The End Times ?

images_endtimesMany years ago when the pastor of the church I was attending announced that he would be preaching about the apocalypse of St. John in the Book of Revelation , the congregation had mixed feelings of anticipation and perturbation.  People seem to get carried away with anything the deals with apocalyptic predictions, be it prophecies from our very own faith or astrological conjectures from soothsayers of old as well as self-professed seers of our generation. The end of the world – lights out, disintegration of all living things is the most horrifying thought to most people. When we  experience natural disaster, drastic climate change, terrorist attack, war and famine we treat them as tell-tale signs of the end times,  an impending apocalypse.  For thousands of years we envisioned these repetitious cycles of tribulations as doomsday in the horizon threatening to drop like rain from a heavy dark cloud but so far it hasn’t fallen. When will it happen ?

This present generation made a bold prediction of the actual date of doomsday – December 21, 2012. The date comes from the ancient Mayan prediction of galactic alignment, the day when the sun is at the center of the galaxy, perfectly aligned with our earth.  Scientists confirm that the Mayans, amazingly astute astrologers in their own right, were correct in their calculation.  Strangely, the Mayan calendar ceases at this date, an implicit suggestion that time will come to a full stop.  So what will happen on Dec 21, 2012 ? Some say that the solar maximum(sunstorm) event anticipated by scientists to happen in 2012 will occur during this day , causing the earth’s magnetic field to weaken thus accelerating the magnetic reversal of the earth resulting in severe climatic upheavals. The movie Knowing was one that dramatized the Dec 21, 2012 doomsday scenario. Except for the ET-like ending of aliens rescuing Nicholas Cage’s son and his friend before the fateful event, I thought the movie retrogressed from serious science fiction to fairly tale. Methinks the producers didn’t want the audience to take them seriously 😉  Others predict that nothing of cataclysmic nature will occur but a severe financial crisis would wreck economic havoc to the world resulting in panic and chaos. Some say it will be the dawn of a spiritual rebirth for mankind- whatever it means I’ll not be seeking the answer.

images_crystal_ballMy problem with most predictions is aye sayers try their darnest best to correlate a prediction to an event that fits  the prediction scenario. Hurricane Katrina may have been not that cataclysmic compared to other events in history but the fact that  Nostradamus predicted in his cryptic quatrains  said that the city of Orleans ( France) will be ” shaken by the land and seas” , people were quick to dovetail the great flood of New Orleans caused by Katrina to the fulfillment of the prophecy.

Our earth has been around for so long, some 4.5 billion years and no one knows how many natural facelifts, permutations, reboots it has gone through. The continental drifts, plate tectonics, polar shifts are real and whether we like it or not, islands and continents will move, glaciers will melt, climates will change, species will become extinct and new species will emerge. There is only so much we can do to control our environment to make them work to our advantage.  We fear doomsday yet oblivious to the fact that we humans  are perfectly capable of immense destruction and annihilation of our planet, with the massive amount of nuclear arsenal sitting ready in our underground silos, ready to be fired at the flick of a switch.  Our sun will be around for another 6 billion years before it extinguishes and dies so who knows, the earth could hang around for that long barring a collision with an asteroid. Will the end times happen in 2012 ? Nostradamus predicts year 3797.  Standby and stay tuned.


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  1. I don’t want to think about the end of the world. Hope it does not happen in my lifetime. I have no clue what the movie Knowing is about. Now I think I’ll watch it .

  2. “i can predict when is the end of the world, it will be on…” – everybody can say this. sometimes, people who make up such dates are just into marketing schemes for something.

  3. I hate to think about these things – especially on a Friday 🙂

    I’m thinking about doing some gardening this weekend, soil is soft after our heavy rain this week; golf for you?

    • yeah.. well, this could be a good bedtime reading too haha 🙂

      Not golfing this weekend. The weather is a little colder. I’m trying to get to the Photography and Imaging show in town. I hope I don’t buy anything… 😉 ( impulse buying).

