Sleeping on the Job

We all suffer from that dreaded afternoon hour drowsiness when coffee can’t seem to lift us up from that slippery slope toward slumber city – don’t we ? 😉 I admit I have been guilty of napping at work myself but I make sure I do it discreetly at the confines of my office, where I pretend to appear intently glued to my PC monitor yet desperately keeping my head erect 🙂 I might look normal from the outside but my senses are in lala-land and a phone ring may actually startle and paralyze me for a minute 😉

What if you work in customer service and drowsiness strikes you like rum and coke stirring your brains, slowly diffusing all the sensory functions of your body? Well, here’s a case of a TTC transit ticket collector who dozed off in his counter. A frustrated passenger used his cell to take a photo of Sleepy Joe and posted it on YouTube. It made the headlines. Even Jay Leno gave Sloppy Joe a ribbing. I have taken Sleepy Joe’s station many many times. It is at the end of the light rail transit line in the east end of the city and which you would expect to be less travelled than the ones in the heavy traffic areas in the middle of the city. But that doesn’t give the collector an excuse, more so that the transit commission had just raised the fares this new year. Given that the commision is government owned, expect a severe backlash from taxpayers who think their money is being spent on lazy slobs who sleep on the job. A couple of years ago another ticket collector made headlines for raking in $100K in wages . Sleepy Joe’s dozing antics certainly didn’t help. It fueled the fire even more and made the tax paying public even more irate to think that these highly paid collectors are sleeping on the job !

Would you fire this guy or give him the pass ? His union defended him saying that passengers should have been worried about his state – they should have first established if he was sleeping or dead 🙂 He could have had a medical condition for all we know according to them. Reportedly Sleepy Joe is on heart and pain medication and to most people, that’s enough to gain their sympathy and give him the pass. But many think that is not quite the case. Sleepy Joe fell asleep on a customer service counter and must face disciplinary action for it. Of course, the union will defend him from being fired like a criminal lawyer would. That’s their job. In your opinion, does he deserve to get more than a warning letter given that he has embarrassed the transit commission to the max and made taxpayers furious ?

10 OUT OF 10

It’s one thing to sing a classic, Count Basie’s “Corner Pocket” and another thing to invent lyrics to the aforesaid classic, let alone tweaking the melody to create a pleasing and precise harmony of the various voices. Such is the genius of Tim Hauser, the founder of the group Manhattan Transfer and songwriter par excellence. For some reason, it is hard to decipher a record from a live performance when this group sings – they sound the same. That’s a mark of the highest skill and proficiency, the best of the best in the business. I have nothing more to say. Ye be judge. They’re still around doing small gigs and aging gracefully. I hope they pass by my town someday.


Took these photos last fall but didn’t get a chance to post them. (click on View All Images then select full screen to enlarge picture )


26 Responses

  1. Study says that a quick nap boost ones productivity at work but one should also do it discreetly. : D

    Man, you sure know how to bring me back down memory lane. I sure miss the sound of that group.

    • True. In fact there a study that naps are essential and better for staff and the company alike and there are recommendations that it be put to practice 😉

      Yep, that’s a trip down memory lane for sure 😎

  2. I think that actual napping case is forgiveable only if it happened once or twice. When I was still working in Makati, especially during tax season, we were like zombies without sleep and napping was allowed (and we take turns). I have this colleague who has mastered the art of sleeping without appearing to be really sleeping. Just like facing the laptop as if he’s dead serious with work. I think that’s a talent!

    • I think Manila is an exception because people leave the house so early to avoid traffic and then reach home late due to the traffic. As long as the company manages the staffing when people are on seista, that’s fine methinks 😎

  3. i don’t know… but one should do it discreetly as you have said. we cannot blame the superiors taking action if one is caught taking a nap when at work. more so, if there is an hour break (like what is allowed here in Pinas). when caught many times, i think a disciplinary action is necessary. 🙂

    but i must admit that i am one of those who can’t fight the sleepiness in the afternoon hours. 😀

    • Well, for the company’s sake, being caught sleeping by a supervisor is much better than being caught by a customer ! Especially if the staff works in a face to face customer service. Now, if you get into the headlines of the local papers and the TV for sleeping on the job – yikes, that’s awful 😦

      I walk for about half an hour after lunch – out in the streets in summer and down in the underground shopping area in winter. It just shakes off that drowsiness and makes you a little healthy too 🙂

  4. Let’s face it, as one gets older, napping (especially after a hearty meal) becomes a necessity in order to recharge the body. And therein lies the problem. How and where would you take your siesta if your work requires you to face the public at all times, like that ticket collector, or a customer service rep for example. At least in the office where you don’t have to face anyone except perhaps your boss or supervisor, you can set aside a “me” time for napping. Siguro, the best thing to do in this situation is to hire young people for the job, those with more energy reserves for the job, hehe.

    Ah, that quartet from NYC, ya just gotta luv em’. I had a chance to hear them on stage once when they held a concert in Araneta Coliseum, and yes, the do sound like the original recording even on stage.

