Thoughts for Year 2010

The typical dilemma for those of us in the 9 to 5 workplace is the lack of recognition or let me put it in another way, our “perception” of our boss(es)’ lack of recognition of our effort and dedication. Whatever the reasons are – legit unfairness or remonstrations of our bloated egos, there is always a case to make when it comes to not getting the breaks we expect. This reminds me of the movie Picture Perfect, where an advertising analyst portrayed by Jennifer Aniston went ballistic when she did not get the credit for the savvy, highly successful ad she conceptualized for a major client. The credit went to the other senior members of the team and not her, the brainchild of the ad. The senior marketing executive of the firm told her that the reason why he did not give her a promotion was he wasn’t sure he could keep her because she was young, single and unattached, with no mortgage and car loan liabilities and she could f-off anytime to the competition ! The short end to the story was she concocted a plan – paid someone to pretend she was engaged… well just watch the movie 🙂 Just an aside – Jennifer Aniston might not look like a goddess like Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor but man, the way she walks- the swan-like graceful trot – kills 😉 Her walk is as sensual as a nude pose, to me that is. 🙂

Okay, the movie Picture Perfect I watched many moons ago might be a dumb example 😉 ( and I thought the movie, if not for the delightful Jennifer Aniston was wishy-washy to say the least ) but it illustrated how people can go crazy when it comes dealing with frustrations in the pursuit of their ambitions.
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In a few days from now it will be Christmas Day and the usual excitement of the dinner with loved ones and friends is in the air. I’m one person who is more thrilled watching my loved ones open their gifts, seeing the joy in their faces. In these times of recession survey show that people would be spending less but that’s not what you feel when you visit the malls. Parties at the office are no longer the usual dinner dance at posh hotels. We had quite a few parties at the office but the one I most enjoyed was our departmental party where we took possession of our company cafeteria one late Friday afternoon and dined, drank, exchanged gifts and sang karaoke until our throats went dry. The highlight of our party was the spectacle of me and my two other Pinoy co-workers eating the balut. We made sure it was at dessert time and not during dinner so people could continue eating. 🙂 As expected, the reactions were mixed. Some were intrigued at how it tasted while others, reminiscent of that Fear Factor balut eating episode, were grossed out. A Caucasian colleague swore she would only eat it if it was a choice between having sex with King Kong. 😆

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The Agony of Defeat

We are all familiar with the phrase ” the joy of victory and the agony of defeat“. Let me also say that there is honor in defeat and Miguel Cotto’s conduct after the Pacquiao fight , his gracious acceptance of the defeat, giving full credit to his opponent and offering no excuses was to me the epitome of a true sportsman . Cotto certainly ranks high in my list of not only a great boxer but a great person as well. There is no doubt about agony in defeat and such agony can be exacerbated by the way one loses the game. The result of the recent ( Nov 29) 97th Grey Cup finals, the Superbowl equivalent of the CFL ( Canadian Football League) was one that ranks high in my list as the worst defeat in team history ever. I bet no one outside of Canada knows what the CFL is 🙂 but it’s been around since 1912 and it is said people in the western part of this country won’t take second thoughts of taking their dogsleds to watch the game at the freezing stadiums 🙂

Here’s what happened. With about 5 seconds left in the game, the Montreal Allouettes were down 2 points but were 52 yards from the goal, not a real good distance but decided to kick nonetheless for a 3 point goal to win the game by one point against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Silence in the stadium. The Montreal kicker kicked the ball wide to the right and Roughriders fans who accounted for 2/3 of the full house McMahon stadium in Calgary jumped up and down in pandemonium celebrating the victory. But wait a minute. The umpires threw the flag during the kick, an indication that something went awry. It turned out that the Roughriders had too many men in the field ! There were 13 men instead of 12. Someone muffed the substitution ! Too excited perhaps ?? 😦 An infraction was committed so a 10 yard penalty was due which meant that Montreal would have to kick again but this time from 42 yards arghh. Never give the opponent a second chance they say. True to expectation, the Montreal kicker made the goal and for the Allouttes fans it was a joyous resurrection from the dead and sadly, for the Roughriders fans, a case of premature ejaculation 😦 The dumbest team loss I’ve ever seen in my life. I bet you this will not be the end of it. 😯
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Big Bang Moments

Figure this scenario. Moses busy picking ticks and fleas from his favorite lamb one lazy afternoon by the green meadows near the river Jordan and a weird voice from the wilderness reverberates from nowhere revealing to him the origins of the universe “… you see, helium and hydrogen are the building blocks of the universe… nitrogen and oxygen are the building blocks of life ” Huh ? For someone who didn’t take up Chemistry 101 the language was a bit too complex and cryptic for the itinerant herdsman to comprehend so a much simpler version was put forth to make it more intelligible, one that collapses some 13.7 billion years spanning the creation and evolution of the universe into mere 7 earthly days. Yet despite the collosal abridgement, Moses’ Genesis 1 and the Big Bang Theory have startling similarities, at least in the chronology of events. The appearance of light, the formation of the firmament, land and water and eventually life forms on earth occur in the same order. The notion of man being created from dust and eventually returning to dust jibes with the scientific theory that we all came from the stars, from the combination and permutation of dust, or chemical elements, the building block of matter and life, particles and gas which were strewn into the cosmos, from the fallout from exploding stars that found their way into our earth’s atmosphere.

What is even more astounding is 2,000 years later, Moses’ descendants have the audacity to perform a reverse-engineering of creation of the universe and postulate a theory of its origin. To some people it is pure heresy to even doubt or second guess Moses’ pronouncements. Proving him wrong whether accidentally or on purpose would be tantamount a condemnation to eternal damnation. It could also be heretical to question the origins of other matter, like postulating origin of water , to say that water likewise came from the celestial bodies – comets and asteroids that constantly bombarded and collided with our earth in the formative stages of our solar system. If science and religion must not mix, those fearful of retribution from their earthly peers would be appeased to know that the Big Bang Theory was actually proposed by a shepherd of the flock, a Belgian priest and scientist by the name of Georges Lemaitre.

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