Shopping Is Healthy… Really ?

I heard on the radio the other day that shopping makes people healthy and women spend on the average some 5 kms ambulating around a mall on an average shopping trip. I’m not too sure if this stat had to do with Christmas time shopping or reflective of a typical day at a mall.  In giant malls like Mall of Asia or Mega Mall perhaps, where getting from one store to another can be physically challenging. In playpen sized malls like what we have here, 5 kms is circling around the entire mall many times over 🙂  The physical health benefit of walking is for certain and it is also true that men walk lesser than women because they don’t spend time twiddling their thumbs deciding on the purchase 😉

Here’s a graph that sheds a bit of light on the real deal with people’s consumption habit. At some point, the impulsive habit of shopping becomes akin to a drug induced euphoria, if it transcends beyond need and comfort and strays into luxury and extravagance. Fulfillment appears to be highest when desire for comfort is at stake in a purchase. Sure enough shopping makes a person feel better  but when the credit card bills come in the mail, the euphoria might turn into misery – for some, that is. Banks and credit card companies team up with stores and establishments to induce people into a spending spree.  Add to the equation the middlemen who offer “instant rewards” for spending money on these establishments. It’s an unholy alliance of sharks conniving to throw us into the pit of indebtedness, feeding on our inability to tame our addiction. How many times did we lose control of our buying impluse and gave in to a “good buy” only to find out that a week later, the price dropped further ? I feel a bit lucky that in this country, merchandise return policies are a bit lax, that when my wife gets back to her senses the following day, she can still return her purchases 😉 Window shopping is far healthier – you get to walk around and exercise minus the worries of your wallet getting thinner or bills coming in the mail. 😎


Fox Network announcers Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly are your typical dyed-in-the wool, conservative, right wing commentators who sometimes make you wonder if they’re secret members of the Klu Klux Klan by the tenor of the rhetorics and the manner they trounce any form thinking that they deem a threat to their ultra conservative and capitalist principles. You can throw into the lot famed evangelist Pat Robertson, who had the gall to call for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for his threat of halting the sale of oil to the US in protest of its alleged imperialistic practices. It was bad taste in the mouth for those who shared the same religion with Robertson.

I am not going to repeat what the author of the video said because he made clear that Glenn Beck is the epitome of arrogance, an egoic SOB who thinks that the world revolves around America and not the sun. Yes, we know that the retired American woman went to India and spent $12,000 for a hip replacement surgery and we wonder why she didn’t do it in her own country, where Beck touts as one that has the provider of the best health care in the world. The reason is – only Glenn Beck and his fellow gainfully employed citizens can afford the expensive, private insurance run health care while the remainder of 30 million of his countrymen can’t.

Beck stooped too low with his senseless name calling. There was no need to insult a nation, calling the Ganges River, considered a holy river to Hindus, as sounding like a disease ( gangrene). He could have made more sense if he pitted his health care system against a 1st world country rather than a 3rd world country that tries its darnest best to survive on its own. It is good news to humanity that hip replacement surgery is available in India – isn’t it ? If the woman lived in another 1st world country like his, she didn’t have to travel abroad for the hip replacement and very likely didn’t have to fork a dime for it. In all his self-aggrandizing rhetoric, Beck also unknowingly shot himself in the foot by exposing the lack of moral perspective of his country’s health care system. Why brag about a health care system you consider the best, when not everyone in your country has access to it ? Is this something to be so extremely proud of, that only the well-heeled like himself can afford the service and those who can’t afford are left to die in the streets ? It is so ironic to think that such social inequity happening is the richest country in the world. I hope Glenn Beck trims his pot belly and keeps himself really healthy because he could very likely end up with an Indian physician in case he winds up in the ER section of his country’s 5 star hospitals.


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  2. I love shopping too and I’m scared to max my credit card which is not much. It’s a nice feeling only when you buy what you really crave for 🙂

    Oh gosh, that Glen Beck is so obnoxious.

