Shopping Is Healthy… Really ?

I heard on the radio the other day that shopping makes people healthy and women spend on the average some 5 kms ambulating around a mall on an average shopping trip. I’m not too sure if this stat had to do with Christmas time shopping or reflective of a typical day at a mall.  In giant malls like Mall of Asia or Mega Mall perhaps, where getting from one store to another can be physically challenging. In playpen sized malls like what we have here, 5 kms is circling around the entire mall many times over 🙂  The physical health benefit of walking is for certain and it is also true that men walk lesser than women because they don’t spend time twiddling their thumbs deciding on the purchase 😉

Here’s a graph that sheds a bit of light on the real deal with people’s consumption habit. At some point, the impulsive habit of shopping becomes akin to a drug induced euphoria, if it transcends beyond need and comfort and strays into luxury and extravagance. Fulfillment appears to be highest when desire for comfort is at stake in a purchase. Sure enough shopping makes a person feel better  but when the credit card bills come in the mail, the euphoria might turn into misery – for some, that is. Banks and credit card companies team up with stores and establishments to induce people into a spending spree.  Add to the equation the middlemen who offer “instant rewards” for spending money on these establishments. It’s an unholy alliance of sharks conniving to throw us into the pit of indebtedness, feeding on our inability to tame our addiction. How many times did we lose control of our buying impluse and gave in to a “good buy” only to find out that a week later, the price dropped further ? I feel a bit lucky that in this country, merchandise return policies are a bit lax, that when my wife gets back to her senses the following day, she can still return her purchases 😉 Window shopping is far healthier – you get to walk around and exercise minus the worries of your wallet getting thinner or bills coming in the mail. 😎


Fox Network announcers Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly are your typical dyed-in-the wool, conservative, right wing commentators who sometimes make you wonder if they’re secret members of the Klu Klux Klan by the tenor of the rhetorics and the manner they trounce any form thinking that they deem a threat to their ultra conservative and capitalist principles. You can throw into the lot famed evangelist Pat Robertson, who had the gall to call for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for his threat of halting the sale of oil to the US in protest of its alleged imperialistic practices. It was bad taste in the mouth for those who shared the same religion with Robertson.

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