images2Telecommuting or working from home is a trend many companies embrace these days, especially with the pressure of decreasing that office real estate square footage that translates into precious and expensive dollars. With the advent of technology that allows both the office PC and telephone environments to be effectively replicated at a remote location, with the help of the ubiquituous and cheap internet of course, many companies these days are seriously considering a fraction of their workforce to work from home to boost productivity and achieve economies of scale. Given all the right scenarios – secure internet access, a reliable and efficient remote access system, portable phone system – the prospects for telecommuting is ripe. Moreover, telecommuting automatically satisfies a substantial part of disaster preparedness and contingency planning, when an unlikely repeat of 911 wouldn’t wreck that much havoc to a company if a portion of its work force is mobile and not concentrated in one location.

Some jobs are perfect for telecommuting – others are not. Job types notwithstanding, telecommuting isn’t for everybody. Even if it is OK for me to work from home, I still prefer to come to the office for at least 2 days in a week, just to chill with the folks and keep updated with what’s going on. In short, the social aspect of work life is pretty important to me and while I would relish working from home so I could go to the driving range anytime and hit balls 🙂 I still feel that need to connect with my peers and exchange ideas, socialize and feel I am part of an organization. I have heard of a staff working from home fired because the company found she was updating her Facebook account quite frequently. There are pros and cons with telecommuting but one thing is sure – when you’re working from home most of the time the company isn’t about to trust you 100%. Expect them to check logs, email activity, browsing time to get a sense of your productivity.


images3Adam Lambert is touted as the next American Idol and the question is – who would challenge him in the finals ? The prediction of many was that Danny Gokey, the contestant who made the least trips to the bottom 3 was the likely challenger to Lambert but apparently not. Boyish looking Kris Allen upset Gokey in the semi-finals, not because of his superior singing skills but his good looks and partly due to Gokey’s alleged “personality flaws”. You see Gokey’s wife died in July of 2008 due to a known heart condition. Many people were upset of the news that Gokey was dating a girl, a bit too early after his wife’s passing. Another lame reason was people found Gokey’s rendition of You are So Beautiful so unbelievable, that he could sing such a powerfully sentimental song without breaking down. Obviously people assume that Gokey is a grieving man and he could never have sung the song without a lump in his throat if he was a normal person.

Gokey’s personality flaws notwithstanding, Kris Allen’s rise is typical of Fil-Am Jasmine Trias’ ride to the top 3 because the whole of Hawaii totally backed her week after week, regardless of the quality of her performance. Allen is in the finals because of his looks – period. Limited vocal range, has virtually no power to sing fast songs unlike Lambert and Gokey. If Allen wins Idol 09 and I now wish he does to make a total mockery of the contest, America would have ironically selected a Stephen Bishop or a Michael Franks type of singing sensation and expect him to tour 100 cities and woo the people with his supposedly superb talent. Gokey is a powerhouse and so is Adam Lambert. If you’ve checked out the aforesaid links you would know what I mean. Just listen to the difference between Gokey and Allen’s abilities – night and day. Kris Allen is a farce, the biggest joke in the history of Idol.  Anoop Desai had more vocal range than this guy.  I now wish he wins so he could induce AI to be a flop consistent with the spirit of the recession. The cyberspace is awash with hate posts about Kris Allen’s selection to the finals. America got this one wrong.


Enough with Kris Allen. Here’s one of the best love songs sung by real singers. Incidentally , guitarist Nuno Bettencourt’s guitar riff at the end of the song has a lot of YouTube coverage on how it is done 🙂 Awesome.

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  1. Sadly, Kris will win — he’s a safe choice and a straight guy at that. the contest is a popularity contest slash talent show. popularity and public opinion (with bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and all) will prevail!

    • It is still a toss up I think. Even if Adam is gay, who cares really when his talent is light years away from Kris duh. I know – it’s all showbiz !

  2. I would love if I could work from home just so I don’t have to worry about my (former) boss always looking over my shoulder. hehe

    Never heard this Extreme song before. i just know More Than Words and Hole Hearted. 😉

    • That’s a valid reason 😉

      Extreme had been stereo-typed by More Than Words but they’re a pretty decent band IMO.