    • same here.. there’s a sense of justification when you buy what you really need as opposed to what you want. Having said it, I’m also guilty of buying of things I don’t really need. I think we all are 😉

      The insults were really uncalled for 😦

      • i love shopping! i agree that it is good exercise. you can imagine how much my feet hurt after going around the mall! i always end up buying things i don’t need. sometimes when i am unhappy, shopping makes me feel better. it’s good therapy.

        • True, esp with our super large or mega malls in Pinas. It could be a challenge looking for what you want to buy. Window shopping is also dangerous because you end up buying what you don’t really need 😉 The bad part is instead of walking in the park, people now walk inside malls, at the comfort of the air conditioning – still better than sitting in the couch watching TV the whole day 🙂

  3. Shopping as an exercise? now THAT would make my ex-wife jump with joy.

    As for Beck and his ranting: INGGIT LANG SIYA. That’s what these conservative right-wing nuts do when they feel (whether real or imagined) that their “American” way of life is threatened.

    • It is if you walk around the mall the whole day unable to make up your mind hehe 🙂

      That’s true. They’re totally sold that they are superior than others and any change is a threat to making it inferior 😦

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  5. There’s something about (window) shopping that is therapeutic. I confess, it makes me feel alive, i.e. checking new stuff, etc. without necessarily buying. I just want to look around and be updated. Hahahaha. Seriously, I find it challenging also. It’s like buying only what I really want and like. And in order to do that, it really takes time for me. Ang tagal kong pumili. =) So, each item I see at home reminds me that it’s a result of right judgment. Hahaha.

    • You got the right word – therapeutic hehe 🙂 I’m going to the sports store every couple of weeks and spend a lot of time just looking 😉 I really have no intention to buy coz I don’t need anything but just in case a real bargain shows up… I might 😉 Its a form of relaxation.

  6. Air Miles is one of those middlemen who goad people into spending money so they can get mileage to travel. But you can spend a fortune before you get a free ticket.

    Beck is angry that a company in the US is endorsing Indian health care. He should go to India and investigate what kind of facilities they have, the kind of doctors they have before he starts berating them.

    • Hehe.. that’s true… I guess the best way is not to wait for the plane ticket but just redeem the darn points for dining money coz you’d be waiting for frigging years 🙂

      That’s not Beck’s style. He said it himself – it took him only 40 seconds to analyze LOL.. He’s a dork but a lot of his fellow dorks like him 😯

  7. Rarely go shopping with wifey anymore but if I had to, I’ll just watch shoppers trying to probe what’s on their minds as they walk by. I’m actually looking for thieves, hehe….

    Sad for these extreme rightists are that, they do have followers who believe in them. What I’d like to see is Beck, Hannity, Druggie Rush, Bill O and the rest of these blabbermouths get infected with a incurable disease. But wait! Bad people are hard to bring down, just look at the Pinas queen. They will live to be in the hundreds spewing cancerous smokes.

    • hehe.. you look like a mole inside a mall then 🙂 Maybe you should moonlight as undercover security 😉

      And… I forgot Russ Limbaugh and Ann Coulter… darn, how could I ? Yes, they do have their following too. Again, the US of A respects freedom of speech so they’re free to ply their trade. I’m sure ultra right-wing minded folks love them to death 😯

  8. No shopping and no Glen Beck for me! 🙂

  9. I don’t watch fox news. I get my news-related items somewhere else 🙂

  10. The American-Indian organization complained to the FCC ( Federal communications Commission) of the appalling conduct of Glenn Beck.

    So far the Indian government is silent. Pag nagyari ito sa Pinoy, siguro may senador na na-sumugod sa American embassy. At saka alam ko ang mga Indian doctors hindi pumupunta sa America para mag nars di katulad ng Pinoy.

    • I hope Beck apologizes to the Indian people but knowing how he defends everything he says, he may not. This time though, it will be good for him if he does.

