A Matter of Privacy

privacyInitially I wasn’t too keen on following the Hayden Kho – Katrina Halili sex video brouhaha because frankly, granting that they are Pinoy celebs, I hardly knew them. My interest was aroused when the Phil. Senate conducted an inquiry into the matter, which made me entertain thoughts that this imbroglio might have repercussions on the national security of the country 🙂 It turned out it had nothing to do with the affairs of the state nor did it involve a high ranking govt official. The proponents of the inquiry were ex-celeb stooges who became senators because of their pretty faces. Not suprisingly, the inquiry turned out to be showbiz like with the media providing coverage like it was a national event. It even became more pedestrian and comical when the the investigation was led by a sanctimonious prick with the likes of Bong Revilla who isn’t exactly representative of morality with his checkered history of womanizing in his celeb days.

But let me cut it short and let my spiel out. The senate inquiry of a leaked sex video involving celebrities is totally uncalled for, a waste of taxpayers time and money. Senate and congressional inquiries are only applicable to matters that threaten or affect the national security of the nation. This matter should have been handled by the local courts, who would determine those responsible for malicious intent and exact punishment on those found guilty. Secondly, people must contain their anger and stop barking at the wrong tree. Two adults who willfully consent to taking a sex video of themselves, for their own private consumption do not commit a crime. It is senseless to point a finger at Hayden Kho, accusing him of gross immorality – unless you are speaking from a religious morals standpoint which you shouldn’t – because the real issue here is who broke the law. Who leaked the video on the internet ? Was there evidence of blackmail ? This is what the senate inquiry is about and not – why the f**k did you do the video Hayden? Portraying Halili as a hapless victim doesn’t help either because we all know that it takes two to tango and very likely she was a willing accomplish to the video shoot.

I could not think of the motivation for the video leak to be more than money and jealousy. Money is for a blackmailer who may have asked for money in exchange of burning the disc and jealousy for someone who intends to wreck havoc on another person’s reputation, so vicious and evil, stopping short of killing him. I remember the case of actress Pamela Anderson and then hubby rocker Tommy Lee whose sex video tape was stolen and sold on the internet. The couple did the unexpected which was to license the release of the tape in their names which meant that all monetary proceeds from the sale went to their pockets. The thieves ended up empty handed. The jealousy motive for the Kho sex video scandal needs to be further pursued because the whole scheme might be a sinister plot for character assassination. Someone is out to cut Hayden Kho’s balls from the looks of it and it could be for all we know payback time for him. Who might it likely be?

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