Going Wireless… Going Nuts

Wireless is invading our homes these days – HDTV’s, Blue-Ray DVDs, Nintendo DSI’s, SLR cameras are slowly getting into the wireless bandwagon as well. Obviously there is a purpose for these devices going wireless and we can spend the whole day talking about the subject but what I’d like to talk about in this post is what people do nowadays – buying that cheap wireless router from the local store or through the internet mail order and attaching the unit to their cable or DSL allowing their PC’s and laptops to browse the net in a wireless fashion. The mobility feature of wireless is its main selling point and it is really great when you have more than one PC or laptop at home – it gets rid of the cabling hassle. Some people don’t understand however that if they turn on their wireless router in a plug and play fashion with its default configuration, they would be offering a public service – free internet access to their neighbors πŸ™‚

For years now, I always see a neighbor’s UNSECURED wireless network ( using the default name of the router manufacturer) when I do “view available wireless networks” from my laptop. I was kidding my wife that maybe we should cancel our internet service because it looks like our neighbor doesn’t plan to get educated any time soon πŸ™‚ Well, not quite. For all I know he providing free internet access on purpose and spoofing on our privacy πŸ˜‰ So I told my wife never to do internet banking or online purchase on our neighbor’s wireless network and always do it on ours which is secure. The rule of thumb when activating your wireless router is to install the highest level of encryption between the router and your devices. This ensures that only your devices can authenticate to your router. You can also add further security by MAC filtering and that means allowing only the MAC addresses of your wireless devices to connect. You can also turn off the broadcasting of our SSID or your network name to the airwaves so that no one sees your network. Only your devices that know your network name can connect. With these three options which are not difficult to configure, your network will be fairly secure but of course, never impregnable to the willing hacker. 😯

Last week, I took my laptop to the office for some software upgrade. I felt like browsing the net out of our corporate network so I searched for an unsecured wireless access point in the neighborhood I can ride on and Β this iswhat I found. Strange that someone would deliberately advertise his wireless access point as FREE . I can understand that he’s pretty pissed with the wireless network provider judging from his language πŸ™‚ but man, would you ever trust the dude’s network? πŸ˜‰


In these times of recession, the cruise business had suffered a setback hence cruise prices have dropped but this didn’t stop a cruise line from banning a cougar club – a bunch of older women looking for younger men to date – from boarding its ships. What might be the relevance of this news ? Perhaps not much but read on anyways πŸ™‚

Over breakfast last Sat. morning, the wifey updated me of the recent controversy of Kris Aquino confronting a single woman who reportedly sought advice on her troubled love life from Kris’ hubby, basketball star James Yap. The woman is an acquaintance and lives a few blocks in the same affluent neighborhood where the Yaps live. Kris was reportedly incensed on overhearing her hubby James, some 10 years her junior, of acting like a counselor, giving advice to an unattached, younger, single woman over the phone so she wanted to confront the girl to ask her to consult someone else and not a married man like her husband. I guess friendship does have bounds and conditions eh? 😯 It looked like James was intimidated with his wife’s growls so he told the girl to apologize to his wife Kris, perhaps to appease her wife and prevent her from launching an air strike. Here’s where the issue became more convoluted – when the girl told relatives and the latter muddied up the whole story by implicating politics, Cory and Nonoy’s candidacy. 😑 Now, let me skip the frigging politics part and get on with the story. The girl’s relatives arranged the confrontation but the girl reportedly acted peeved, feeling that she had no reason to apologize nor to be chastised because she did nothing wrong. Does she have a point ?

