Willie Revillame and ABS-CBN – A Misunderstanding Of Respect ?

The recent brouhaha between Wowowe host Willie Revillame and ABS-CN has shifted into an all out war between Revillame and the public, the latter calling for Revillame’s ouster as host of the show, in view of his allegedly rude comments in rebuke of ABS-CBN’s tasteless decision of airing Cory Aquino’s funeral cortege in the background of his loud and boisterous game show. People branded Revillame’s tirade as utterly boorish or complete “kabastusan” and disrespect of the dead president. But, was it really ?

I am thinking, what could be more “kabastusan” than showing a funeral cortege as a PIP ( Picture in Picture) in a noontime game show, full of gyrating dancers and contestants jumping and up and down, audience cheering and clapping ? What was ABS-CBN’s motivation to do this ? I can only think of one reason ; TV rating – hitting two birds with one stone, so that viewers need not switch channels. In short, you’re “entertained” by both events by a single channel. I am reminded of a light hearted statement made by the late movie reporter Babette Villaruel when asked about the funeral of his deceased father “ Okay naman ho. Successful naman yung burol niya”. Clearly, he was adding a showbiz twist to the event, in levity of course.

In my book, ABS-CBN’s decision to air Cory’s cortege as background to a game show was utterly disrespectful. It unequivocally treated the funeral of a deceased leader in the category of “showbiz” material. This equally reveals how lowly ABS-CBN considers its Wowowie viewers for subjecting them to such adacious display of callous and reckless commercialism. Revilliame’s decision to cry foul, protest and correct the situation was done in a manner befitting the gravity of the infraction – swift, blunt, straightforward and resolute and rightfully so. Revilliame isn’t exactly an emcee with a smarmy personality. He is a pretty ordinary looking guy, a bit rough on the edges, oftentimes missing on his v’s and f’s but nonetheless very capable of handling the show. Now his career is on the line for standing up to his employer’s “kabastusan” because the public at large failed to perceive the reason behind his blunt and no holds barred protestation.

Here’s a comment I made at an online forum thread discussing this imbroglio :

I don’t know why you folks want to kill the guy who wanted to defend Cory from the kabastusan of ABS-CBN, of SHOWING A FUNERAL IN A GAME SHOW.

This is the big deal – SHOWING A FUNERAL IN A GAME SHOW – the most disrespectful act of an expolitative, greedy, bloodsucking station like ABS-CBN who has no respect for dead people because they didn’t want people to change channels. ABS-CBN was the culprit here believe it or not.

Willie stood up for what he believed and those IDIOTS who say why not wait for a commercial better understand that if a FOUL is committed, you don’t wait for a time out to address it.

There was no reason for Revillame to risk his career but to correct a WRONG he did it his way in a blunt, no holds barred, straightforward, brutally frank manner. If this happened in FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC – showing Michael Jackson or Ronald Reagan’s funeral in the Price is Right, Jeopardy or Deal or No Deal game shows- the director of the show will be FIRED ON THE SPOT. You guys don’t have a clue of what respect means.

ABS-CBN has some explaining to do. They seem to be content on seeing their staff absorb the heat and getting lynched for their injudiciousness.


I always thought that the most viewed YouTube video would get to something like 60 million hits but I was wrong. This video got 124 million hits and still counting ! It isn’t spectacular by any stretch of the imagination but methinks the title had a lot to do with it 😉 In fairness, the video isn’t mediocre either. It is funny but not hilariously entertaining. What’s in a name ? Everything !

59 Responses

  1. www and willie were reasons I’ve cut off TFC some three or four years ago after watching three shows. It’s just not for me, a few of my friends thinks it’s a good show but to me, it’s all about exploitations of the poor.

    Willie the Goat is absolutely correct for airing his frustrations even though it’s all part of his usual dramatics BUT it’s also his employer, ABSCBN who streamed live the funeral. It was a classless act by the ABSCBN, and for me, the right thing to do was cancel www for this particular day, heck, there’s 365 days a year!

    “ Okay naman ho. Successful naman yung burol niya”. lol on this comment above. What kind of “burols” are/were unsuccessful??, hehe….

