or not. Some really don’t seem too far off from yours, tho…

    1. God made everything – our job is to figure out what it is in detail and how it works… and to learn to get along with everyone. We’re only just beginning to work on both of those.

    2. Science tells us how things work or are, religion tells us why.

    3. Our view of the universe has changed over time… at any one instant it IS what we ‘know’ and can experience or postulate upon. Our species has gone from distant campfires in the sky through celestial domes rotating overhead to sun, moon, and stars, some of which move faster than the others (planets), to solar system, to galaxy to one galaxy among a billion across space and time, a lot of time. At any one of those steps or the myriad ministeps in between, it was often thought to be the whole of what there was. It wasn’t until perception was extended and/or calculations and experiments were confabulated that the next level of universe was opened to us. I personally don’t expect that to stop.

    4. Islam, if I understand this concept right, believes that there is the creator, and then there’s everything that was created. This sort of implies that God isn’t part of our universe, as it was created, although apparently can interact with it still. Right now, we’re limited to our observations and imagination about what might be ‘outside’ our universe, but as in #3 above, that changes. I sort of remember that the notoriously non-religious Soviets, upon their cosmonauts first reaching orbit, declared “Nope, there’s no heaven up here!”

    5. It is said that we are created in the image and likeness of God. That sort of implies physical likeness, and probably was the source of the great man-like God on a throne in the clouds. I more like to think that we have some of the properties of God should we decide to use them, that we have at our disposal the ability to do ‘good’ or decline to do so. I have also liked the concept of “we are God, thinking about Himself as us”.

    6. Heaven and Hell? Don’t know, although the thought of a supreme being able to bring all that we can and will experience into being by means we’ll never know or comprehend, being miffed and punishing folks like a parent would an unruly child doesn’t fit very well, at least to me. Does consciousness even remain after life? If it doesn’t, it really doesn’t matter. If it does, does it remain similar to what we know now, or does the sloughing off of worldly cares, worries and desires leave it in a somewhat unrecognizable state of awareness.Truth is, we don’t get a lot of feedback about that.

    So, yeah, I think about this stuff sometimes. Thanks for an inspiring read.

    • For “God being not part of our universe”… This seems to be the default option for our reasoning. In a sense, if something is inexplicable, then some power beyond our comprehension may have created it.

      There are people who believe in a creator of the universe, a god, but not with the likes of the god we have known, one that would throw someone into eternal fire for eating pork or for failing to go to church on a Sunday.

      For some people, a space voyage would bring them more closer to god than listening to the sermon or even reading the bible.

      Thanks for your comments.

  29. Hi, I don’t know you, or your blog very well. I was searching for universe pictures and I came upon your site. Your entry entitled “Eternal, Heavenly Bliss” had a specific quip that I would like to address. You said…”Scientists also believe that humans have what they call a God gene, something that intrinsically causes us entertain theistic notions of a deity, a creator or supreme being, without being told. The belief in a deity ultimately brings about the urge for an eventual reunion with the creator at some point, normally when human life ceases, when our soul, supposedly a higher form of ourselves is given the reward for fulfilling the creator’s wishes. ” Then funny enough you said let’s take off the “religious eyeglasses”. I assume you were talking to your audience, because you never put on them on (which could be a good thing) but what about the “creator eyeglases”? I didn’t come to attack you or your blog, but these scientific observations above completely fulfill that which the Bible says. Everyone longs for the love of God, and everyone longs for their home. This is proved scientifically from the above quote. It’s not a glitch from evolution, don’t dismiss it as a “gene”. God’s desire is for us to live with Him, be at peace with Him, and this “earth” is not our eternal home, that’s why it’s gonna go away in 6 billion years (or whenever He chooses). Anyways, maybe food for thought, I agree the “religious eyeglasses” are silly (because the law does not save us), but before you slander the hope God gives His children, investigate the “creator eyeglasses”, they’re real and they will not disappoint. Good luck on your journey, friend.

