A Night at the Museum

PA231429What would you do on a dreary and rainy Friday night ? Last Friday night I did something different (don’t laugh now) – I went to a museum. Yes, Friday being a jeans day at the office allowed me to dress casually so at 430pm I took my camera with me, headed about 5 subway stops north and spent the evening at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). The wifey and the daughter wanted to watch a kiddie movie at a theater but I opted to go on a geeky date with my camera. Overall it was great learning experience for me, both with the exhibits and my camera. 🙂 Not a bad place to bring your real date I tell you. If she can hang around for 5 hours it means she likes you 😉

PA231558The real reason for my going was to photograph the Dead Sea Scrolls which is on exhibit until Jan 2010 but darn, cameras aren’t allowed in the special area where the scrolls are displayed. I was extremely frustrated and didn’t even purchase the ticket for the scheduled show that night. 😦 I saw no point for me to see the scrolls unless I took  photos of it.  The best part I enjoyed was the Earth’s Treasures section. I was in awe of the spectacular richness of the earth’s geological structures , the wonderful colors and shapes of rocks, gems and crystals that take takes eons – millions of years to form.  I had fun taking close up pictures of gem stones through the glass displays. The Dinosaur and Egyptology sections were equally interesting. I took the all the shots minus the flash in an effort to capture the shadows and details that defines the objects as they are when you see them. The slide show contains a few photos from the various sections of the museum. I will try to show more detailed pics of the Earth’s Treasures and the Dinosaurs exhibits in my next posts.

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