images1Staycation is now an official word in the English dictionary. I bet the wicked recession had something to do with it 🙂  I’m on staycation this week after our family vacation last week and that works just fine with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed our one week trip to New Hampshire.  In 2006 we went to the more touristic White Mountain area but this time we stayed a bit south, at the Crotched Mountain area. The resort we stayed at was literally in the boonies and people really only go there to golf in summer or ski in winter. The golf was superb but I would grade the resort a D in terms of family friendliness. The accomodation and customer service was alright and I couldn’t complain but was disappointed that there wasn’t a fitness gym at the resort.  Okay, I can run along the jogging trails but the thought of encountering a bear along the way isn’t exactly a thrilling proposition 😳 But then, isolated as the place might be, there are lots of interesting places to go within an hour and besides Boston was just 60 miles away. It is in a true sense a private hideaway.

images3I couldn’t imagine driving to this place without a GPS.  A couple of times I deviated from the “fastest time” to ” the shortest distance” in the calculation algorithmn and the GPS took me back to the resort in entirely different routes which gave me an eerie feeling that the software had bummed out and I was lost in the mountains in the middle of the night. I had to trust the GPS voice instructions when it told me to go left or right and lo and behold it took us home every time. It’s just me but I’m so particular about reliability and accuracy and when it comes to GPS systems that I only trust brand names that have established credibility in the avionics / navigation industry. Nope, I will never buy a GPS with a consumer electronic brand name no matter how famous.

images2The 10 hour drive from Toronto was quite smooth. As I said before, driving wide and tall vehicles with automatic transmission and cruise control is the name of the game in long driving. With cruise control on the freeway, I set the desired speed, free up my feet from the pedal, put my left foot up on my seat and control the speed with buttons on the steering wheel 😆 A spacious vehicle is great for your passengers as well. When I fold the 3rd row seats, I can also load my kitchen at the back of my van 😆 Since we were staying at a fully furnished unit at the resort, my wife, the ultimate rice queen tagged along her 4 cup rice cooker as usual. Her 10th commandent is ” Thou Shalt Eat Rice Everyday” 😉 We got an ice packed cooler with laing with shrimp, sinigang baboy, frozen daing na galunggong, longanisa we bought from a Pinoy store. I told her “enough with this now. No stinky stuff okay?” 😛 Food is never a problem to find because there are lots of supermarkets you can drive to but hey, why should I complain ? I’m pretty much universal with my taste but heck, what is darn wrong with daing na galunggong and longanisa for breakfast for Pete’s sake 😆 As long as it is not tuyo’ that’ll stink up the neighborhood and get us ejected I’m okay with it 🙂

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Here’s a few of the pics we took. Unfortunately the quality is degraded a bit because I have to download them into Photobucket and create the slideshow on Slide. Sorry for masking my little angel’s face. Since I’m blogging anonymously, have to do it for my family too. I’ll post more pics later. I love to play golf and do nothing, my daughter digs theme parks and my wife loves outlet malls ugh 🙂 Whenever we getting ready to dress up, I quip to my wife ” can I play 9 holes of golf now“? You see, it takes about 2 hours for her to dress up and I’m not kidding 😎 I learned something about lobsters in this trip. When the Brits settled in the Boston area, they found that the native Indians didn’t eat lobsters and in fact used them as fertilizers. The Brits made use of the crustacean by feeding them to prisoners. In the latter years of the colonial era, servants protested of being fed lobsters so the government instituted a law limiting lobster meals to 3 times a week 😆 Nowadays you get dinged between 15 to 20 bucks a piece at a restaurant to get a sample of this critter 😉 Times have really changed eh?

Coming back home late night at the busy Lewiston border in Bufallo, NY the Canadian immigration officer asked me as our car paused at the checkpoint and after handing her our passports ( dang, the US border requires them nowadays)”What’s your purpose of coming to Canada”. I replied ” err.. we live here“. Okay, it was a rather long, hectic day for her 😆


Here’s a case of a guy being a real trooper. A-ya-yay 😆

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  1. Staycation was a “Jeopardy” clue last week. And I got it right ha. Well, I usually yell the answers to the TV, that is until the kids tell me to keep quiet. 🙂

    I also had to get a passport. Visited an aunt in Minnesota. I’m still trying to find time to blog about that trip.

    I also had a rather unpleasant experience with cooking tuyo. Well, this was around the time I was still living with my mother. Nasa apartment pa kasi kami nuon at nagprito sya ng tuyo. Inireklamo kami sa caretaker. 🙂

    • Staycation is great too. I had fun with my daughter at home. I was cooking for the wifey when she came home for lunch daily , burning the barbie all the time 🙂 Then I drive around with my daughter in the afternoon. Wish I could have this as my permanent job hahaha 😆

  2. Looks like you stayed at a very private resort. Luv the waterparks and of course the lobster dishes. Your little girl is so cute 🙂 As for the disaster video, yuck haha..

    • Yep, it is a private hideway. I love it but then I have to please others too 😉 My daughter is tanned like crazy coz she loves playing in the water all day. As for the lobster, we went out for lobster dinner twice in this trip but still couldn’t get enough of it.

  3. Wow, I’d love to go on vacation, and then staycation, too!

    And oh, I’ve never had lobster. Lucky prisoners!

