The Agony of Defeat

We are all familiar with the phrase ” the joy of victory and the agony of defeat“. Let me also say that there is honor in defeat and Miguel Cotto’s conduct after the Pacquiao fight , his gracious acceptance of the defeat, giving full credit to his opponent and offering no excuses was to me the epitome of a true sportsman . Cotto certainly ranks high in my list of not only a great boxer but a great person as well. There is no doubt about agony in defeat and such agony can be exacerbated by the way one loses the game. The result of the recent ( Nov 29) 97th Grey Cup finals, the Superbowl equivalent of the CFL ( Canadian Football League) was one that ranks high in my list as the worst defeat in team history ever. I bet no one outside of Canada knows what the CFL is πŸ™‚ but it’s been around since 1912 and it is said people in the western part of this country won’t take second thoughts of taking their dogsleds to watch the game at the freezing stadiums πŸ™‚

Here’s what happened. With about 5 seconds left in the game, the Montreal Allouettes were down 2 points but were 52 yards from the goal, not a real good distance but decided to kick nonetheless for a 3 point goal to win the game by one point against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Silence in the stadium. The Montreal kicker kicked the ball wide to the right and Roughriders fans who accounted for 2/3 of the full house McMahon stadium in Calgary jumped up and down in pandemonium celebrating the victory. But wait a minute. The umpires threw the flag during the kick, an indication that something went awry. It turned out that the Roughriders had too many men in the field ! There were 13 men instead of 12. Someone muffed the substitution ! Too excited perhaps ?? 😦 An infraction was committed so a 10 yard penalty was due which meant that Montreal would have to kick again but this time from 42 yards arghh. Never give the opponent a second chance they say. True to expectation, the Montreal kicker made the goal and for the Allouttes fans it was a joyous resurrection from the dead and sadly, for the Roughriders fans, a case of premature ejaculation 😦 The dumbest team loss I’ve ever seen in my life. I bet you this will not be the end of it. 😯


In the Chess World Cup 2009 currently being contested in Western Siberia, Chinese super grandmaster Wang Yue and his compatriot grandmaster Li Chao were disqualified in the 3rd round tie break sessions for arriving late for their games. The two were reportedly smoking outside, unaware that the games have already started. Consistent with the game’s stringent rules, coming late is equivalent to forfeiting the game. Heck if you touch a piece you ought to move it – how much more not showing up? Adding insult to injury, Li Chao only started to smoke in this tournament to give company to his buddy Wang Yue when he goes out to pump fumes to his lungs. 😦 Yikes. What a bad omen. I’d quit right away if I was in his shoes. Both dudes bungled their chances to advance to the 4th round but vowed not to give up smoking. A pal of mine joked that he’d accept a disqualification if he was late for having sex but never for a puff or two πŸ˜‰ It was an embarrassing and devastating debacle for both players, especially for Yue, Β with his country’s expectations hinging on his performance.


The Tiger Woods infidelity brouhaha goes on and on and people seem to find amusement in the person’s agony. People had been calling for Tiger’s head, giving his corporate sponsors a scare of an unofficial boycott of their product unless they unload Tiger. Let me make it clear that this post isn’t about defending Tiger. Certainly the man has to pay for his sins – in whatever shape or form, be it a divorce from his wife of losing his endorsement contracts. What I am peeved about is these women, supposedly Tiger’s mistresses, all of a sudden coming out of the closet in a somewhat orchestrated fashion, some of them conducting interviews about the intimate details of the affair and others threatening to sell Tiger’s nude photos to Playgirl ? In fact, why will a woman come out and proclaim that she had an affair with Tiger, if she cared about her reputation at all ?