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  5. that’s a really bold prediction BW. Although there is some scientific backing, it’s a long shot that the sun storm will happen on the same day.

    year 3797? I could care less by that time 🙂

  6. We don’t need nuclear bombs to create a “doomsday scenario”. Our greed, ignorance and irresponsible handling of the planet is good enough to create a global catastrophe courtesy of Mother Nature. Come to think of it, a nuclear war is better. It’s much quicker; no suffering after the upheaval!

    • We can never take nature for granted. If we know the risks we should immediately mitigate and resolve it. Ondoy wouldn’t have been that bad if we had the proper urban planning of the city. As for the nuclear war, yep we must live near the city to make it much quicker 🙂

  7. Hahaha… “stand by and stay tuned”. 🙂 It’s funny when we’re talking about the end of the world. 🙂

    • para bang doomsday watch ? Heck we can make it like the new year’s countdown at Times Square, cant we ? 🙂 .. here it comeeeeesss !! :mrgreen:

  8. 2012 – ill watch this movie…

  9. And here I was thinking that THE END will come like a thief in the night… yun pala me date na, hahaha. Oh well, a few hours before December 21, 2012 I will most likely be sitting on the rooftop watching the sky… with a case of ice-cold beer beside me. Might as well drink myself to death while waiting for the end to come, he he. 😀

  10. There are several opinions about predictions mentioned in the Book of Revelations which are now being interpreted thru films like 2012. I much inclined to believe in Dan Brown’s latest novel, the Lost Symbol scenario of the second coming.

    By the way, congrats for being chosen as the best blog abroad. Keep writing and inspire others to do the same. All the best.

    • here’s a little joke about the 2nd coming… Many years ago I was at a Pinoy sponsored concert at a church which was being emceed by a Pinoy announcer named Rey Tolentino. Rey had the quintessential announcer’s voice – baritonish, impeccable diction and very fluid, with nary a trace of accent. At the end of the show the pastor thanked the group and said ” I don’t know much about Rey but boy when i heard his voice I said – man, this will be how God’s voice will sound like as he talks to his flock from the mighty heavens in the 2nd coming” 😆

      Thanks vm and for dropping by 🙂 All the best to you and our kababayans in Niorthern Ireland 😎

      • Hahaha what a coincidence (sharing the same name with me)! Unfortunately, I dont have the voice and charisma to convince any flock for the 2nd coming. On a personal note, Ive been to Toronto, Mississuaga, Ottawa and Montreal last Xmas 2007. It was first trip and enjoyed the whiteness of Canada.

        • I’ve been to the UK a couple of times and the farthest I went was Dover, to cross the English channel to Calais, France. Boy, that was rather bold of you to visit Canada in winter 😆 Try to visit in summer for a change 😉

      • Hahaha there’s this guy in the office with the same kind of voice—when he calls your name it would make you want to look up to the sky and say “G-god?”

  11. how many times have we heard that it’s doomsday on this and this date. but it didn’t happen. just be prepared. coz you’ll never know. you end might be today

  12. I admit I was scared big time by the Mayan prediction. But realized soon that no one really knows when the end will be. The good thing (let’s forget the bad thoughts for the mean time) this kind of prediction brings is that people get to reassess how they live and what for.

    • Absolutely. The end times is as real and inevitable as death itself and it gives people a reality check of their vulnerability.Many religions also capitalize on the end times to promote their fear agenda, to gain more adherents.

  13. Every generation would like to think they are “special.”

    I forgot the exact title of that National Geographic documentary but it was telling its audience that the new testament’s REVELATION wasn’t about the end of world. It was a figure of speech how the roman empire ended.

    • Almost every religion deals with the end times and believe it is imminent and have to be treated with extreme urgency. Fact is, in our universe today, stars much like our very own sun are born and die every minute. Our sun’s turn to die is inevitable.

  14. i find that it is not so much when apocalypse will come but what humans will do when it finally comes.

