Although I admire any American ex-president for all the power he wielded as the most powerful human being in the world at his tenure of office, I will never waste my hard earned bucks equivalent to 4 green fees to watch an ex-president talk, even I had to watch more than one of them in the flesh at one time. Yes, 200 bucks which is tantamount to 4 tee offs of my beloved weekend passion is too steep for me to waste. Luckily I was gifted a ticket by one of our business partners which I accepted without much hesitation πŸ˜‰ With tickets as high as 2,500 bucks and people travelling from other parts of the world to view the once in a lifetime spectacle, my 200 ticket took me to the nose bleed section πŸ™‚ . I required binoculars to reasonably view them on stage but the presence of a huge jumbotron video screen gave relief to those among us in the general admission section.

A Conversation with Presidents was more of a showbiz event than anything. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton simply gave the public a glimpse of their lives as ex-presidents, ribbed one another to make the audience laugh and there was not much substantive content one could take from the conversation that could appease peoples’ concerns about the crises and problems facing the world today. Case in point, there wasn’t a conversation about the economy at all. Β Clinton spoke for some 20 minutes and Bush a little over 10 minutes and in the middle of the question and answer period I wanted to leave, only to find out that the place was almost sealed, security was tight because of a huge demonstration that was going on outside the venue. Β The show started 30 minutes late and although I don’t watch too much of CSI, πŸ˜† I figured that was the organizer’s strategy to offset any terrorist plans to sabotage the event.

If there was anything meaningful about the show, one of them was Clinton’s regret Β of his inaction on the Rwanda crisis, resulting in thousands of deaths that could have been averted. Bush told him that he could have not done much even if he intended to because deploying 20,000 troops required weeks and weeks of logistical preparation. Clinton did say that he attempted to atone for his mistake by building hospitals and a musuem in Rwanda and engaging in humanitarian projects in the country. Bush was equally unapologetic of his decision on invading Iraq, referring to a conversation he had with the Japanese Prime Minister right after the 911 attack. He couldn’t believe he was receiving support from a country his very own father fought a few decades ago. The cost of freedom can be steep he said, but the results will be realized in the long term. Bush can say anything he wants but only history can vindicate his actions in Iraq.



The news of Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean eating raw seal heart along with the Innuit people of Ranklin Inlet, Nunavut sparked a controversy among the public at large, accusing the act as gross, vampirish and cruel. As an observer, I could empathize with gross, vampirish, blood lusting comments for the shocking effect of such a rather weird culinary culture but what peeves me is PETA’s Β ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) accusation of extreme cruelty to animals. Why, what in the world is the ethical difference between eating Β raw versus cooked ? You slaughtered the animal either way, so what’s the big deal ? Why beat the war drums only now when the Innuit people of the north have been eating raw seal hearts since time immemorial? Β If PETA is resolute in its mission to save the seals, why not create a multi-billion dollar project to parachute drop cooked steaks and fully prepared salads to every Innuit igloo in the arctic round the clock ? Doesn’t PETA realize that the Innuits eat raw seal meat to survive ? Who in his right mind thinks that the Innuits operate a GE gas range/oven in their igloos in the middle of the damn north pole ?


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  1. Also, the Innuit are saving energy by not cooking it. πŸ˜‰

    Clinton and Bush seem like an odd mix. I’d definitely try to see Clinton if I had the chance. Bush? Not so much.

    • Thhat’s a good point. You please the environmentalists but upset the animal rights folks. What else is new? 😦

      They’re an odd mix for sure and that could have triggered the high demand for the tickets πŸ˜‰

  2. Do you have any idea how much Bush and Clinton got paid for the show? The ticket prices were ludicrous. They must be paid a fortune.

    Love the ad. Cancun, spring break 1999 ? hehehe hilarious πŸ™‚

    • Gosh, I’m sure these boys were paid 6 figures each for the 2 hours show. Clinton makes millions a year doing this kind of gig πŸ™‚

  3. Clinton – 20minutes, Bush-10minutes. That only shows how much gray matters are in the heads of these two ex-presidents.

    Good thing you went there. With a ticket price that high, it will surely make the two happy. Hey, they also need to relax and play golf, you know. : )

    As for the ads. I don’t know how to react if someone approaches me and said that.

    • Well, I guess Bush was a bit too eager to get out of the place more than Clinton so he was a bit more thrifty with words πŸ™‚

      Yeah, they have to pay their green fees to don’t they ? Except that we hand it over to them after hearing their crap hehe πŸ™‚

  4. Bush is not in Slick Willy’s league. If one of GWB’s daughter’s went to war in Iraq and died – I’d like to hear him say that again, being unapologetic. What a prick!

    And as ex-president, he went to a high school graduation to deliver a commencement speech?

    PETA should be abolished. Even a freaking useless pesky fly, karate-chopped by Barack is big news, thanks to PETA’s pathetic meddling.
    And now, other people’s custom and traditions are not spared. Heck, PETA should visit Laos or Cambodia, where a live monkey is served in a restaurant and customers beat the poor lil one to death for lunch or dinner. What’s PETA gonna do? It’s sheer horrific but it’s their way of life. In Vietnam, they drink a cobra’s blood simply believing they will somehow get the serpent’s spirit and power.

    Nice TV ad as always. Cheers to you and our Asian counterparts, hehe….

