You’ll Not Understand Everything

images1In the past 6 months I have been trying so hard to digest what has been happening to the global economy, seeking that faint light at the end of the tunnel with the hope that things might get better, companies will become profitable again, people will get their jobs back and prosperity will reign once more – but guess what – the more I read the papers and watch TV the more I get confused.  The stock market indices have rallied handsomely, the big Wall Street banks have become profitable again, consumers have started buying again, yet what you hear from the financial prophets is the total reverse of what you see around you, that the economy will tank for another year and a half before it rebounds.  Sure there are optimists amongst us but I am beginning to get sick and tired of seeing Obama bashers on TV who insist that Obama had done the wrong thing since day 1 and the world economy is headed for the doldrums.  You don’t need rocket science to figure out that George Bush was a moron and getting rid of him solved half of the problem. I thought I heard this morning what best describes the recent comeback of the stock market, when a financial guru compared the surge akin to Miley Cyrus’ rise to popularity 🙂 Translated – sure enough she draws people but she’s not a real talent. Call it euphemism or metaphor or whatever but darn, I kinda’ understood this one 😉


images2I like boxing but some of us seem unable to separate our spirituality from the sport that showcases the beast in us.  I have no problem with boxers who beseech their god for protection in a sport that can endanger their lives.  I have a problem however with people who attempt to glorify their god for their triumphs in such a brutal and gory sport.  A word of thanks to your god over the airwaves – yes , but more than that, keep it under your hat.  Stop etching biblical verses in your trunks and then beat the other guy senseless. It is hypocritical and moronic to say the least.  Sacrilegious might be the right word because it insults your god.  Engage in discussion forums intelligently – discuss boxing and avoid mentioning your god in vain, because attributing wins and defeats to your god underscores inequity and strays from the virtues of peace and love  your god  symbolizes.  Hey I’m not a preacher. I’m simply echoing thoughts that I have harbored for a while now which for the most part I had a difficult time understanding.

Where the hell did this virus strain come from ? Swines ? Now I’ve read reports that the virus actually came from a test laboratory 😯 Serious ? I am in a state of quandary over this and may never understand how this virus showed up, whether it indeed escaped from a captive environment or what not and I am left with no option but to protect myself !

Lastly, here’s an excerpt from book The Rules of Life.  Rule 34 – YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING.  Perhaps I should stop fretting about things I may never understand. My wife already gave up on reading maps 😉 Time for me to learn from her 😆


Look, we are tiny complex human beings in a huge complex world ( and even bigger universe). It is all so unimaginably, fantastically strange that believe me we will never be able to understand everything. And that applies to all levels and in all areas of life. Once you grasp this rule, you will sleep easier at night.

There are likely to be a few things going on around you right now, as there will always be, that will remain slightly outside your comprehension. People will behave oddly and you won’t understand why. Things will unexpectedly wrong or right and it won’t make sense. Spend all your time desperately trying to work it all out and you drive yourself crazy. Much better to just accept that there is stuff that we won’t understand and let it all go at that. How simple that is.

It’s the same principle for the big stuff – why things happen to us, why we are here, why we go afterwards, that sort of thing. Some of it we will never know, some of it we can try and work out, but I have a sneaking feeling it won’t turn out to be anything like we think.

It’s as if our lives are an enormous jigsaw and all we get access to is the bottom left hand bit. And from that we make this huge assumptions; ‘ oh, it’s a…’ But when the veil gets taken away we see that the jigsaw is massive and the one tiny bit we were scrutinizing was actually something else, and there we are looking at an entirely different picture to the one we’d imagined.

We are now collecting information faster than any human, or any computer can process it. We can’t understand it all. We can’t even begin to understand a tiny fraction of it. Same with our lives. Stuff is going on around us at such a rate we’ll never get to the bottom of it. Because as fast as we try, picture changes, new information comes in and our understanding alters.