    • Though luck coz in this part of the world there is no siesta like Pinas when I was there – meron pa ba hanggang ngayon? LOL 🙂 I mean we all slept at work at one point or another but man, if you are a transit ticket collector ?? you gotta’ be audacious to do it. !

      Nowadays they’re doing small gigs in small venues so I guess you can see and hear them much better. Has beens do gigs at smaller casino auditoriums with 5,000 max seating capacity and they’re not nearly full all the time. I heard MT still sounds good… but not as good when they were much younger I guess 😉

  5. Bad timing for the sleeping dude, if fares were recently raised. Can’t blame the public for hammering the commission. Taxpayers always find flaws everywhere and blow it up big time.

    Cool group. Heard of them while I was in high school. Looks like all of them are incredible singers in their own right.

    • Bad timing indeed. Now the commission is in hot water for demanding a fare increase and embarrassed themselves with sloppy ticket collectors. I mean – do you have to wake up the damn collector so you could buy a ticket ???

      Incredible singers indeed. The group won Grammys. Some of the members also won Grammys for their independent pursuits – not as part of MT but as individual artists.

  6. Well… I can’t condone it but I understand this can happen… it happened with me too many times. 😮

    • hahaha… same here but if was a transit ticket collector, I’d probably drown myself with coffee first so I don’t embarrass myself 🙂

  7. i’m salivating at those gemstones 🙂

    if you are in customer service napping on the job is a no-no. caught in the act ano?

    • To think that these beautiful gemstones take millions of years to form truly boggles the mind 😯

      Caught in the act indeed and worse, he was identified and his name published in the papers. ugh 😦

  8. How about that TSA Agent caught asleep in his chair in public view? Someone took his pic and posted it in UTube and now it’s a hit.

    My birthstone is diamonds, yet if I have one, it will not impress me. Have no love for these expensive stones but will trade diamonds to lots of greenbucks.

    Never heard of these antiquated group, but there is a surplus of them “wannabes” here in town, hehe. just saw Elvis again at the gas station.

    • I’m sure if this employee was working for a private company, he could have been disciplined harshly because private companies are more wary of their image to protect their investors and their stock price 😉

      Diamonds are woman’s best friend…. think twice now 😆

      Antiquated ? Not as antiquated as Elvis for sure hehehe.. They had hits in the 80’s. 🙂 I’m sure there are wannabees out there, esp in Vegas but nothing beats the original 😉

  9. Sleepy Joe should get a warning, or a few days’ suspension maybe, for the embarrassment, but definitely he should not be fired. That punishment is not commensurate to the crime. I don’t think it’s right for people to call someone they have seen fall asleep on the job once a lazy slob already. People so easily utter harsh words sometimes. This is a very forgivable crime, unless Sleepy Joe does it habitually.

    • Sleepy Joe is probably out of the woods now. I think his heart condition is enough to bail him out from being fired. The last thing the commission wants is fire him and face a lawsuit that Sleepy Joe could probably win. In this part of the world, a person’s health issues are given extreme importance by the law when it comes to squabbles with office practices and procedures. A suspension without pay is the most this guy would get IMO.

  10. Yay, that’s so embarrasing, What will my friends tell me if they see my picture on the headlines ?

    I love those gems. hope i can have some of them.

    never heard of Manhattan Transfer. I think they’re more of a jazz group by their sound.

    • It is definitely very embarassing to be ridiculed. If Sleepy Joe is back to his station he would probably hear unkind comments from the riders.

      I couldn’t grab any of them hehe 🙂 It was difficult enough to photograph those gems through the glass enclosure, without using flash 😉

      Yep, they’re a jazz group although they score very high as a pop group as well.

  11. I too is guilty of taking a nap during working time. It’s good that our job only requires result no matter what you do in between. Kaya okay lang kahit lalabas ka pa basta tapos ang trabaho before the deadline 🙂

    What is that? Are they singing? 😀

    • Looks like you have a flex time arrangement – I like that. In due time, I think my company will want us to work from home at least once a week to reduce carbon emission and save the planet 😉

      LOL.. looks like they’re orating and singing at the same time 🙂

  12. I take a nap in my work place… a lot…

    well.. even though I’m the most useful at my work place, I am also the laziest.. well, not because of not doing the job, it’s because of getting sleepy… a lot.. blame blogging, lol

    • lucky you if you can sleep a lot at work ! As for me, I sleep a lot in the train, esp when going home in the evening. I have to be careful to wake up before my stop though 🙂

  13. helo guys remember that time the TTC collector was caught sleeping? Well guess what yesterday a second TTC driver, who was already 15 minutes late decided to take a 7 minuet ‘doughnut break’. He left his passengers sitting in the bus. The dude even threatened the passenger that confronted him! Check it out, (and digg it to make it viral) –

    • Now this one is worse because it leaves no room for doubt ! If the driver deliberately and habitually does his routine without concern about the passengers, much more threatening a passenger, then he must be fired 😡

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