manny-pacquiao-ricky-hattonIt’s only 2 days before the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, dubbed as the Battle Between the East and West and I am catching the last bus to bloglandia to join the fray of soothsayers trying to predict the outcome of this super fight, so far the biggest fight of the year.  After Manny’s win over de la Hoya last December 6,  I was surprised that my post PACQUIAO – PERFECTION NEEDED TO BEAT DE LA HOYA had lots of hits, only for people to find out that the post was dated November 26 !  People thought it was a post fight analysis, but it wasn’t.  It was an opinion, that if Pacquiao had to win, he had to be perfect and he was – well,  almost 🙂

This time around it will be a little different, with both men almost the same height, same weight. A lot of people perhaps don’t understand what the de la Hoya victory meant to Manny.  Vanquishing the much bigger de la Hoya was like slaying Goliath . In truth, he had no business fighting de la Hoya but he had to and won convincingly.  Manny’s confidence is at the crest of the wave right now and it is safe to assume that Manny feels he will beat anyone smaller than de la Hoya.  Knowing Manny’s killer instinct when he gets in the ring, he is even more lethal with the confidence.

Nothing against Hatton but his recent change of trainer might work to his disadvantage. His rushing , slugging style is what made him Ricky Hatton notching 45 wins in the process. He was beaten by Floyd Mayweather Jr. because his style was the antithesis to Mayweather’s craft – a fast , elusive and skilled boxer.  Now he wants to change his style and be a boxer rather than a slugger ? If he can become 80% of Juan Manuel Marquez overnight, yes but I doubt it. He will get more heat from Pacquiao than Mayweather in case he doesn’t know.

An hour ago I watched a replay of Hatton’s fight with light hitting Juan Lazcano, his next fight after the loss to Mayweather and boy I thought he was in real trouble if not for the partisan referee’s ( the fight was in Manchester) creativity. When Hatton was hurt and clinching, the ref gave Lazcano a sermon for either holding or hitting below the belt and if the reprieve wasn’t enough, ordered Hatton’s corner to tie up his loose shoe laces ! The lull gave Hatton his senses back and went on to win with a decision. Let me cut it short. The Pacman will be one step ahead of Hatton the whole night. When Hatton comes in with his bread and butter left hook to the body, watch for the Pac nail him with a thunderous left to the head.  Sure lucky punches do happen in a fight but the Pac, other than being the more complete boxer of the two, is a relentless, non-stop fighting machine. Hatton will receive more punches than he will throw and when that happens, you know what the outcome is.




  Adam Lambert looks like a star and sings like a star. He is the hands down favorite to bring home the bacon. His persona is a weird combination of Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, and Boy George. He can definitely sing and looks better than anyone of them.  Last Wednesday he was for the first time in he contest, after a stellar preformance the day before, in the bottom 2 !  He wasn’t eliminated but very close – what was America thinking ? Have they gotten an overdose of his punk rock performances ? In terms of voice quality, methinks Danny Gokey possesses the best.  If America prefers the more mainstream idol persona with the likes of Taylor Hicks and David Cook, then Danny Gokey is a shoo-in.  Minus all the grandstanding and fireworks which seems to be Lambert’s forte, Gokey sings better than anyone in the top 5 in my opinion.

Here’s Adam Lambert in his younger years singing The Prayer in a duet. If you notice, he sings the part that normally women sing, ala Celine Dion 🙂  He’s some talent for sure.


45 Responses

  1. Pacquiao wins by decision but it is going to be a hard win.

    I also think Adam Lambert has got all he needs to win the contest. It only depends on his choice of songs.

    • Natez1 – methinks it will be a win for Pacquiao too because Hatton will get more leather than Manny 🙂

      As long as Lambert doesn’t go over the top, I think he will win.

  2. Adam Lambert is really good but he is more of a rocker. I liked Matt Giraud a lot but he goot booted out.. sigh

    • Irrealis – I don’t know but sometimes Adam Lambert does look like Boy George 🙂 Matt didn’t have the range like the others do but lucky for him he made it to the top 5.

  3. Manny all the way dudes. Hatton sucks. 6 rounds max. Hail to the P4P king The Pacman. Cheers.

  4. The horses had left the starting gate, they can’t go back, meaning my bet two days ago is in the hands of Hatton. If Pakyaw wins, his gloves needs to be investigated, he must be hiding some blades and ballbearing inside, hehe….there’s still hope for me, the fight hasn’t started yet.

    Only watch news on TV, so I’m not well-informed on any shows. More money to the winner and financial security, goodluck to any of them.

    • TrueBlue – no backing anymore eh ? Vanquished foe, David Diaz actually asked the Pacman if he had blades in his glove coz Diaz had a cut in his head, above the ear area – a very unlikely place 🙂

      Hope you didn’t bet too much on Hatton 😉

  5. it’s zero-crime day again in the Philippines, thanks to Pacman. I hope he wins. I also want to see his mom’s reaction while watching on TV; she’s quite a character. 😛

    and Adam of AI is one character, too, but too theatrical for my taste. Allison and Gokey for me would have a chance at commercial success, which is what AI is really all about. In this week’s round, Gokey was the hands-down best singer. He showed a classy performance without being over-the-top.

