Email Blues II – Misrouted Messages

imagesThis is a sequel of some sort to my previous post – Email Blues. The other day a colleague of mine phoned me and asked “how do you recall an email? “ Ayayay.. It was obvious to me that he copied an unintended addressee and wanted to intercept the message before it got read by the recipient ! Microsoft Outlook email has a recall message feature but works only when the recipient hasn’t read the email – yet. If the message has already been read, the recall becomes mere formality because yikes, the harm had been done.

I recall many years ago, when my wife was still working in Pinas – we were on a long distance relationship that time – she had mistakenly addressed her mail for me to her boss, the president of the company ( she was an exec secretary at that time) ! She was raring to go home and hit the send key prematurely , without re-checking the addressee field 😦 The boss intercepted her before she walked out and showed the message on her screen – unopened in the inbox. The boss quipped “ by the way, as you can see, I haven’t read it yet. The subject was a bit strange so I called you to be sure “ 😉 LOL. Embarrassing ! I ultimately received the email and was glad there wasn’t any steamy language hehe.. and it was her response about my planned vacation to Manila 🙂

The thought of sending an email to an unintended party scares me, especially if has to do with office matters which are confidential in nature. I also see a lot of people quarelling on an issue over email – ugh. Why do we have to be stupid to have a transcript, a log of a squabble? A phone call is always best when it comes to settling arguments or disputes because it leaves no track for people to pick up and use against you in future. We all know that email is not the user’s exclusive property. In event of a criminal investigation, employers and email providers are bound by law to turn over email correspondences to the government, and this includes text and Blackberry messages. It may never happen to us but it is important to know our exposure. For now, avoidance of misrouted emails is paramount. A second check of the TO and CC lines wouldn’t harm before we finalize the transmission with the send button !



images12 One day, as I was doing the crossword on my 15 minute express train to work, I heard a strange sound coming from a guy who appeared to be dozing off, his head almost looking at the ceiling and with earphone wires dangling off his chest. Whrrrrrr….whrrrrrr.. This guy had both his hands in his jacket and was rewinding his Walkman tape ! I dunno but who would be lugging a Walkman unit these days when the dimunitive and handy MP3 player can store many more songs and play quality audio ?

images13I always prefer to take the cars at the west end of the train because I take the short cut route via the exits close to where our office is located. Before I claim my seat, I look around to check this particular middle aged looking guy if he is around because darn, he snores like a horse and I need to sit far away from him 🙂 Some people snore even of they doze off for a minute and this guy is one heck of a prolific snorer. It can be a real drag because you’d be making your seat mates miserable, more so if you are in a plane ! More than embarrassing , it disturbs people big time 😯



Rewind.. back to the summer of the 1989 at the CNE Grandstand, Toronto. I was one of the thousands impatiently waiting for The Nylons to finish with their gig so the Bee Gees can take the stage. Been almost 20 years and the venerable CNE Grandstand had been already been mothballed in 1994 yet the images of the opening song of that concert remains vivid in my memory. As the trio opened with Ordinary Lives, the audience burst into a thunderous applause and the words sort of gripped everyone with a very simple yet honest message :

We are ordinary people
Living ordinary lives

Such was the aura of the Bee Gees – family men, doting fathers, brothers in fact, Barry Gibb the eldest and the two younger twin brothers Robin and Maurice. It is amazing to see the group remain intact and make music for 40 years.  After all, they were family and the solidarity proved that blood is indeed thicker than water.  A sad moment in the concert was when they sang a song in honor of their youngest brother, Andy, an artist in his own right who died a year earlier due to drug overdose.  Tragedy struck the group permanently when Maurice died of illness in 2003. Future concerts of the Bee Gees is highly unlikely. The Beatles never had a concert after John Lennon died. As Ringo Starr said, it will be an odd feeling to be singing as the Beatles minus John. The Bee Gees are easily idenfied as the disco kings of the 70’s, noted for their outstanding soundtrack on Saturday Night Fever, the movie that launched the colorful career of John Travolta. Not many people know that they are capable of writing beautiful songs as they did for artists like Barbara Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Rogers, Dianna Ross and Celine Dion.