In one of CNN’s Tiger episodes, a journalist said that it does not take rocket science to figure out that wealthy professional athletes are subject to the temptation of women who run around these celebs to be taken for the joyride. The journalist said that these women aren’t groupies nor hookers – a lot of them are successful professionals – lawyers, corporate executives, businesswomen. Everyone in the sports business knows this is happening. Granted that Tiger had been sowing his oats with women on the lower end of the food chain, why has it gone unnoticed for a long time ? Some say that Tiger is a cheap guy who is unwilling to spend his money so it might be that his mistresses were simply there for the sex and weren’t being financially remunerated by him that when Rachel Uchitel broke the first news of the affair in Australia, the rest of them who were waiting for the big windfall at some point in the relationship thought that it was the end of the show so they packed their tents and queued up for the dole – pay me and I’ll shut up. To me this smacks of blackmail 😑


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  1. It’s not over till its over. I remember the Buffalo Bills defeated by NY Giants in the Superbowl when a kick by Norwood in the dying seconds missed the goal. It was the Bills’ best chance to win the Superbowl but they screwed it up big time.

    Once you are the best athlete in the world and a billionaire at that, women will come to you. I heard Tigers’ sponsor will drop him – Gilette and Gatorade already did.

    • That famous missed kick by Norwood led to the total downfall of the Bills in the following years. It was a very demoralizing loss indeed.

      Well, being the first athlete to reach a billion dollars in terms of winnings and endorsements, Tiger’s will be the object of attention of the media. I heard that any photo of Tiger after his womanizing affair hit the papers could fetch thousands of dollars if sold to the media today.

  2. Some of these pro players in any sports are like those bumbling criminals, their asses are just up to their peanut brains but get paid millions.

    Hope these two chinese were not executed upon their return to communist China, hehe….late Saddam would have beheaded both in public if they were Iraquis.

    Never liked TW but love for him to win every major or tournaments he is in. Tiger is bigger than GOLF. Some of these sponsors dropping him for his womanizing will be the loser in the end. He’s the best golfer right now and the biggest draw. He’ll bounce back and when he starts winning, all is forgiven, forgotten by the majority. It’s an individual sports, it’s his choice to play or not and toy with the media as he pleases.

    • hehe… give credit to those players’ agents who break their backs getting them lucrative contracts. They get nice commission too πŸ˜‰

      I’m pretty sure the two smokin’ guns were reprimanded when they returned to China πŸ˜‰

      True. Golf suffered a major letdown in terms of attendance and viewership when Tiger got injured last year and missed half of the year. It picked up when he played again. The numbers don’t lie. Nike had $800M in sales with their golf equipment because of Tiger. Nike would be stupid to drop him because Rebook or Adidas will pick him up in a jiffy.

  3. hats off to cotto for the very gentlemanly conduct. di sya pikon unlike most pinoys i know.

    ang about the football, i could only imagine the expressions of the fans in that sudden turn of events.

    • Cotto is a gentleman. He conducts himself well and never trash talks his opponent. I admire great boxers like him who show respect to others unlike the loud mouth Floyd Mayweather Jr. who I hope gets knocked out by the Pac when they meet πŸ˜†

      Incidentally, the TV got a shot of the GM of the Roughriders in his private box at the stadium when the penalty was called. He nearly banged his head on the wall. I’m sure someone’s head will roll in the organization for making such a stupid mistake.

  4. the Tiger Woods story is very sad. I feel for his wife. She must be devastated.

    • . It is very sad. I hope his wife will forgive him. I will not be surprised if she does not. Reportedly Tiger changed the pre-nuptial contract with his wife and increased the amount to $60M ( from $20M) . She will get the amount if they divorce provided she stays in the marriage for 5 years. Tiger advanced the $5M to her bank account. Crazy eh?

  5. I just read that another corporate sponsor decided to drop TW as their spokesperson. Reminds one of rats deserting a sinking ship, hehe. But Woods isn’t a sinking ship, just yet. I bet he’ll come back stronger than ever, and these sponsors will again come knocking at his door.

    Those two Chinese chess players must’ve gone through an entire pack of ciggies to miss the game. I mean, how long would it take to finish one frigging stick?