Be curious, ask questions, wonder to yourself, talk to people if you like – but know that this won’t always give you a clear and concrete answer. People don’t always make sense. Life doesn’t always make sense. Let it go and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll never understand everything. Sometimes it just is.


30 Responses

  1. I’m like your wife, I have given up map reading. I think a lot of us have done that, that’s why there’s a gps for all of us who said enough of reading the map 😀

  2. That’s an unfair comment to Miley Cyrus. She is a teen idol – what do you expect ?

    hahaha..poor Piglet. The cartoon is hilarious 🙂

    Ok, I can sleep better now after reading that rule. People are weird. I don’t want to over stress myself if someone stops talking to me as long as I did nothing wrong.

    • Yeah, I guess the guru will get a phone call from Billy Ray Cyrus, MIley’s dad 🙂

      Hmmm.. someone isn’t talking to you anymore – is it a guy ? 😉

  3. Hay nako, I don’t read the business page for the reason you stated above, I just try to work harder and hope for the best.

    I’ve always found it hard to associate a violent sport like boxing with God. it’s kinda like… POW! take that in the name of God! Heh, imagine thanking God for helping him beat the sense out of another human being.

    Love that cartoon, hehehe

    • I also feel that certain powers have been manipulating the media, to drive the market either up or down 😦

      Know what, I’ve been to boxing forums that talk about Pacquiao’s pound 4 pound qualities and I just get peeved when fellow Pinoys get into the forum and pitch in their opinions which has nothing to do with boxing skills whatsoever. One guy railroads everybody by saying that Pacquiao’s being Pinoy has got to do with it or that it’s God’s will, Manny’s generosity, blah blah that he became P4P champ. Fine you can say that in your own blog but in a forum when people debate about the qualification of a P4P champ, it’s totally out of context. It just pisses me off 😦

  4. statistics show that most teenagers dont know how to locate the usa in the map, why do you think this is so?

    we will never really understand everyhting. amen to that.

    • As for North Americans being poor in geography, I guess it has to do with their general disinterest with other places because they enjoy and value their hometowns so much. Whereas we Pinoys are so enamoured by other places and countries so we become conscious of geography more IMHO and I can only speak of my generation.

  5. These financial experts have their own opinions which are nothing but speculations. I read that the market reacts to news and nothing else.

    With the biblical verses on the trunks, you must be referring to Evander Holeyfield?

    Who cares about swine virus anyway. You go out you feel as if nothing happened. Pooch I think is right hehe 🙂

    • So true and it is also perplexing because lately I’ve seen stock prices go down when the company announces profit 😯 It’s crazy.

      Yes, Evander is one boxer who has it on his trunks. IMHO Manny Pacquiao is OK. It’s his fans who are nuts and treat him like a godsend duh 😦

  6. “When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”

  7. God always listens to PakYaw and Donya Diony. Wish I can interview both when Pakyaw losses.

    Trevor Immelman who won the Master’s last year said:
    it’s his time to win the Master as God said so – something to that effect. If you look at first time winners in any sport, they always have good stories to tell, or their ancestors are looking down on them and god is always on their side. Crocs!

    There are too many self-righteous out there who blame Obama for everything. This Flipino guy from San Francisco I’m butting head with, claim it;s Barack’s fault when Dow plummets today, or tomorrow. He goes on to say Obama has black heart, black mind, very dark lips. What an idiot!

    • To be fair, I have no problem with Donya Diony praying her son doesn’t get hurt nor with Manny saying he’s gifted with strength. What I have a problem with are fellow Pinoys who participate in public boxing forums and make senseless comments like Manny is a godsend or he is a magnificent Pinoy with the blood of Lapu-Lapu arrgghh.. I would rather take someone who says that Pacquiao’s strength comes from rice, daing and balut 🙂 Get the gist ? 😉

      As for Obama bashers, dunno man. IF he’s trying to save the economy by pledging govt money, how do you think he will repay them back? Taxes will rise – that’s a given and a way out of govt bankruptcy !