Here’s where I am really getting at and I couldn’t care less about the personalities and the gossip itself. I am questioning the propriety of the confrontation. Seriously now, does a person have the right to confront someone because she harbors thoughts that may have “intent of malice” ? I can understand if the personalities involved are children or minors who have a flimsy grasp of the nature of judiciousness but… grown up adults ?? With children, we sometimes “control” the environment because of the frailty of their decision making ability, but policing adults in this fashion is paranoia to the max in my opinion. Bottom line it is the philandering husband who is ultimately accountable to the wife , not the one he goes out with. The civility of behavior in the confrontation isn’t the point. The malicious assumption behind such confrontation is the real point. Let us be aware that people take suspicion of malice as an outright accusation because they feel their character is being second-guessed and you can’t blame them if they get offended. Kris sure behaved like she was a cougar protecting a captured prey from being taken away from her. 😯


If the number of wannabees and glory hogs showing their musical talent on YouTube is in the millions, there are bound to be gems as well, those who can really sing or play and stumbling on a few of them is like finding a planet similar to earth in our universe πŸ™‚ Well, here’s one dude who did justice to a James Taylor classic. The last time I watched a JT concert I was pretty disappointed with the spin JT did on a classic song that demands to be listened to as it was cut on record. I keep a bookmark on these “professional amateurs” as soon as I spot them and will regularly include them in my posts πŸ™‚
(Note : the song is only 2 mins – not 6 )

45 Responses

  1. LOL on that dude who offers free access πŸ™‚ I’d be scared to ride on his network too !

    When jealousy hits, it has no boundaries. That’s all I can say.

    Cool dude. Nice guitar play too πŸ˜‰

    • His node name scares me too πŸ™‚

      Indeed. When a person is jealous his/her actions defies logic sometimes.

      Very decent singer IMO. YouTube is an excellent venue for advertising one’s talent.

  2. lots of free wifi here too but i wouldn’t trust roger’s free site too (lol)

  3. Unsure you can save money by driving thru the neighborhood trying to get a free net service.

    Never ceases to amaze me why a jealous hysterical woman would attack the other chick instead of confronting her loving “dick” gone wild. Wonder if it’s another cynical ploy for this lousy actress to gain sympathy from the ever illogical electorate.

    If you make the original better, more power but if you know it’s bad, don’t even try, hehe…..

    • you only cruise the neighborhood when you want to browse but anything site that requires you to sign on you must be very careful 😯

      Hysterical… lol.. sounds like it. In the techie lingo, that’s what we might call “mitigating risk” πŸ™‚

      Well, lots of wannabees and frustrated singers in this world and you can find them on YouTube πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t know much about Kris but if she is a celebrity she must be careful of the media. I’m a girl too and confronting other women when nothing happened is very embarrassing. Besides, I don’t want my boyfriend to feel as if he is the last man on earth. He should be scared to cheat if he wants to be with me.

    • She is a celeb so her every move will be scrutinized by the media unfortunately. I agree – it is very embarrassing to confront a friend when nothing has happened, when there is no evidence of wrong doing. It fires back to Kris in fact that she’s paranoid about her relationship.

  5. I don’t ever attempt to connect to my neighbors’ unsecured wireless networks. Mahirap na. Heehee. If I am Kris, I probably will just confront the hubby. But *maybe* because James had a history already, she thought that it will not work that way.

    • I only access a neighbor’s unsecured network if my DSL line goes down but I’m careful with what I access πŸ˜‰

      Kris behaved like a judge, imposing a “restraining order” πŸ™‚ on who could come near her husband and the conditions of what subject they can talk to him about. It’s outrageous. 😳

  6. Since I have no internet subscription in Belgium anymore and I need to subscribe for one year. (which would be a waste of money) I always surf on my neighbors… but don’t tell it…it is illegal :-0

    I guess Kris is right… if my wife would get cakes, flowers and too much attention from a man… I guess I would loose my temper too πŸ™‚

    • that’s smart. As long as you don’t download movies grinding their network to a halt I guess they won’t know hehe πŸ™‚

      Well, cakes and flowers are what you may call “evidence” of the intent of malice . I would be upset too but that’s not the case with Kris though. Looks like she’s totally sold on the saying ” An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure ” πŸ™‚

  7. Going wireless for a not so techno-savvy user will sure end in some free-loaders riding your back. But then again, you can’t be sure. Better use your own to be safe.

