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passing_iconLast Tuesday was a rather dreary day. I hate statutory holidays when they happen on a weekday, as in the case of Canada Day July 1 falling on a Wednesday. Darn, it does offset my tempo because the thought of coming back to work on a Thursday is feeling like Monday. So Tuesday afternoon was almost a do nothing day and I took the opportunity to blog hop. I’m peeved by the fact that our corporate firewalls ban comments on Blogger but surprisingly allow updates to WordPress blogs. Perhaps it is time for Blogger to modernize its archaic software.

As I was nonchalantly browsing the net, my mind took a surprising retreat, thoughts of my past, the bleak as well as its blissful highlights vividly played in my brain like a Blue-Ray DVD. Sure there were things in my life I could have done differently but not to the point where I would curse myself and become bitter and despondent with life. Our scars make us tougher and smarter but what really matters to me is NOW and naturally, the going forward. I don’t think I am dealing with NOW effectively if I’m sitting on the couch the whole day doing nothing. Likewise I can’t become optimistic with the going forward if I have hardly any accomplishments or achievements to build and work on. If I have to do anything meaningful with my life, I have to respond to NOW in a most positive, resolute manner. Our expectations aren’t always met as we are bound to falter every now and then but we can always rise and fight another day. As they say, the sweetest thing in victory is not victory itself but what one overcomes to achieve such victory.

What helps me and gives me strength in dealing with NOW and the going forward is inspiration, in whatever form, be it imaginary or real. I simply don’t commute to the office daily to work for the sake of getting paid. I also enjoy the challenges and rewards of work, the camaraderie with my officemates, the long walks after lunch, the crossword moments of my train ride, the sight of beautiful women in their casual summer wear. I don’t hesitate to stop and smell the roses as I always did. NOW is exciting and definitely worth living.

In that brief 15 minute lull where I stared at the busy downtown traffic from my 20th floor office, I penned down my thoughts with this short poem which I promptly emailed to my Blackberry. The last time I did a poem was eons ago, in 3rd year high school. Perhaps what I felt was intense, to be compelled to concoct something out of the blue .

A glimpse evokes a multitude of memories
Inspires a weary, burnt out spirit
A smile reinvigorates and nurtures the soul
Suddenly a fresh day unfolds to be lived anew
An imaginary world emerges from the abyss
The world is bright, the breath of spring fills the air
For a moment time stood still
Life is worth every second of it
Like a time machine the blissful moment dies
The brilliance of an ethereal wonderland had collapsed
Once again I breath the heavy air of my universe


images7I carry a Blackberry with a phone number, SMS, RIM PIN and legit email address so there are a multitude of ways I can be contacted with a single device but I can safely say I’m quite mediocre when it comes to typing, be it a regular keyboard or a dial pad.  I haven’t quite gotten the gist of typing that up to this point in my life, I still type like the proverbial news reporter but suprisingly survived – with 2 fingers – give or take 😆  A texing contest was held recently here and the winner pocketed a handsome $25,000 for having fingers that fly.  She was able to type ” supercalifragilistisexpialidocious” backwards in 90 seconds with a single mistake. Figure that out 🙂 Good for her. Now she has money to spend for her college education. It definitely pays to have fast fingers 😉


In my book one of the best boxing analysts on YouTube, with an operatic song to entertain you at the second half 🙂 Effects of chicken adobo perhaps? 😆


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  1. “We can easily manage if we will only take, each day, the burden appointed to it. But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday’s burden over again today, and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it.” John Newton

    As regards typing, it’s funny because till now, I still type with only one finger on my Blackberry. I’m so used to Nokia phones. 🙂

    • That’s a nice quote, one to add on my quote list 😉

      Same with me – I’m horrible with typing. In truth, I could have saved hundreds of hours in productivity had I done some typing lessons.

  2. […] ubber liberal Senators backing a person for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge that has, Moment by Moment – 07/04/2009 Last Tuesday was a rather dreary day. I hate statutory […]

  3. Haha, your organization’s firewall favors WordPress. =) I remember my previous firm in the Philippines, the IT Department is so “matinik” in blocking sites. But they haven’t blocked few sites that allow cross-posting of blogs. So we were still happy.