    124million hits is due to it’s title, smart advertising if you asked me. The guy on the video better have his acts covered in his “Health Care Plan”, hehe…

    • One can only speculate why the classless act of ABS-CBN. If someone erred in the studio, ASB-CBN should have accountability for it too. Your point of exploitation of the poor is also valid bro. Showbiz mentality tayo so kahit sa kamatayan, showbiz pa rin 😦

      He better see a chiroptactor after the show. Pretty clever dude who posted the clip eh? 🙂

  2. I am not a fan of Willie. And I look up to Tita Cory. But when I saw the controversial portion in his show, I didn’t feel he meant any malice in what he said. Besides, the Aquinos have already forgiven him so what’s the big deal? I agree with you — it was all ABS-CBN’s fault.

    • The name of the game in Pinas nowadays is going with popular opinion no matter how wrong – never going against the grain so to speak to correct a situation. sad indeed 😦

  3. It was what I was thinking bro right at the moment that the whole controversy started, and as I observed Mr. Revillame’s facial expression and actuation, I just felt that he could have been just uncomfortable with the situation, a solemn incident right in the middle of a boisterous game show.

    My question is: Why did ABS-CBN just cancelled the “Wowowee” show for the day? That way, there’d be no confusion for airtime.

    But by then, we should also see that these shows has contracts and are obliged to air at days specified.

    • If you were a normal person, esp someone who has a high respect for the dead person, you won’t have the compulsion to continue. I doubt if Revillame’s motive was self serving. It looked like he meant what he said because he could simply shut his mouth and collect his paycheck like most cocksucking emcees would do 😦

  4. Games shows and funerals don’t mix as far as I know.

    That youtube clip is so funny. I actually liked it 🙂

    • the way it looks, it is only a matter of time that Filipinos will have dance parties in their wakes and funerals 😦

      That guy dancing is a standup comic. He has some dancing skills too 😉

  5. Sa totoo lang this Lopez-owned station milked Cory’s passing for all it’s worth. I bet the board of directors were all crying on their way to the bank after that…

    As for Willie, he should have just kept his mouth shut and instead, file a grievance or complaint to the management IN PRIVATE. He should realize that, with emotions running high among die-hard and “recently converted” Cory fanatics, any negative statement on his part — whether it be about Cory or the station’s questionable action — would be taken out of context.

    • it’s frigging greed by the network bro. In truth, I am now tempted to conclude, by virtue of the reactions of people on this controversy, that most Pinoys have no problem watching a funeral and a rambunctious game show at the same time dahil they seem to say that Revillame should have not stopped it !

      And of course, the moronic and lame MTRCB the media watchdog of the country also goes with the crowd as if to say, it is OK to dance, sing, jump and down and revel in a funeral of a head of state for that matter.

  6. funerals should be viewed with respect at all times. if people adhere to this universal decorum, there should be no controversies.

    If the clip got 124 million hits then the world must be filled with dance crazy people 😉

    • that’s the problem when a culture has divergent understanding of what respect means.

      I’m suprised too, the number of people who go to YouTube to search for dance 😯

  7. This is the downside of not having TFC. I couldnt keep abreast of the goings on in the motherland.

    Willie REvillame is an acquired taste — one that I haven’t acquired yet.

    Will check out what’s the video all about later tonite, no access here at work 😦

    • No TFC nor GMA for me neither but its by choice. I have a dinner table briefing every night from the wifey on the happenings in Pinas . She spends hours on YouTube every night. No need for Pinoy TV 😉

      You got the best word for the guy so far – acquired taste hehe. How true 🙂

  8. to be honest bro, i hate willie. he doesn’t deserve to be rich (sourgraping here lol). he ain’t tact but he ain’t stupid. surely, after all these things settle, he and abscbn would get richer. (life indeed is a bitch)

    • Willie is the anti-thesis of what a game show host should be but give him credit for making the show into a street game with his style so the masa can identify themsleves with it 🙂

      He ain’t stupid of course and he has earned his large houses, and his Porsche, Hummer and Audi. Love him or hate him so be it but as long as he ain’t cheatin’ he can play the game IMO 😉

      And yes, ABS-CBN makes every event in Pinoy life a showbiz, even in death and that what pisses me off 😦

  9. very objective opinion indeed.