This song Charade was popularized by Pinoy artist  Hajji Alejandro with his Tagalog version – Tag-Araw, Tag-Ulan. The song became a hit in Pinas and was easily considered as the song that launched Hajji’s career as a recording artist. Ironically, Hajji’s version made the song easier to sing as a ballad, especially with the karaoke 🙂

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  1. Aside from misrouted emails, text messages sent to the wrong person in your phonebook is embarrassing as well, and is more likely to happen since you rarely review text messages before sending them. It happened to me once and the accidental recipient of the rather, steamy message (which was supposed to be a joke!) was a very much married woman who worked for a client of mine… sheesh! Had to send an apology message after that…

    As for the BeeGees, well, what can I say… they are a legend. 🙂

    • Sngl – ouch… text messages are kinda hard to control. The moment they’re gone – that’s it ! I was lucky enough to catch the Bee Gees as they were getting older, winding down on their tours 🙂

  2. Sending email for your boyfriend to the boss? OMG, that’s scary. Good that the boss wasn’t a peeping Tom and called her to it . I hope he deleted the email.

    Some people are old fashioned. They still like cassette tapes and VHS 🙂 I hate snorers. They disturb people a lot.

    Nice romantic song.

    • Irrealis – yes, the boss did delete the email in front of my wife, or I should say gf at that time . I was very embarrassing for sure. I had a chance to meet the boss later on 🙂

      That’s probably the reason why he was hinding the walkman in his jacket – too out of fashion. I abhor snorers to the max too 😦

  3. “…A second check of the TO and CC lines wouldn’t harm before we finalize the transmission with the send button” – agree to that.

    … also I’ve been a witness in fights caused by a misunderstood word in an email. I think phone calls or personal meet ups are still preferred in discussing important things.

    • Jeff – believe me, I’ve seen people warring with email, refusing to meet and even talk it out ! huh ?? Makes me think that they’re coward to face the
      consequences 😦

  4. How about if your wife or gf called you and began suggesting some “hot stuffs” while you’re in a meeting and the phone is in speaker mode, just like in that movie (i forgot the title).

    What I hate is when the guy next to you is not only sleeping but using your shoulder as pillow. What is worse kung nag lalaway pa. : D

    • Blogusvox – I remember that movie 🙂 I also heard of someone getting fired ( true story) because he said something bad about the senior manager on the other side of the conversation, their clients, and forgot to make sure that the mute button was on on the speaker phone ! ouch 🙂

      Using your shoulder as pillow – I’d stand up and see the guy fall so he wakes up hehehe 🙂

  5. Bee Gees fan here. =) I didn’t know that that song by Hajji was just a version. Heehee. I can just imagine how I’d react if I see someone still using a walkman. That’s… classic and cute, anyway. =)

    With regard to sending emails, I think I wrongly sent to a recipient in the past. Like I was searching through the global directory. Should be sent to someone from the Philippines but went to somewhere else. Luckily that was just an FYI mail and nothing trivial. Since then, I’ve been very careful.

    • Witsandnuts – fortunately Hajji made the song even more famous in Pinas . I’m sure he paid royalty fees to the composers 🙂

      Yeah, it’s embarrasing to use a walkman these days, isn’t it 🙂 Sending the email wrongly isn’t such a big deal if it is not confidential. The bad part is you’re copying a competing vendor or a company rep when you’re saying something negative about their service ugh 🙂

  6. I’ve never admitted I snore, how would I know? So I had wifey took a video, it wasn’t that bad, hehe..

    I’m extra careful hitting that “send” key. Double or triple check is a must before pounding the key.

    Maybe I had a drum of perspirations from the BeeGees disco songs when they were at their peak. They’re a classic alright.