  3. Thanks for the vid.
    EXTREME Is really one of the best intellectual metal bands ever!

  4. […] News Sources wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptTelecommuting or working from home is a trend many companies embrace these days, especially with the pressure of decreasing that office real estate square footage that translates into precious and expensive dollars. With the advent of technology that allows both the office PC and telephone environments to be effectively replicated at a remote location, with the help of the ubiquituous and cheap internet of course, many companies these days are seriously considering a fraction of their workforce […]

  5. Telecommuting : I guess it has some advantages to be away from home and… your wife once in a while… 😉

  6. my dream is to be able to telecommute for the rest of my life LOL ikaw naman bw gusto ko pa naman si kris LOL though i like the voice quality of gokey more pero ayoko si lambert because he looks like a rock face on top of a wedding cake. ah basta si kris na lang sana ang manalo kesa kay adam LOL i was actually pondering about it, kasi uso ang upset stories ngayon eh, like that of allen and gokey in the finals diba?

    • Adam’s persona is a bit over the top for many people therefore they prefer the more mainstream personality of a singer/idol. Kaso mo, Kris is handicapped when it comes to singing and he himself acknowledges that he doesn’t have the vocal range like the others.

      Also I think the homecoming videos have to do a lot with the votes kasi my senti moments when his dad cried and hugged him.. ugh.. Pogi points sa mga kababaihan for sure but for guys -hoy, kanta muna bago drama hahaha 🙂

      • siguro pogi siya kaya ayaw siya ng mga boys!

        • Acheng !

          • LOL sabi ng tatay ko bading daw si lambert. we just watched the finale. go kris go! LOL nako baka deletin ni bw ang comment ko! LOL

            • Honestly, I lost interest sa finals 🙂 Napanood ko ang one last song ni Kris which I thought was horrible ugh. A woman in another blog commented that in one episode where Kris Allen played the guitar, ang dumi raw ng kuko niya hehe 🙂 I’d rather look like Adam – wag yung bading version ha 😆

              • oh napanood mo ba yung finals? sabi sayo si kris yung mananalo eh. nabasa ko sa yahoo news sabi ni clay aiken masaya siya na si kris ang nanalo kasi napaka bias daw ng judges in favor of adam. LOL

                • yep, I watched it and I enjoyed Danny Gokey singing with Lionel Richie 🙂 You could see in Kris Allen’s reaction that he didn’t even believe he could win AI. I bet you he didn’t believe he is better than Adam Lambert but the people voted him in anyways so he should be grateful.

  7. I also prefer to go to the office. Aside from being nurtured by the interaction, it’s also good to have the air of being reminded that things need to get done. But yes, it really depends on the type of job.

    Would you believe the last season of AI that I’ve seen was when Jasmine Trias was there? I only got a glimpse again last weekend when I was with friends who are hooked to it. Can’t tell them to switch the channel. =)

    • Yes, I think those doing software application development and sales can work from home. No need to be in the office all the time. THere’s also a trend where call center agens are now working from home !

      Woo.. Jasmine Trias…that was the Idol 2005 season – 4 years ago !

  8. Although my work requires me to spend a lot of time on the road, I sometimes work in the comfort of my bedroom, with just my phone and the computer, Beats having to spend for gas and stew in Manila’s terrible traffic, hehe. It’s different though, if you’re out there slugging it out where the action is.

    As for AI, I’m beginning to lose interest in the show. I don’t know, I think it has lost it’s edge…

    • Well, I could imagine the benefits of telecommuting in Metro Manila when the traffic is so diabolical !

      IDOL is also suffering from sponsorship. they already canned CANADIAN IDOL 2009 season because of the recession. They might restore it when the economy comes back.

  9. Working at home is great for the environment. I think companies must encourage the practice.

    I never had much interest with American Idol. I don’t see the past winners making it big anyway, except maybe Kelly Clarkson. The previous winners are forgettable.

    Extreme is a very underrated band but they’re quite good.

    • No question. Working from home is going green and it does minimize carbon emission, esp if you are driving to work. The idea must be strongly promoted as long as productivity isn’t affected and people’s sanity is preserved 🙂

      Same here.. Look at Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson who aren’t Idols but are doing really well.

      Agree. Extreme is a solid band.

  10. If I can work from home I will. I want to save money on transportation and food.

    I like the 3 – Adam, Danny and Kris. They are all cute but I think Kris is the cutest 🙂 Even if Kris doesn’t sing as good as the other 2 he has the better personality so he might win.

    • That’s a good point too. But darn, for me I but a monthly pass so I don’t save anything 😦

      OK, ok.. dunno but I hate wannabees hehehe 🙂

  11. AI was, is and will always be a POPULARITY CONTEST and not a true singing contest. This has been true in the past (Jennifer going home before Jasmine, Daughtry eliminated early) and every year there’s one or two that get booted out because of lack of support.

    I supported Gokey in the earlier rounds but lately I haven’t really seen so much “flair” in him and I thought that he was a little arrogant later on in the season. I didn’t realize he’s dating again.

