Fussy Eater

images1I’m a person that likes to look at things at face value, with more of a take it or leave it mentality.  I’d love everything to suit my taste but also recognize things that can’t be changed. Let me rephrase – I hate straying from the standard,  making exceptions to something that is already set because I hate it when a request drags into an argument.  I believe that a restaurant menu exists because it serves a purpose – to keep things organized. My wife has a penchant for changing things in the menu, even worse, in fast food counters where every item is set and numbered, she’ll throw in something like – “oh, can I have half of this and half of that ?  Or can you put in some of that on this?”  It confuses the server and she’ll reply ” don’t worry – I’m willing to pay if you’ll charge me”.  Then the ” wait, I’ll check with my manager.. blah,blah ” routine  ensues resulting in delay. Gosh. Me ? No problem – give me THAT and everything that comes with the damn thing – pickles, sauerkraut, roasted bugs – whatever and I’ll shut my mouth. Darn, let’s get over with the ordering and start eating for godsakes 🙂 

Lately I’ve learned not to order big because I’ve been given the job of a swiper, a finisher. Very likely my daughter would consume half of what she orders and my wife a little bit more than half therefore we must be conscientious and not allow good food to be dumped into the waste bin when half of Africa is starving.  Additionally, I have to be prepared to swap my plate with the missus, just in case her order becomes a culinary disaster 🙂 “Yuk, this pasta alfredo tastes so crummy. Can we trade  ? “  When I sampled the pasta, it looked like it need a sprinkle of salt and my taste buds gave it a passing grade. Or perhaps, I just have the very non-discriminating taste buds of a pit bull hehe 🙂   I always ask my wife and daughter to place their orders first and when my turn comes, I’d likely say ” just french onion soup for me please”.  Being the finisher I have to leave a bit of room for my tummy.  It could be a drag when we are out on a trip, where we eat in restaurants for every meal. I’m the one who would likely bloat 🙂

Are you a fussy eater? For me being fussy these days doesn’t have to do much with taste but with the kind of food I eat. I’m learning how to drink coffee with low fat milk minus the sugar and boy I’m beginning to get the hang of it 🙂 And yes, I’m getting into the gym once again, after an absence of almost 7 years 😉

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