    • Slander isn’t exactly the word I expect to hear my friend. This post isn’t meant to justify any side of the coin if you intently read the post. Yes, I urge readers to take off their religious eyeglasses when they read this post so those sanctimoniously thin-skinned among us wouldn’t run amok and launch an air strike 😛

      It is said that if you raise two infants, don’t teach them anything but just give them food, very likely they will invent their own language and at some point, have their own god. During World War II, when the Americans established an air base in one of the South Pacific atolls, the natives thought the Americans were gods for they ate without hunting. They were awed buy the planes that flew in and out of the island and when the Americans left at the end of the war, prayed for the gods to come back. Religion always has a beginning don’t you think?

      • I really enjoyed reading your blog i came onto it by accident. I love science as it reveals the ‘physicality’ of the concepts that are already revealed by God in the bible, Science is(or should be) just a record of the study, observations and results of experiments on/of the physical world. The conclusions should be left to individuals. The conclusions we come up with is ALWAYS limited and dictated by the information we are exposed to. What you don’t know you don’t know. No one has a right to dismiss anothers conclusion unless he has same access to the other’s reality and info bank. A real relationship with God through His revelation of Himself- JESUS answers all questions. I might want to state here that i have an anwer through the bible for all the questions you pose. God is not ambigous as many (including so called religious folks) have made Him to be.
        ‘Heaven in the afterlife is the ultimate reward but – where is it?’
        Heaven is not the ultimate reward according to the bible it is a transitory place that Gods kids stay till The new heaven and earth are formed.The ‘reward’ is the life and glory of God in the human person. it is an immediate GIFT for all who believe and accept Jesus Christ-His solution to the divide problem.

        Does it exist in our universe?
        No, Heaven is a Spiritual place while our universe is physical. It caters for the real being – the real YOU, Your Human Spirit. We are not just bodies we are all Spirit beings living in a body. Thats why we all know instinctivelly that there is something bigger than all that science can find.

        Is it out of scope of our physical universe?
        Yes. You contact God and heaven with your Spirit and it is not by incantations or anything more misterious than believing in the factual ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ that He is who He said He was and His declared mission fufilled (He died as a required sacrifice to reconcile men to God) and stating your believe with your words.Romans 10:9-10(bible)

        If we make it to heaven, what would we be doing there?
        In Heaven we the believers would be resting (not Sleeping) from all our labours Revelation14:13; a real holiday camp that ministers entirely!
        If we will be in spirit form as our soul should be, what are we supposed to do – sit idle the whole day and occasionally play hide and seek with Casper?
        The Spirit is not some formless shape or organism floating about with no thought or real purpose( not ghost busters representation). Our physical bodies enable us to relate with this physical world thats why a dead person is not really non- existent he has just lost his ability to touch/relate with this physical world but has all his memories, intellect, and will etc intact. He however has full ability to relate with the spiritual world which is actually more real (including the pleasures and pain).

        Does heavenly bliss mean flying like a bird, playing golf and tennis the whole day, living in a castle by the clouds?
        Spirits don,t even need to fly the physical world has lost its tangibility to them and so has time.Heavenly bliss can and should be experienced right from here on earth. It transcends what we can describe with our limited human experiences; accept Jesus, get Gods Spirit in you and you will know what heavenly bliss is when you are having an intimate discussion(real prayer) with the God who loves you more than life.

        Are we even allowed to tell and laugh at dirty jokes in heaven?
        ”Allowed” humm, God never overrides your will for good or bad. But when you have His life you will LOVE good naturally.

        What then is the real purpose of the eternal bliss and heavenly existence?
        There is a Kindgdom whose foundations, systems and principles of living is of God. This kingdom is real and will govern the new Heaven and earth for all eternity. By the way, there are books , chairs, houses, parks, social structure, order, organised activities, authorities, transport systems, inventions, work etc and of course the famed Harp in heaven. Who do you think is caring for the cosmos? there are angels assigned to all, there’s a universe at least to run.God created work and rest but a stressless one.Genesis 1.
        Because we’d rather not be in hell? If there’s no hell, could there a reason for a heaven?
        There is definately a hell. It was originally created just for the Devil and his evil angels. you most certainly don’t want to be there with the very embodiment of Hate- the devil.