    It’s going to be Adam, I think AI needs to go a little gothic.

    • very true. It is a popularity contest but this 2009 finals is one of the worst ever.

      I watched the last 5 minutes of the show about 3 hours ago and caught up with Kris Allen’s last song. Here’s what judge Cara Diogardi had to say –

      ” people don’t have to judge you with that song. You sang the key a bit too high”. Whaaaattt ???? Just say it sucks man !

      If it wasn’t the finals, I would imagine Simon Cowell’s proverbial diss ” I thought that was utterly horrendous and totally forgettable” . But Cowell played it politically correct and zipped his mouth. I thought Allen’s final song was out of tune and pitchy – awful.

      “I think AI needs to go a little gothic.” – hehehe 🙂 Yep, at least with Adam you’ll see a mix of David Bowie, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury and Boy George :mrgreen:

  12. I do not follow television anymore. I do not have one. But I do think it intreresting that in places like New York City, people are including in Real Estate investments parking spaces.

    OParking spaces in some places are purchased at rates some american cities are chargin g for houses…

    • No TV ? That’s tantamount to celibacy man hahaha 🙂 I know friends who don’t have TV at home. It allows them to read, read A LOT. That’s the trade off and they’re happy with it.

      True. Parking lots are cash cows, – not in Louisville, Kentucky where they charge you 2 bucks a day 🙂 but in big cities like NYC where parking costs an arm and a leg.

  13. This reminds me of a Newsweek article about future jobs, I think the time has come. Some of today’s occupation can really be done at home.

    About AI, yeah, I feel like its a bit dawdy. i didn’t like it much.

    • The internet is a real catalyst for telecommuting. I know of people who work from home part time taking orders for pizza delivery. All they do is log in to the pizza company’s system via the net and the customer call is routed to their home phone number.

      I plan to work out tonight and don’t give a care about AI finals. I’d watch if Adam Lambert is the only one singing hehe 😦

  14. i think Adam will still win AI. Americans love him. he’s the favorite right from the very start.

    on telecommuting, i agree with you that it’s hard to commit to it because there are days when i like the hustle and bustle of office work and then there are days when i just want to stay out of it but still do my job.

    • I think Adam has the personality and vocal skills to carry the Idol image. Kris Allen is just another one of those crooners in a corner bar who happens to be good looking but isn’t special when it comes to singing prowess.

      Come to think of it, wouldn’t working from home alleviate the horrendous traffic problems of the city ? I’m sure if a third of the workforce were to work at home, the traffic situation will improve – less carbon emissions, less real estate expenses at the office. Kaya lang in my experience, I’ve gone into conference calls with people working from home and you will hear dogs barking and babies crying in the background 🙂

  15. I had a colleague who was fired because she was not productive at home. Just because the company allows employees to telecommute doesn’t mean they can dilly dally with their jobs. The boss always finds ways to check up on the home-based employees.

    • That’s a big concern, when the office starts monitoring your activity. Nowadays they also require a video camera for the laptops so they could see you face to face 🙂

      I guess it depends on the nature of one’s work. In my case my boss is pretty open and doesn’t care as long as I deliver, and as long as I am available when needed. They issued me a Blackberry and can’t hide. I can say I am unofficially on call for 24 hours all year long and since they’re not paying me on call allowance they need to be a little considerate and bear with my shortcomings 😉

  16. I associate Adam to Meatloaf more than any rocker. He and Meatloaf are way too dramatic 🙂

    Didn’t really see Kris’ last song last night as I had my realtor dropped by for a little chat and hand me some more papers to sign. Was it bad? I have to check AI website to listen to it tonight.

    • Meatloaf is a good comparison 🙂

      I caught the last song and honestly I thought it was really mediocre and this time the judges aren’t really giving the finalists the in-your-face assessment of their performance.

      Hey, congrats – looks like you bought a new house 😉 Way to go sis – save the economy 😆

  17. nothing is signed yet 🙂

    • Hey, you’re just being humble 😉

      Well, Kris Allen won AI and upset Adam Lambert… whatever.. good for him. Now let’s see who makes more records 🙂

  18. Been out of the workforce for almost four years now but my teleprompting job nowadays is weeding out winners in some sports events. But my losing is very consistent than winning, hehe….just dropped 1 1/2 ton on the freaking Celtics against Orlando, what a bummer!

    I myself don’t watch shows on TV anymore. I’m content with reading the internet who won what, just the headliners. More focused on the economy – we were down and can only get up, we have to be optimistic.