  8. that cartoon is awesome. LOL. and violent. LOL. i think that boxing and spirituality can be one. you just have to think about boxing in a professional way. hindi naman niya basta ginulpi na lang yung tao diba? it’s a sport. about the financial crisis, i was wondering nga, if all of the world’s currencies are out, where did all the money go?

    • Absolutely correct and it’s a dangerous too. We should look at it as sport period . Frankly many people feared for Hatton’s like as he lay nmontionless for 2 minutes.

      Most of people’s wealth are not in hard cash but assets and when assets devalue like what happened in this nasty financial meltdown, people’s net worth also devalue. It is estimated that people who kept their assets in stocks and mutual funds lost between 30-40% of its value. Historically speaking, stocks and mutual funds will come back over a period of time but since this recession is the most brutal, we don’t know how many years it could regain its value – maybe 2years maybe 5 or even more.

  9. I am a Pacquiao fan but let me just say that he and his mother shouldn’t be looked up to as role models when it comes to matters of Religion.

    As far as the economy is concerned, I’ve become disdainful of economists. I have a higher regard for the views of people who actually run businesses. I believe businessmen, being in the battlefront of the economy, have a much better view of the battles that are going on.

    Economists, on the other hand, are nothing more than backseat drivers IMHO. They tell us when the economy’s looking up after everybody else know that it is and they tell us that the economy’s in a downward spiral only after the rest of us have already started feeling it.

    Have a great weekend, Pards!

    • Do you remember that British boxer Prince Naseem ? Man, I always get peeved when he is interviewed. Rather than answering questions, the guy will abruptly do a quick sermon about his god on TV. It is so annoying 😦

      Yep, economists also disagree on many things between themselves, and that’s why you don’t really know who is telling the truth !

      I just heard that in Canada auto sales are up by 6% last month and house prices increased by 11 % this April. I don’t know what this means. I try not to overspend, invest my money smartly, spend smartly but for pete’s sake I also have to live a life and not spend the whole day on the couch watching TV – so I got to go out and enjoy the weather, the scenery and entertain myself 🙂

      Have a nice weekend bro 🙂

  10. “There are likely to be a few things going on around you right now, as there will always be, that will remain slightly outside your comprehension. People will behave oddly and you won’t understand why. Things will unexpectedly wrong or right and it won’t make sense. Spend all your time desperately trying to work it all out and you drive yourself crazy. Much better to just accept that there is stuff that we won’t understand and let it all go at that. How simple that is.”

    -Phew! i love this! hahaha sometimes you just have to let it all go and stop bugging your poor neurons trying to figure out and explain everything this world has to offer, well except if you want to go nuts! hahahaha TC BW! I missed hopping in here! hahaha

    • right on ! No need to rack our brains and stress our heart with issues we cannot explain. I’m giving up on a lot of things and let them flow hehehe. Who cares. Glad to see you again.

  11. i really wonder how miley cyrus became so famous. 😦

    it’s expected that those who did not vote for obama will blame him for everything bad happening. and george bush’s fanatics will ride on the issue, of course. the blind leading the blind.

    as to manny and his mother, i sometimes find it amusing how they flaunt their religiosity. i maybe tagged cynical but they’re just playing the role he he

    i refuse to think about the swine flu and virus anymore. it makes my head ache about the possibility of thousands of people having to die of a disease that mutated from exactly where i do not know.

    • I guess he fame had to do with the Hanna Montana character. My daughter is only yet she’s a big fan of her 🙂

      People are impatient and as expected anti sentiments are always fueled by the opposition.

      I’m more peeved by Pinoys who can’t participate in forums properly, who can’t discuss objectively with post fight analysis or predictions ( now Pacquiao vs Mayweather jr.). Geez it is so embarrasing when you attribute Manny’s spectacular achievement to NOTHING else except his being Filipino or being a godsend. Same with Arnel Pineda. I have been in discussionforums how he is being compared to Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey. THere was one Pinoy who described Arnel’s crisis with poverty and then his miraculous assent to greatness …. as if parang panahon na para ang bansa ay papasok sa promised land… ugh… 😦 Sorry na lang subalit … pwede bang whag nating pagusapan ang kahirapan ng tao, ang problema ng bansa natin at pagusapan nating ang tunay na issue, kung bakit magaling ang tao, at bakit naiiba siya ?