        Or can it some sort of a compensation our failed lives here on earth, that there is another one up there that really counts?
        Why should our lives here on earth be a failed one in the first place? God wishes above all things that we prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospers in our relationship with Him HERE on earth FIRST.

        Wouldn’t you at some point, be frightened with the boredom and monotony of living eternally, much like the notion of a timeless, ever existing universe?
        True those were my exact thoughts before i read the new testament part of the bible for myself. It would be if God that gave humans intellect for science, art and commerce was not running the whole show. God is intelligent and funloving this is revealed all over our diverse, intricate and beautiful universe.

  30. In Heaven its meant for us to worship Jehovah (GOD) forever. That alone will bring us all the joy we will ever need. We were created to worship Him on earth. We as people are spirit beings that posses a soul (like it was in our hand) and we live in a body (kinda like the whole men in black concept) our soul is what controls our mind, will, and emotions. Its what thinks for us. and it is what believes for us. our spirit is basically our attitude and the filling essence that animates our limbs. and the body is just a shell. It does what the soul tells it to. just for fyi. have a great day

  31. Hi there bw.

    I also have a blog on wordpress, on which i explain allot to people about the infinity of space itself.
    Because that blog is in dutch it wouldnt do u any good at this time, but id like to present to u an opening for your own explanation on the functionality of everything around u.

    I’l let my conciousness go free now as il type the following words, so do with them whathever is needed for your personal evolution.

    Only by use of an element ‘in’ space, one is able to reflect on the space it is in.
    Space itself needs its own expantion to be infinite, otherwise there would not be room for any element that needs to travel through it.
    Elements keep traveling, so space needs to be on location first, always being that infinite step ahead.

    For space to measure its own expantion it needs reflection.
    A reflection only the elements in space can give because their funtionality is to reflect by use of specific resistance.
    This resistance however, is a functionality that space itself cannot use like the elements ‘in’ space are doing.
    The why this is lies in the tranparency of space itself.
    Only infinite transparency can let all the rest pass through.

    (space itself can be seen when imagined that all elements in space are not in space any more only leaving tranparant space)

    When space itself needs to expand, it evolves by creating the room for new spatial elemental creations.
    Why this is, has to do with the infinite feedback loop.
    This loop is also called communication.

    As communication uses the spatial function of movement, its tells us that all elements including space itself need motion to be able to establish ‘a self image off form’ to deside which creational options should be made possible to’ transform’.

    Any form ‘in’ space can show us that this resistance is the outcome of communication.
    Any form in space needs this resistance because it is the reflection off ones self image that is being communicated back to the originating element.

    Space itself needs to maintain all spatial creation functions because ‘it’ is the foundation on which all moves.
    Space itself is the foundation for all of the different forms of space in which other spatial elements travel.
    So the earth traveling ‘through’ the solar system is when spoken correctly, the earth that is traveling ‘with’ the solarsystem.
    This ‘solar system’ is to be looked at as a ‘specific form of space’, as it houses allot of spatial elements.

    Anyones home is the ‘space’ they live in, thats the basics of the functionality of space.
    So when i use my home im using the specffic functionality of that home.
    This makes me able to cook my food as is use a specific functionality.
    This functionality makes me able to take a bath when i need to clean up my own spatial body.

    ‘Anyones’ home has a set of spatial functions that enables the user to be a creational being.
    When looked at the infinite home that space itself is, we can see that it houses all functions.
    Thus infinite functionality as space itself expands its own creational options.

    Why space needs to do this is simple but at first it maybe hard to see.
    Space itself needs its own growth to be able to provide room as i stated before.
    When this would not be the case a baby which would be born wouldnt have the space to be born in.
    This makes clear that the basic functionality for space itself is to provide its ‘own shape’ to all that asks for it.

    So when space is needed, space will be dilivered in any form it can possibly exist.
    Even in the form of an illussion.
    It is alway functionality that comes with creation.,
    and it is allways consiousness that is behind any form of communicatiion.
    Because ‘functionality is infinite’ in the form of transparent space, it also houses the functionality of communcation itself.

    This can be viewed as spaces being the road on which all communcations travel.
    Its is the ‘com’ that links all together by providing the room to do it in.