    • I’m not following basketball anymore since the time the Raptors didn’t make it to the finals. The Celtics are certainly favored to repeat but the question is – when can you guess the games that they will win ? 😯

      The economy is getting back on track. People can’t be feeling down all the time so consumer confidence helps boost sales across the board. Stock prices have been in an all time low and I have bought some myself. Problem with the Canadian economy is whenever the price of oil goes up, the Toronto Stock Exchange indeces also go up. As on pundit said on TV – which do you prefer – lower gas price at the pump and depressed stock prices or higher gas price but better stock prices?
      Good question – I’d prefer the latter. 🙂

  19. There are so many home-based teaching jobs available in Pinas these days, and for a while I seriously considered just working from home. I can do pretty much whatever I want on the internet, as long as I call all of my students on time and conduct good classes. However, I also thought it would be really boring not to see different people everyday.

    • here they have what they call distance learning universities and colleges. You can get a degree by using the internet – like a virtual classroom. I’m not too sure how it works but I have serious doubts of its efficiency.

  20. Be careful Kat. Pinoy din ako and I’ve had my experience working online and most of these are scams or not worth it.

  21. you can save a lot by working from home. but it’s sometimes boring. same environment. di ka man lang lumabas sa bahay. at least if sa office ka, makalabas ka and you’ll see other people.

    sorry not a fan of the last american idol

  22. You hit a point there tintin. But you have to consider the jobless others who can only work online. The point you hit was that hindi healthy ang hindi lumalabas ng bahay and not meeting other people ‘in the flesh’.

    • It think it depends on the type of job but true, most companies nowadays have what they call hoteling offices. They require staff who work from home to come to the office at least once or twice a week and work at these hoteling offices. The being in the flesh part of working is very important methinks.

  23. That’s one of my wish. To have a job while staying home. It’s got a lot of plus points kasi. You don’t have to commute. You have your own dress code and I don’t have to physically inter-act with other employees, especially those I try to avoid. 🙂

    • I work from home every now and then especially if I am working on documentation but other than that, I find going to work and interacting with people makes me feel motivated. Right – I can work on my pyjamas the whole day and no one will know 🙂

  24. telecommuting is not a bad idea after all!

    and by the way, I was glad that kris allen won. :p

    • It’s a good idea, particularly for companies who want to save money on real estate costs !

      Well, good for you that your man won 🙂 I guess is being a quiet, humble person won him points more than singing prowess.

  25. a working mother would always love to work at home. 🙂 there are many ways to even out such a boring situation. you own the time therefore you can choose when to socialize. it would be a palatable situation for me – to work at home (crossing my fingers now that someday i can do that he he parang me time pa).

    as to kris allen’s winning, it’s really a sham. though the charisma is really there, the talent is not even an inch close to lambert’s and gokey’s. i would have forgiven if lambert won.

  26. I think the scene at their hometowns where they were celebrated by the people influenced America to vote for Kris Allen.

    I thought Kris Allen couldn’t have sung with Lionel Richie the way Danny Gokey did. Same with me – if Adam Lambert won it would have been OK.

    Oh well, let’s see how Kris Allen could live up to the people’s expectations. If the top 12 tour North America, I bet those who have no clue of the Idol 2009 contest wouldn’t perceive Allen to be the king of the group just by listening to them singing.

  27. i’m now on my fourth day of work-from-home arrangement, not because i have to but because i was forced to by my boss after my trip to Sydney (paranoid people…Australia’s badly hit but it’s in Victoria where Melbourne is and not Sydney where I came from)

    good thing they didn’t charge it to my VL credits…love it

    • good for you t be working from home 🙂

      Didn’t realize Australia was badly hit but the swine flu doesn’t look lethal like SARS. So many people are affected but not many are dying.

  28. Hay, I still can’t relate to any American Idol post just because the show is not broadcasted here. However, I checked YouTube and got to see who this Lambert was (masyado kasi hayok yung friend ko sa Pinas about him, kaya napilitan ako i-research). He’s good. I liked his rendition of Mad World (loved Tears for Fears when I was young).

    As for telecommuting, it’s great for writers, artists, web designers, etc. But somehow, there are times when you long for that office ambience and fellowship with your colleagues.

    • Up to now the issue is not over. The Lambert camp has accused ATT for supporting Kris Allen because they did have a sales promotion in Kris state where they allowed everyone in the demo to send a text to support Allen for free 😦 Anyways, the issue is dead for me but I predict this guy Kris Allen will not sell more records than either Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey.

      Yep, fellowship with colleagues is important. The view from the office window is also refreshing sometimes rather than the walls of my basement 🙂

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