    As for Kris, it’s understandable if she acted like, as you put it, a cougar. She’s older, she knows what it feels like (being in failed relationships before) and she doesn’t trust her hubby (may lamat na). In other words, she’s got a lot to lose!

    The JT rendition brings back memory. In fact, I like his version.

    • And… there’s many of the not so techno-savvy users floating around believe it or not πŸ™‚

      I have family members who married women older than them and they’re prefectly OK. It is never shameful for a woman to marry someone younger than her.

      If Kris chooses to impose a “cordon sanitaire” on her hubby and think that all single women are potential sluts, she should not expect a golden handshake when she confronts these women esp if she has no evidence of any wrongdoing on their part. If someone tells her off ” WTF do you think of me, trying to steal your husband – you can go to hell” she should be able to take it without any resentment because she asks for it 😳

      JT is still going around doing concerts. I still like to hear his songs as they were recorded. The one record I wouldn’t buy was his Christmas Album hehe πŸ™‚

  8. Kris Aquino is a media whore!!
    This biy***h will use every opportunity to bring the limelight on herself and her brother’s run for the Phil. presidency. She knows how to wrangle her way around pinoy’s emotions of a “martyr” wife and even dragging her kids into it stating that she has to move out of their domicile to protect her kids from retaliation. She must’ve done something really stupid during that confrontation with the “other woman” to be afraid of a retaliation. But basing it on the past work of her publicists, it’s all about Kris! She has to deal with the consequnces of her actions. Her whole personality is annoying and she can’t even act well! Along with her “pa-burgis” attitude while entertaining the “masa” could you just imagine the damage she will do to the pinoy phsychie when her brother attins the power of the Philippine president? Her brother? WEAK, LAME, a choice for the greedy trapos with vested interest in Phil.politics to invest their dirty money for a future padrino for their dirty business both in politics and business per se in the P.I. a vicious cycle in Phil. politics. just remember who used Cory Aquino, a symbol of a martyred wife, to rally the people against Marcos during the EDSA march. Remember also that it was the PILIPINO MASA that toppled Marcos! So here we go again with this BS of digging into the pinoy’s emotions of a legacy BS to be continued by the son? WTF???

    • Incidentally the website polls resulted in 90% of respondents agreeing with her actions and only 10% say she is wrong ( there were only 55 people who responded) huh ? It’s the cougar’s law of the jungle – protect your territory at all cost, never care about the political correctness and consequences of your actions 😦

      So perhaps she managed to portray the martyr image you are alluding to πŸ™‚ If this happened in the west, she will be instantly slapped with a lawsuit, for making unfounded accusations on other people, ugh .

      They say that if you can elicit people’s sympathy by being a hero or a victim πŸ˜‰

      As for Nonoy, it is quite obvious that he has lack of leadership and charisma. People like him and will vote for him out of respect and admiration for his parents. That’s Pinoy dynasty politics for you since time immemorial 😯

  9. too bad in the condo i live people “secure” their wifi. LOL. and hey, that tip on using ‘neighbor’s wifi’ for online transaction is helpful. i’ll surely keep that in mind.

    • sure… just use it for harmless browsing like bloghopping and YouTube but be wary when you input any password, even for email πŸ˜‰

  10. skipped the first part of your post and went to read about Kris. it’s only now that i read about the whole story here. it’s been days that there is news about James and a certain girl i cant remember the name.

    as a wife, i growl when i see that something is wrong but will address the issue to my husband. i think it is way too inappropriate to talk to the girl. she could have told her husband about what she felt and discussed it with him without stirring publicity. kaya na mi misconstrue, kaya sya nasasabing media whore. sobra kumg makapag react. i wouldnt give any woman the advantage of thinking that i am insecure kung ako si kris.

    • you hit the nail there. I also heard that Kris’ family discouraged her from confronting the girl because it will create a fuss. What I am surprised though is the public’s endorsement of the confrontation. May very well be the effect of the victim syndrome that people see in her.