    • TrueBlue – took a video of yourself ? I got to try that too.. I’ll take a video of my wife too hahaha 🙂

      It always pays to check the address section of the email – just in case 😉 I know the Bee Gees were hot for a while with the disco genre 🙂

  7. ha ha i cannot recall a misrouted email but i had had text messages sent to me by my boss which is supposed to be sent to someone. the trouble with messages is you automatically open it and read. it was a message sent to someone he endears (not really steamy but it has a tone that there is something to it) but i have the suspicion it was not his wife ha ha i sent back the email with a NOTE – ANO ITO? he was trying very hard to explain. we were in the same room when that happened. i was really amused.

  8. wow that e-mail thing is pretty interesting. and troubling at the same time LOL. alam mo si mother goose prolific snorer din, tapos pag ginising mo at sinabihan magagalit sasabihin di pa nga siya tulog LOL oopss i might get into trouble for saying that LOL

    • Prinsesa – one time our group of close friends and their family went on a weekend cottage trip. We rented a house and the basement was large so we call brought our cots and sleeping gears and slept side by side… then… we discovered who were snorers hehehe… believe it or not the strongest snorer was a woman 😆

  9. i always see people trying to recall emails…those using MS Exchange can do it if the message is still undelivered. not for other email servers though

    there’s no solution really just be careful when sending emails

    • Tutubi – right on… and in fact MS Exchange also asks a question to confirm the recall when it hits your inbox ! darn, what if the tsismoso user says no? ugh 😦

  10. In my line of work, I tend to rely on emails as an audit trail, to make sure that my ass is covered in all my dealings with people in and out of our department.

    I was a big fan of the Bee Gees’ music, especially during the 1970s when they reigned supreme. I count that Hajji Alejandro song as one of my all-time faves. Reminds me of my childhood crushes. Hehe 😀

    • Panaderos – right on bro. Always better to have evidence to cover your ass ! I hate it when someone replies OK and copies 100 other people 😡

      Hajji chose the right songs to promote his singing career it seems . His other hit song – Sige Pakasal Ka was from the song The Worst That Could HAppen by a group called the Brooklyn Bridge 🙂

  11. Hmmm…it has advantages to be old fashioned… after reading your blog post I might take out my old typewriter from the attic… to write old fashioned letters… 🙂

    • Sidney – better safe than sorry hehe 🙂 Which reminds me that I have not received any personal letters on the mail
      (except greeting cards) for years now, at least a decade !

  12. That misrouted email incident almost happened to me a few months back; good thing the company uses Lotus Notes which has recall function–and my boss hasn’t read the message yet. Whew!

    Talking about old-fashioned stuff, I miss the old telephone where you literally dial the numbers. I actually like its ‘strange’ sound haha. 🙂

    • Barry – we use MS Exchange and it does work but the fact that it ask the recipient to say yes to the recall ! duh – I mean what’s the point ?

      Talking about old fashioned, we still have rotary phones here because when you call customer service hotlines, you would hear – “if you don’t have touch tone phone, please stay on the line” LOL .. The remote areas still have the old telephone systems run by the mom and pop proprietors who own the only convenience store in town 🙂

  13. Everyone at one time or another had suffered embarrassment for misrouted emails, me included that’s why I don’t maintain mailing lists because sometimes I include the whole crowd when I want to send to a few 😦

    Believe it or not many people still use VHS and cassette tapes 🙂

    The BeeGees are versatile but it seems the world didn’t acknowledge their talent that well.

    • Natez1 – so true. Everyone seems to have suffered from the embarrasment. For me, I always goof up on sending meeting invites ( MS Outlook) putting either the wrong date or the wrong time so I have to send a recall 😦

      VHS and casette tapes are still around but methinks BETAMAX is completely dead.

      Many say the BeeGees are one dimensional and it is a strong perception of many people. Glad they were finally entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 which for many was rather late but of course, better than never.

  14. ako madalas manyari yung namamali ako ng nasesendan sa email, kaya ayun walang kawala..maganda nga yang email na yan.. ng microsoft, 🙂

    • Walongbote – ang alam ko most corporate class email systems have a recall feature kasi hindi talaga maiwasan ang misrouted email 😉 Thanks sa pagdaan mo 🙂

  15. I’ve never sent any email or text message by mistake, thank goodness. I really see to it that the address field has the correct information, and before pressing “send” on my phone I also double-check. However, I’ve sent wrong text messages on purpose before. One sure-way of getting a reply–hahaha!

