Presidentiable or Scoundrel ?

images_presI’ve been monitoring this 2010 Presidentiables website and noticed the frequent changes of the personalities that seek to vie for the most powerful job in the nation. At this early juncture, the list is dynamic as political parties jockey and strategize, changing candidates depending on polls and survey results. Some candidates are incumbent politicians who have been endorsed by their respective political parties. Others are religious leaders who feel that their self-avowed righteousness is the antidote to the plague of corruption that could avert the social and economic atrophy that threatens the disintegration of the nation. Party-less as these two religious leaders are, I am amazed at their audacity. I have thought all along that in a democracy, the executive power of the president complements the legislative and judicial powers in the governance of the nation. Minus the political machinery that backs the president in the upper and lower legislative houses, how could independents Villanueva and Velarde possibly survive the presidency should one of them win? Is the Pinoy president an autocratic ruler, some kind of emperor whose subjects are beholden to his eminence and expected to acquiesce to his every behest?

images-erapAnd of course, the ultimate embarrassment to the Filipino race is the name of convicted plunderer ex-President Joseph Estrada who has the gall to run for the presidency. In a complete turnaround after his pledge not to run for public office as condition for President Arroyo’s imprudent pardon from his sentence of reclusion perpetua, Estrada is back on the campaign trail, trying to  reclaim  the throne that once was his. His name is back in the headlines reeking with more controversies as his political enemies dig more skeletons in his closet to smear his credibility. Lawsuits are being filed left and right – again. Haven’t we gotten enough of this vampire already? Why are we wasting time with a convicted felon who equates the presidential pardon (granted due to his frail health) as exoneration from his crime ? Worse, there are those among us who believe that Erap is the comeback kid, reminiscent of his movie exploits, and is on his high horse seeking to exact revenge on those who mauled and left him for dead 😦

The recipe for a consummate disaster for the nation would be an Erap win. It might be unlikely, but not mathematically impossible. Should it happen, it will be the triumph of poverty – both intellectual and spiritual. As Pinoy writer F. Sionil Jose aptly said ”

“We are poor because we have lost our ethical moorings. We condone cronyism and corruption and we don’t ostracize and punish crooks in our midst. We allow their practice because our loyalty is to family or friend and not to the larger good”

The 5 Grand Burger

images_burgerRemember that GMA $20K dinner expense brouhaha during her last U.S. trip that caused a lot of stir in the media ? Interestingly, I caught a glimpse of the restaurant bill in one of the websites that wrote a damning criticism of GMA’s apparent extravagance on her business trips and her administration’s poor stewardship of the country’s treasure chest. The tab was mighty long and one needs a calculator to sum up the charges. Gloria could have done it much simpler. She could have just taken a select crew of 3 and gone to Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas and ordered four Fleurburgers. The burgers don’t don’t come with sodas but each with a 1990 Chateau Petrus bottle of wine. The tab would have been much simpler – 4 x Fleurburgers combo = $20,000 😎  She could also invoke a cop out and say “ holy shit, I didn’t know it was that expensive. We were just trying to have burgers ” 😆

43 Responses

  1. Erap is one hell of a joke in this country. He continues to have a bloated sense of self-importance, typical of a trapo (traditional politician).

    I’m still undecided on who to vote for as next president. I’m not at all sold out to Noynoy, not yet as least, because I feel he’s a sentimental favorite at this time.

    • I thought we were done with the guy but here he goes again, causing grief to everyone.

      Agree. Noynoy was practically inert before his famous mom passed on and all of a sudden, he becomes hot. It’s definitely sentiments .

  2. Got to talk with a churchmate last Sunday. She will actually vote for…Erap. She said Erap was the man since he is now a renewed Christian. I was a bit shocked, but I respected her political convictions.

    May God have mercy on our country should Erap win.

    • there is a saying that goes – ” you cannot establish credibility by telling people what you plan to do” and clearly Erap is playing his cards on this theme because his past is riddled with shame and ignominy.

      At his age, his health , his dark, villainous past – this guy has nothing new to offer. He only lives on the premise that he’s the people’s asshole and he can very much do anything he wants.

  3. I still have trust in the Filipino people. If there’s no cheating in the coming elections, I think we’ll have a decent president in 2010.

  4. What??? What’s in that burger anyway. I could buy a used car for 5 grand !

  5. to all who will vote for Erap: utang na loob, maghunos dili kayo!

  6. I say the only reason why someone would be crazy enough to sell a $5,000 burger would be at a first rate casino. If some restaurant down main street sells the stuff, I bet no one would touch it in a thousand years 🙂

  7. that is erap’s dumbest decision to date.beat that!

    and what’s this news i’ve read that willie revillame is also planning to run as vp?


    • To, Erap’s decision is simply a manifestation of how low he thinks of the Pinoy voter, that despite his conviction beyond reasonable doubt as plunderer, he thinks the people aren’t buying the court’s decision and he’s still a frigging Robin Hood to them ! What a jackass 😦

      Yep, Willie R is running as VP. Are you depressed as I am too ? 😡

      • Gilbert Remulla said in an interview this morning with mo twister that their party has not even mentioned willie in any of their meetings.

