Sales Talk

Selling_popcornIf you’ve ever been to these resorts that sell timeshare ownership you’d probably know what I will be talking about. I’ve never seen people so pushy and pretentious trying so hard to get you in debt believe me. They try their darnest best to work on your ego first to get you trapped like ” wow, you have really lovely shoes – where did you buy them ?” (sales agent referring to my wife’s Nine West pair). “Can I try them on ? ” As if it wasn’t enough, she calls her supervisor and the darn scenario almost turned into a fitting session at a shoe store. It didn’t end there. I knew my turn was coming 😉 As expected, at some point Miss Piggy pulled her antic on me. “ That’s a really nice looking watch. The numbers are so clear. I’d like my husband to have one like that.” In truth, I don’t expect a woman to fall in love with my Swiss Army watch in a rugged dirty look iron casing, black face with olive canvas strap. But then that was probably the only item in my person she could bestow a compliment on 😉 It would have been worse if she said “ nice haircut. I’d like my husband to have one like that! ” Now that would have been a contrived ass licking comment which could send your customer packing wouldn’t it ? 🙂

Speaking of haircuts.. I normally have my monthly haircut ritual at a barber shop close to my neighborhood but one day, when I was at an Asian mall, I noticed this interesting hair salon run by an eldery Chinese man. All of his haircutters were female and he seemed to have a clientle of men who preferred to get their hair done by him only. Hmmm. I thought perhaps I should try him out. He charges half the price of what I pay and in this time of recession, saving a few bucks is not a bad idea at all. Look now, I wouldn’t compromise my head to look like a scorched patch of grass just to save 8 bucks mind you. The man looked like he could cut hair 😉

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