    • when I watched the video clip, I didn’t see any malicious intent, just the absence of the normal Pinoy bending over , beating around the bush routine – minus the ho, po, sila, nila, mawalang galang na po, the usual plea for consideration/understanding because we are so pusong mamon and where I am – heart of a muffin 😆

      Hey, why aren’t we entitled to say ” stop that f****g thing because it ain’t right and it pisses me off ” without getting burned ??

  10. Willie Revillame is obviously trying to look good so he said that live. But it backfired. I enjoy watching his show more than Eat Bulaga, but you know how he is.

    PS I think he’s creepy… lalo na kung babae ka. (YIKES!)

    • According to an ABS-CBN exec who gave his personal account, Willie already forewarned told them not to do it because he felt disrespect towards the dead president but when the show started, someone from “upper management” gave orders to show it. In the end, the KADUPANGAN ng ABS-CBN showed and this is what caused the brouhaha.

      check this out :

      http://www.pep.ph/news/22768/PEP-EXCLUSIVE:-Johnny-Manahan speaks-up-for Willie-Revillame

  11. Naku! Baka mag-pulong na naman ng komite sa kongreso a.k.a. batasan Pambansa ng isang “investigative committe” at sayangin na naman ang kanilang panahon sa pag-urirat sa bagay na ito!

    • baka nga bro, e yung “cheating episode” sa Wowowee e umabot na sa senate to be investigated eh 😦 Watch out sa mga politico na nagnanais ng pogi points at magpapalapad ng papel using this incident yay 👿

  12. To add insult to the injury, Joey de Leon wrote a satirical poem about what happened. It’s showbiz and ratings! Kasalanan ng dos yan lahat.

    • I’ve noticed that this Joey de Leon guy pounces on Revillame like a hungry cheetah for every slight misstep he makes. Di kaya professional jealousy? Lalo na siguro ngayon, when presidential candidate Manny Villar asked Wille to join his team as senatorial candidate. .. ( which is another blog item ugh) .. Diyatat circus comedy na ang nangyayari ? 😦

  13. I’ve said my piece in another blog and its the same as your sentiments. To these network executives, they look at everything in terms of numbers. It’s just all about ratings, bro.

    • Money, money money nga naman. I have seen so many comments about people saying walang utang na loob raw si Willie kay Cory who put ABS-CBN back to the hands of the Lopezes. If not for Cory’s rescue of ABS-CBN raw, hindi naging sikat si Willie, because ABS-CBN gave him the break. huh? Grabeng rationalizaton pa, when you just ask the question – why is willie angry at his employers for showing the funeral in his game show? 😡

  14. i’m not a fan of willie. but i didn’t join the online protest against him coz i can somehow see his point. the mistake he did was saying it on air. that’s it. he just insisted on it to management na hindi inaannounce sa maraming tao.

    re the most hits in youtube.. not that interesting for me…

    • Your opinion is most certainly respected. When you say “the mistake he did was saying it on air “, I am having difficulty understanding what the mistake is. When something is “horribly” out of order, dapat aayusin kaagad dahil napakalala ng epekto in my opinion. Kung minor lang, OK let’s address it at the commercial but it is serious, an affront to the dead person ! Sa tingin ko, this is one time na hayaan kong magalit ang tao dahil may dahilan at saka, sa totoo lang inis din ako sa kasakiman ng ABS-CBN 😡

  15. That’s a pretty funny dance video. I laughed at the Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer dances. 😀

  16. yeah. i got your point. after reading your entry, i now believe that it’s ABS CBN’s fault.

    Tthe station is using their talent as an escape goat. too bad.

    • buti na lang kung hindi ka dumaan dito baka nag ng sign sa petition hehe 🙂 Pinipiga ng ABS-CBN ang bawat minuto for air time just for the rating, for the money , that’s what they always do.

