Thoughts for Year 2010

The typical dilemma for those of us in the 9 to 5 workplace is the lack of recognition or let me put it in another way, our “perception” of our boss(es)’ lack of recognition of our effort and dedication. Whatever the reasons are – legit unfairness or remonstrations of our bloated egos, there is always a case to make when it comes to not getting the breaks we expect. This reminds me of the movie Picture Perfect, where an advertising analyst portrayed by Jennifer Aniston went ballistic when she did not get the credit for the savvy, highly successful ad she conceptualized for a major client. The credit went to the other senior members of the team and not her, the brainchild of the ad. The senior marketing executive of the firm told her that the reason why he did not give her a promotion was he wasn’t sure he could keep her because she was young, single and unattached, with no mortgage and car loan liabilities and she could f-off anytime to the competition ! The short end to the story was she concocted a plan – paid someone to pretend she was engaged… well just watch the movie 🙂 Just an aside – Jennifer Aniston might not look like a goddess like Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor but man, the way she walks- the swan-like graceful trot – kills 😉 Her walk is as sensual as a nude pose, to me that is. 🙂

Okay, the movie Picture Perfect I watched many moons ago might be a dumb example 😉 ( and I thought the movie, if not for the delightful Jennifer Aniston was wishy-washy to say the least ) but it illustrated how people can go crazy when it comes dealing with frustrations in the pursuit of their ambitions.
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