      I know there was big backlash from Pinoys about that joke on Desperate Housewife sitcom ( not too sure now) mocking the Pinoy medical profession. As for Indian docs na nagta-trabaho as nurse sa US, hindi ko alam. Siguro ginagawa nila temporarily while working to get their doctor’s license.

  11. When i was young, I really love window shopping especially at night. Wow, one must really have a keen eye as to which number is the best else,…. ha ha ha.

    kidding aside, banks are really good at tempting people to spend more. in stock trading and fx trading, customers are always or constantly baited or offered to increase margin or line especially when customers are making money. but then, when market goes bad and the position reached a certain level (danger zone) which they only know, they are also fast in giving the customer a margin call – either the customer put up cash to cover or the bank will liquidate the position immediately. Poor customers, they are left with nothing but losses and debt.

    the margin cover is normally at 200% (the value of your position must be 200% vs the line used). sigurista masyado.

    From mark twain: ‘A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.’

    and from bob hope: ‘A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.’

    • so you must be looking at something else other than merchandise 😉

      Yep, the’yre pretty shrewd when it comes to protecting their exposure. At the end of the day the poor customer is always at hook for the losses 😯

  12. Shopping as an exercise? OMG! My God will not like this. She hates my credit cards!!! 😦 So this is what I do instead to get my daily exercise.

    Wala bang nag-reklamong mga Indian about sa ranting ni Beck. I guess Filipinos are more sensitive to senseless comments thrown against us. But I wish he can stand on his own feet whenever Indian medical practitioners would get back to him…

    • I’m sure your bike is a much better deal when it comes to excercise 🙂

      Suprisingly, the US embassy in India wasn’t attacked, unlike many years ago when a much sensationalized case of a Pinoy-Canadian grade shool student in Montreal who as supposedly admonished by the teacher for using spoon and fork when eating his lunch – Pinoys flocked the Canadian embassy in Manila protesting against the insult 🙂 It turned out it the news was blown out of proportion ugh .. may lahi tayo ni Bonifacio kasi hehe 🙂

      • Hehehe… O kaya, baka hyper-sensitive lang tayo. Pero I can’t blame our fellow Filipino. We can’t really control one’s feelings naman kasi and in my personal opinion, being sensitive is simply a part of the Filipino culture…

  13. Shopping may have some physical health benefits, but it surely will offset your financial health which in return will also shoot up your BP when you see the bills. : D

    I think one of the reason why medical bills is cheaper in India is because medicines are cheaper there. They manufacture generic drugs which cost a fraction of the cost when you buy it from known pharmaceutical companies. And the effect is just the same.

    • I guess the health and emotional benefits of shopping are rather short -lived 🙂

      Medicine by default is certainly cheaper in India than the US. The cost of health care services is definitely night and day if you compare, where in the US the insurance pays therefore hospitals , health care centers and doctors charge a fortune for them.

  14. shopping is healthy in a way. pero pag napa sobra, kawawa ang bulsa. =)

  15. Shopping? I don’t do that! * nose is elongating like crazy!* 😀

    I hope Beck keeps himself healthy…otherwise he should be very very worried 😀

    I miss you and your blog! It’s pretty late but I want to wish you a great New Year!

    • Shopping makes the world go round eh ? Consumption is part of our nature it seems and internet shopping has now invaded our households 🙂

      Hey, glad to hear from you. Same to you, have a great 2010 and a mild winter 😆

  16. Yay! Shopping is healthy, and I have no credit cards, so I don’t get that credit-card-bill-related stress.

    Can’t wait to watch the vid, no access here right now.

  17. I love shopping… otherwise I dont have clothes to wear, food to eat and most of all I could not appreciate what my earnings can buy!

    • same here… except that I tend to over indulge…. sometimes 😉

      • It is ok… my principle is that, credit cards allow us to budget our finances, reminding us to work hard and reward ourselves. Sometimes, I feel guilty, but at the end of the day, I feel good wearing good quality clothes, eating nutritional food and enjoy reading inspirational books. Debts inspire me to be workaholic!

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