      I’m thinking – If my wife does the same to me , act on pure speculation and embarass the heck out of me like I’m an irresponsible kid – what do you think I’m going to do ? πŸ˜‰ Good question :mrgreen:

  11. ….”I’m thinking – If my wife does the same to me , act on pure speculation and embarass the heck out of me like I’m an irresponsible kid – what do you think I’m going to do ? Good question”….


    …you’ll give her a nice smile, a peck on the forehead, pick up your golf bag, slowly walk out to the garage, on to your favorite nearby golf course……and swing like mad crazy with your big bertha while running around the greens and for the coup de grace, jump into the nearest pool of water!…

    Media whore 2: PDI article

    “Could it be more of coincidence that the latest controversy in Kris Aquino’s marriage erupted on the weekend before the airing of the pilot episode of her telenovela, β€œKung Tayo’y Magkakalayo”? As a bitchy insider puts it, β€œKris is not the Queen of All Media for nothing.

    “Timing ang panunugod niya kay Mayen Austria sa pagsimula ng show niya. Pwede nyang i-dialogue kay James ang title ng soap niya.”

    In fairness to Kris, she need not resort to any kind of gimmickry. Any news about her sells. But if she really wants to save her marriage, she should draw the demarcation line between her public and personal life.

    True, as a public property, her life is an open book. But there are some things better left unsaid and some questions better left unanswered. Kris should not be torn between her obligations as a wife and her duties as a celebrity”.

    If her brother is really ready for the position of Phil. president, why does he keep avoiding debates with other candidates on issues of leadership and platform of govt.?

    • That’s a swell suggestion except that if I do it now , I’d freeze like a popsicle hahaha πŸ™‚

      Being the gossip queen herself, I guess she has lost grasp of what privacy really means. Man, I tell you – I like how she looks but I’d hate to be her husband LOL πŸ™‚

      As for Nonoy and presidential debates, I feel that these political parties are indistinguishable when it comes to platforms and economic agendas. Personally, I like Nonoy as a person but I think he’s just too green for the presidency.

  12. “….Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos is easily one of the most brilliant presidents but he brought us to the pits where to this day we continue to suffer from the after effects of Marcos misrule and martial law. Marcos justifies suggestions that we should shy away from presidential candidates who are β€œtoo brilliant” because they can do the worst damage…”

    A poor education system breeds ignorance among the populace, hence the easy electorate manipulation.Make it seem like some of the pinoy celebrities are “brilliant” enough to garner a 90% approval rating from the under educated masa!

    Did you notice that guy singing the JT song on his boxer shorts? The guy can carry a tune and quite good with his guitar skills.

    • I believe that a very smart and corrupt politician is much more dangerous than a dumb and corrupt one πŸ˜‰ We all know in Pinas that election is more of a popularity contest more than credibility duh.

      Yep – you noticed how relaxed the dude is ? Wearing boxer shorts and singing on YouTube hehe πŸ™‚

      • Pag manalo ulit si Erapski baka nga me pag-asa that the Pinas “will be great again”. I’ve always wondered though, were we great once?, hehe….

        Just in: saw that boxer Gorres on TV and his head had staples about six inches long due to surgery. His promoter’s insurance on him was only 50K, his medical bills as of now stands at half-million – taxpayers will again have to foot up the bills. His pugilistic career is over and by looking at him and without good medical attention for him in Pinas, he’s pretty much wasted – unless he recovers with the grace of God.

        • Sad indeed… we just hope that the Pinas govt shoulder some of the bills… I know Manny Pacquiao is also contributing and organizing something for Gorres.

  13. Siguro Kris wanted to sacrifice her embarrassment so she can save her marriage. If she tells the girl not to break up their marriage, maybe her fear is justified. It does not look good but if her marriage lasts good for her.

    • For now, whether her actions will preserve her marriage till the end of time, no one is really sure. There’s a saying that goes – the end justifies the means. We also know her first husband was married when she lived in with him. So I guess she is a believer in that karma thing.