    However there is one thing that is most important to this all.
    because space itself needs to sustain its own transparant form inffinitly it can never set foot on a shape it has self created by use of its transparant form.
    This transparant state needs to allways be kept intact to make sure all elements traveling through space can have their own resistance.

    When space itself would loose or alter its own transparency, everything in space would stop moving.
    This because of space ‘itself’ would no longer be in a non resistant state.
    With infinity in every function comes infinite resistance and with infinite resistance comes a compleet stop.
    The only thing that is making sure this won’t happen is the transparancy of space itself.

    So for space to be able to walk among its own creations and traveling through its own created room of infinity.
    It needs to use a shape that is able to travel space like all the rest does.
    Thus a spatial element is formed.

    When people talk about a spatial body, then it is the functionality of space that is the foundation of that creation.
    This is direclty linking all back to the source of its own excistance.
    Space needing space, for space to be in.

    So when people look at their body and ‘see it’ as a vessel for the journey of their own consciousness.
    Then they look from, ‘and’ by use of the functionality of their own personal space.

    So to the question what came first, the chicken or the egg, there is only the simple awnser is (the space that made it possible for the chicken and the egg to excist, housing the possibilty for their creation simultaineusly)

    We are able to create space around us, only by using the functionalities that come with ‘being space’ in the first place.
    Headspace therefore is allways needed.
    Keeping your own headspace infinite, makes the information flow of spatial functionality of your own excistence allot more sence-able.

    Creating a thight space for your own self image, only brings the illusion of not seeing the greatness of any-one.
    And as a last thing i quote my own consciousness by saying that space itself needs reflection to expand.
    So next time u look at yourself while learning, see the reflection of the infinite expantion of your personal space, reaching further and further into all directions.

    Your personal evolution expand my own possibilities, because you are able to explain how a spatial element is to be used correctly.
    You reflect my personal space as i would yours.

    We all grow up filling the gaps of space ‘as we would fill them when the choice would be ours’.

    Looking at space that is using a body by which it is forming its own shape makes me know im home.

    Greets Ronny v Boxtel

  32. I recognise , it’s never easy To create a solid article liking this. I likes most Your approach to things like this article. might you giving me The means Techniques to To create a good article ?

  33. Since the ideology of a heaven exists in the minds of humans, let’s just leave it that way. Heaven if it exists, isn’t in this universe, it’s in another plane all together. I believe the universe was created from a source…and that source is what I & a lot of people call GOD.
    The universe is just a system GOD created with it’s own programming already written prior to its activation, which was the BIG BANG. GOD just sits back and watches the movie take place & at the same time, manipulate whichever what’s going on in the movie, herego, the universe

  34. Hace mas de treinta años tuve la fortuna de concurrir a una institución donde se enseñan las bases de la humanidad, a traves de la Ciencia Espiritual (No confundir con religión ó creencia alguna) en ella se hablaba del comienzo del Universo, de la formación del átomo,del comienzo de las formaciones estelares, en estado gaseoso,luego del peso atómico cada vez mas grande de dichas formaciones, del lento amasamiento de los gases hasta formar estrellas,galaxias – éstas sostenidas por enormes tensores magnéticos que sostenían éstas formaciones en posición- Del endurecimiento de las cortezas de pequeñas secciones de estrellas, hasta formar planetas, de la dirección química que ejercía el Bién permanentemente para formar las cadenas genéticas,minerales, de la formación de estados gaseosos que permitieron en cada planeta la formación de diferentes tipos de vida,en principio microbiana,vegetal y animal, luego de miles de millones de siglos: la vida inteligente. Nó sólo hablo de nuestro planeta; miles de millones de ellos han sufrido una evolución muy similar al nuestro, hay sistemas que han desaparecido con miles de planetas habitados por vida inteligente. No somo únicos. Ni siquiera nuestro Universo ha sido el único. Segun las aclaraciónes del Bién: Han existido antes que el nuestro trentaiuna formaciones similares a nuestro Universo. Nosotros seríamos la trentaidos. Pensemos seriamiente: ¿Hay alguien que imagine que semejante complejo físico. se haya formado sin dirección alguna y por casualidad? O somos demasiado cortos o demasiado vagos como para pensar con tanta liviandad. Por cierto; semejante proyecto tiene un fín: Que aprendamos a vivir en Perfectibilidad. Ésto que suena abstracto es la escencia de semejante proyecto. Si no hubiéramos perdidos la Perfectibilidad, que es la evolución constante del individuo,tanto en lo espiritual como en lo material; jamás hubieramos necesitado de semejante escuela. Porque en definitiva, el Universo, nuestras galaxias,nuestros Sistemas planetarios y nuestros planetas: no son mas que Instituciónes de permanente enseñanza. Gracias por la lectura. Horacio.
    Fuente: Escuela Científica Basilio – Buenos Aires – Argentina