  12. there are too many negative things surrounding us right now. i guess the trick is to keep breathing,stay positive and always remember that happiness is a state of mind.

    this is a very nice post. :p

    • You got it bro. Other than breathing 😆 positive thinking helps. And if I may add, don’t be too overly sensitive and concerned to what others MAY think about you. I realized that if you do that you won’t achieve much. Just my 2 cents.

  13. The recent economic woes in America was such a telling disaster or catastrophe that I do not think a change in administration and a couple of years of reform could resolve it, it’ll take some time. I hope the Obama should not commit the same mistake as the Bush Administration did, spoiling big banks to no end, even allowing them what was usually and previously unsound banking practices.

    • I think America and the rest of the world had learned a very painful lesson with the global meltdown that rendered many companies bankrupt. I’m working for a Wall Street bank and I’m a bit relieved that we survived the crisis, albeit barely ;shock:

  14. Hey, BW I read that Canada lifted the travel ban to Mexico. Looks like the swine flu scare is over 🙂

    • That’s great news but I’d give it 6 months more before I board a plane to Cancun sis. It’s still risky methinks. This announcement might have to do with economic pressure. Tourism to Mexico had been decimated by this scare 😦

  15. Noy,

    Di mo ba napansin na most spanish colonized nation have a folk hero mentality and most never outgrow this? Kaya ayan si Erap…”Ang taga-sagip ng mahirap!”….Ngayon naman si Manny Pacquiao na hindi lang P4P champion kundi meron din siyang extra power na magnet ng mga mabahong politiko ng Pilipinas! Marami rin tayong successful at award winning comics illustrators at animators na dala ng upbringing nila sa mga folk heroes belief ay nagamit nila sa creativity ng pag-iisip nila ng mga iba-ibang comic book heroes.

    “that the economy will tank for another year and a half before it rebounds”….O baka naman this is how long it will take to bail out (and OMG! how many trillion$ more) the very greedy people and corporations who caused the economic downfall to get started again on another game of “Kuwarta o Kahon!”

    Noy, Kung gusto mong pag-aralan ang ibat-ibang klase ng resulta ng frustrations ng human beings, pumunta ka sa mga forums na maraming Pilipinas based Pinoys. Maraming hirap at araw-araw na pag sikmura sa chopsuey gobyerno ng Pilipinas ang sanhi ng mga ridiculous comments na na-babasa mo sa mga forums tulad ng mga sabi mong comments nila sa lakas ni Manny Pacquiao. Ang tindi ng epekto ng “ChopSuey Government” ng Pilipinas, maski yung mga may pinag-aralan at graduate sa top schools ng Pilipinas ay na-memental block sa furstrations at permeating baho ng Batasan Pambansa!

    Siguro mas mabuti pa magpa-drawing ka ng fokk hero character sa anak mo, ktapos ipatahi mo ang outfit ng folk hero character sa misis mo at iyon ang isuot mo sa sunod na pag-baba mo sa Ninoy Aquino(another folk hero)Airport at baka luhuran ka ng mga tao duon at ikaw na ang sumunod na lider ng Pilipinas!

    • Noy, totoo yang theory mo ng folk hero. Sometimes I’m thinking – behind ba talaga tayo sa level of enlightenment natin na ang pagtingin natin sa buhay ay katumbas ng pelikula ?

      As for the chop suey government, minsan nagtataka ako na ang mga radical leaders ng students who protested against the dictatorship of Marcos, nung naging government officials na rin sila, ay walang pagkaiba sa mga politikong kinasuklaman nila. ugh

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