images2Telecommuting or working from home is a trend many companies embrace these days, especially with the pressure of decreasing that office real estate square footage that translates into precious and expensive dollars. With the advent of technology that allows both the office PC and telephone environments to be effectively replicated at a remote location, with the help of the ubiquituous and cheap internet of course, many companies these days are seriously considering a fraction of their workforce to work from home to boost productivity and achieve economies of scale. Given all the right scenarios – secure internet access, a reliable and efficient remote access system, portable phone system – the prospects for telecommuting is ripe. Moreover, telecommuting automatically satisfies a substantial part of disaster preparedness and contingency planning, when an unlikely repeat of 911 wouldn’t wreck that much havoc to a company if a portion of its work force is mobile and not concentrated in one location.

Some jobs are perfect for telecommuting – others are not. Job types notwithstanding, telecommuting isn’t for everybody. Even if it is OK for me to work from home, I still prefer to come to the office for at least 2 days in a week, just to chill with the folks and keep updated with what’s going on. In short, the social aspect of work life is pretty important to me and while I would relish working from home so I could go to the driving range anytime and hit balls 🙂 I still feel that need to connect with my peers and exchange ideas, socialize and feel I am part of an organization. I have heard of a staff working from home fired because the company found she was updating her Facebook account quite frequently. There are pros and cons with telecommuting but one thing is sure – when you’re working from home most of the time the company isn’t about to trust you 100%. Expect them to check logs, email activity, browsing time to get a sense of your productivity.

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You’ll Not Understand Everything

images1In the past 6 months I have been trying so hard to digest what has been happening to the global economy, seeking that faint light at the end of the tunnel with the hope that things might get better, companies will become profitable again, people will get their jobs back and prosperity will reign once more – but guess what – the more I read the papers and watch TV the more I get confused.  The stock market indices have rallied handsomely, the big Wall Street banks have become profitable again, consumers have started buying again, yet what you hear from the financial prophets is the total reverse of what you see around you, that the economy will tank for another year and a half before it rebounds.  Sure there are optimists amongst us but I am beginning to get sick and tired of seeing Obama bashers on TV who insist that Obama had done the wrong thing since day 1 and the world economy is headed for the doldrums.  You don’t need rocket science to figure out that George Bush was a moron and getting rid of him solved half of the problem. I thought I heard this morning what best describes the recent comeback of the stock market, when a financial guru compared the surge akin to Miley Cyrus’ rise to popularity 🙂 Translated – sure enough she draws people but she’s not a real talent. Call it euphemism or metaphor or whatever but darn, I kinda’ understood this one 😉


images2I like boxing but some of us seem unable to separate our spirituality from the sport that showcases the beast in us.  I have no problem with boxers who beseech their god for protection in a sport that can endanger their lives.  I have a problem however with people who attempt to glorify their god for their triumphs in such a brutal and gory sport.  A word of thanks to your god over the airwaves – yes , but more than that, keep it under your hat.  Stop etching biblical verses in your trunks and then beat the other guy senseless. It is hypocritical and moronic to say the least.  Sacrilegious might be the right word because it insults your god.  Engage in discussion forums intelligently – discuss boxing and avoid mentioning your god in vain, because attributing wins and defeats to your god underscores inequity and strays from the virtues of peace and love  your god  symbolizes.  Hey I’m not a preacher. I’m simply echoing thoughts that I have harbored for a while now which for the most part I had a difficult time understanding.

Where the hell did this virus strain come from ? Swines ? Now I’ve read reports that the virus actually came from a test laboratory 😯 Serious ? I am in a state of quandary over this and may never understand how this virus showed up, whether it indeed escaped from a captive environment or what not and I am left with no option but to protect myself !

Lastly, here’s an excerpt from book The Rules of Life.  Rule 34 – YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING.  Perhaps I should stop fretting about things I may never understand. My wife already gave up on reading maps 😉 Time for me to learn from her 😆


Look, we are tiny complex human beings in a huge complex world ( and even bigger universe). It is all so unimaginably, fantastically strange that believe me we will never be able to understand everything. And that applies to all levels and in all areas of life. Once you grasp this rule, you will sleep easier at night.

There are likely to be a few things going on around you right now, as there will always be, that will remain slightly outside your comprehension. People will behave oddly and you won’t understand why. Things will unexpectedly wrong or right and it won’t make sense. Spend all your time desperately trying to work it all out and you drive yourself crazy. Much better to just accept that there is stuff that we won’t understand and let it all go at that. How simple that is.

It’s the same principle for the big stuff – why things happen to us, why we are here, why we go afterwards, that sort of thing. Some of it we will never know, some of it we can try and work out, but I have a sneaking feeling it won’t turn out to be anything like we think.

It’s as if our lives are an enormous jigsaw and all we get access to is the bottom left hand bit. And from that we make this huge assumptions; ‘ oh, it’s a…’ But when the veil gets taken away we see that the jigsaw is massive and the one tiny bit we were scrutinizing was actually something else, and there we are looking at an entirely different picture to the one we’d imagined.

We are now collecting information faster than any human, or any computer can process it. We can’t understand it all. We can’t even begin to understand a tiny fraction of it. Same with our lives. Stuff is going on around us at such a rate we’ll never get to the bottom of it. Because as fast as we try, picture changes, new information comes in and our understanding alters.