    • Many people would be ecstatic about the end times, esp those who live for it, hoping it occurs sooner than later so they can make the final trip to paradise 🙂

      If it does come, it better be quick, like a massive asteroid collision that blows up the earth to bits so there will be less human suffering.

  15. December 21, 2012? That would be my Mom’s 71st birthday, if ever (LOL).

    Seriously, so many people like to come up with dates with regard to the end of this world. Well, the Bible clearly states that nobody knows the exact day when it will all come. But then again, not everybody believes in the Bible, so there you go.

    Having said this, we do know that we are indeed in the last days; we just have to look at the signs of the times.

    I remember watching a documentary on Nostradamus. I was in HS, if I remember it right. Now, this post has piqued my interest. 🙂

    • So I guess it wil party time for mom during that day eh? 😆

      It is foolhardy to put a date on the end times unless a huge planet is on a definite collision course with the earth. For all we know North Korea may go berserk and start a global nuclear free-for-all 😉

  16. ….” Will party like it’s 2012″!….Dec. 21, 2012 at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles!

  17. Isn’t it interesting that the Mayan Calendar runs out at the end of the hurricane season of 2012?

    Another statistical link between weather and the Mayan Year 2012.

  18. end times on 2012… heard that from a co-worker. i can believe that there are signs but who will know when it is the end of the world? nobody can truly know that, the Bible says. but as Jayred said, not everybody believes the Bible.

    what to do now if in case the prediction is true (though i really doubt if it’s true)? maybe it’s time for refining the soul? maybe our attention should shift to what we should be doing instead?

    • I don’t buy the prediction either. The one thing that could affect us is the sun and we hope that it remains stable. The chances of a nuclear war decimating the human race is higher than the earth disintegrating for no reason.

      I guess it gives people a sense of perspective of why they are here on earth. Some will embark on a religious journey, others on a spiritual one.

  19. Noy,

    The “Mangyan”(of Mindoro) calendar says something differrent! Peace and prosperity will reign in the Philippines in the coming of the “Political Messiah”!

    • LOL on the Mangyan calendar hahaha.. I hope they’re not playing “sungka” to identify the date :mrgreen: Who might that “political messiah” be ? 😉

  20. I’ll watch the movie 2012 because I have thing for disaster movies!

    I can’t help but be influenced by my religious upbringing when it comes to the topic of the end of the world, and I automatically don’t want to pay attention to predictions of such. My mind is set on the idea that no one knows when it will come, but I do sometimes ask God not to let it happen in my lifetime. Or at least let me get married and have kids first.

    • My parents told me that there was one point when they thought the world was ending and that was the time when President Kennedy ordered Russia to leave Cuba otherwise he will blow them to pieces. Everybody thought WWIII was coming.

      The end times makes us more aware of our mortality. It does affect our spirituality as a whole. It makes us understand deeper the notion of why we are here in this world. Our level of understanding makes us either panic or take it like sunrise or sunset – something inevitable, beyond our control.

  21. I’d like to think that I’ll expire in 30 years or so, and who knows the “end of the world” might as well be the same date as my expiration date, hehe…..

    Been hunkering down for over a week, son-in-law was in isolation for Swine Flu. I’m quite worried with my grandson. Don’t mind having the bug, just spare my GS.

    Stay away from sickly people or crowded place and wash hands frequently, it’s a good prevention.

    • Let’s put it this way – I couldn’t care less if Nostradamus is spot on with his 3797 prediction hehe 😉

      Canada is set to roll out the H1N1 immunization by Nov 1st. The vaccines are being manufactured as we speak. The flu season peaks in Dec so everybody must be inoculated before Dec. Our yearly flu shots are free so this one is also free.

      Hope you get your vaccination soon.

  22. I predict that the end of times will happen on June 6, 6666 at exactly 6:00 in the morning. I dreamt about it. Bet?

  23. Btw, that’s 0600H GMT.

  24. Scary. Sana naman hindi totoo.

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