    • Barrycade – even the police may not be around to police the streets 🙂 The mom will be praying the rosary as usual 😉 but she will have a ball after the fight with the celebrations 🙂

      You got the right word – too theatrical, with the attire and the song changes. I like Gokey’s chances btw. I think he is the only threat to Lambert.

  6. Pacman all the way.

    • MyePinoy – right on ! are you going to be watching the fight on Pay Per View with the boys bro ? 🙂

  7. Winner – Hatton
    How – TKO by 10
    Knockdowns – 2 (Hatton in rd 2, Pacman in rd 10)
    Scores – 85-85 after 9th
    Rounds – 9 1/2
    Cuts – Pacquiao over eye (from headbutt) Hatton over eye (from punch)

    • Slumdog – unbelievable prediction ! I like Roach’s prediction on Manny’s win btw and he seems to be always right 🙂

  8. The Pacman will be one step ahead of Hatton the whole night. <<< Great prediction – TRUE indeed! 🙂 I told my dad before the fight that Hatton will be knocked down by Manny on the 2nd round.

    • Maree – wow, your prediction was even better ! I just thought that Manny’s speed will be a big advantage in the fight and Hatton’s rushing style is perfect for him 🙂

  9. adam lambert was in the bottom 2 because it became known he was gay and that’s just sad. it overshadowed his talent.

    • Jeff – really ? I never read any statement from him confirming that he is gay. I know Clay Aiken confirmed he is gay years after his successful career as a recording artist. But then again Clay placed second in the contest but is more successful than Reuben Stoddard, the winner of that year !

  10. Wow, bw, you got it right, days before the fight, you knew what will happen. Your analysis was right on the dot. Hatton didn’t know what hit him.
    About Adam, I hope he wins… His vocal range is wide, and he has charm. Whatever they say about his gender, well, he is who he is, as he said.

    • Naya – I did some analysis watching Hatton’s previous fights hehe 🙂 For some reason I had a feeling Pacquiao’s left would bring home the bacon because aside from Manny’s speed advantage, Hatton has technical problems with southpaws, esp a really hard puncher like Manny will give him trouble 🙂

      Adam is a complete singer and we can only hope people would have fairness in their choice but again, not winning the Idol seems not to matter any more, just look at Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry 😉

  11. Pacquiao gave Hatton the “Humanitarian” punch according to one writer. And true enough it was. Had the fight went on to 3, Hatton will be totally damaged.

    • MyePinoy – that’s true bro. The connect percentage was very lopsided. Hatton only had 18 clean hits while Pacquiao had more than twice, if not thrice the count ! It was only a matter of time before Hatton would succumb to the onslaught !

      I think now the issue is, that at higher weights, boxers are generally slower but Manny’s speed is still the same ! His advantage is shining even more if he fights heavier guys 😉 I say bring on Floyd Mayweather Jr, 🙂

  12. Umm, I guess by the time this comment sees print everyone would have known that Pakyaw won by TKO in the 2nd round. Now that the fight is over, we will again see the likes of Singson and Atienza standing by Pacquiao, cheering as if they themselves won the fight. Then again, it’s just boxing, after all that hoopla dies down, it’s back to reality once more.

    Oh and, I really hope he stays away from politics, but from the look of things, he’s raring to have another go at it… sheesh,

    • Sngl – hey, I believe they are the ninongs of Pacquaio’s new daughter. I’ve read that VP Noli de Castro is also a ninong so they’re now compadres of Pacquiao watching at the ringside hehe 🙂

      I think Pacquiao has one more compelling fight – w/ Floyd Mayweather and he should hang up his gloves and embark on a business career and enrich himself as much as he wants. Politics doesn’t seem to fit him IMO.

  13. LOL basta tapos na ang laban at natapos ng walang kinalaman si hatton LOL kaso naisip ko sobrang ikli sayang ang mahal na ticket. sayang din ang energy na inipon ko! tapos agad eh!

    • Prinsesa – I was at my buddy’s house and we were a noisy bunch I tell you. After the fight I stayed on for another hour coz we replayed the bout four times with slow motion and did our town hall post fight analysis hehe 🙂 It was pretty quick, obviously much quicker than his 3 round defeat of Morales 🙂

  14. Another Pacquiao win, a quickie. I’m so glad I didn’t order the fight. Nalugi sana ako.

    I was too busy to blog about that Lambert landing in bottom 2. I never get America sometime. I don’t really think Danny Gokey is outstanding.

    • Ewok – me too. Well, perhaps I could have watched the undercard where Concepcion a Pinoy won 😉 I arrived at my buddy’s place, our usual hangout for Pacquiao fights coz he works for the cable company timely enough to watch the fight before the Pacquiao fight. Darn, I just had one beer and the night was over 🙂

      It may have been that Lambert’s flashiness, his rocking style was over the top. Of the remaining three, Gokey has the best vocal range, Chris has the looks, Iraheta has a good vocal range too but has personality problems. I also think Iraheta is a dark horse like Gokey.