    • thanks for your comments… here’s a translation :

      Over thirty years ago I was fortunate to attend an institution which teaches the basics of humanity through Spiritual Science (Not to be confused with any religion or belief) there was talk of the beginning of the universe, the formation of atom, the onset of star formation in the gaseous state, then the atomic weight increasingly larger of these configurations, the slow kneading of gas to form stars, galaxies – these magnetic tensors supported by huge formations holding these position- hardening of the bark of small sections of stars to form planets, chemical direction exercised by the permanent assets to form the genetic chains, minerals, formation of gaseous states on each planet that allowed the formation of different types of life in principle microbial, plant and animal, after billions of centuries of intelligent life. Not just talk about our planet billions of them have undergone an evolution similar to ours, there are systems that have disappeared with thousands of planets inhabited by intelligent life. Somo not unique. Not even our universe has been the only one. According to the clarification of the good: They have existed before ours trentaiuna formations similar to our Universe. We would be the Trent. Think seriamiente: Does anyone imagine that such a physical complex. is formed without any direction and by any chance? We are either too short or too lazy to think so lightly. Indeed, such a project has a goal: To learn to live in perfectibility. This sounds abstract that is the essence of such a project. If we had not lost the perfectibility, which is the constant evolution of the individual, both spiritually and materially, never been necessary for such a school. Because ultimately, the universe, our galaxy, our planetary system and our planets are nothing more than permanent institutions of learning. Thanks for reading. Horacio.
      Source: Basilio Scientific School – Buenos Aires – Argentina

