Time Out !

imagesIt took me 10 hours to drive to this place and oh, close to 900 kms.  After a near bout of deafness listening to Nickelback and Journey’s new 2 CD’s ( hey, I’m a frigging Journey fan too) and a near overdose of fat and tasty empanadas to replenish my energy, my driving ordeal finally ceased when we arrived at this mountain resort in the middle of nowhere.  It’s darn hard to get quality FM reception when coz it fades as you’re travelling .  Now I’m thinking of subscribing to satellite radio – crystal clear quality with no commercials. Boredom is your enemy on long drives.

We arrived with the sun was still high at 7pm, but alas the reception folks have left  at 5pm being Sunday.  A big note on the door told me to pick up my check-in package at the mailbox. It contained 2 access cards to our suite and instructions on how to get to our unit. Moose are travelling loose around here by night but darn the golf course looks majestic. Ha, this is my trip man 🙂 My wife and my daughter are a little impatient always asking me ” what’s there to see in this place ??” My wife was quite appeased when I told her an outlet mall is about an hour away 😉  Likewise my daughter believed me when I said ” hey, there’s a huge water park 30 minutes from here ” 😛   I could recharge and rejuvenate my body and soul in this place man. You could bring two warring people in this place and when they leave after a few days they could be friends again, that’s if you make sure you close the door so the fat mosquitos don’t come in 😆

I’m glad wireless internet is free and I could simply bounce in an out of cyberspace. The cable TV is equally loaded with channels. We got a full sized kitchen, washer/dryer, HDTV so comfort isn’t an issue. I can’t make out this place yet but will blog about it when I return home 😎


now for some wonderful memories of years gone by….

18 Responses

  1. Have a nice time off BW.

    Nice TOTO song 🙂

  2. Are we entitled to know which vacation resort you are in? or it’s a clandestine destination?

    Regardless, enjoy a much needed rest. Cheers to you and family.

  3. you’re in some private hideaway? Have fun !

  4. Where is that?! =) Have a great time with your family!

  5. “You could bring two warring people in this place and when they leave after a few days they could be friends again…” – Lemme guess, you and the family are at Camp David, hehe. Have a great holiday, bro.

  6. You’ve found a paradise in there, huh? Enjoy the place!

  7. Have a great time off bro.

  8. Ten hour drive? That’s a looooong drive. Enjoy your “Camp David” and tell/show us what’s there to enjoy.

  9. 10hours of roadtrip! wow! it’s like traveling to Legaspi city.

    Moose are travelling loose around here by night >> hahaha…

  10. Thanks for your comments folks. I can only blog at night 🙂

    Well, this is certainly not a clandestine destination hahaha 😆 This is where you can have your honeymoom or bring your new girlfriend for some marathon discovery of life sessions 😉

    LOL on Camp David. The only semblance of Camp David if any would be the golf course. There’s skiing in winter here too and that’s why I have a couple of fireplaces in my unit 😎

    When you live in a province that’s equivalent to the size of England, France and Germany combined, driving for hours isn’t a surprise. Heck, I drive 4 hours one way just to go fishing and come back at the end of the day 🙂

    Manila to Legaspi is only 530kms. I drove more like from Tuguegarao to Legaspi and only had 4 fat empanadas and chips – and about an hour and a half rest and I’m serious 🙂 You got to drive tall and wide vehicles on long drives man. Small cars/sedans won’t cut it. It will cramp you up 😛

    There’s moose around here and even bears perhaps and I’m serious 😯 While driving I saw 3 wild turkeys looking lost on the road here and you hunt them with camouflage because they’re extremely finicky. Goes to show we’re in the real boonies here man. Glad to know there’s no prison camp nearby ugh 😡

  11. Have a restful vacation, bw! Man, I long to go to a place like that. In the wilderness, but with cable tv and internet! : D

  12. i’m just glad the long drive was at least worth it for you.

  13. Enjoy your vacation, Pards. 🙂

  14. it was indeed a longgggg trip, hopefully you had great time. please keep us updated on this place.

  15. That’s so funny bw. You drove 10 hours to surf the Internet, watch cable TV and go to the mall? 🙂 Hehe… enjoy your vacation… I’m sure you’ll have the time to just chill our and rest. 🙂

  16. Nice trip bro. It should be rejuvenating to you and your family.

  17. enjoy!

    we’ll wait for the wonderful photos. :p

  18. Hi! What’s up? hehe

    I dont know if you remember me. but I once was a regular in this blog.


    Tungkol sa post: Ikaw pinaglulu-luko mo ang anak mo hehe.

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