  17. i have the same opinion regarding this one. bakit si Willie lang ang pinarusahan ng mga comments at online petition kuno na yan. bakit di sya pinabakasyon muna ng ABS-CBN? sya naman was willing to give way for the burial showing. eh hindi cancel yung show nya. ang masama pinatungan pa ng isang window showing the wake. sus!

    dapat ang ABS-CBN ang managot nyan. at itigil na yang online petition na yan. hindi nga nag-iisip ang mga yan both ways. basta petition ng petition, typicallly Filipino. mag-isip muna!

    • mag-isip muna! – you said it. I am also incredibly shocked with the one -sidedness ng madla. Emotions ang umiral kasi. Although I am not shocked by the lameness of the media watchdogs kasi puro sila sipsip – kung saan ang opinion ng tao kahit mali, doon sila 😦

  18. no fan of willie here. surprised that he managed to fool so many people that he’s actually helping them even if the money actually didn’t come from his own pockets 😦

    • so true. for some stupid reason, the common tao believes that the celeb is doing them a favor when in fact they don’t.

      Like Manny Pacquiao, people have the illusion that he is fighting so he can give them money like Robin Hood ugh 😦

  19. you are right that, to begin with, it’s not appropriate for a funeral parade to be shown as an inset of a game show. bad judgment there. what made is worse is the host actually rubbed it in.

    so what’s the lesson here? end that Wowowee show on TV. pointless show. Pinoys deserve better TV entertainment. 🙂

    • If I was the host, I would rub it in so that when people criticize me and show for such a classless act, I am not to blame. But my sentiments will be ahead of politics – it was wrong so it had to be corrected.

      Guaranteed, if Willie kept quiet, vultures like Joey de Leon will be hot on his trail in the after the fact scenario, accusing him of being disrespectful to Cory 😦

      Sinabi mo – it is about time to have better TV entertainment . My first suggestion is to eliminate shows that sensationalizes misery and make people cry and feel miserable. It is utterly useless IMO 😦

  20. i am not familiar with this issue but i think you have a very strong point. unfortunately, the network will never explain because in the media world, everything gets blown by the wind and the collective amnesia of filipinos takes care of the rest right?

    • As usual, they will keep quiet, ignore and wait for the the issue to die a natural death, into oblivion. That seems to be the ploy these days. In short, no accountability for their actions kagaya rin ng gobyerno natin , ng leadership ng bansa natin 😦

  21. ABS-CBN wanted the best of both worlds here. They didn’t want to lose the Wowowee audience and nor did they want to lose the massive audience that Mrs. Aquino’s funeral attracted.

    The Lopezes are obviously beholden to Mrs. Aquino for she pushed for the return of their various properties such as ABS-CBN and Meralco from the Marcos cronies. However, the better decision would have been to suspend Wowowee’s broadcast for a day to make way for the funeral. It was the right and respectful thing to do. But instead, ABS-CBN’s management, true to form, decided to opt for the low brow approach. Pathetic.

    • Pathetic indeed and such a show of greed, even in death they still continue to exploit people for the sake of money. My regret is the people have no sense that they are being exploited and frankly, this pisses me off when ang unang tiningnan at binigigyan halaga ay etiquitte at hindi yung iwasto ang kabastosan na asal

  22. Ah, so that’s what happened. I’ve been so busy and to tell you honestly when I heard stuff about Mr. Revillame I didn’t want to dig in further. Now that I know the real score, I agree that it was very disrespectful of ABS-CBN to do that and I suppose Willie just reacted in the way that he’s used to. (Or I guess he was also trying to make himself look good so he had to make-drama pa.) Oh well. Haven’t seen the videos.

    • When you say ” I guess he was also trying to make himself look good so he had to make-drama pa” This I think is the line of thinking of most Pinoys in calling for his ouster. Sometimes sa tingin ko this is the result of lack of trust on public figures, where we categorically dismiss their every statement as no more than mere grandstanding. Sakit na natin ito it seems where we tend to look at public figures as evil schemers, where the motivation for anything they say is for their pogi points only.

  23. Hi, Bro. Am back from my Philippine holiday.

    I saw that segment when I was in Pangasinan. Even before Willie opened his mouth to say his piece, I was wondering why on earth the network (ABS-CBN) had decided to broadcast the Cory Aquino funeral coverage as an inset of the Wowowee noon-time show. Why not just cancel the show for that day and allot some precious air time to cover the funeral? But the network powers-that-be had wanted the best of both worlds, I guess ($$$).

