images_winIt is Thanksgiving long weekend here (Canadian) and it is customary for people to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with roast turkey dinner amongst family and friends. It is always a two day celebration for us – one with family and a potluck dinner with our closest friends. It’s that time of the year when I’d be bringing turkey sandwiches for office lunch the entire week. Yep, I’m that lead vulture in charge of recycling left over scraps from the fat bird 😉

It is also an opportune for me to be thankful for this blog being chosen as Best Pinoy Blog Abroad Award in the recently concluded PBA 2009 contest. I’ve always said before that I never won anything for free in my life. It seems that in anything I have won in the past, I had to break sweat. No raffle nor lottery wins for me. It always had to involve some decision making on my part. The fat lady never sings the blues nor smiles in my direction and I have admitted this to be my fate until the next 7,000 year polar reversal cycle completes and reboots our planet 🙂 I have to greatly thank the blog friends who nominated me – yes, there’s more than one of them and I had to accept only once 😉 I also like to thank my blog friends who I rub elbows in cyberspace almost everyday, some of whom have been with me for many years, others since the inception of this blog. I greatly value your friendship.

The irony is, since I am blogging anonymously, a handful of people and I mean it literally – not more than a 5 finger count – know my true identity, name and face alike. Therefore I take this accolade and gloat literally under my hat coz I am not prepared to go gung-ho with bragadoccio and take the 5 people out to a Carribean cruise 🙂

I’ve always said before that this blog is never about me but my thoughts and I strive to endeavor to express them as they are and I hope, without getting obnoxious. The greatest thing about the virtual world of cyberspace is you can experience that seemingly limitless freedom of virtual existence and at the same time achieve virtual greatness. The last time I verified the definition of “gloat” in the dictionary I got this : gloat – to look at or think about with great or excessive, often smug or malicious, satisfaction… hahaha. I would be cautious to use this word in the real world next time. For now it’s fine. I’m ready to face the charges for virtual gloating 🙂

turkey05Thanksgiving is a time to recognize that God has put a smile upon our faces each passing day. We say ‘thanks’ for the most precious gifts in our lives – our family, friends and loved ones.