    I was laughing out when I read this part ” the sight of beautiful women in their casual summer wear”. Haha, we call the observers as ‘girl/boy scout’ whichever is applicable. =) I agree with you, it must be so pitiful to go to the office with the lone reason of getting paid. Although the monotony of some tasks will be glaring to a certain extent, it really helps to have other balancing factors at the workplace to motivate us.

    • It is really not prudent to bar access to blogs across the board. There are many business/news blogs in cyberspace that are great resources of information for people to interact with. Blogger calls a different program when you try to put comments which is easily identifiable with personal blogs. In the technical TCP/IP lingo, it most likely establishes a new session using a different “TCP Port” which can be blocked by the firewall.

      Indeed.. Long walks after lunch allows you to appreciate the sight of beautiful women in the casual summer wear 🙂 This place rocks if it remains in the torrid zone ( 20 deg up) all year long 😉

  4. hehe! your poem reminds me of an old song… Terminal.

    As for your keyboard skill, a 2 finger technique is better than the “biblical method” – seek and ye shall find. : )

    • That’s a good one bro. I’ll buy you a drink for that 🙂

      Hey, I’m biblical in that sense hehe.. I still grope and seek of the keys all the time 😆

  5. Sorry dude, not a fan of (any) poems. Of all writing forms, that’s the one I abhorred. It’ll take me a blog entry to explain. The only poem I liked was Lobster’s Quadrille which I think is a part of the book Alice in Wonderland.

    • I hope you’re not telling me that my 3rd year high Literature subject spent on decoding classics of the likes of Keats and Shakespeare were all a waste. I am not a fan of poetry either but just like bowling, I only play tenpins and not duckpins but I’m not telling the duckpin guys to quit playing.

      Poetry allows you to convey your thoughts implicitly without being granular. Case in point, I conveyed the same thoughts in my post with a few verses of poetry. It is an art form. You don’t have to like it but I couldn’t be horribly wrong to suggest that you at least respect it.

  6. Hmm, the last time I wrote a poem was when I was thirteen or fourteen years old. It was my first and so far, ONLY attempt, at being “profound” and “deep” kuno, hehe…

    But hey, at least you still have it in you… even after two (or three?) decades, haha. 😀

    Have a great weekend, bro…

    • “profound and deep” ba ? Ako naman, I tried my very best to do a nice poem para ma publish sa high school day celebration namin which would be an open house para maipakita mga visiting girls from other school hehe 😉 Nagkatotoo naman 🙂

  7. i love poems especially by Pablo Neruda he he come to think of it, i’ll post one of his poems one day!

    i am so amazed at my daughter how fast she types words with her cel phone while i am still so poor in typing that sometimes i have to repeat what i write..

    i am contemplating on the NOW concept and ideas NOW…

    • Poems are like jewelries. You can only admire them when you look at them intently 😉

      Man, those people who text while driving really amaze me, tapos manual transmission pa ! I even have a hard time drinking coffee with a stick shift how much more texting LOL .

      hora mismo ba ? 😆

  8. i certainly agree. mistakes makes us better. not because we have committed them but because we learned from them. kaya nga ang dami ko na alam kasi ang dami ko mistakes na nagawa in the past lol.

    • there could be no better substitue than “lessons learned” it seems. Pwede ka na yata tayo mag Dr. Phil ano bro ? 😆

  9. Like you, I’ve always stopped to smell the roses and in pretty much all the things and “people” you mentioned. Hehehe 😀 I wrote a bit of poetry in my first two years of college. Read one in class one time. However, I’m no longer sure if I still have it in me. My writing has veered towards the Business type of writing ever since I started working. It is through my blog where I try to practice the other styles of writing I used to indulge in.

    • I look at life with a sense of optimism bro because cynicism doesn’t seem to work for me long term. I can rant sure but in general I’d like to feel happy and upbeat with life. Call it selfishness but I can’t worry about solving world hunger 😯

      As for poetry, methinks it begs to be written with the heart and not the mind 🙂

  10. wow! then this poem should be a masterpiece. $25,000??? i could have joined it. but it also depends on the unit.

    the mistakes in life usually teaches us the best lessons. these are lessons that we dont learn just by being thought in a classroom. you really have to experience it.