  14. I would think that it’s totally inappropriate for a single woman to solicit the advice of a married man unless he’s a) a licensed therapist, shrink, adviser b) relative c) priest, deacon, or man of cloth.

    Besides what input can a man have really (sorry gents no offense meant) on a relationship? If indeed it is advice that she’s seeking, wouldn’t it be more effective if she talk to both Kris and James and get their joint or opposing opinion on the matter?

    It raises suspicion of wrongdoing when a single woman confides in a married man that way, really. I’m not a confrontational person, but I may raise ruckus if I sniff something like this :).

    BTW, buti pa si Mrs up to date sa Pinoy showbiz chismis πŸ˜›

    • “Besides what input can a man have really (sorry gents no offense meant) on a relationship?”

      I got 2 answers to this question :

      A. BW gives really good advice to younger and unattached women who come to him for advice on their troubled love life. πŸ˜†

      B. Not ALL single women who ask experienced men for advice are sluts πŸ™‚

      I once listened to a sermon by a pastor who talked about ” emotional adultery”. He said one thing that applies across the board – refrain from getting too close to someone from opposite sex who isn’t your spouse period.

      My wife will raise a ruckus too … on me hehe πŸ™‚ Yep, she fills me up with news coz we don’t have TFC nor GMA at home πŸ˜‰

      • will raise ruckus on the hubster not the other woman. the hubster i have a right to torment, the other woman, i don’t πŸ™‚

        • correct.. the really scary part is what if my wife tells me – hey, I don’t really care what you do. :mrgreen: ayayay…

          • I think I’ll buy a diploma at Recto cerifying me as a “marriage counselor”. Half percent discount to all women all the time, that would be great job.

  15. Celebrity bully! Malisyosa and if it’s not her way, it’s the expressway! De vah Boy?!!

  16. You’d be surprised at the number of unsecured wi-fi connections here. In some places, all I have to do is switch on the wi-fi function on my cellphone and voila! instant internet connection, hehe.

    As for Kris’ brouhaha, what else is new? the woman is unstable if you ask me.

    • Cool… so when I vacation in Manila I just have to get a wifi connection for my Blackberry and make a phone call to North America for free using the WIFI ( internet) and not the 3G network πŸ˜‰ I actually asked my wireless provider about this. They won’t charge me long distance but it will affect my minutes plan depending on time of day. If its in the evening which I have unlimited, it will have no impact but they will charge roaming charges coz I am abroad ( they know). Still a better deal. Smart eh ? πŸ™‚

      You gave me the word I was looking for – unstable. Spot on ! hehe πŸ™‚

  17. i have been following this gossip since it came out. i don’t blame Kris kasi she knows the saying *shoulders to lean on, t*t* to suck on * Di ba, based on her experience she find out totoo pala kaya takot sya =)

  18. I agree with Noypetes. Kris Aquino is a media whore. Positive or negative publicity, she will use every bit of it for herself and her brother Noynoy who is now aiming for the presidency.
    Here in Manila, there are a lot of unsecured wi-fi connections you find everywhere. Most of it are even operation with their default SSID (the device brand) and default username and password. Try typing in your browser’s address bar and type admin as the username and password and you can enter into their wi-fi router’s configuration. they don’t even bother to change the password that anyone might be able to change it instead. Surprisingly sheer arrogance on their part.
    According to a friend who is in Singapore, there a person can get imprisoned when using the neighbors available internet connection. It’s called freeloading and punishable.

    • she’s in the gossip business so I guess she knows a lot of gimmicks on sensationalizing issues 😯

      Now you’ve given a real tip by saying the default ip address of the wireless router hehehe πŸ™‚ It’s still OK not to change the IP address as long as you change the username and password and install MAC filtering πŸ˜‰

      Wow, that’s pretty stringent law. How about the accountability of the owner, of not securing his wireless router ?? But we all know Singapore. If it is against the law to throw a cigaretee butt on the street, how much more highjacking/freeloading on your neighbors’ internet connection.

  19. You seem very knowledgeable in your field.

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