The End Times ?

images_endtimesMany years ago when the pastor of the church I was attending announced that he would be preaching about the apocalypse of St. John in the Book of Revelation , the congregation had mixed feelings of anticipation and perturbation.  People seem to get carried away with anything the deals with apocalyptic predictions, be it prophecies from our very own faith or astrological conjectures from soothsayers of old as well as self-professed seers of our generation. The end of the world – lights out, disintegration of all living things is the most horrifying thought to most people. When we  experience natural disaster, drastic climate change, terrorist attack, war and famine we treat them as tell-tale signs of the end times,  an impending apocalypse.  For thousands of years we envisioned these repetitious cycles of tribulations as doomsday in the horizon threatening to drop like rain from a heavy dark cloud but so far it hasn’t fallen. When will it happen ?

This present generation made a bold prediction of the actual date of doomsday – December 21, 2012. The date comes from the ancient Mayan prediction of galactic alignment, the day when the sun is at the center of the galaxy, perfectly aligned with our earth.  Scientists confirm that the Mayans, amazingly astute astrologers in their own right, were correct in their calculation.  Strangely, the Mayan calendar ceases at this date, an implicit suggestion that time will come to a full stop.  So what will happen on Dec 21, 2012 ? Some say that the solar maximum(sunstorm) event anticipated by scientists to happen in 2012 will occur during this day , causing the earth’s magnetic field to weaken thus accelerating the magnetic reversal of the earth resulting in severe climatic upheavals. The movie Knowing was one that dramatized the Dec 21, 2012 doomsday scenario. Except for the ET-like ending of aliens rescuing Nicholas Cage’s son and his friend before the fateful event, I thought the movie retrogressed from serious science fiction to fairly tale. Methinks the producers didn’t want the audience to take them seriously 😉  Others predict that nothing of cataclysmic nature will occur but a severe financial crisis would wreck economic havoc to the world resulting in panic and chaos. Some say it will be the dawn of a spiritual rebirth for mankind- whatever it means I’ll not be seeking the answer.

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