Finders Keepers Losers Weepers.. No More ?

finderskeepers-ryanbubnisFor those who think that the hope of reuniting with a lost precious item depends solely on the honesty of the finder, despair not. “Finders keepers losers weepers” remains a thing of the past, hopefully only to be heard from the scratchy 45 rpm records of Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard. The homo sapien appears to be on track with its journey to enlightenment and had nixed the proverbial notion of the finders keepers rule as medieval, as evidenced by the latest legal rulings in the western world. Great ! Case in point, in England, a couple who cashed in a L30,000 winning lottery ticket they found on a shop floor were charged with fraud and ordered to pay back the rightful owner of the lottery ticket, interest included. Ouch. This was contingent of course on the rightful owner giving evidence and convincing the courts that she bought the ticket. The new rule simply says – if you found something, it is not automatically yours. You must exert effort in finding the owner. If no one shows up to claim after a period of time set by the law, only then will you be entitled to keep it” If you keep it and someone finds out, you’re as good as a thief. Strangely logical?

images_lotteryHere’s an even stranger one which happened in the U.S. A man handed his $2 lottery ticket to a store attendant for him to check if it won anything. The machine came up with a printout that confirmed the ticket was the 1st prize, $65M jackpot winner. The attendant gave the validation receipt to the man and advised him to proceed to the lottery office to claim his prize but the dunce “lost” his winning ticket. How could he muff the darn thing ? If he didn’t have a wallet, how about storing the damn ticket between his butt cheeks for safety huh? Who cares if it stinks, it’s still a friggin’ ticket 😑 Β A box of surgical gloves doesn’t cost that much πŸ™‚ He showed the validation receipt as evidence of his win, but the lottery office required a 365 day waiting period for someone to come forward with the winning ticket because “ by law, whoever turned in the actual ticket would be entitled to collect “ Ouch. Now, this becomes strangely complicated ! Luckily no one showed up with the ticket within the and the man was able to cash in the $21M prize ( after taxes). What if someone found the ticket and showed up at the lottery office? Methinks this is where smart lawyers come in and play their sophisticated tug of war game πŸ˜‰ I would hazard a guess that the ticket finder will get half, of which his lawyer may likely get third of his booty . The ticket loser will get the other half obviously and his good lawyer will take his well deserved cut as well. In short, everybody wins 😎 but the jackass ticket loser would curse himself forever for being a supreme buffoon, losing more than half of his winnings to people who didn’t derserve it 😯 Well, he can also pat himself in the back for being an instant benefactor, depending on his mood πŸ˜†

Finders keepers, losers weepers no more – what do you think ? Does it make sense? WillΒ it work where you live ? πŸ˜‰


images_saintThe death of former president Cory Aquino shocked the world. Cory’s legacy as a mother and housewife who led her country’s revolution from the hands of a tyrant dictator after her illustrious husband had fallen in battle is certainly heroic. Β She wasn’t by any means perfect but most of us saw her try her darnest best to mend a country’s broken spirit. I have seen hundreds of blogs honoring her, commented on a lot of them and felt like I had no need to blog about it because most of what I wanted to say had been said. I thought the media coverage in Pinas was a bit too much but considering her popularity, that was to be expected. Β The one thing that disappointed me was the proposal of some of her die hard supporters to canonize her as saint. I thought this was really going overboard, into outer space, if I were to allegorize how preposterous the proposal is.

The earlier years of my spiritual journey took me to my personal pilgrimages to Rome a couple of times and to Lourdes, France once. I took a video of the pope’s new year message at St. Peter’s square at the Vatican on Jan 1, 1988. I traveled by train from Paris to Lourdes, France to visit the shrine of St. Bernadette, took some water from the miraculous fountain that reportedly healed so many people. I didn’t get a chance to visit St. Bernadette’s body at a chapel in Nevers where she laid in rest, still intact, undecomposed even up to now. She will be 130 years old if she is alive today. If one wanted to know about saints, never mind the rites, rituals and traditions that went along with it, these were the places that saints as we know them to be breathed, walked and devoted their lives to their vocation to serve. What I have found is, and this is my personal opinion, that religiosity and spirituality are mutually exclusive which means that they are not related and one can exist without the other

People who propose the canonization of Cory are so pathetically out of touch with reality and have no sense of their limitations as human beings. Most people assume that being extremely religious makes them spiritually superior so they start dabbling on the supernatural, the mystical. The scary part about this false assumption is these people don’t understand that unconsciously and recklessly they behave as if they have acquired God’s power. And you and I know very well that when people preoccupy themselves with the supernatural, the mystical instead of the natural, such false world yields unrealistic, unnatural results. People tend to contradict nature’s intrinsic life cycles, renege on their responsibility as the most advanced specie of the planet, dwell on predictions of doom and gloom rather than build and prosper. The ultimate proof of this would be the miserable, unproductive quality of life of a society where such belief is pervasive. Giving Cory the natural status of hero is stuff that humans are able to do. Giving her the supernatural status of saint is clearly not within our job description – if you get the gist. Besides, speaking purely from the natural level of things, who in his right mind would make an ex-politician a saint ? On a lighter note, you wouldn’t want to put more stress on poor Kris would you ?