  35. Well, your daughter had a point in stating that this energetic vortex, is portion of what we, in our english language would think of as heaven. This will sound straight up weird, but I thats the way I roll, so it is all good. I am a clairvoyant medium and o this full time as my day job, so I have asked many questions and seen some clear answers. I have in fact visited this “blue” plane which is actually a passing or gateway to the levels of the deeper universe, where we all go back into after the death of our physical bodies. “Heaven” is much beyond our comprehension but is rather simple when you understand it more , or if you remember having visited it. In heaven, yes you can make a jokes,(as a mater of fact it is where the really good ones originate ) and yes you can have a castle in the sky, up in the clouds, or a cabin by mountains if you desire. Or you can just float between other land masses of energy similar to earth. Here we are a tiny portion of our potential infinite selves, meaning after we go back into the universe we become fully able to create -or rather re-create our energy from a much more focused sense of being. SO there are many realms . SO if you want to create a realm in your full “ability” on the “other side” – then you can . Say you love golfing, or music or dancing. Well in infinity- all “things” can exist in a no space no time reality, meaning you can re-visit any event in history, past present or future. Like a theatre performance or a musical you missed here , or a wedding you were not invited to. You can even recreate your own wedding if it did not go well 🙂
    So I say yea, the afterlife is the ultimate reward but – where is it? Well Its all around us. Only our human perceptions are limited, a version of what we think we are. A holographic version of the universe in a smaller field. Does it exist in our universe? Yes heaven exists in our universe, and goes beyond. Think of opposites……Our Planet is a density, and needs an opposite to hold it, meaning Earth has a “heaven” and all planets have a “heaven”. A physical “seen” version and a non physical “unseen” higher vibrating version. SO heaven is in fact “here” we just do not “see” it. Q: Is it our of scope of our physical universe? Yes and no…mostly yes. Q If we make it to heaven, what would we be doing there? A> yes all souls “make” it to heaven. There is no big mean “bouncer” that says you can’t come home. Of course we all go there- some “ghosts” are stuck between “here and there” because they have addictions on earth or unsolved issues or ties to people or places (that where people speak of a dark hell, but its just simply the issues that they are still “stuck to”. So you once you heal all your heavy earth stuff and let go of this realm, you go happily back into the other side when everyone you ever knew greets you. Then you adjust back into the lightness of your energy, and you do what ever you choose to do. Very often we become guides of other humans here and assist them from a non visible force field as here it is a free will (free will to see or not see) So we choose to not be seen often and become a silent voice/guide for others on the earth path, as we are compassionate to the suffering and questions that we were exposed to on earth. Q: If we will be in spirit form as our soul should be, what are we supposed to do – sit idle the whole day and occasionally play hide and seek with Casper? LOL ! Hardly . There is no “all day” out side of our time realm. To the dead, or ascended, there is “no time” so we will all be together again in a brief “second”. In eternity, a life time to us seems very long, but in actual eternity it is a split second. (hence enjoying the realm while we are here) Q: Does heavenly bliss mean flying like a bird, playing golf and tennis the whole day, living in a castle by the clouds? A: If you want. Q: Are we even allowed to tell and laugh at dirty jokes in heaven? YES! We carry much of our personalities on the other side, and we are recognized for our gifts and talents and so we radiate towards souls of similar vibration and of course, laugh , play and tell jokes but usually there is no need for sarcasm or harsh humor – that is an earthly humor that not all ascendent beings respect or desire or have need for. Q: What then is the real purpose of the eternal bliss and heavenly existence? A: (more of a question) What purpose do u need when it is total endless bliss? Is that so bad? YEY! bliss. If bliss gets boring, well thats why we come here….for the contrast of it, to remember that we don’t need to suffer, we can be peaceful. Here is “the land of resistance” we resist bliss. We seek joy and happiness and love, then get scared of it, or create drama around everything, here we create and resist all kinds of imbalances towards bliss, harmony, true acceptance of each other, so in a way that is “hell” in my opinion. Thats what we refer to as hell in scripture….s it sounds just like many of the earth issues w ehave right now. Here we have an ego personality, we “live” in our emotional connection to our memory. Of course we would rather not be in hell, its hard and painful, thats what we make here , but beyond the illusion of ego , its not really all bad. that is just or ego’s illusion , simply.. ego’s memory’s of pain. Q If there’s no hell, could there be a reason for a heaven? Yea so we can be at home ! With out sickness, sadness, imbalance, and all the human pain body situations we face. If you perceive a hell or hellish reality here than surely there would be an opposite realm, wouldn’t you agree ? Q: can it some sort of a compensation our failed lives here on earth, that there is another one up there that really counts? A: Our lives DO count. Here, HUGELY . We came here as creator beings to create a better, more stable earth , an intention for the planet, but we forgot who we are. Compensation is rest time back home and from there sometimes we can do easier work. Q: Wouldn’t you at some point, be frightened with the boredom and monotony of living eternally, much like the notion of a timeless, ever existing universe? Hell no ! LOL . Bored in infinite dancing ? Instant creation of your endless creations?? I say thats where life begins, here, we sense life on many levels, taste touch sounds, experience, which is a glorious trip into “heaviness” in our bodys sensory perceptions, until we go back into “lightness” where the fuel is not in food, or anything that we know here. Oh its so broad and I could go on an don but its bed time for this human body! I like your blog! Tonight I was guided to this page, after visiting that “space” in meditation, I was clearly guided to come to this page and have no clue how I even found it. Thats how vibration works. Roughly a month ago I was at Niagara falls , and I am certain that is no coincidence, taking pictures from that very same view ad mother nature said a few people had questions I could answer. But anyway… my wiser self was excited to respond. From a few experiences, that we all share here on our planet, home away from home! See ya on the flip side ! Nice to connect with u all and I love the picture of the blue vortex. This was/is a beautiful energy to “visit” Blessings !

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