    • Hey, welcome back ! Now you’d be speaking Swiss-German again 🙂

      Precisely the thought of many people – why not skip the darn game show. But as we all know, ABS-CBN’s greed showed. Lumabas ang kadupangan nila 😦

  24. Oops, I menat to write: BUT and not BOTH in the last sentense. 🙂

  25. Thanks for editing the typo error on my behalf, BW. 🙂

    I’ve always been a GMA-7 person. 🙂

  26. I never liked the guy… but I agree the biggest mistake was done by his bosses.

    • I’m not a fan of Revillame either. I am just upset at people barking at the wrong tree 😉

      Hey welcome back from your vacation Sidney. Hope you had a good one. I’m still stuck with a lot of work and I may bloghop in a couple of days. Hopefully I can turn up a new post too 🙂

  27. I found Revillame’s reaction very proper. He is just a simple guy who says what he thinks is right. And i agree to what he felt on that day.
    Did he get a negative feedback from the viewers on what he did? Wala kase akong TFC eh.

    I had a good laugh on that dancing video! Thanks for a hearty laugh before i go to bed this evening. What a wonderful way of ending a long day….

    • Yes, he did get a very negative feedback from the viewers who mostly are already biased by their opinion on his personality. I heard he will be back on air on Aug 29th so wala ring nangyari sa online petition to remove him from the show duh.

      Glad you liked the video. There should be a reason for it getting those huge hits 😉

  28. The crux of the issue here is whether or not Willie did disrespected Cory.

    Yes he did. In the first place, that day was declared a non-working holiday so that people can mourn the loss of a great leader. A lot of tv shows were canceled that day, because of the airing of the funeral.

    Now the question is this; why would Wilie agree to do a boisterous show at a time of national mourning? Isn’t that disrespect enough? While the whole nation is mourning, Wilie is rejoicing? He shouldn’t be doing a show on a day specialy reserved for the dead leader.

    And to try to remove the inset of the funeral and loudmouth it in front of national television is the height of hypocrisy.

    There is excuse for Willie. He should have just apologized and everything would have been forgiven and forgotten. But to continue insisting that he did nothing wrong is not only ungentlemanly, it is the height of gross stupidity.

    • First of all, Willie wsn’t arguing with you and me. He was arguing with his employer ABS-CBN to stop the classless display of Cory’s funeral as inset to the show. This is the premise of the whole issue. Why are you getting upset when he is protesting to his employer and not you, to stop the disrespectful act?

      Whether or not Willie agreed to the decision of ABS-CBN in airing Wowowie during the day of the funeral is an issue issue that you and I shouldn’t even talk about. If we do not stop what we’re doing – going to the movies, eating in the restaurant, having sex with our partners does it mean we disrespect Cory ?? Bakit ginanagawa mong Bieyernes Santo ang funeral in Cory ?? Ugh 😦

      Now, if it was some person other than Willie Revillame who made the brutally frank request to ABS-CBN on the airwaves I bet you, there will not be that loud backlash and petition to remove him. In other words people who are asking for his head have their biased and prejudiced opinion about the man. It is more of character assassination of the man because of his personality and not really because of what he said which I admit was blunt and straight to the point which was what ABS-CBN deserved in the first place.

  29. […] “…I am thinking, what could be more “kabastusan” than showing a funeral cortege as a PIP ( Picture in Picture) in a noontime game show, full of gyrating dancers and contestants jumping and up and down, audience cheering and clapping? What was ABS-CBN’s motivation to do this? I can only think of one reason; TV rating – hitting two birds with one stone, so that viewers need not switch channels. In short, you’re “entertained” by both events by a single channel. I am reminded of a light hearted statement made by the late movie reporter Babette Villaruel when asked about the funeral of his deceased father “ Okay naman ho. Successful naman yung burol niya”. Clearly, he was adding a showbiz twist to the event, in levity of course….” – BW (READ MORE) […]

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