    • Normally you’re tired after a vacation so you need staycation 🙂 Well, maybe a lot of those prisoners had a heart attack due to the lobster’s high cholesterol hehe.

  4. Looks like your little girl loves the camera… or is it the other way around? 😀

    I read about how lobsters were once used as prison food during the colonial era somewhere, it must be from one of those books I read. Funny how the hard luck foods of the past have now become delicacies available only to those who can afford them. Paella for instance, used to be the staple of poor Spaniards. Times have changed indeed. 😀

    • well, I’m just the camera man and there is a director and you probably know who 🙂

      They say that in the MIddle East, the Arabs in the Persian Gulf were not eating crabs and when the Pinoys came and harvested crabs, they started appearing in the markets 😉

  5. This summer is all work for me. Although still hoping for a quiet little weekender somewhere close by which would meet the criteria of a staycation.

    Cruise Control is my husbsand’s best friend 🙂 Without it, forget about a road trip 😀

    • Because we have winter here and it is expensive to fly out, everybody takes off in summer where they can just drive around to go to places 😉

      Yep, I’d have my right foot paralyzed if I step on the gas for 10 hours 😛

  6. Looks like the resort is geared for adults having a private vacation. Boredom on long drives is mostly on the passengers because they have nothing to do but sit !

    Surf and turf? Interesting name for a dish. That video is hilarious and should be sent to America’s Funniest Video program 🙂

    • Right on. But lucky them, they can sleep anytime 🙂 Well, I have a built in DVD player in my van so my daughter and wife can watch DVD with their wireless headsets while i’m listening to my music on the speakers.

      Dunno but looks like surf is for lobster representing the sea and turf is for the cattle representing land I guess 😉

  7. Wow, what an enjoyable vacation…errr….staycation…Now what’s with the lobsters? It’s kinda funny that it was a servant’s meal long, long ago there. What lucky hands they were. 🙂

    • Funny coz once, at a lobster buffet in Florida I saw people, first timers being “trained” on how to eat lobsters with the right tools hehe 🙂

      they say that the Brits only liked eating lobsters after they invented butter . I say, the heck with butter – give me vinegar with soy sauce, garlic and chili anytime 😉 And of course, if butter goes with French fries, the vinegar concoction works gloriously with rice 🙂

  8. Lobsters! Wish I can eat this everyday without getting fat or dying of stroke or heart attack.

    Rarely use cruise control – it’s proven accidents also happen when some daydream or fall asleep on the wheel when both feet are relaxed.

    The way the lady drank the wine was unlady-like, she should only taken a sip ( you don’t drink the whole cup of Jesus blood for Christ ‘s sake!?)
    Think this was staged for YouTube and funniest video.

    • Man, I saw people getting rid of the green and red
      (aligi) stuff and only taking the white meat . I wish they gave them to me hehe 🙂

      Well, as long as there’s music in the background and plenty of coffee and an ocassional pee break, I can avoid getting drowsy 😉

      Tanggera ba ? hehe. Maybe she was thinking she had to tagay half of it ! Buti na lang hindi nalunok ng partner nya yung postiso nya 🙂

  9. I hope I could have a long enjoyable exciting staycation soon. dang. i so need it. :p

  10. Staycation is the best for me! One week at home is my idea of a true vacation. 🙂

    I laughed when you called your dear wife the Rice Queen. I will even venture a guess that your 4-cup rice cooker is probably the same type and brand as mine. Hehehe

    • Every year I ensure that I have at least 1 week staycation 🙂

      That’s her portable, take along rice cooker pards. We have a big version at our kitchen, not sure if its an 8 or 10 cup one 🙂

  11. staycation is new to me. i wonder if i can really stay at home for 7 days straight. my feet will be itching me to go out and meet with friends. hahaha.

    i’m not a fan of tuyo, too. not the taste, and definitely not the smell. 😀

    • Absolutely. As long as you’re not going away to some place, bumming out with friends qualifies as staycation criteria 🙂

      A buddy of mine cooked tuyo in his backyard bbq grill and man, he heard passers- by say, ” where’s that stinking smell coming from” ? 🙂

      Love tuyo ocassionally for breakfast man but it’s just so loaded with salt that’s why they attribute the high incidence of kidney disease among Pnoys to the frequent consumption of tuyo.

  12. Thanks for educating me with this word. It sounds Greek to me.

    Staycation is a nice way of spending time with your family. I love to be with them.

    • I may have to blog about my recent staycation. Yep, I bonded with my daughter a lot. Would you believe I helped her set up a knitting kit (for kids) given to her as a gift. Man, even if the yarn was thick and multicolored, I enjoyed making a place mat with her hahaha.. I’m curious – are there men doing knitting as a hobby ? 😆

  13. ahhh…staycation. i’ve used that word a couple of times last year. it’s the cheapest form of “vacation” 😛

    • Absolutely bro but as long as you are not tempted to drive around town hehehe.. But I have no shortage of work at home so I am always busy 😉

  14. ooohh now that is an interesting word. first time ko madinig ah LOL ang importante you had fun diba! meeting a bear while jogging will sure make a good post!

    • Yes, I had fun with both vacation and staycation and i’m incredibly tanned as we speak 😉 As for meeting the bear, I would be certainly nice to blog about it if I didn’t die from heart attack haha 🙂

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