41 Responses

  1. Being religious is not enough reason to be a saint. =) I think some people/group are just too overwhelmed by the fever. Madame Cory will always be admirable and better than Prez Arroyo, let’s leave it like that.

    • Overwhelm is the right word. Some have even suggested to exhume Cory’s body after a few years to check if it hasn’t decomposed. Masyado na yata tayong mag Pinoy sa senti na ang igagantimpala natin sa isang tao ay langit – lampas sa kakayanan natin.

  2. I wonder how the new law on Finders Keepers will apply to thieving people in position here in Pinas? πŸ˜€

    • First of all, fair judgment or decision is required to enforce such law effectively… dito palang bagsak na tayo hehe..

  3. I’d like to blog about that event too but changed my mind when most people I know are already blogging about it.

    Amen to that sainthood. We owe Cory a debt of gratitude and I don’t mind if they name one day in her honor (holy or not). But making her a saint is just too much.

    As for her daughter, me think she’s just a twit who thinks the universe revolves around her.

    • There is a proper way to honor those who have served us well and that’s a show of gratitude. Naming a place, a park, a holiday – many things.

      As for Kris, she’s a scatterbrain sometimes, saying things without thinking. I think she is cute though πŸ™‚

  4. LOL on surgical gloves πŸ™‚ If I knew I won a 65 million prize and lose the ticket, maybe I will kill myself hahaha.

  5. you have a good point, but let me remind you that Filipinos already made one of their national heroes a god.

    • I know you’re referring to Rizal. Know what, with Cory and Manny Pacquiao, it can be a possibility… unbelievable 😯

  6. i think the proposal for cory’s sainthood was a mere shoutout that was later popularized by some people.

    let’s say they are an extra lucky couple.

    • I cruised around the internet bro and those people were serious in their proposal, I tell you. A Visayan newspaper also had an article on it, asking people what they think !

  7. I totally agree that spirituality and religiosity are indeed mutually exclusive. Coming from a conservative family that closely observes Catholic traditions, I have my own conflicts and struggles with the matter whenever I debate it with my parents. I don’t consider myself any less spiritual simply because there are Catholic rituals I don’t observe or adhere to. However, my parents adhere to the traditional and common view that both are the same.

    • In a broad sense, my own interpretation of spirituality is something of union with God, a relationship with him , a sense of enlightenment that empowers me to live life to the fullest. while respecting, loving my fellow men and all of his creation. I don’t think we were thrown into this world to be prisoners of some sort. The fact is because of a senseless and often unfounded, tremendous fear of God, man is known to have created his own prison here on earth through his own man made rules, aka religiosity.

  8. finders also have to be honest but if they just keep what they find, no one will know. Lottery tickets are exceptions because they will have to be validated but for cash or jewelry, some people just keep quiet.

    Cory Aquino was an exceptional woman who was an inspiration to many. World leaders only become heroes not saints.

    • So true and even in the article, finding treasures in a shipwreck is stealing, unless you report and clear it first with the authorities !

      I predict that Cory will remain in the hearts of the people as a natural leader, hero and not some supernatural being πŸ˜‰

  9. Losing a winning lottery ticket, man, that’s nightmare. But I always have nightmares like that when I was so much younger.

    • Losing a 65M ticket was more than a nightmare ! I used to be like that too Major Tom, but it disappeared when I got married hehe πŸ˜‰

  10. Naku, if that were to happen here, sorry na lang to the one who lost the ticket. With the money, the dishonest dude can just hire the best lawyer.

    As for Cory… well, I’ve already said my piece about the issue.

    • remember that guy who erroneously got 1,000,000 instead of 1,000 wired to his Manila account by Mellon Bank NY more than 20 years ago? Last time I heard he lost all the money fighting the case . At one point Mellon proposed he returns 500,000 and forget anything happened but he didn’t agree. In the end he lost everything.. ouch 😦 Talk about greed.

  11. Noypi politicians freely find millions of lottery tickets in the form of “porkbarrel” on their desks . 99 percent goes to their personal treasure chests and sure, they might share the remaining meager 1 percent to their constituents. What a bunch of thieving crooks, hehe….thieves na nga eh, crooks pa.

    That Cory stuff eventually will be a good memory of the past. But why was Judas called a saint? and part of the 12 apostles? wonder what were his resume looked like? We should call on the Noypi civilization to protest and remove the title of “Saint” to Hudas.

    • You know in Phil politics, whenever a politician occupies his office, it is always a finders keepers game. He keeps everything he finds for himself 😑

      Judas was the fall guy man …
      hehe πŸ˜‰

  12. I was seated on a bus on my way to Pasay. I yawned and put my hand on the empty seat beside. My hand stayed there for like 3o minutes. When I brought my arm up to change my sitting position I was surprised that a 50peso bill was sticking on my wrist. i wasn’t holding it, it was just on my wrist. the guy who previously seated beside must have dropped it and there is no way I could give it back, so I took it.