Be curious, ask questions, wonder to yourself, talk to people if you like – but know that this won’t always give you a clear and concrete answer. People don’t always make sense. Life doesn’t always make sense. Let it go and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll never understand everything. Sometimes it just is.


imag003I’ve been living in this city for many years now and I always thought that times have changed from the days when people left their doors and backyard gates unlocked while they bike around the neighborhood. The fear of people snatching your prized possessions while you’re not around and even the thought of that dreadful home invasion had kept many folks untrusting and even xenophobic of strangers. An acquaintance of mine “lost” her wallet on three occasions – left it at a university library, dropped it at a subway station and inadvertently left it at a video rental counter. On all ocassions she got her wallet back. Good Samaritans called her at home and informed her of the whereabouts of her precious wallet. I can also recall an instance when I saw a young woman totally despondent at the loss of her wallet, walking and sobbing all over the supermarket floor and pleading ” please people. If you found my wallet, keep the money but just return my id’s and credit cards” It was truly a heartbreaking sight. I wish I could help but I simply couldn’t. Good and bad happens. Not all wallets lost are found. We all familiar with the name of the game – finders keepers, losers weepers.

An interesting experiment was conducted by the Toronto Star to measure the level of honesty of society. It deliberately dropped 20 wallets that “contained $43.77, photo identification, baby pictures, receipts, a grocery list, a love note and an emergency contact number” wanting to find out how many finders would call in and return the wallets. What is so different about this test is it is done during a wicked recession when the economy is slow and people are worried about losing their jobs. So far 16 wallets have been returned. What is interesting to note is the experimenters actually recorded the precise places where the wallets were dropped. Methinks the drop spots chosen were a cross section of the economic demographics of the city. The testers are still waiting for calls on the 4 missing wallets. They may or may not come back. Even if they didn’t, 16 out of 20 ( 80%) return rate isn’t bad at all.

Many years ago I found a man’s wallet that contained no money but a bunch of ATM cards, credit cards and ID’s. I found that the man’s residence was at the suburbs, at least 45 minutes away from downtown where I found the wallet, close to the building where I worked. I went to a nearby drug store that had a post office outlet and mailed the wallet in a courier type envelop to the man’s home address. I didn’t put a return address. It cost me a little less than 5 bucks for my effort. The hassle the man will go through obtaining his cards from scratch would have been painful. 5 bucks won’t hurt me at all so I decided to help. Survey shows that women are more honest than men when finding wallets. Impressive but not quite consistent across the board. When it comes to telling one’s age, men are more honest than women 🙂  What gives ? Dare to explain? Nah, whatever  stats may say, honesty is always the best policy 😉

Here’s a test done by Readers Digest in 2001 in many countries. The results are quite interesting.

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manny-pacquiao-ricky-hattonIt’s only 2 days before the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, dubbed as the Battle Between the East and West and I am catching the last bus to bloglandia to join the fray of soothsayers trying to predict the outcome of this super fight, so far the biggest fight of the year.  After Manny’s win over de la Hoya last December 6,  I was surprised that my post PACQUIAO – PERFECTION NEEDED TO BEAT DE LA HOYA had lots of hits, only for people to find out that the post was dated November 26 !  People thought it was a post fight analysis, but it wasn’t.  It was an opinion, that if Pacquiao had to win, he had to be perfect and he was – well,  almost 🙂

This time around it will be a little different, with both men almost the same height, same weight. A lot of people perhaps don’t understand what the de la Hoya victory meant to Manny.  Vanquishing the much bigger de la Hoya was like slaying Goliath . In truth, he had no business fighting de la Hoya but he had to and won convincingly.  Manny’s confidence is at the crest of the wave right now and it is safe to assume that Manny feels he will beat anyone smaller than de la Hoya.  Knowing Manny’s killer instinct when he gets in the ring, he is even more lethal with the confidence.

Nothing against Hatton but his recent change of trainer might work to his disadvantage. His rushing , slugging style is what made him Ricky Hatton notching 45 wins in the process. He was beaten by Floyd Mayweather Jr. because his style was the antithesis to Mayweather’s craft – a fast , elusive and skilled boxer.  Now he wants to change his style and be a boxer rather than a slugger ? If he can become 80% of Juan Manuel Marquez overnight, yes but I doubt it. He will get more heat from Pacquiao than Mayweather in case he doesn’t know.

An hour ago I watched a replay of Hatton’s fight with light hitting Juan Lazcano, his next fight after the loss to Mayweather and boy I thought he was in real trouble if not for the partisan referee’s ( the fight was in Manchester) creativity. When Hatton was hurt and clinching, the ref gave Lazcano a sermon for either holding or hitting below the belt and if the reprieve wasn’t enough, ordered Hatton’s corner to tie up his loose shoe laces ! The lull gave Hatton his senses back and went on to win with a decision. Let me cut it short. The Pacman will be one step ahead of Hatton the whole night. When Hatton comes in with his bread and butter left hook to the body, watch for the Pac nail him with a thunderous left to the head.  Sure lucky punches do happen in a fight but the Pac, other than being the more complete boxer of the two, is a relentless, non-stop fighting machine. Hatton will receive more punches than he will throw and when that happens, you know what the outcome is.




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