        At the moment, I’ve been thinking of voting for Villar for President. BIR recently announced that they didn’t find anything suspicious with the C5 project.

  8. Ang kulit talaga ng mga tatakbo.. ano kaya ang layunin nila at bakit sila tatakbo?

    • Minsan magtataka ka kung bakit napakarami ng gustong maging presidente ng Pilipinas, more than the political parties being represented 😦

  9. one of these days, the filipino voter will get it right!

    uy, napapadalas yata posting mo ah. buti naman.

  10. In the end… I don’t think Erap will run… the quality of the candidates went up those last few weeks…

    Nonoy has the popularity… Villar got the money and Gilberto Teodoro got a formidable campaign machinery…

    My bet:

    Forget the others….

    • I hope so that Erap back out but knowing his villainous character, he might fight until the end 😯

      I’m wary of old dogs like Villar who brags that you have to have at least 1 billion pesos to qualify to rum for teh presidency. methinks thats tacky braggadocio. I don’t want to put my faith in such kind of person. Let’s give the youngbloods a chance 😉

      I also disdain the thought of winning Pres and VP coming from different parties. Partisan politics cannot be eradicated and whether we like it or not it plays in the grand scheme of things. I wish the constitution changes this most awkward system that will breed nothing but disunity in the executive level of govt 😦

  11. If we still wonder why so many wants a thankless job, spend millions of pesos to get a position whose salary is much lower than mine, then, we don’t understand what motivates this people to run. God help us, we deserved them!

    • I can certainly read between the lines hehe 🙂

      Wasn’t it Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore who raised his salary to $5 Million a year. His reason was a head of state like him deserves a more than decent salary so he won’t be goaded into corruption 😉

  12. Out of topic:

    Bro, Congratulations, finalist ka sa Philippine Blog Awards.

    Good Luck.

    Best Filipino Blog Abroad

  13. We Filipinos never learned from the past. We’ve already tried Estrada and he failed. Why would some of the Filipinos want him back?

    As of this time, I don’t know if we really have one among those presidential aspirants who is motivated towards good governance and honesty-driven…

    • You wonder of some people’s criteria of voting. we know for sure that the disgraced Marcoses will remain elected in the Ilocos region come hell or high water 😦

      It is known that some of them are pawns of wealthy industralists, who are placing in power politicians for their own interests.

  14. i still haven’t decided who to vote yet. noynoy is a popular clamor but his track record is unimpressive. villar is a typical trapo but he seem to be my best bet at the moment. erap? my brother left PI when he won. if he won again, I might leave PI.

    • the 64 dollar question is whether you must vote for a questionably corrupt politician but with leadership and experience or someone who is clean but inexperienced with no leadership at all. It is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea in my opinion.

      If Erap wins, it’ll be like handing the governance of a country to a bandit 😦

  15. by the way… congrats on being a finalist in pba09 🙂

  16. Question : Is Mr. X a corrupt candidate?

    Answer: Is Mr. X running for president?

  17. is running for presidency a matter of guts? so it seems to me. most of the candidates are either ex-convict, unexperienced or goons…
    hell, what’s the requirement anyway for presidential candidacy? my poor country….

    • Nowadays it seems that the requirement for being a candidate for elected office is being a showbiz celebrity 😦

      Just look at Noli de Castro and Loren Legarda and of course, ERAP. Not to mention the senate that’s full of ex-movie stars 😦

  18. Noynoy is a replica of Cory, being shoved in to claim the presidency he is not prepared/and qualified for. Quite weak and Hacienda Luisita hovers over.

    Teodoro can pull it off due to his backers BUT I think Puno as his VP doesn’t greatly helps his dream.

    I’ve always liked Villar coz of his begginings, everyone knows that. But if he ultimately spends a billion of his money to win the top prize, the voting public should figure out that somehow, he will eventually ransack the treasury to recoup his losses and get into multiple shady deals somewhere to pad his already bulging treasure chests.

    • Nonoy looked like a backbencher for most of the time and all of a sudden, after Cory’s passing, he’s a star !

      Oh so true. You can’t spend tens of millions in campaigns to earn a paltry P65,000 a month as president . However one may look at it, it doesn’t make sense 😉

  19. Indeed, that Erap still had the gall to present himself to the public as this nation’s savior clearly speaks of the quality of the majority of voters. He knows this, and he is playing his cards to the hilt. Disenfranchising those voters is looking more and more like an attractive option, doesn’t it? 😉

    BTW, congrats on being a finalist.

    • “Disenfranchising those voters is looking more and more like an attractive option, doesn’t it?”

      if you cannot discredit the candidate, then you discredit the voters hehe. This can work but it does look hopeless doesn’t it ?? So much about frigging bragging to the rest of the world that WE ARE A NATION OF EDUCATED PEOPLE arghh.. 😦

      Thanks bro. I feel honored but as I joked with other blog friends, I’d prefer my stock portfolio to go higher hahaha 🙂

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