    I actually want to get myself a walkman because on my most recent general cleaning and inventory of my material possessions (hehe) I discovered loads and loads of original cassette tapes I haven’t listened to for a long time. Some of the songs in those albums still can’t be found on the internet, and I’m dying to hear them again.

    I actually like the BeeGees, and my favorite is a song called Too Much Heaven. Funny how BeeGees concerts are always shown in buses.

    • Kat – good for you at maingat ka sa mga emails mo. Text is a bit of a problem kasi ang liit ng screen ng cell phone 😉

      I think there are still stores that sell walkman, I hope. If you have a large inventory of cassette tapes, it can be sayang. But my take on this is that MP3 don’t deteriorate like cassettes and methinks the quality of MP3 is better. I have gotten rid of my cassettes – true I miss some of the songs but I have freed up space in my cabinets too.

      Sosyal ang mga buses sa Pinas ha. Dito public buses are owned by the govt kaya walang entertainment hehe..

  16. Just wanna share this fave verse of mine kasi Holy Week na:

    “For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory.” Romans 11:36

    May you have a meaningful lenten season BW.

    • Lawstude – Happy Easter to you bro. I’ll be out of town for the long weekend. Good Friday is a national holiday here – not Holy Thursday though 🙂

  17. buti di binasa ng boss ng wife mo yung email. ako lagi nawro-wrong send sa text. especially if i mention someone, madalas dun sa someone ko nasesend. and 1 time boss ko yun. wahehehe.

    re walkman.. sayang daw yung cassette tapes.

    and kilala mo na mga kasabay mo sa train?

    at di daw available dito yung video

    • Tin – no naman kaya buti na lang hehe.. I ultimately met my wife’s boss at a function in Pinas and we didn’t ven joke/talk about it. My wife ( g/f ko pa noon) and me were in the same table with him and his g/f. He was a gentleman and even if he belonged to a prominent, well known family in Pinas, he was a down to earth guy 😎

      Sayang ang cassette tapes but storing them is a bit of a drag . Kilala ko itong si Mr. Snoreman at iniiwasan ko hehe.. Well, our trains here aren’t terribly packed so I kinda memorize some of the faces 😉

  18. i inadvertently sent a personal email to my boss. i wasn’t paying attention to the address line when i hit send. good thing my email was “decent”. the intended recipient was my bf!

  19. I won’t mind receiving an error message from you bro, giving me some insider info bout ur company. That’ll make me rich. LOL…

    Anyway, I think I had one misencounter like that with my mails and had caused me such huge problem, like when the error receiver kept on badgering me why I had to mail him that kind of message, despite my apologies.

    I’ve learned so well from that experience that now, I always make sure that my addressees are right.

    • Major Tom – that’s precisely why most companies like mine disallow us from accessing yahoo or gmail accounts from our internet browser ! Now anything I send through my corporate email account is the company’s property – scary eh ?

      That person who kept on badgering you…. hmm… girl ba? hahaha 🙂

  20. I forgot na bro, pero parang matandang dalaga na matrona na masungit. Ang lupit sa kakulitan…

  21. My old girlfriend had a name on my cell phone one line removed from her school friend, livi\ngh in Manila. Her friend, Fe, forwarded a tpextp to my gf, and was apparently very embarrassed by the contents (nothing naughty). I de ecided I never will have reason to text- Fe, and took her namoff my phone. Still, I am quite careful when addressing from the contacts list.

  22. Keith – anyone who has a cell would likely experience the same booboo. I have sent emails and text messages from my Blackberry to the wrong people too 😦 I have been very careful lately though and always make sure I check, recheck before hitting the send key. For extremely important communication, naughty or otherwise 😉 the good old phone call is still the best bet , additional airtime fee included – no audit trail to worry about 🙂

  23. I do not know if my snoring is prolific or not. I do know they have redone buildin g codes to accommodate my rumbles

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