    • Just came back from a dine out and heard on the car radio that Accenture made a decision to drop Tiger. They can drop him for all he’s worth but the ordinary oil faced dude wanting to play the tees doesn’t buy golf gear from friggin’ Accenture. hey, Kobe Bryant was sued for rape – fought the charge and gave a $4M ring to his wife and we’ve kind a forgotten about the whole thing already.

      The two dudes took time to load up on carbon monoxide to fuel their brains πŸ™‚ I think there was a big communication problem. They were playing in igloo land and who knows if the organizers needed interpreters to translate Russian to Chinese 😯

      • Ano kaya if the Chinese government will punish these two such as deny them the use of “chopsticks” for a year, hehe……think they will sweat it out and appeal like crazy!

        • Knowing how serious the Chinese govt is with their sports program, these two guys I’ll not be surprised if they will be banned from smoking for the rest of their lives πŸ˜‰

  6. bw!
    I’m back! LOL well, in blog though. I’m starting again… and again and again.. I removed all cobwebs and dust from my site. I hope to see you there again. be safe! πŸ™‚

  7. Half of me is tired of hearing about Tiger and the other half can’t get enough. I really don’t know why I am so interested πŸ™‚

    • Being an avid fan of the game, this Tiger brouhaha is definitely on my radar πŸ˜‰ I’m not a die hard Tiger fan myself – heck, I don’t use Nike clubs nor balls, but he brings terrific competition to the game.

      The interest for people is more because of the shock effect, that model the citizen image – perfect son, perfect father, model athlete – he exuded wasn’t perfect at all. He too had skeletons in his closet, like everyone else. His skeletons were many though πŸ˜‰ I always wondered why he got married 😳

  8. I can’t comment because until now, I still don’t understand the game. But I like the way those big guys tackle one another.

    Any celebrity with lots of money is very attractive to “cupcakes”. You’re a saint if you don’t take a bite or even a nibble. Do you think all those beautiful women linked to Manny Paquiao wil take a second look if he doesn’t have a lot of mullah?

    • The game is tough, probably the toughest team sport and very exciting. They now allow TV replays to review an infraction call. It was not difficult to see that there were 13 men in green instead of 12 – it was a great call by the umps πŸ™‚

      Sure, money talks. As they say, pag mayaman ka, lalo kang gumagwapo hehe πŸ˜‰ I hope I win the $20M lottery this weekend :mrgreen:

  9. that happened in the chess world cup? really? kainis yun ha. hehe ;p

  10. Tiger is really not out of the Woods yet.

    • Indeed… the last I heard his lawyers are still negotiating to silence Rachel Uchitel 😦 Truth be told, the ordinary dude like myself is not going to stop playing golf because the Tig had been sleeping with every cocktail waitress he rubs shoulders with. That’s just reality.

  11. Sana ganyan din sa mga Politiko.

    Pag talo tanggapin na at ‘wag nang paratangan ang nanalo ng mandaraya.

    Nice blog. Napadaan lang po! πŸ™‚

    • “Sana ganyan din sa mga Politiko.”

      hehe.. mas madugo yata ang politika kaya walang magiting sa kanila. Ano mang paraan na makalamang sa kalaban – wasto man o mali ay syang batas ng laro.

      salamat sa pagdaan mo. 😎

  12. Poor, poor tiger… =)

    TMZ and other sleazy tabloids are making a christmas feast out of him.

    “Just another day in the office for a Tiger,” – Accenture…. kelan kaya nila ida-drop siya? HIndi ko na nakikita ung posters niya sa may gateway mall sa Cubao.

    • poor Tiger indeed. I think Tiger’s eerie silence simply prolongs the brouhaha. People are always thirsty for an explanation and whether this silence is effective for Tiger remains to be seen. Personally I have no problem with it and will still play the game. I guess people who dig Tiger a lot and look at him as a role model demand an explanation. Give the guy a break – he hasn’t broken the law for one thing πŸ˜‰

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