    • Bush related the story of how he goes around walking his dog nowadays like you and me, carrying a plastic poo bag. πŸ™‚

      I read that PETA condemnation of Obama for the “brutal execution” of the poor fly hahaha πŸ™‚ Man, these PETA goofs have really nothing better to do in life that worrying about the lives of pests πŸ˜‰

  5. better there than here. i wish nothing like that happens here. dami kasing naging trapong presidente.

    but as much as you were saying, if it’s only about their life… maybe it’s just to gain continuous popularity.

    • You said it Dong. Tell me, who would pay anything to watch the great buffoon and thickhead Erap talk ? That’s also why there are no presidential debates in Pinas to protect scumbags like him from embarrassment duh 😦

  6. 200 is too much but I will only watch Clinton and not Bush.

    That ad is really funny. It made me laugh πŸ™‚

  7. I would love to hear anything Clinton says, but not Bush. I wonder what that conversation was about, really. You are lucky to have a ticket.

    • The 2 presidents orated for a bit and when they were done, the show moderator Frank McKenna, former Canadian ambassador to the U.S. asked a slew of “prepared” questions for both men to answer. They certainly have divergent views on certain issues esp same sex marriage but I thought the “debate” was a bit tempered and rightfully so because at their present status, there wasn’t much political stuff at stake, although Bill joked about “taking the issue home” – meaning taking it to Hilary who as we all know is the current secretary of state πŸ™‚

      I thought it was OK but I still wouldn’t trade my 4 tee offs to listen to both of them hehe πŸ˜† There was some cocktails at our business partner’s small reception at the hotel nearby but I didn’t attend. You know what, it was a marketing opportunity for most companies to take their clients to some event that’s why there were a lot of sponsors for the event πŸ˜‰

  8. The people at PETA have turned into a bunch of animal rights extremists. I don’t think it’s possible to have a logical and thoughtful discussion with people who have become almost delusional in their belief that every single animal on earth ought to be protected and saved, even if it’s to the detriment of other human beings.

    I count that Minute Maid commercial as one of my current favorites on tv. πŸ˜€

    • It really ticks me off bro. when PETA invades peoples’ freedom of choice. We all practice “selective harvest” responsibly and the government promotes the idea of conservation big time . I mean what do these guys want – that we all turn vegetarian? 😑

  9. natawa ako sa minute maid commercial.

    re the seal heart. i guess it’s because it’s a seal

    • methinks you have a good sense of humor πŸ˜‰

      Yep, the seal is the perennial “kawawa” animal because of they way they are being harvested – being clubbed in the head 😦

  10. With my brief, wicked, odd experience of student politics when I was in college, I simply grew tired of it.

    Ayokong magsalita ng tapos, but, given free tickets, I don’t like to attend this kind of events no matter how showbiz-y they are.

    • There was one compelling reason why I decided to attend – the venue was one block away from my workplace. If I had to step outside to get some fresh air, it was right there. πŸ˜‰

  11. oh, so he regretted his inaction on Rwanda…shame but too many lives were already lost but we can’t blame him…

    the innuit people, people living in extreme cold where their body geometry is not the same as ours due to evolution.

    • True, Rwanda was very tragic but we cannt blame him entirely for it. It does however both his conscience a lot which I’m sure anybody in his shoes will.

      The Innuits have adapted to their environment and if they eat raw seal meat to survive who are we to prevent them from doing so ? Some people are quite confused on the definition of inhumane treatment of animals.

  12. As long as the tickets are free, why not? I’d watch them both make fun of themselves. However, I’d be willing to pay to do the same for Obama..

    I am for the ethical treatment of animals and I admire the work of PETA, although they can sometimes be so OT, like the fly thing with Obama. I was like, whaaat? are now giving equal rights to these disease carrying insects? I mean, it’s not like they’re endangered or something, geeez!

    • Obama would probably require twice as large a venue and the tickets would be pricier πŸ˜‰

      It is amazing how the human specie evolves in the area of enlightenment. In one part of the world people worry about the rights of animals while in the other part, people reproduce like rats having their children live in squalor having nothing to eat which makes you think that animals are living better lives than them.

  13. kawawa naman yung seal endangered yun ah ginawa pang meryenda hay nako. about the ticket naman, i don’t think i would care to hear what ex-presidents would say. after all, ex na nga eh LOL

    • ang sarap raw ng seal eh πŸ™‚ What I know is commercial seal hunters are given quotas ( by the government) on how many they can harvest. The aboriginal folks are pretty much given free rein on what they can harvest as long as it is for their household consumption. It is tough to survive the artic weather for one.

      Yep, they are presidents no longer so seems like we’re paying for their showbiz appeal πŸ˜‰

      • i’d rather pay for the appeal of ryan reynolds than george bush and you my friend will be loads better off paying for the appeal of megan fox.

        • hahaha… let’s just say Bush would be like the mascot of the show. I was more interested in Bill Clinton hoping he would talk about Monica Lewinsky πŸ˜†

  14. i am not a fan of any of the two. but if i were to choose the lesser evil, i’d choose clinton not because he’s pogi but i think he seems like he has a heart. bush always sounds like he’s heartless.

    PETA has a noble cause but my they sometimes go too far. extreme na, e.

    • Hehehe.. pogi nga si Bill kaya kung ganoon na lang na stress si Hilary. I came to watch because I thought he would talk about Monica Lewinsky πŸ˜† I tell you I’d probably have an easier time to converse with Bush rather than Clinton πŸ˜‰

      PETA is sometimes taking it a bit too far. Their criticism of Obama’s ” brutal execution” of the fly to me was OA in my opinion.

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