    • That’s OK coz it was impossible to return it… One time as I was walking late night to get to a parking lot near my office, I saw total of 50 bucks in 5 and 10 dollar bills on the sidewalk. Looked like someone dropped money from a drug deal hehe.. Had no choice but kept it.

  13. As a girl with an uncanny tendency to lose things, I’m all for that rule~! I haven’t lost anything that valuable, though.

    • Good for you ! You’re keeping your eye on the most important things. Last month I lost my one week train pass worth 40 bucks and I got pissed 😦

  14. i think ill pass comment on the finder’s keepers because it involved lawyers (wahaha)

    on cory sainthood? i love her but she aint a saint. even mother theresa aint a saint yet.

    • Common attorney, I’d like to know what you think hehe πŸ™‚

      Right. with the superior CSI-type forensic technology and superior recording of history these days, becoming a saint is pretty tough πŸ˜‰

  15. sabi ng isang pari, isa sa mga requirements for sainthood, 2 miracles daw are needed.

    Looking at it the my way, Cory will have a hard time qualifying. If her government was like that of the one she helped overthrow and the one that is sitting now, 2 milagro are peanuts kasi ang dami milagro nagyari noon at nangyayari ngayon sa present na government ni Arroyo.

    For example, the plain water that became a fertilizer hence the price has gone up more than a thousand times.

    miraculously as well is her staying power. hangga ngayon presidente pa rin sya.

    if she hangs on to power after june 2010, wouldn’t that be putting too much stress not only for Kris but for most Pinoys?

    • LOL on miraculous staying power of Ate Glo ! Watch her pull more miracles in the coming days. I hate to say this but some of Gloria’s miracles were also sanctioned by the church 😦

      The other miracle we are witnessing is the ressurection of Joseph Estrada. If he becomes president again, its like coming back from the dead πŸ˜†

      As for Glo after 2010, I hope she goes so we will not see another EDSA 😦

  16. Sainthood should not be taken lightly. I don’t think that Cory as much as I admired her is a candidate for sainthood. Wag pabigla bigla mga kabayan πŸ˜€

    I buy dollar tickets almost every week and I was told to always write your name at the back of the ticket so that there will be no question later about the ticket’s ownership πŸ™‚ Ang sarap katusan nung nakawala ng million dollar ticket πŸ˜›

    • It’s quite a scary proposition isn’t it ? An ex president becoming a saint is truly one for the record books πŸ™‚

      hehehe.. what if you and your officemates are in the pool for that lotto ticket? Ouch 😳

  17. bw, past kings and queens have become saints. st. olaf of norway, e.g.

    • Olaf existed 10 centuries ago and was canonized 8 centuries later. Warriors like Joan of Arc also became a saint. Miracles are a requirement when it comes to sainthood and in the past , evidences making people saints were largely anecdotal. The normal things we do today are miracles 10 centuries ago. Big difference today when there is are DNA testing, spy satellites, the cyberspace and blogs of jerks like me who would protest everything they disagree on . It is incredibly hard to pull and convince people with miracles in these days pal unless they have a medieval age mindset. πŸ˜‰

  18. two weeks ago, a customer forgot his burberry shopping bag infront of my counter. i took the bag in, looked what’s inside… a newly bought burberry shirt! i don’t know where to find the customer so i could give him back his bag. he might already be on his flight going to some place in the world. so i thought, if he will not come back to claim his burberry shirt till my shift ends, its mine!…. he came back! so no burberry for me….

    cory as saint?! i think there’s famine in pinas again that the people are hallucinating from hunger…. tama na yun magluksa tayong lahat….

    • He came back ? hehe. Buti na lang honest ka so he got his pricey stuff back πŸ™‚

      Agree, enough for the country to grieve and more importantly celebrate her life ! We must stop at hero – that’s about the best gift we can give her as mortals .

  19. Love the exchanges on this thread, the jokes, life-experiences, and why Cory shouldn’t be a saint. If we have a president that is filled with pragmatism and humors like ours, the motherland would be the best place on earth, bar none.

    • we all do it in the spirit of fun bro who knows we might learn from each other πŸ˜‰ I know what you are saying about our president but you know what, much that I disdain what’s happening in Pinas right now what bothers me is there appears to be no plausible alternative to GMA.

      Just like a doctor who is practicing defensive medicine, all I care is that a cancerous tumor like Erap and the rest of his brain-dead minions and moronic admirers don’t grab the center stage again. Sign of desperation indeed 😦

  20. I don’t think the lottery office will accept winning tickets with a butt smell. πŸ™‚

    About making Cory a saint: Filipinos, in general, tend to blow things out of proportion.

    • I tell you, a butt smelling but winning ticket is golden πŸ™‚

      Blowing out of proportion is an understatement. I’ve read proposals of people to exhume Cory’s body after a few years to see evidence of non corruption. If this is not a disrespect to a person, I don’t know what it is then 😦

  21. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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