    • Not sure if the contest had to be done on a specific cell phone or your own personal phone but sure, winning 25 grand isn’t bad at all. That’s what – a million pesos ? Palagay ko if there will be a world texting champ it wll be a Pinoy 😉

      Totally agree. There is a quote – “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.” 😯

  11. That’s a cute poem BW. You sound so serious with it 🙂

    I’m quite good with text but I don’t think I’ll win a contest. There are young kids who do nothing but text their friends the whole day.

    • do I sound that serious ? Really ? :mrgreen:

      I’m not surprised of a teenager winning the text contest. It would be an embarrassment if I won it hehe 😆

  12. i think i will win on that texting contest. or maybe even PC typing contest! LOL

  13. You made a point about inspiration. I agree with you that it easier to achieve your goals if you are inspired by other things that make you work for it.

    That dude in YouTube is hilarious by the way. He sang about the same length of time as his analysis 😆

    • As in any endeavor, one gets it done if he/she is inspired. An exception perhaps will be John McEnroe, who appears to play well when he is angry 😯

      The dude reminds me of a chef named Pasquale who had a morning cooking show on TV. He sings like Pavarotti while chopping tomatoes and preparing pasta 😉

  14. You have experienced that bright, splendid moment, then you can experience it again. And you can write more poems. Love the post; love the verse.

    • Thanks. Life is a pendulum and yep, we would like to have more splendid moments than the not so splendid ones 😉

  15. “It is the NOW that matters.” so goes the usual lines coming from my friends who for years been bald and wearing orange clothes, and who i guess are living with dumbledore.

    But having a family, responsibilities, living in the not so perfect world and facing all the challenges that go with it, head-on, sometimes, I forget the NOW, instead, I dwell on the future hoping that things will get better after a good night sleep.

    and they seem to be always right. because waking up the next day, that future you have hoped for becomes the NOW. the future does not exist if you ignore the NOW.

    and these:

    “Tell me one last thing,” said Harry. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”

    “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” – dumbledore

    btw, good poem bro.

    sensya na, malabo yata sinasabi ko dito, napagod sa panonood ng roddick-federer game. ha ha ha.

    • I love the dumbledore analogy hehe But true enough, if we don’t deal with NOW properly, we will have a hard time getting to where we want to go.
      Man, I was so frustrated with Roddick’s inability to put down crying Roger. I was getting ready to post another Roger crying episode when they got tied in the 5th set 🙂

      • i guess roddick is yet to have that mental toughness that equals or surpasses fed or nadal. nasayang yong set point sa 2nd set tie break @ 6-2 dahil sa unforced error and the worst part, napako sya sa 6. it could have been 2-0 and fed would have had a hard time scoring two straight points to bring the score at 2 all.

        and also, he needs to have some more strategy or ‘gulang’ as we call it. federer used that gulang many times by contesting many calls and serving ‘mahina or malambot’ several times. ha ha ha

        on match point, fed on advantage, i saw it coming, roddick was tired, he then blinked and lost.

        well, it is always easier said than done especially when one is just watching. mas magaling ang miron. ha ha ha.

        • No doubt Roddick has improved with his mental game but as you said, it was not enough to beat Federer. McEnroe fed on his anger when he needed to pump himself up and he also rattled the refs and his opponents with his antics. That was his style and it worked to his favor 😉

          I always thought Roddick would outserve Federer but he didn’t but was really surprised that he wasn’t broken until the marathon fifth set. In a nutshell and if I was to be tennis analyst, I would never hesitate to say that the game was Roddick’s to win. He just wasn’t able to close it and as in chess, lost in the endgame. It was a tough loss and I hope Roddick takes the positive out of it and rebound in the U.S. Open.

  16. It was actually Andy Roddick who won more games, and he only lost his serve once @ match point . but this is tennis, it does not matter how many more games you win, how hard and fast your serve is, it is the final one that counts.

    as you have said, he wasn’t able to close it – finishing the right game, that is.

    • Federer’s aces helped him a lot. Darn, it was his guts that prevailed in the end. I hope Nadal comes back from his injury and establish his supremacy again. 😯

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