Sleeping on the Job

We all suffer from that dreaded afternoon hour drowsiness when coffee can’t seem to lift us up from that slippery slope toward slumber city – don’t we ? 😉 I admit I have been guilty of napping at work myself but I make sure I do it discreetly at the confines of my office, where I pretend to appear intently glued to my PC monitor yet desperately keeping my head erect 🙂 I might look normal from the outside but my senses are in lala-land and a phone ring may actually startle and paralyze me for a minute 😉

What if you work in customer service and drowsiness strikes you like rum and coke stirring your brains, slowly diffusing all the sensory functions of your body? Well, here’s a case of a TTC transit ticket collector who dozed off in his counter. A frustrated passenger used his cell to take a photo of Sleepy Joe and posted it on YouTube. It made the headlines. Even Jay Leno gave Sloppy Joe a ribbing. I have taken Sleepy Joe’s station many many times. It is at the end of the light rail transit line in the east end of the city and which you would expect to be less travelled than the ones in the heavy traffic areas in the middle of the city. But that doesn’t give the collector an excuse, more so that the transit commission had just raised the fares this new year. Given that the commision is government owned, expect a severe backlash from taxpayers who think their money is being spent on lazy slobs who sleep on the job. A couple of years ago another ticket collector made headlines for raking in $100K in wages . Sleepy Joe’s dozing antics certainly didn’t help. It fueled the fire even more and made the tax paying public even more irate to think that these highly paid collectors are sleeping on the job !

Would you fire this guy or give him the pass ? His union defended him saying that passengers should have been worried about his state – they should have first established if he was sleeping or dead 🙂 He could have had a medical condition for all we know according to them. Reportedly Sleepy Joe is on heart and pain medication and to most people, that’s enough to gain their sympathy and give him the pass. But many think that is not quite the case. Sleepy Joe fell asleep on a customer service counter and must face disciplinary action for it. Of course, the union will defend him from being fired like a criminal lawyer would. That’s their job. In your opinion, does he deserve to get more than a warning letter given that he has embarrassed the transit commission to the max and made taxpayers furious ?
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