  15. Looks like you were right-on on your analysis. I didn’t see the fight. I must be the only Filipino who hasn’t. hehe. But I did read about it. $12 million for Pacquiao and $8 million for Hatton. $8 million is not bad for getting his head bashed in. hehe

    • Wil – that’s just the guaranteed price money. It excludes the share from the pay per view receipts so the Pac could probably get another $3M. Yep, what a way to earn a living eh 🙂

  16. it all ends to the totality of the fighter, the coach and the whole team. i believe boxing requires teamwork.

    congratulations to team pacquiao.

    • Dong – many Birtish fans have exhorted Ricky to retire. The way he was knocked out wasn’t pretty. It’s his health vs money this time. The Pacquiao team is really solid, esp with the addition of ex champ Michael Moorer which paid off. Bring on Mayweather !

  17. Remarkable win for Pakyaw. One huge asset I’ve noticed is Pakyaw doesn’t seem to close his eyes, always looking for every opening. Hatton lasted 10 rounds with Floyd, so Mayweather must not be that good, but I’ll have to watch how he fares with Marquez comes July 18. I have the gut feeling this will be called-off for one reason or another, IF Floyd is not paid to his liking or his ego’s desire. Then, they’ll just work out a Mega-Mega SuperFight with the Pakyaw in November or December.

    • TrueBlue –

      Here’s an excerpt from a Welsh discussion forum :

      “Ricky headless Hatton looked like a 1920 oldsmobile with no motor, no brakes, no gears, no fuel, no driver at the wheel (certainly no brain in whatever was behind the wheel) there was nothing there except a tiny sliver of gravity, helping the old crock bang on like an old bent empty beer can clanking down a slight incline at about 2 mph till he came to rest bang against a concrete curb..lights out..”

      “At least he has won a world title, have you ? This was one fight too many, but who could possibly have foreseen the outcome ? Now Ricky please retire, you did us proud while it lasted.”

      As usual, people always attempt to deny the Pac man the full credit. Diaz wasn’t in the same league, De La Hoya was flat, Hatton wasn’t himself ….. blah blah.. I hope this win silenced those dummies who still clamor for a Pacman- Marquez fight when the score is 1.5 – 0 in favor of the Pac. Why would you fight someone who you hasn’t beaten you in 2 fights ? duh 😦

      Well, Mayweather definitely cherry picked a smaller guy in the person of Marquez who is dying to get a decent pay. You see Marquez has no charisma and by himself cannot set up great paying fights. He has to capitalize on the opponent’s fame to get a decent pay. I say this is a tune up fight for Mayweather to get to the Pacman. If Mayweather beat de la Hoya in a decision and Hatton in 10, the Pac dispatched de la Hoya in 8 and Hatton in 2. When they meet, what would be the likely outcome? They say the only thing that beats statistics is luck 🙂

  18. A great win by Pacquiao indeed. Pacman is on the front page of every sports news these past two days. He is even included in TIME’s top 100 most influential people in the world. Amazing.

    • Natez1 – yes, I’ve seen that to while I was bloghopping for the last 2 days. Here’s an excerpt from CNN :

      Steve Hopkins May 3rd, 2009 1830 GMT

      “He is undoubtably the best fighter in his class. But a true hero to the Philippines? How much of those Vegas millions have trickled down to the poor people of General Santos City? Where are the children’s hospitals? Where are the new computers in the schools? Where are the free vaccines for the poorest of the poor? It should take more than being a good boxer to be a true hero of the Filipino people. “

      I say the commenter is spot on. It is one thing to rejoice and celebrate his sports victory and get inspired by it but I don’t know why he is revered a “hero”. I think some people have totally gone nuts about him.

  19. My good friend James Doyle in Toronto, would be saying in his heavy, heavy Scottish accent “bettah hang up Recky Boyh!”

    The irony is, that’s what happens iwhen you lose – your dedicated fans now wants to hang you upside down, hehe….

    Heard Mosley/Pakyaw might be a possibility. This fight would give Pakyaw maybe 40 to 50 million dollars more in his treasure chest. This would be the big one.

    • Now we will start seeing the promoters using their proteges to get the best profit from the fight. Marquez is with Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather has his own promotion. Reportedly Mayweather vowed not to deal with Bob Arum. He and Arum aren’t in a good relationship but money talks. We don’t know how much money Mayweather will demand for a Pacauiao fight if he beats Marquez. I figure it would be an outrageous amount knowing Floyd’s ego.

  20. […] of hits, only for people to find out that the post was dated November 26 !  People thought it w click for more var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : […]

  21. I shelled out money to watch the game live. Pacquiao was awesome. But as always, I watched the post-fight analysis provided by foreign analysts. I think they provide a more objective analysis than our local analysts.

    Sorry for the rather long absence, Pards. Had too many things to attend to at work. Take care. 🙂

    • Totally agree with you. I have very high respect for British sports journalists who were very objective and honest in their predictions of the fight.

      No worries mate. Blogging would be in the back seat of our priorities so take your time.

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